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A spa which takes its occupation seriously, The Palms Spa by Aveda is one of Miami's must-dos when in the party city!

By: Soumya Jain @soumya2106 

Posted on: March 16, 2015

A spa which takes its occupation seriously, The Palms Spa by Aveda is one of Miami’s must-dos when in the party city!
LF Says: ★★★★★
tiki cabanas for spa at The palms Spa miami beach by avedaEver since my days of working in a spa magazine previously, my affinity for this particular recreational activity has been continuously increasing. This also means that the more spas I explored, the more I wished for spas that were pushing the boundaries when it came to devising new, effective therapies or treatments.
What could I really have anticipated from a spa based on the principles of Ayurveda? I have come from the land of Ayurveda after all! But whatever I had expected, the The Palms Spa by Aveda at The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami exceeded them.
Of Chakras and stones
Located on the lower level of the hotel, I was greeted by a smiling receptionist, introduced to my experienced therapist Randi, and then handed over a form to fill up. Quite different from the most, it tried to determine my doshas’ balance based on my answers on my energy levels, stress levels, most painful areas, and more. Once done, I looked up and observed the quite vast retail area where products from Aveda were available.
Randi came back, studied my form, handed me a delicious peppermint and liquorice tea, and directed me to the changing area with lockers. An austere décor with stone basins, plain wood and Buddha hangings, it was just what I needed to zone out from the external world. There is a co-ed steam room available in the facility, and a full service, brightly lit salon as well. If the outdoors tempt you more, they even have tiki cabanas to do massages in.
hydrocapsule at the palms spa by aveda miami beachOnce I was changed and snuggled up in my thick robe, Randi informed me that I was going to be given the Palm Signature massage which included a scrub and an aromatherapy massage. Sounds simple enough? But it wasn’t so…
Procedures to revel in
I was led into a room with a big HydroCapsule, which I hadn’t experienced before to be honest. And while I pondered about why we need it for a scrub or massage, Randi got herself ready for the job on hand – that is I. 
Settling into the capsule, she first gave me a quick massage with a beautifying oil, to open my pores. While doing so, she had activated some mist from the capsule which would also help in absorbing the oil. She then used aqua salts to scrub my legs, arms, front and back with quick strokes, and scrub she did! As I asked questions about what she was doing and using, for this article of course, she politely told me to unwind. 
The scrub was not too hard or excruciating, instead removing those layers of dead cells and dust quite gently. When she was satisfied, Randi removed the scrub with a warm towel, and asked me to lie down in the capsule. Once closed, the capsule released a light warm jet which washed away any left over scrub salts and also soothed my exfoliated epidermis. 
As I reveled in the jet for about 10-15 minutes, I felt my skin relaxing. But it was when I came out and dried myself that I could really feel the smoothness of my skin! It was velvety and almost didn’t feel like my own. Who was I to complain! Randi explained to me how this treatment was one of their most popular, especially since it was apt for the hot, humid weather of Miami. 
Dried and back in my robe, I was led to another room where a massage table was awaiting me. But settling me down in a chair, Randi first asked me to close my eyes, inhale three oils that she would bring in front of my nose, and select one which I liked most. After going through this routine, I chose one of the oils, which was slightly earthy, warm and spicy. I opened my eyes and Randi smilingly asked me, “Are you a tea drinker?” Surprised, I answered yes, and she elucidated, “You chose Bergamot oil. And usually, I have seen heavy tea drinkers select this one.” I was impressed.
The Palms Spa by Aveda, Miami, The Palms Hotel & Spa
Hard core relaxation
As the massage began, my mind instantly switched on to notice each action of hers so that I could report it back accurately. Soon I started firing her with questions. As told by her, I was going through an Elemental Nature Massage, which is a Swedish treatment, and employs light to moderate pressure. She did a few strokes, wiggled my toes, and told me upfront, “You are not relaxed. You need to let go”. I would close my eyes, with my mind again roving over what she is doing. After a while she again wiggled my toes and declared, “You are not relaxed.” Feeling quite bad now, I tried to slacken myself, and promised myself to ask all the questions later. Again Randi wiggled my toes after a few strokes, and this time, she was quite satisfied I guess, because I didn’t get any reprimand. 
Soon enough, despite myself, I had relaxed and almost slept. The slow music at a low volume helped even more. Reaching my upper body, Randi realised that most of my stress accumulates in my shoulders. Hence, she devoted a few extra minutes to the area. Again, I was suitably impressed with her experience and discerning powers. 
The massage over, I was left feeling refreshed, energetic and yet more relaxed. Bundled up again in my robe, I was led to relaxation area which had indoor and outdoor seating. And what brightness it had! Opening my eyes to the warm sun, a spacious room supplied with fresh fruits, extra towels, and a stone basin with ice in it, I chose to sit outside with my yet another cup of peppermint and liquorice tea. Soaking in the sun (you see we don’t get much of it in Chicago), lounging in my chair, and absorbing the sounds and sights of the small waterfall and plenty of greenery, I didn’t feel like ever getting up. But then, I had the Miami Beach to head to – all prepped up and glowing!
Coordinates: 3025 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, USA
LF Says: ★★★★★
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