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Branding does not mean only advertising and PR. Have you considered adding the latest cherry on your brand's cake yet?

By: Karishma Parkash

Posted on: April 10, 2011

Branding does not mean only advertising and PR. Have you considered adding the latest cherry on your brand’s cake yet?

The logo, an integral part of your branding, represents the brand serves as a distinguishing factor from the competitor’s products. But what attracts the consumers even more? The answer - a brand ambassador, who will represent the brand and make a personal connect between the consumers and the brand. The brand gets automatically attached with the celebrity endorsing the it, leading to immense popularity - but depending heavily on the brand ambassador selected.

The success of the brand ambassador depends on the levels of association and attention achieved when the celebrity gets almost married to and synonymous with the product. Brand ambassadors add credibility to the brand and catch the attention of the target market, thus developing aspiration for the product. A perfect example is Tag Heuer and Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. The actor has made the brand widely popular in India. In fact, the two can’t be seen without each other!

For a fun exercise and with a refreshing start, I have picked out five brands and suggested a brand ambassador for each of them. My selection of the brands below has been purely out of interest in the brand and not because they desperately need a brand ambassador!

Quirky, yet sensational!
Reaching out in a sea of designers, Alexander McQueen stood straight and how! A brand unique in its own way and ensuring a second glance, it oozes sensuality and versatility. It makes a bold statement and infuses confidence in the wearer. A variety of celebrities have sported McQueen and with dignified style to say the least. Crazy, fun and energetic seem to be the motto of McQueen. A personal favourite to represent and personify Alexander McQueen’s brand would be Lady Gaga. An artist like Gaga personifies the very characteristics of McQueen’s brand and brings to life his eclectic designs. Appreciating the funky spirit of McQueen’s work, Gaga with her pleasantly eccentric and smartly provocative persona could be a cherry to the quirky brand. According to sources, Donatella Versace is her muse and Gaga also claims to have her own creative production team called the Haus of Gaga, which she handles personally. The team creates her clothes, stage props, and hairdos. As evident, fashion is an important aspect to Gaga. She holds a unique place in pop music today even though the critical reception she receives may sometimes be mixed. Like a whiff of fresh air, she infuses life into the most mundane events. Entertaining and innovative, Gaga takes the cake for unconventionality.

Little Miss Perfect
Words like classic, exclusive and elegant are easily synonymous with Chanel. The pioneers of the “Little Black Dress”, and their patented and popular No.5 perfume, offer a variety of timeless products. Be it jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, perfume or garments, this established haute couture brand spells uber luxury. Coco Chanel revolutionized haute couture by replacing the traditional corseted silhouette with the comfort of simple suits and long, slender dresses. Not many would be aware of this, but Chanel frequently incorporated ideas from male fashion into her designs. She focused on relaxed comfort more than just simply looking good. As an ambassador for such a powerful brand, a perfect choice for me would be Kareena Kapoor. Vivacious, bubbly and full of life, this actress comes from a lineage of showmen who have been entertaining for decades. But she has succeeded in creating a distinct identity for herself in Bollywood. Making an uber chic and classy statement, the youngest Kapoor granddaughter would make an ideal ambassador for the brand. Even today the scent of Chanel no 5 can be recognized in a matter of seconds. Though there are a variety of scents created and invented across the globe today, Chanel no 5 still manages to rule. Likewise, Kareena has managed to rise above her competition and capture the hearts of audiences all over the globe. Powerful yet simple, according to me, both the brands are well suited to complement each other.

Paris holds the key to my heart
The fashion and romance capital of the world, Paris has stolen the hearts of many and enchanted even the most unexpected people. Breathtaking landscapes, influential fashions, a language that promises to wow and monuments that deserve a standing ovation, the glorious Paris is a hot destination for young and old alike. When I think Paris, I think power and romance amongst a variety of other things and an ambassador to represent this city would be Hugh Grant. His facial expressions, persona and his sarcastic comic timing make him an actor that will bring to life any role given to him - not to forget his charm and extremely attractive grin which earns him brownie points with women! The mystique and magic of Grant exemplifies the romanticism of Paris.  He is the ideal ambassador for the city of Paris – the city of love and lights. So with a smile like Grant, a street full of shopping and romance in the air, which lady would say no to Paris? And of course, don’t forget the man to foot the bill!

Power Personified
An iconic automotive brand for more than 100 years, Rolls Royce comes across as a reliable brand with integrity and innovation at its centre. Numero uno in terms of quality, precision and finesse, the brand stands for luxury, discreet elegance and extraordinary quality. A brand that defines power, luxury, vintage and class, it is impressive to note how the brand has managed to captivate audiences all over the world. Reliability, durability and the entire larger than life picture defines the brand. The majestic nature of the brand commands respect, creating an aspirational feeling of desire that will end only with possession. Amitabh Bachchan, a grand icon all over the world today, is an apt choice to represent the brand because he is everything that a Rolls Royce is. Associating with a big personality such as Mr Bachchan, who is an iconic figure globally, will surely help the brand. Both of them have high brand equity and it is impossible to miss the credibility that is associated with the two. Overpowering the world with their powerful persona and attributes, Rolls Royce and Mr Bachchan perfectly complement each other.

Shining down below
Ask a woman what a piece of Harry Winston jewellery would mean to her and be prepared to deal with excited squeals and emotional desire. Creating masterpieces that woo, literally, the brand is full of sensuousness. Focusing on breathtaking and marvelous craftsmanship, each piece ensures the wearer a heavenly experience, asking them to ‘live the moment’ as their tagline says. The brand is aspirational for many and a priced possession for those whose necks adorn the rare jewels that the brand sells. Uniting one of world’s richest diamond mines with the world’s premier diamond jewelry brand has made Harry Winston a company like no other. Harry Winston says candidly, ‘People will stare. Make it worth their while’. Harry Winston’s pieces give you a high and more, or so I’ve heard! An ideal ambassador according to me would be Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The green-blue eyed beauty has always been synonymous with beauty. With a personality and charm like hers; she would be well suited to complement any piece of Winston jewellery. Both brands emit subtle boldness, swift elegance and defying beauty – an irresistible combination!

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