Luxury & COVID-19: Unity in Adversity

As the world grapples with the horrific reality of COVID-19, the luxury industry, after the first reactions of disbelief, has taken up arms against the pandemic to do their part for humanity

Made in India: Making Local Luxury a Successful Philosophy

Luxury is exquisite, unique, coupled with craftsmanship at its best. With a surge of social media and globalisation, brands are often forced to adopt means and measures to cope with the ruthless competition. While carving a niche and staying authentic to their roots becomes difficult, we enlist a few brands that have succeeded in maintaining their ‘Made in India’ status quo

  • Past & Future Unite to Make Today’s Jodhpur Luxurious

    The Royal Family of Jodhpur, Motherland Joint Ventures and Architecture Discipline unite to regenerate Jodhpur and breathe life into its historic symbols. A project that brings us a new Jodhpur for a new decade and centuries to come.

  • Green is the New Black: Luxury Sustainability in 2020

    Tired of increasing air pollution, water contamination, heavily chemical-induced soil and all the resulting mayhem, citizens of the world, including luxury brands, are finally taking note, and making major changes which will paint a healthier world. Sustainability, even in luxury, is going to rule the next decade