Trends 2020: Sustainability & Millennials Redefine Luxury Travel

As the ‘touch and go’ trend dwindles, travel is becoming more meaningful and exhilarating in 2020. Here are 7 trends that are defining luxury travel this year

Luxury Cars & The Green Crusade

As with every industry, luxury car makers have also been hit by the green bug, especially as India introduces policies and taxes to promote speed towards the future

  • Mohanjeet Grewal: The One who Conquers Love

    It isn’t every day that one meets a fantastical enigma with the power to change their whole perspective to life. Here is a rare opportunity to take a deep dive into the mighty ocean that is Mohanjeet Grewal's life, as she fulfills dreams, wins hearts and eventually conquers love

  • Luxury Brands & The Growing Experience Economy

    Mere material product consumption has evolved into providing more immersive experiences to customers. Luxury goods brands need to go back to the drawing table if they want to be on the positive side of the ‘Experience Economy’