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Luxury DiningLuxury is that elusive quality that cannot be measured purely by a price tag. We believe it lies in qualities, that may be less tangible, but important, like craftsmanship, uniqueness and a quest for perfection. Hence our motto, 'The Unique, The Exquisite and The Rare.'

Luxury is usually considered to be only the domain of the affluent, but we feel that everyone can revel in the luxury of having that one unique thing which no one else has. Luxury goods are no longer unreachable objects, at least in terms of money. It is, but, a quest of finding that one perfectly made handbag, haute dress, fine wine or brilliant jewel, that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

India is fast becoming a destination for luxury. The world is looking at us, and we are also welcoming brands which were, till now, the prerogative of the West. India itself has the best of luxury to offer, with a 500 year heritage of indulging in all that is fine, perfect and refined. We know our luxury. The numerous Bentleys and glittering Cartier creations that our Maharajas owned are proof enough of that.

Since starting in India, we have spread our wings and reach to America, where the consciousness for fine luxury is becoming more mature and specific.

Luxury is not just a high-end shopping experience. It is a lifestyle, a culture and an art. It is the past, present and future.

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Soumya Jain | [email protected]
Chief Editor & CEO

We review & award stars from zero to five, based on the following factors:

For Hotels: Accommodation, architecture, service, décor and recreational activities

For Spas: Treatments, decor, ambience and service

For Restaurants: Menu, taste, ambience, decor and service

For Skincare/Cosmetics: Packaging, texture, results