Hands On to Hands Free: The Luxury Beauty Industry Post-COVID

The luxury beauty industry is taking its most ‘hands on’ activities and innovating them to ‘hands free’ in the wake of the global pandemic. Here are the top highlights sweeping your favorite brands

Aston Martin: Winds of Change

Despite having an illustrious catalogue of exquisite sports cars and being a darling of tinsel-town, Aston Martin always suffered financially. But the latest chapter in its corporate saga promises to shake things up substantially at this iconic British sports car company. We dig deeper

  • Luxury and Bees: A Humble, Buzzing Connection

    One insect that requires a much-needed revival is the bee. With conservationists hopeful for a friendlier world for bees, various luxury brands have come forward to become the keepers of these busy organisms, creating a growing collection of bee-friendly landmarks around the world

  • The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar: Decoding India Through the Ages

    A book that attempts to elucidate India’s luxury market astutely, ‘The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar’ is a must for all those who wish to understand this unique country and its citizens

  • The Luxury Rebound – Shape of Things Post COVID

    As the world faces a harsh reality and a cautious future, the global luxury industry will need to tread carefully, and intelligently, if it wants to succeed with a temperamental consumer

  • STIMULUS 2020: Addressing the Upcoming Challenges for India

    Facing an extraordinary circumstance and uncertain future due to COVID-19, it is like a roller coaster ride with no idea what lies ahead. STIMULUS 2020, an extensive webinar, was an ideal platform that brought together experts from various industries, making an attempt to contemplate the future of the Indian Luxury Market