Personalized, Online Downtime at Chiva-Som

A pioneer in transformative wellness practices, Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand has launched an invigorating customized wellness program spearheaded by their in-house advisors, practitioners and experts. I tried the tele-therapy service via video communication and came out rejuvenated, relaxed and equipped with tools to reset my lifestyle

By: Niyoshi Shah

Posted on: July 9, 2020

Unprecedented times call for extraordinary measures. Chiva-Som has adapted to the current pandemic in inventive ways, encouraging individuals to maintain their wellness goals as most countries continue months of lockdown and travel restrictions. From yoga classes to group fitness to one-on-one consultations, they have adjusted quickly to meet the demands of a growing number of anxious individuals looking for solace in myriad ways.

Chiva Som Thailand Taste of Siam restaurant

Pioneers in transformative wellness techniques, they have delivered path-breaking practices since the past 25 years. So it comes as no surprise that their new tele-therapy service connects individuals with the resort’s team to provide bespoke professional support during the current climate of heightened anxiety and social isolation.

I took a personalized consultation session regarding my lifestyle, nutrition levels and a physical exercise program to suit my daily life demands and body requirements. And yes, the call was every second worth my time.

The wellness consultation

With a fast paced, hectic lifestyle, I have come to accept mild ailments like recurring headaches, back aches, constipation and a general lethargy at the end of the day. The wellness expert from Chiva-Som, Sukanya, understood my lifestyle, and to my delight, was well-equipped to guide me into a meditative trance. She mindfully extracted all the key information about my lifestyle that may have led to these infirmities and showed a way forward. 

The destination resort has successfully created a very peaceful digital environment for the sessions. You almost feel like you are at Chiva-Som as the stresses of city life quickly falls away.

Informative and easy to incorporate methods like avoiding cell phone usage 2 hours prior to sleeping, Melatonin tablets to increase magnesium levels and to relax my muscles, 1 hour of running thrice a week was the consensus to increase my productivity and stamina. She recommended that I try to avoid dairy products for a week to see if that helped with an on-going acne problem and encouraged a diet filled with vegetables and anti-inflammatory substitutes.  

She advised me to increase my consumption of ginger tea and peppermint tea as well as start a daily dose of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of lukewarm water. A routine of low intensity exercises to increase endorphin levels and weight training with a professional for muscle building was recommended to increase stamina and resistance. She also advised me to listen to soothing music and adopt the use of lavender oil burners to ensure I get sound sleep to be able to resume my hectic lifestyle once the lockdown ends.

Lavendar oil burners

Most of her instructions and guidelines seemed fairly easy to adapt and her reasoning and sensible inputs helped me understand my body better. 

Kicking it out

I was advised to take a complementary fitness session with their in-house trainer to understand what kind of exercise routine I could adapt to to continue a workout schedule during and after the lockdown. 

My trainer – Mana, was ready in advance with his camera strategically placed at the fitness center of the property, equipped with all of my health chart readings, diet, ailments and my discussion and conclusion with Sukanya. A cheerful and energetic individual, Mana had an infectious vibe which makes it difficult for you to feel lethargic in his presence. 

We started with a basic routine of cycling, chest stretches, dynamic spine fractions and trunk fractions. This was the initial prep required to loosen my stiff muscles and prepare my body for the more rigorous drill he had prepared for me. While guiding me to ensure my postures were correct and my balance was stable, he also engaged me in light banter to keep my mind off the muscle aches caused by the stretching. He explained in detail the benefits of each exercise to help me understand the minute workings of the human body better. I worked on my spine through rotations followed by 20 rounds of squats and arm lifts. This was a part of the dynamic workout he introduced me to and advised me to do this at home three times a week. We followed this with static lunges and a series of core exercises specially devised to be able to perform at home. We did 2 rounds of elbow planks and mountain climbers. I was exhausted but strangely felt relaxed as my body got its much needed stimulation.  

Tai Chi at Chiva-Som

It is easy to give in to the trappings and demands of daily life and neglect the body and soul which are so vital to our being. These two sessions helped me reassess my lifestyle choices and make easy changes/improvements to my daily routine to build a stronger body and a calmer mind. 

Chiva-Som has also shared a collection of on-demand, inspirational wellness content and hands-on tools across the resort’s digital channels to help everyone adapting to a new way of life within the limits of home. From healthy cuisine recipes and holistic wellbeing advice, to virtual exercise programs and self-training tutorials, all curated by the resort’s world-class team of trainers and education facilitators, to keep the body and mind active and healthy whilst the resort is closed. These are available on Chiva-Som’s blog, Facebook (@chivasomresort), Instagram (@chivasomresort) and YouTube (Chiva-Som International Health Resort) channels.

While the benefits of physical intimacy cannot be negated, Chiva-Som’s online experience comes as a welcome relief to individuals battling stress, angst or for someone who is trying to navigate their way through a hectic work from home routine. While one may miss the soothing scents, relaxed ambience and the serene interiors of a luxury wellness facility, or the high energy vibe at a gym, Chiva-Som’s personalized sessions are a resounding success to say the very least and they serve the primal purpose of delivering a truly informative and transformative experience.

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