Luxury and Bees: A Humble, Buzzing Connection

One insect that requires a much-needed revival is the bee. With conservationists hopeful for a friendlier world for bees, various luxury brands have come forward to become the keepers of these busy organisms, creating a growing collection of bee-friendly landmarks around the world

STIMULUS 2020: Addressing the Upcoming Challenges for India

Facing an extraordinary circumstance and uncertain future due to COVID-19, it is like a roller coaster ride with no idea what lies ahead. STIMULUS 2020, an extensive webinar, was an ideal platform that brought together experts from various industries, making an attempt to contemplate the future of the Indian Luxury Market

  • Luxury & COVID-19: Unity in Adversity

    As the world grapples with the horrific reality of COVID-19, the luxury industry, after the first reactions of disbelief, has taken up arms against the pandemic to do their part for humanity

  • Luxury Consumers of 2020: “Why should I buy you?”

    With millennials increasingly taking a higher market share in the luxury industry consumer charts, and Gen Z gearing up with their own quirks, luxury brands have to forgo long established truths to create new ones

  • Tiffany & Co. in India: Painting the Town Blue

    There may not be real breakfast at Tiffany’s first India store, but all the glamour from the film definitely is, along with all the reasons the brand is loved globally

  • Made in India: Making Local Luxury a Successful Philosophy

    Luxury is exquisite, unique, coupled with craftsmanship at its best. With a surge of social media and globalisation, brands are often forced to adopt means and measures to cope with the ruthless competition. While carving a niche and staying authentic to their roots becomes difficult, we enlist a few brands that have succeeded in maintaining their ‘Made in India’ status quo