Tiffany & Co. in India: Painting the Town Blue

There may not be real breakfast at Tiffany’s first India store, but all the glamour from the film definitely is, along with all the reasons the brand is loved globally

  • Made in India: Making Local Luxury a Successful Philosophy

    Luxury is exquisite, unique, coupled with craftsmanship at its best. With a surge of social media and globalisation, brands are often forced to adopt means and measures to cope with the ruthless competition. While carving a niche and staying authentic to their roots becomes difficult, we enlist a few brands that have succeeded in maintaining their ‘Made in India’ status quo

  • Past & Future Unite to Make Today’s Jodhpur Luxurious

    The Royal Family of Jodhpur, Motherland Joint Ventures and Architecture Discipline unite to regenerate Jodhpur and breathe life into its historic symbols. A project that brings us a new Jodhpur for a new decade and centuries to come.

Green is the New Black: Luxury Sustainability in 2020

Tired of increasing air pollution, water contamination, heavily chemical-induced soil and all the resulting mayhem, citizens of the world, including luxury brands, are finally taking note, and making major changes which will paint a healthier world. Sustainability, even in luxury, is going to rule the next decade

  • Classic Blue: Living the Shade with 7 Luxury Products

    As Pantone begins the year by declaring Classic Blue as 2020’s color, we search for some luxurious items which you can incorporate in your lifestyle to tribute the hue

  • Luxury Cars & The Green Crusade

    As with every industry, luxury car makers have also been hit by the green bug, especially as India introduces policies and taxes to promote speed towards the future