Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet's Paris: A Lesson in Luxury

Coming from the elegant Group Barriere, the multi-faceted Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s in Paris pampers and treats you, without any of the snob value, which French are quite wrongly accused of. Chic, stylish and full of glamour, the hotel will make you fall in love with the city, yet again

  • Le Bristol Paris - Palace Non-Pareil

    A haven of luxury, tranquility and elegance in the middle of Paris, Le Bristol’s charm has to be experienced first hand

  • Escape to Skiathos: Greece's Secret Island

    Skiathos in Greece has everything a vacationer could want – unadulterated beaches, fresh landscape, palatial properties and just enough activities to keep you happily busy. After all, an island life is not easy!

The Drisco Tel Aviv - A Potpourri of History & Culture

Located at the epicentre of the historic American German colony, The Drisco hotel in Tel Aviv has gained an enviable reputation that precedes its prolific heritage. Dating back to 1866, the property is opulent with a lavish flamboyance and antique furnishing

  • TWA Hotel: Drink Inside An Aircraft, Perch On Retro Bar Stools

    An airport hotel on the surface seems to be a very boring place to wait and lounge in while you have a layover, but the TWA Hotel at New York’s JFK Airport is an expedition in future. The Flight Center turned TWA Hotel has started grabbing attention since its opening

  • 11 Things to do in Bermuda - An Island with 50 Shades of Blue

    An island made of only one-way winding roads, where everything is closed on Sundays, and has boats lying around like stones, Bermuda is shimmering, marvelous and untouched. With little commercialization on the island, it is the right time to visit it, before civilization takes over