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Online is whizzing past print!

You don’t need us to tell you that luxury consumers are increasingly depending on the online medium to understand and be updated about luxury. LuxuryFacts has achieved credibility in this segment and readers trust our opinion. Having a much larger, but filtered, reach as compared to any print magazine, LuxuryFacts can communicate your brand values to the apt consumer in the correct way.

Relied on by the Indian luxury industry

The Indian luxury industry knows that LuxuryFacts can be depended on to project them fittingly. To communicate about a luxury brand, good design, classy language and ease of reading is required – all of which LuxuryFacts provides perfectly! We give luxury brands the atmosphere they deserve…

Limited advertisers

Not only is LuxuryFacts particular what brands it covers on the website, we are also particular about which brands advertise on LuxuryFacts. You won’t find the same space hosting an advertisement by a luxury brand and a mass brand. Also, we focus on limited number of advertisers at a certain term. Competitive brands are not advertised together at the same time. Be assured that your brand will get the maximum attention at a time on LuxuryFacts.

360 degree marketing

We can devise a strategy where brands can fully optimize LuxuryFacts by using display advertising (image and video), direct email marketing and advertorials. Maximise the effect by harnessing the full power of internet with us, and reaching out to the luxury consumer in multiple ways!

If you are interested in advertising with LuxuryFacts – India’s first and only luxury magazine – contact us at [email protected]