Beyond Designs Home & Bistro: Where Art Meets Food

Well-known interiors brand Beyond Designs expands into a shopping-cum-dining experiential store in the heart of New Delhi

  • Maserati Levante: An SUV with Soul

    Maserati’s new Levante pushes the envelope and stretches the goal posts when it comes to SUVs. We drive one

  • Pavan Anand: Prince of Ornate

    Dagmar, with its name meaning ‘a glorious day’, was unveiled in 2004 by Pavan Anand. And standing true to the meaning, it surely must have been a beautiful day that gave a new, contemporary definition to Indian jewelry

Ancient Indore's Maharajah Moderne

The past, present and future have always existed in coalition in India. The past enlightens us, the present ignites us, and the future recites us. This perfect mélange wouldn’t have been possible without personalities across our rich history driving the message of tradition and progression simultaneously. Yashwant Rao Holkar II, the Maharaja of Indore was one such symbol of his time

  • HARAKH - Translating Joy into Jewelry

    Inspired by the vast treasures of Rajasthan and Gujarat, jewelry brand HARAKH combines ancient techniques to create unique pieces that are crafted with a strong spiritual influence. Becoming the official jewellers for le Bal, Paris 2019 gave further credence to their craftsmanship

  • Rolls-Royce: The Epitome of Luxury Automobile Experience

    Speed, style and science, the automobile industry saw a drastic shift when Rolls-Royce entered the automobile sector. One century later, the brand is still a flag bearer and continues to redefine luxury and the motorcar experience

  • A Chair for Freedom, for Liberty, for Purity

    A pop-up show at Gallery Espace brings nine pairs of artists and designers to collaborate on a charity event around chairs, creating unique art pieces which will certainly enchant

  • Paradise Island: Where Heaven, Luxury & Smart Investment Meet

    The crystal clear waters and the expansive greens of Paradise Island were not enough to pull in visitors. It was the vision of three gentlemen. Read the interesting story of the rise of this island, and the golden beacon it has become for investors