Garnets – Adorning the Multi-Coloured January Child

Talkative, smart and independent, January-born are perfectly matched by the multi-faceted garnets. We list some jewels to lust after as we begin our series on birthstones

Celebrating at Home – Take it a Notch Higher in 2020

This year started swimmingly, only to be bland and boring later. While we still adjust to these forced norms and regulations, home celebrations are the only way to re-live the good times. And if you worry about the latest trends and ideas, here are some easy-to-implement ways to elevate your home celebrations and festivities with higher spirits and hope!

  • Through The Crystal Ball: Swarovski’s Sparkling 125 Years

    A shining embodiment of precision, craftsmanship and innovation, Swarovski’s awe-inducing status transcends time and borders. As the legendary Austrian brand marks its quasquicentennial, we dig deeper into its rich heritage and explore its future plans for the Indian market, including its one of a kind collaboration with a Bollywood celebrity, with Mr. Lars Schmidt, Managing Director, Swarovski Southeast Asia, and India

  • Lake Maggiore: Italy’s Most Smoothing & Charming Lake

    Lakes have a way of calling out to people. Italy’s Lake Maggiore is no different, as it witnesses an increasing interest from investors