COVID-19: How it Brought Fashion & Technology Closer

Some industries symbolize innovation and growth. They are the first to adopt new trends and experiment with the unknown. Fashion is also falling in line when it comes to innovation, up-to-datedness and creating what we’re calling the ‘new normal’. Technology is its partner in progress

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    While luxury jewellers are under pressure to build their online businesses, some are selling more expensive items than ever

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    Juggling between the various roles which Indian women are now used to, Gayatri Khanna manages to balance her work with international luxury houses with duties towards her daughters. Lauding her spirit, we ask her some cheeky life questions

From Swarovski to Brunello Cucinelli: Changing Dynamics of Luxury Leadership

Every economic depression has given rise to newer ideas, innovations and ventures that adapt to the circumstances and offer solutions. Times like these call for radical response, and thus, companies churn the leading team as new perspectives and approaches help them survive, and emerge victorious

  • Dear Fashion, What Next?

    A closure of more than four months has exposed the fashion industry. From supply-chain massacre to shocking bankrupt cases, these months have taken a toll on the industry. Post-pandemic, does it mean the end of fashion as we know it? Do we need to rethink the protocols of this entire industry?

  • When Royalty Cares for the Rural: Princess Diya Kumari Foundation

    As global economies struggle with a worldwide health crisis, there are organizations like the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF) who are trying to create opportunities for the underprivileged women in Rajasthan. With its relentless efforts, the PDKF is an exemplary beacon of women empowerment

  • Retail Reopening 2.0: New Protocols of Shopping

    As the world acclimatizes itself to the new normal, brands are focusing all of their energies on providing customers with real value and transparency for a holistic shopping experience. But, what would this new ‘shopping’ experience be like? Are consumers ready for an in-store purchase?

  • Luxury Post-COVID: 3 Issues the Crisis Highlighted

    While it may seem like all people could talk about was the pandemic, in the past month, however, focus has expanded to issues that the health crisis put a spotlight on. For the luxury industry, there are three points that have seen a spike in attention