Winter is Warm & Contrast: 7 Fall Trends from Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2020

Milan Fashion Week, usually awaited with much excitement, resonates and speaks the language of edgy Italian fashion style. LuxuryFacts lists 7 trends to bookmark from Milan Men’s A/W’20 runway

Sustainable Fabrics: The Future of Fashion

Discarded food, orange peel, recycled cork and fish skin are some of the few commodities that can now be transformed into clothes. As we embark upon the era of “Eco-Age”, if global warming isn’t scaring you enough, then spilt landfills and annual carbon footprint escalations are reason enough to create a future we all can truly survive in

  • FENDI Baguette Steps Foot in the Men's Universe

    The petite, iconic FENDi Baguette is extending its offering to include men, thus making history in the world of fashion

  • Nuskay: A Concoction of Traditional Asian Beauty Rituals

    We’ve tried, tested and slept our way to identify the best beauty products to ensure waking up with that all-important, well-rested glow! Nuskay, a coming-of-age beauty line that professes use of herbal, bio-inspired and sustainably-sourced ingredients, is a sure winner for the conscious beauty buff