Luxury Facts The Unique, The Exquisite And The Rare Riccardo Tisci exits Burberry & Daniel Lee enters as the new Chief Creative Officer September 28, 2022: Designer Riccardo Tisci has announced his departure from British brand Burberry after almost five years, during which he spearheaded Burberry’s creative transformation. 

Riccardo Tisci Burberry

Mr. Riccardo Tisci  

Jonathan Akeroyd, CEO, commented: “Riccardo has played a pivotal role in repositioning Burberry. He has enhanced our creative language, modernised and elevated our product offer and brought a new generation of luxury customers to our brand. On behalf of everyone at Burberry, I would like to thank him for his creative leadership and wish him the very best for the future.”


Coming from Givenchy, Mr. Tisci re-energised Burberry's brand image under his creative leadership, by introducing a new visual identity and reviving the Thomas Burberry Monogram. Daring, streetwear elements were introduced in the design language, while keeping the classic English ethos intact. Always a digital-forward brand, Burberry also modernised and elevated its product offer by partnering with the gaming world, attracting a younger, more diverse and fashion-forward community of customers. Mr. Tisci’s Spring Summer 2023 collection, presented this week in London, was his last for Burberry.


Mr. Tisci said, “Burberry is a very special place with a magical past and a very promising future. The chapter I was asked to write in its long story is one that I am incredibly proud of and one I have decided would culminate with my show on Monday. I thrived to continue a legacy of innovation, and consistently championed for creativity and diversity, in order to always keep Burberry moving forward.”

Daniel Lee Burberry

Mr. Daniel Lee  

In a swift announcement, Burberry also announced that Daniel Lee has been appointed Chief Creative Officer. Mr. Lee will join the brand on October 3, 2022. 


Born and raised in Bradford, England, Mr. Lee is an award-winning designer. From 2018 to 2021, Daniel served as Creative Director at Bottega Veneta, a Kering brand, where he helped reinvigorate the Italian luxury brand by bringing in vibrant colours, modern craftsmanship and a famous social media departure. His sudden exit from Bottega Veneta made news as well. He has previously worked at a host of heritage brands, including Celine, Maison Margiela, Balenciaga and Donna Karan.


Mr. Lee will present his debut runway collection at London Fashion Week in February 2023. He says, “I am honoured to join Burberry as Chief Creative Officer. Together with the team, we will write the exciting next chapter for this legendary British luxury brand, continuing its historic heritage and building on Riccardo’s legacy. I am very excited to be returning to London, a city that champions pioneering creativity and that continues to inspire me.”

Must visit: Horto, a Milanese restaurant guided by an ethical, beautiful philosophy September 27, 2022: From the rooftop of the new The Medelan building complex, the restaurant Horto opens its doors in Milan. From the cuisine to the interiors, the outdoor landscape and the choice of its partners, Horto follows a direction of experimentation and sustainability, guided by a new philosophy that enhances the local, innovation and ethical balance.

Horto Milan fine dining restaurant

Leading the strategic and organisational leadership of the kitchen is the three-Michelin starred and Green Starred for Sustainability chef Norbert Niederkofler. In contrast, the daily management of the kitchen is entrusted to the Executive Chef and Head of Menu Development, Alberto Toè.

Horto’s co-founders, Osvaldo Bosetti and Diego Panizza, have formulated the concept of the ethical hour where Horto works exclusively with close-by territories, inviting its guests to rediscover the culinary richness offered by the local surroundings. Horto’s extended list of small suppliers involves partners with a long history of providing pure and excellent materials in tune with nature. Chef Toè has conceived dishes that reveal the taste of singular and uncommon ingredients, creating sophisticated yet comforting combinations.

Horto Milan fine dining restaurant

Chef Niederkofler has, for many years, been the pioneer of a sustainable philosophy regarding raw materials, the relationship with suppliers, the sourcing of ingredients and the rediscovery of authentic and innovative cuisine. Chef Toè, in turn, is a skilful interpreter of Chef Niederkofler’s kitchen philosophy. Offering a la carte as well as set course menus, each dish is a visual celebration while being a delicious play of ingredients.

Horto’s environment features a contemporary style in harmony with the tradition of the modern Milanese, resting on the terrace of The Medelan. The restaurant's interiors present Horto as an ethereal, organic and enveloping environment, focusing on a dreamlike vision suggested by this location of elevated pleasure. The other cornerstone of the design choices was the search for materials that followed the principle of "zero waste" to reflect the restaurant's philosophy in the design. The walls are covered with a rice plaster obtained by reusing the waste derived from such grains’ agricultural and industrial processing. Every element of the parquet, a typical Milanese finish, is made of recycled wood from old vinegar factories.

Horto Milan fine dining restaurant

The terrace features a landscape project aimed at raising awareness of minute environments, biodiversity and fragility through an immersive and unconventional experience. Horto’s plant world moves away from the desire to amaze and approaches the idea of making a dynamic and changing scenery accessible in the heart of Milan. The project is characterised by a strongly geometric and rigorous design contrasted by an inhomogeneous plant world, left free in its vegetative development.

Horto Milan fine dining restaurant

Horto has partnered with personalities that are as diverse as transversal, with an integrated and unusual approach. Alperia, a green energy supplier based in Alto Adige, provides Horto’s staff with a sustainable electrical car; BWT, suppliers of water treatment systems with a careful eye towards sustainable development are partnered with Horto; and so are Broggi, the historical Italian brand of tableware.

Designers Shantnu & Nikhil’s couture collection exemplifies fluidity with finesse September 27, 2022: Celebrated designer duo Shantnu & Nikhil are known for their distinctive couture handwriting with an anti-trend approach to fashion. This time they have decided to encapsulate the vibrancy of vintage India with the excitement of progressive Modern India.

Shantanu & Nikhil Haute couture 2022 mens

Their haute couture 2022 collection ‘Amber’ breathes life into the brand's ethos and is a coming-together of Shantnu and Nikhil’s design signatures. The silhouettes exemplify fluidity with finesse, a unique juxtaposition between the modern and the contemporary. 

Shantanu & Nikhil Haute couture 2022 mens

Amber is adorned with a mix of pastel, ivory, and mint hues, highlighted with tie-dye accents – especially in menswear.

Shantanu & Nikhil Haute couture 2022 mens


The men’s edit for the season comes in a classic colour palette, seeped into sherwanis, bandhgalas, draped kurtas, sheer shirts and sees an introduction of a new category of high relaxwear: couture sweatshirts, house robes and the Robe Kurta. 

Shantanu & Nikhil Haute couture 2022 mens

Each piece carries judicious hints of geometric thread work, quilting, an inclusion of bugel beads, and the flair of the Indian brand’s signature drapes in the most delicate fabrics.

Shantanu & Nikhil Haute couture 2022 womens


For the women, on offer are glittering fitted column gowns in taupe for nights filled with sparkle and shine. Adorned with Bugel beads, rhinestones, and bejewelled fabrics with hints of faux leather, it all comes together in fabulously crafted ensembles that take centre stage. Expect pastel hue lehengas and their signature sari-gown silhouettes with an extra dose of style.

Shantanu & Nikhil Haute couture 2022 womens


The beautiful assemblage combines the authenticity of the designer’s design handwriting in an amalgamation of modern-day couture flourishes. Amber signifies ceremonial couture that celebrates the moment with a sense of nostalgia and opulence and can be best described as contemporary yet disruptive couture.

Built around waterfalls and rice terraces, Avana Retreat opens its latest resort in Vietnam Avana Retreat Vietnam

September 27, 2022: An untouched waterfall, terraces of rice fields and a jungled mountainside setting form the underpinnings of a spectacular new 15-hectare resort in Vietnam’s Mai Chau Province, a 3.5-hour drive from Hanoi. Opened quietly during the pandemic, the 36-villa property features spacious, indigenous design, a spa built on a stream and one of the most majestic dining opportunities to be found in Southeast Asia. Leveraging what’s local is a priority across the board. More than 90% of the staff are from the surrounding area.

“It’s one thing to build a resort near the wonders of nature, but to build in the midst of all this natural splendor, with a footprint as light and retractable as we have, makes for an immersive experience that can be overwhelming,” said Mr. Vu Huy, founder of Avana Retreat.

Avana Retreat Vietnam

With architecture that leverages local Hmong and Thai building techniques and aesthetics, the resort’s 36 villas range in size from 1,054 sq. feet to 2,465 sq. feet. Some villas optimise outdoor opportunities with large balconies. One villa perches on top of a terrace of rice fields. Three villas boast private pools, and the most exclusive villa features a 958 sq. feet private heated pool that climbs in tiers like a visual echo of the rice terraces.

The roofs of the bungalow villas are thatched, like the local stilt houses, and the walls are made of earth. The rattan ceilings are made using a Thai weaving technique. The warm wood interiors feature local arts and crafts, including hand-drawn beeswax paintings of intricate ethnic patterns. Lantern-lined pathways and bridges wind through the maze-like property. The private waterfall, which inspired the development of the property about a decade ago, serves as the backdrop for private dinners and intimate parties with a terraced deck overlooking the cascade.

Avana Retreat Vietnam

The resort’s open-air yoga studio pavilion juts over the stream, while the eight-treatment-room Orchid Spa is built along the creek, which courses through the site. Spa treatments look to the landscape with local healing herbs and oils used in therapies that range from facials and body wraps to comprehensive pampering packages like the Wild Reconnection. 

The property features four heated infinity pools and is aptly-called Cloud Pool Bar, where the fluffy cloud cover settles just below the property for an almost other-worldly view. At this dining destination, guests can enjoy a tipple, light snacks or lunch with a menu featuring local specialities, like a banana flower salad, and western-style fares like pizza, pasta, and sandwiches.

Avana Retreat Vietnam

Avana’s all-day dining restaurant, Green Chili, offers an impressive selection of dishes from pho and Australian Wagyu Beef to a line-up of vegetarian and vegan options. The team tries to use maximum local herbs, spices and vegetables and source organic eggs from a chicken farm on the property. “We want as much of the experience of accommodation here to be as singular to this part of Mai Chau as possible, from the sights you see, to the food you eat, to the people you meet,” said Mr. Huy.

Avana is also a plastic-free retreat: trash bags are made from corn starch, organic materials are composted, and they have their Avana bottle plant to produce purified drinking water. They use an electric buggy service to take guests around the resort and continue to add to the region's diversity through their tree-planting program.

Montblanc announces partnership with sports legend Zinédine Zidane Zinedine Zidane Soccer Player Montblanc

September 27, 2022: Living by Montblanc’s ethos of What Moves You Makes You, Zinedine Zidane has always done what moves him rather than what is expected, never following a path dictated to him. The French-born icon embodies Montblanc’s core belief that everyone can leave a mark by living a life with passion and purpose and by doing what truly moves them. The brand has signed him as its latest Mark Maker.


In addition to collaborating with the luxury lifestyle brand on upcoming Montblanc writing instruments and leather goods campaigns, Mr. Zidane will appear in a new campaign for the Montblanc Legend fragrance line later this year.


“Zinédine Zidane is the ultimate Montblanc Mark Maker, a man who makes his mark not only on the world of sport but has had an incredible impact on the global stage. He is living proof that following what moves you in life leads you to a place of fulfilment and success. He is an inspiration to so many across generations, and we are delighted to be collaborating with Zinédine, writing a new chapter together in his extraordinary story,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc’s CEO.

Zinedine Zidane Soccer Player Montblanc


His extraordinary journey has taken him from his hometown of La Castellane, Marseille, to Turin, Madrid and beyond. World Cup, European Cup, Champions League, Golden Ball, star player, world-renowned coach – his sporting feats, his football style and unique moves on the pitch are - what many believe - what legends are made of.  


“Montblanc is a Maison of culture and quality that believes in the importance of transmitting ideas and thoughts to others through writing. A belief that I share as someone who has benefitted from the values and culture my father and family passed on to me and that I am trying to transmit as well. Personally I write in my notebook quite every day… I don’t only sign autographs!”  laughs Zinédine Zidane.


Mr. Zidane will appear in Montblanc content for signature leather pieces that highlight the importance of mobility, both physically and metaphorically, on the road to achieving one’s goals, alongside Montblanc writing instrument to underline the power of writing to unlock creativity and share ideas.


In an upcoming print, TV and digital campaign for its Montblanc Legend fragrances, Montblanc pays tribute to the grace and presence of Mr. Zidane. Humble and hardworking, the sporting icon has often been referred to as a “legend” - not necessarily the path he chose for himself, but one that his passion, skill and determination led him to. Legend, Montblanc’s bestselling fragrance line, channels the mindset of those who don’t seek glory but strive to leave their mark with purpose, conviction and passion, writing their legend along the way.

French restaurant Koloman, supported by the company behind Indian Accent, comes to New York September 21, 2022: After Indian Accent, Flatiron Hospitality LLC, a division of EHV International, a part of one of India's leading restaurant groups, Old World Hospitality, is working with Markus Glocker as Executive Chef Partner, planning to expand its presence further. This collaboration has resulted in the opening of Koloman, where Chef Markus Glocker will blend Parisian creativity with Viennese tradition in his cuisine.

Koloman New York

The relaxed European restaurant takes its inspiration from the Secessionist era designers of the Wiener Werkstätte, with high-impact off-black and cream tile, hand-painted patterns for surfaces, graphic wallpapers, and bold black ironwork. The design is the first New York City project by Russell Sage Studio. This prolific London-based design firm collaborated with Rishiv Khattar when he created Comorin, Gurugram for EHV.  


Chef Glocker says, "I am so thrilled about collaborating with Rohit Khattar and the EHV team. Together, we look forward to bringing a dazzling and elegant experience in the form of Koloman.”

Koloman New York

Image © Eater New York

The restaurant's name refers to Koloman Moser, who was among the foremost artists of the Vienna Secession movement and a co-founder of the Wiener Werkstätte, which profoundly impacted 20th-century design and cultural life in Europe. Rishiv Khattar worked on the concept along with Chef Markus Glocker. 


Chef Glocker’s cooking embodies refined simplicity, using the finest ingredients and techniques to create beautiful contemporary dishes. Some dishes are light and fresh to reflect the restaurant's bountiful early fall opening season, including a celery root "tartare" and a chilled sweetcorn soup with cured scallops. Schnitzel “Viennoise” with potato salad, cucumber, lingonberries and sea buckthorn will delight those looking for an authentic experience. End the meal with marzipan desserts or traditional Viennese strudels!

Koloman New York

Image © Eater New York

The restaurant will be led by veteran GM Richard Sanchez (Red Eye Grill, Palm Steakhouse). Katja Scharnagl, Koloman's Beverage Director, was the Chef Sommelier at Le Bernardin, and her wine list will have a refined sense of place, history, passion and sustainability. EHV’s Operations Director, Nitin Mathur, is overseeing the launch.


The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, welcoming space for both everyday dining and special occasions. The thoughtful tabletop is refined and elegant: delicate, finely etched glassware, old-school butter cloches, coppers for sauces, and coffee and cake service in the grand European café style. The restaurant will initially be open for dinner only. Breakfast and lunch service will follow in mid-fall.

Illuminated manuscripts & regal jewels to star at Sotheby’s this October

September 21, 2022: The Shahnameh – or ‘Book of Kings’ – made for Shah Tahmasp of Persia (r.1524-76) is one of the finest illustrated manuscripts. The monumental tome covers the greatest epic of Persian literature, containing 50,000 rhyming couplets and tells the history of all Persia’s rulers from the country’s ancient mythical beginnings. The manuscript boasts a glittering provenance from when it was commissioned to the present day.

Shahnameh Rustom Raksha

A folio from the Shah Tahmasp Shahnameh making a rare appearance at Sotheby’s Arts of the Islamic World & India auction, offered with an estimate of £4,000,000 – 6,000,000.

This October, a magnificent folio from the Shah Tahmasp Shahnameh will make a rare appearance at auction as part of Sotheby’s bi-annual Arts of the Islamic World & India auction, offered with an estimate of £4,000,000 – 6,000,000. The scene depicts the great hero Rustam recovering his horse Rakhsh – named the Persian word for lightning – two of the leading figures throughout the tale.


It was commissioned by Shah Ismail (the first of the Safavids), completed by another, his son and successor Shah Tahmasp, and gifted to a third, Sultan Selim II of the Ottoman Empire. It was later owned by the Barons de Rothschild family, whose collections included such masterpieces as the Belles Heures of the Duc de Berry and the Hours of Catherine of Cleves. Today, folios from the Shahnameh are treasured in museum collections internationally, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C; The Aga Khan Museum, Toronto; The David Collection, Copenhagen; The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, London; The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran.

Crescent moon earrings mughal India

A Pair of crescent-shaped Pearl and Diamond Earrings, from late 18th century India (est. £50,000-70,000)

Apart from that, the auction also features a Fatimid carved rock crystal bottle from Egypt, from late 10th-early 11th century (est. £40,000-60,000). A Pair of crescent-shaped Pearl and Diamond Earrings, from late 18th century India (est. £50,000-70,000) are also to be auctioned. These diamond earrings were a part of the collection of the Nizam of Hyderabad, a dynasty of wealthy rulers known for their spectacular collection of jewels. The family had inherited gemstones from the earlier rulers of Deccan, who oversaw the famous Golconda mines – the world’s only supplier of diamonds for centuries. They were last exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York’s exhibition on the Sultans of Deccan India, in 2015.

A Thousand Years

A double-sided illustration of the Tarikh-i-Alfi (The History of A Thousand Years), India, Imperial Mughal, circa 1590 (est. £250,000-350,000)

As a part of the manuscripts, a double-sided illustration of the Tarikh-i-Alfi (The History of A Thousand Years), India, Imperial Mughal, circa 1590 (est. £250,000-350,000), will come under the hammer. The “History of a Thousand Years” was written for Mughal Emperor Akbar between 1582-88 and recounted the ruling Caliphs through the Islamic period. This work is a rare folio, considered the last remaining in private hands, with only approximately 18 or so others known to survive. Many are in museum collections, including The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Freer|Sackler Gallery, Washington D.C., The British Museum, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The San Diego Museum of Art and The National Museum New Delhi.

Illuminated quran

An illuminated Qu'ran, Mughal India, second half 17th century, est. £20,000-30,000.

The auction will also offer 15 Indian paintings from the collection of Betsy Salinger. The selection, not seen on the market in decades, crosses centuries, spanning lavish Mughal folios to the distinctive styles of the lyrical Pahari schools, the dynamic Rajasthani schools, the masterful Mughal and Deccani schools and court ateliers.

Indian painting Mughal era

An Encampment of Ascetics, circa 1680 (est. £60,000-80,000)

Among the highlights is The Pilgrimage of Maharana Sangram Singh of Mewar, circa 1720-30 (est. £80,000-120,000). Commemorating a historic royal pilgrimage to the temple and shrines of Srinathji in Nathdwara, it is impressive both for its large scale and the complexity of the composition. Also from the collection is An Encampment of Ascetics, circa 1680 (est. £60,000-80,000), a Deccani painting depicting a group of 40 figures in the wilderness, all in various states of intoxication.

Celebrating 50 years of World Heritage, UNESCO unveils Sacha Jafri’s art inspired by world heritage sites Sacha Jafri UNESCO 50 Years World Heritage Sites

September 21, 2022: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of world heritage, UNESCO is presenting an exhibition under the theme ‘The Next 50: World Heritage as a source of resilience, humanity and innovation’, inviting the world to imagine our relationship with and responsibility for heritage in the face of rising global challenges. 


Artist Sacha Jafri’s exhibition of World Heritage Sites at the UNESCO HQ Great Hall will be displayed as sculptural artworks suspended from the ceiling, with the fuselage from the outer skin of a decommissioned Airbus A320-211 as his canvas. It is part of an upcycling initiative, aligning with art curator Marcus Schaefer’s aim to exhibit art outside of the confines of the traditional gallery space. This airplane, that has taken passengers to these sites for several decades and now, gets a new life as Mr. Jafri’s 12 sculptural artworks, celebrating those same sites and continuing the journey as an everlasting legacy for the cultural heritage of our world.

Sacha Jafri UNESCO 50 Years World Heritage Sites


“Giving this aircraft - which connected the world for decades - a second life through pieces of Sacha’s Art Maze collection that have been created with the same objective, just feels like a further natural step into the right direction for me. I’ve always been passionate about touching and connecting people through art in unconventional ways. To shine a light on heritage sites around the world with this exhibition at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris is a great honour for us all,” said Mr. Schaefer.


Through his exhibition during the European Heritage Days, Mr. Jafri aims to inspire the public with a new appreciation of our colourful and fragile world, rooted in his conviction that reflections, dialogues, empathy and collaborative efforts are needed for its conservation and for a better future of future generations. 


“With this collection, I hope to inspire the reconnection of humanity through the natural beauty that surrounds us and the Heritage Sites of our World; linking us back to our cultural and ancestral past, our more empathetic and conscious present, and our inspired and hopeful future. With this collection of our most beloved UNESCO World Heritage Sites I hope to spark an electric shock that enters our souls, creating a trigger for us to unlearn everything we thought we knew and re-learn everything through the beauty of our natural world and the purity of the hearts, minds, and souls of our children; with this, I am hopeful for more conscious humanity, where poignant conversations can create the real action needed for the conservation & sustainability of a reunited planet,” said Mr. Jafri.


‘The Art Maze World Tour’, in partnership with UNESCO, is now underway in its journey to all four corners of the world as part of UNESCO’s inclusive celebration of ‘The Next 50’. In April this year, as part of the World Tour, Mr. Jafri’s latest artwork in The Art Maze Collection, ‘Sagarmatha National Park’, was unveiled on Mount Everest, Kathmandu, as the first painting ever to be revealed on Mount Everest.

Tory Burch’s Spring/Summer 2023 experiments with Indian silks & inverted heels September 20, 2022: Set on the Hudson River at Pier 76, the Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2023 show took place at sunset with a celestial mobile suspended over the runway. The Spring/Summer 2023 collection is defined by opposing instincts: to experiment freely and to pare everything back. 

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2023

Focus on the body continues in sleek, minimalist jersey separates, feather-weight knits, and sporty cropped trousers. Several looks feature jersey bandeaux ruched over the waist for a soft waist definition. In contrast, others wrap gently around the body, from narrow midi skirts in stretch satin to luxurious Indian silk dresses. 

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2023

In terms of fabrics, the collection features materials that are transparent and opaque, reflective and matte, grand and humble. Exquisite Indian silk, Italian wool, lamé, silk taffeta, lace, and silk gazar with cotton T-shirts, denim, and sporty viscose finish the collection to perfection.

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2023

“The innovation of luxurious fabrics designed to move with the body — superfine knits, techno satin, weightless jerseys. An exploration of form in wrapped silhouettes, sporty separates and the opposition of sculptural tailoring over translucent layers. All lightened by a touch of strangeness, the shock of handbags in acid colors, and surrealist shoes with trompe l’oeil toe rings and ‘inverted’ heels,” said Ms. Burch about the collection. “This collection is personal and intuitive, drawing on my memories of the ’90s when I moved to New York. I wanted to look at my signatures with a fresh perspective, reflecting what feels modern now,” she further explains.

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2023

The collection sees graphic silver sequins and mirror work in different sizes — all hand-done at Orange International India in India. The season’s palette is intuitive and slightly strange, mixing cool neutrals, optic white, icy pastels, and high-shine metallics. In the absence of bold print and pattern, the colours emphasise material, texture, and silhouette. 

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2023

In terms of accessories, the collection features sharp, geometric, and primarily flat, reimagining what everyday shoes can look like. Squared-off soles, doubled-up slingbacks, and cut-out Double T logos are subtle yet transformative updates. A standout mule plays at Surrealism with a trompe l’oeil “toe ring”. The inverted 'gravity heel’ is a cushion-like platform above — not below — the sole. 

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2023

Adding to the collection is a small, square shoulder bag with a cut-out silver Double T logo and an envelope-inspired interior. In several styles, the logo reveals contrasting colours underneath. The bag’s pared-back shapes allow for a range of bold colours and surface treatments, like crinkled patent, embossed croc, contrast top-stitching, and neon embossed snake.

Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art brings the spotlight on royal Indian art with new exhibition September 20, 2022: In the 18th century, the artists of Udaipur shifted their focus from small poetic manuscripts to large-scale paintings of the city’s palaces, lakes, mountains and seasons. They sought to convey the bhava, the emotional tenor and sensorial experiences, that make places and times memorable. This was unlike anything else in Indian art. Paintings of that era express themes of belonging and prosperous futures that are universal. 

Udaipur Indian Art Smithsonian exhibition


Presented in collaboration with The City Palace Museum in Udaipur and administered by The Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, The National Museum of Asian Art is offering “A Splendid Land: Paintings from Royal Udaipur,” a major survey of works from the lake city of Udaipur in Rajasthan, India, from November 19, 2022 to May 14, 2023. 


On view at Washington D.C., the exhibition explores the environmental, political and emotional contexts in which the new genre emerged. Udaipur’s economy depended on annual monsoons, extensive water harvesting and securing the loyalty of nobles and allies. By celebrating regional abundance and courtly refinement, the paintings strengthened friendships in the changing political landscapes of early modern South Asia. 


The exhibition brings together 63 works on paper, cotton and scrolls from collections worldwide to reveal how artists sought to convey the sensory and lived experience of the lake city. Many of the paintings have never been publicly exhibited or published. Curated by Debra Diamond (Elizabeth Moynihan Curator for South Asian and Southeast Asian Art at the National Museum of Asian Art) and Dipti Khera (associate professor at New York University), “A Splendid Land” will be on view in the museum’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery. It is the first in a series of exhibitions celebrating the National Museum of Asian Art’s centennial in 2023.

Udaipur Indian Art Smithsonian exhibition


“The National Museum of Asian Art has a rich history of connecting visitors with South Asian arts and cultures,” said Chase F. Robinson, Director of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Freer Gallery of Art. “Built upon a long-standing collaboration with Indian colleagues, the exhibition will allow the museum to bring extraordinary but little-known pieces to a global audience, enriching its understanding of a fascinating moment in India’s past.”


“A Splendid Land” is organised as a journey that begins at Udaipur’s centre and continues outward: first the lakes and lake palaces, then to the city, the countryside and finally to the cosmos. An ambient soundscape by the renowned experimental filmmaker Amit Dutta underscores the sensorial elements in the paintings, inviting contemporary audiences to sense—and not just see—the moods of these extraordinary places and paintings. 


“The exhibition structure directly responds to the visuality of the paintings and the historical goals of the artists,” said Ms. Diamond, a specialist in Indian court painting. “Each gallery centres upon the emotions engendered by a particular place or season. The sequence of immersive moods will heighten the sensorial experience of place for museum visitors.”

Traditional Rajasthani music band Raitila Rajasthan will present “Music of Splendid Land”, featuring songs inspired from themes of Udaipur paintings showcased at the exhibition.

Anjul Bhandari expresses her legacy of chikankari in a scintillating, deep red September 14, 2022: "When I was traveling to Lucknow, and we crossed Kannauj, I came across these striking red roses and instantly felt inspired,” says ace designer Anjul Bhandari about her Festive 2022 collection Surkh Lal. The couturier launched her collection at in New Delhi, amidst beautiful installments created by Aaquib Wani Design.

Red lehenga by Anjul Bhandari

Reminiscent of the roses of Kannauj, profound and striking shades of red took centerstage as they made their bold debut into Ms. Bhandari's realm of Chikankari. Five thousand shola flowers made with eco-friendly paper ensured a veritable garden of roses was created within the store! “As a design house, we've always been synonymous with soft pastels, so it was a tad challenging to experiment with such a bold hue. Keeping the soul of the chikankari intact, and without compromising on its elegance, we organically dyed our beads, which were done specifically only for this range in red,” shares the designer. 

This assortment comprising 15 exquisite ensembles came to life with many dexterous handworks. An array of lehengas, shararas, sarees and Anarkali’s take us back to the historic town of Kannauj, known for the iconic itr (Indian perfume). Surkh Laal is a cornucopia of visually arresting hues, lightweight designs, tone-on-tone cascading embroideries, on-trend cuts and forgiving silhouettes - which make it apt for today's evolved fashionistas looking for some key evergreen pieces.

Red lehenga by Anjul Bhandari


The craft of Kaamdani came to life with the exquisite Eid Saree, on which an entire year is spent on embellishments. Its name comes from the fact that it takes one Eid to another Eid to create this saree made with the tiniest fardi (the mukaish dana) in two colours. The Mahee saree, a one-of-a-kind garment made exclusively with fish motifs, is considered auspicious in Awadh. This is a significant motif in the design vocabulary of the region that comes alive as Ms. Bhandari pulls out some of the oldest blocks from her repertoire. The fish motif differs in different parts of the saree: border, jaal & pallu, making it a true heirloom.


The Dagla, a unique piece showcased at the launch, is a piece worn by the Nawabs. Its jacket has a tie-up on the inside, much like an angrakha, yet a very different silhouette stitched exclusively in Lucknow. Again, a unique piece to be shown at this viewing.

Red lehenga by Anjul Bhandari


The striking Multi-bead Lehenga is particular with multi-coloured beads and features two different coloured Swarovski crystals. The lehenga, dupatta, and blouse combine for an estimated 30,000 crystals.

"This showcase is truly representative of the crafts that we have been working on keeping alive. We work with craftspersons on Chikankari and Kamdani in and around Lucknow This show is really an apt showcase of what their skilled hands can create!" says Ms. Bhandari.

AstaGuru explores the metamorphosis of Indian art with modern and contemporary art auctions

MF Husain artwork at AstaGuru

M.F. Husain's 'Safdar Hashmi', estimated at INR 4,75,00,000.

September 14, 2022: Indian auction house, AstaGuru, has announced two exceptional auctions that perfectly chronicle the vibrant legacy of Indian art. The finely curated selection of avant-garde works comes from the oeuvre of several eminent artists.

The first art auction titled ‘Present Future’ will be held on September 22-23, 2022, with an eclectic assortment of 81 works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, as well as some vibrant examples of mixed media art by leading contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Thukral & Tagra, Surendran Nair, Raqib Shaw, Debanjan Roy, Nataraj Sharma, T.V. Santhosh, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Jagannath Panda, Dhananjay Singh and Suryakant Lokhande, among others. 

Anish Kapoor artwork at AstaGuru

An Anish Kapoor stainless steel structure, estimates beginning from INR 5,50,00,000.  

Two exceptional works by sculptor Anish Kapoor lead the auction with the artist’s notable series of reflective stainless steel discs he has been creating since the 1990s. Lot no. 81 is over 5 feet in diameter and was built in 2011. It will be offered at an estimate of INR 5,50,00,000-7,50,00,000. Lot no. 17, dated 2005, is another stunning, more miniature sculpture by Anish Kapoor created in bronze and lacquer. 


Debanjan Roy is known for his fascination with Gandhi as a subject for his sculptures and has featured the Father of the Nation in his works throughout his career. The Super Gandhi (Ed. 5) sculpture sees the artist reimagining the Mahatma as Superman wearing the superhero’s signature red cape and Gandhi’s trademark dhoti.

Draupadi artwork at AstaGuru

M.V. Dhurandhar's 100 year old painting, depicting Draupadi's vastraharan, estimated at INR 2,25,00,000.  

Scheduled on September 25-26, ‘Modern Treasures’ showcases a range of rare and unseen artworks by iconic figures of modern Indian art such as M.V. Dhurandhar, Tyeb Mehta, M. F. Husain, F.N. Souza, K. H. Ara, Jehangir Sabavala, S. H. Raza, Ganesh Pyne, Ram Kumar, Jogen Chowdhury, and Bikash Bhattacharjee to name a few. Several of these artworks appear in an auction for the first time. Leading the lineup is a work by artist Tyeb Mehta, lot no. 22, appearing in an auction for the first time. Scaling over 5 feet, this oil on canvas painting is from his Diagonal series, considered one of his most important bodies of work.


Appearing in auction for the first time is lot no. 13, a 100-year-old work by M.V. Dhurandhar. Executed in 1922, the untitled oil on canvas painting captures what is undoubtedly the most critical moment in the epic Mahabharata. Known as Draupadi Vastraharan, the grave disgrace of Draupadi at the hands of the Kaurava brother, Dushasana, became the genesis of the epic battle at Kurukshetra. 

Tyeb Mehta artwork at AstaGuru

Tyeb Mehta's Diagonal, estimated at INR 19,95,00,000.  

Another notable work of art is ‘Safdar Hashmi’ by M. F. Husain, telling how deeply he was affected by the killing of a fellow artist. Regarded as one of the most important works from M. F. Husain’s oeuvre, this work spanning over 10 feet is a testament to his fearless and boundless artistic approach to portraying the injustices that occur in society. This work was also the first painting of Modern Indian Art to a record-winning bid of Rs 10 lakhs at the Times of India auction on the INS Jawahar in 1989.


Talking about the upcoming auctions, Sneha Gautam, Vice President, Client Relations, AstaGuru Auction House states, “The ‘Present Future’ auction represents prevalent art trends and gives an insight into the future of contemporary Indian art while the ‘Modern Treasures’ auction presents a wholesome view of the journey of Modern Indian Art, with works spanning multiple periods and genres. The Indian art market is constantly expanding and witnessing new possibilities in terms of the influx of important works. So, we have finely curated the catalogues to bring works that are not only rare and unique but also shed a light on extremely important phases in the career of these artists. These auctions are a great opportunity for our collectors to add great aesthetic value to their art collection.”

Bengaluru’s gallery g presents ‘Diego & Frida: Life Chronicles' September 13, 2022: The Embassy of Mexico in India, in association with the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) of Mexico and Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, present a photographic exhibition titled ‘Diego & Frida: Life Chronicles’, which gives an intimate look into the life of artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, who were lovers, companions and true supporters of each other.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

This exhibition of 60 photo reprints will be on show for the first time in India. The original photographs from this collection are on permanent display at the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo in Mexico.


H.E. Federico Salas, Mexican Ambassador to India, says, “On the 212th anniversary of Mexican independence (1810-2022), this exhibition pays homage to two iconic artists of the 20th century Mexico, Frida and Diego, representatives of an era when the country was in the middle of constructing a new and modern national identity 100 years after the independence. This period is now considered one of the most significant junctures in the postcolonial history of Mexico, where art and revolution merged and left behind its legacy in a host of magnificent artworks that continue to define the contemporary Mexican identity.”

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

The romantic union between Ms. Kahlo and Mr. Rivera brought together intellectuals, politicians, and celebrities. Their home was a place of gatherings, deliberations, and intrigue within Mexico's social and political life. Due to the commissions Mr. Rivera received, the intermittent periods during which they lived in the United States helped shape their views on capitalism, progress, and revolution. Still, it was also a breaking point in their relationship.

This exhibition is a collection of photographs of distinguished artists who were friends and colleagues of the couple, among them Guillermo Kahlo, Guillermo Zamora, Vicente Contreras, and Ernesto Reyes. The images depict essential moments in Frida Kahlo's and Diego Rivera's lives. They also reflect Kahlo's pain and physical deterioration and her political activism, including the last photograph taken during a political demonstration, days before her death in July 1954.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera


This exhibition of photographs in on view until October 10, 2022 in Bengaluru’s gallery g and has been hosted by Sandeep Kumar Maini, Honorary Consul for Mexico in Bengaluru, and Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation.

Scale rugged heights at Ras Al Khaimah in this adventure trip Ras Al Khaimah UAE

September 13, 2022: Soaring rockscapes, rugged canyons, winding pathways, and mesmerizing views of the Arabian Gulf – the Hajar Mountains are a spectacular celebration of nature that makes hiking in Ras Al Khaimah genuinely unforgettable.


After the success of the first HIGHLANDER in November 2021, hikers will once again, in a backpacking fashion, carry everything they need to be self-sufficient and navigate through 100 kilometres of stunning hiking trails across Jebel Jais, the UAE’s highest peak. 


Taking place on the UAE’s longest developed hiking trail, the first adventure, HIGHLANDER55, is a 55km hike over three days (November 18 – 20, 2022), while the HIGHLANDER Experience is a 30km two-day trek (19 – 20 November 2022). Both routes will offer exciting mental and physical challenges and the opportunity to take in the natural wonders of Ras Al Khaimah’s stunning mountain topography.


Raki Phillips, Chief Executive Officer of Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, said: “Ras Al Khaimah is well known as the nature Emirate, with its combination of sea, desert, and mountains. Drawing on this natural heritage, we’ve worked closely with the local community to preserve the surrounding ecosystem, resulting in some of the most developed hiking trails in the region.”

Ras Al Khaimah UAE


The route will take hikers through Wadi Ghalila, making their way through the iconic 'Stairway to Heaven’ trail for the ultimate hiking experience. Designed to be more challenging than the original trails, the new routes are divided into two sections; the lower segment connects the top of Jebel Jais to the lower trails, through the famous ‘Hidden Oasis’ spot while the upper segment connects the various Jebel Jais trails to extend the longer distance routes. 


In line with Ras Al Khaimah’s vision to become a sustainable tourism leader, HIGHLANDER’s global ethos follows the principles of sustainable tourism through its zero-waste policy. Each adventure will feature a ‘Leave No Trace’ workshop and educational sessions on ecology and sustainability to highlight the importance of protecting the Emirate’s natural environment. These talks will reinforce the nature-driven aspect of hiking, drawing awareness and appreciation of hikers towards the diverse natural landscape and the need to preserve it, as well as the Emirate's rich culture.


Fadi Hachicho, Managing Director of HIGHLANDER UAE and Founder of Adventurati Outdoor, said: “Last year’s HIGHLANDER event saw Ras Al Khaimah welcome 158 adventurers from the UAE and other European countries to explore the Emirate’s unique mountain ecosystem. I am so excited to host a second edition where, together with the Authority, we will immerse the HIGHLANDER community in the natural beauty of our Emirate, reinforce the wellbeing attributes of outdoor activities and show the importance of preserving nature for future generations.”

Actor Robert Pattinson turns curator for Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated Auction in New York Robert Pattinson for Sothebys

Actor Robert Pattinson photographed in front of an Untitled work by Willem de Kooning, estimated at $1,800,000 - $2,500,000.

September 12, 2022: Since 2013, Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated Auctions in New York, with editions in London, Milan, and Hong Kong, have invited influential figures from fields as diverse as music, business, fashion, film, and culture to specially curate a group of works by the most sought-after post-war and contemporary artists that showcase their unique taste and interests. 

This year, the auction house has the Batman fame British actor Robert Pattison curating a collection of artworks for their New York auction. Mr. Pattinson’s selection spans a variety of media, from sculpture to painting to collage, and mixes established names, such as Richard Serra and Willem de Kooning with rising stars such as Genieve Figgis and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, to present a kaleidoscopic vision of contemporary art, from post-war to today. 

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye painting

'Old Rope' by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, estimated at $100,000 - $150,000.

Speaking about his curatorial process and his tastes in art, Mr. Pattinson remarked: “As an actor, I’ve always felt a certain amount of synesthesia between different art forms and being able to connect them together—whether that is a sculpture or a song or an acting part, all at the same time. Acting has made me realize that there is an interconnectedness between all art forms, and it made the process of curating the sale a fascinating and fun experience for me.”

Photographed against a vibrant artwork by Willem de Kooning, Mr. Pattinson says, "De Kooning can capture so much energy, and this work feels incredibly fresh, present, and exciting. Looking closely, it is incredibly sensual and quite tasty. At this time de Kooning is still using the same set of tools, but he's trying to create some kind of new form using the same framework as before. It represents an interesting period of transition.” Mr. de Kooning's 1964 Untitled – which is a part of the curated selection – epitomizes the artist’s relocation to East Hampton and the artist’s balance between figurative and abstract forms; combining the physicality of action painting with Mr. de Kooning’s signature use of layers of oil to convey fleshy shapes and organic contours.

Julie Mehretu painting

Untitled by Julie Mehretu, estimated at $180,000 - $250,000.

The live auction will take place at Sotheby’s New York on September 30, with an exhibition on view from September 23 - 29.

Natural Diamond Council names Lily James as new ambassador September 12, 2022: The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) announced the launch of its global advertising campaign with the sentiment: “To Treasure, Now and Forever”, featuring the freshly appointed British actor, Lily James, as Global Ambassador.

Lily James Natural Diamond Council


Having a diversified, international acting career, Ms. James has won many hearts with her starring roles in Cinderella and Downton Abbey. She is a celebrated Hollywood star who recently received her first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series for her performance as Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy


“Lily James is the modern epitome of natural diamonds,” says David Kellie, CEO of Natural Diamond Council. “With her recent Emmy nomination, Lily has been recognized as one of the leading actors in the world. The talent, versatility, and authenticity she brings to the table are the perfect attributes to represent natural diamonds. We are thrilled to have her join us as we build upon the success of another record-breaking year for natural diamond jewellery.”

Lily James Natural Diamond Council


Ms. James shines in NDC’s 45-second campaign film, which captures scenes relevant to the myriad of roles Ms. James plays on and off camera. Set throughout London, where Ms. James resides, the film draws the eye to its heroine from the street, to set, and to stage. 


A brand-agnostic, not-for-profit organisation celebrating the creativity and values of the natural diamond category, NDC’s campaign showcases a range of diamond jewellery styles from staples like tennis bracelets and necklaces, studs and hoops to original creations, including statement earrings or spiral bracelets. These pieces were sourced from independent designers, brands, and NDC’s official retail partners.

OBEETEE presents another set of plush rugs with designer JJ Valaya September 8, 2022: Expanding on its partnership with Indian designer JJ Valaya, carpet brand OBEETEE has launched a series of new carpets expressed by the versatile designer in his characteristic royal philosophy.

Obeetee JJ Valaya carpets

The new collection - titled Kapurthala – from Kashmir to Marseilles - was presented at OBEETEE’s new flagship store in New Delhi. It comprises 14 unique designs of luxury silk carpets conceptualised by Mr. Valaya and crafted by OBEETEE. The design philosophy traces the journey of the paisley from its origin in Kashmir to its European avatar in Marseilles, France. 

Along with the new rug collection, this association has also given birth to a series of candid fine art images capturing the magnificence of the place where these carpets come to life – Mirzapur & Benares. The launch event witnessed OBEETEE and Mr. Valaya unveiling this image series in the form of a coffee table book titled “The Land of the Loom.”   

Obeetee JJ Valaya carpets

Mr. Valaya, who also helms his own home design brand, said, “No greater joy than working with the best! JJ VALAYA & OBEETEE coming together marks the birth of a partnership rooted in excellence and heralds the coming together of two legacy luxury brands, yielding, indeed, a very special kind of magic. Created with heart and skill, this line of fine carpets is poised to offer exceptional pieces of art for the floor.”

Obeetee JJ Valaya carpets

The event was graced by musician duo Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaan Ali Bangash for a soulful performance, complimented by a special menu by celebrity Chef Tahir Sultan.  

Faberge’s latest high jewellery creation expresses nature with vibrant gems September 8, 2022: In September 2020, Fabergé, the iconic artist jeweller, appointed James Ganh as the brand’s first ‘Featured Designer’. Two years on, in response to high client demand, Fabergé reveals its vibrant new additions to its high jewellery capsule collection, which continue the story and celebrate ‘A Life in Colour’ through coloured gemstones, with a particular focus on emeralds and rubies responsibly sourced from Gemfields.

Faberge James Ganh collection


Inspired by nature and art and touching upon Faberge’s illustrious royal clientele, Mr. Ganh’s capsule collection continues to push the boundaries of high jewellery creations. A vital aspect of the pieces is their transformability, utilising a diverse selection of gemstones and an exciting array of colours to impart a zest for life to the wearer. 

Faberge James Ganh collection


Butterflies flutter across in bright shades while florals bloom in novel ways in this collection. The collection aims for a unique interpretation of nature, expressing them through royal motifs.

Faberge James Ganh collection


The versatility of the pieces adds a sense of freedom of expression while also allowing a smooth transition from day to night. Earrings can be attached as statement drops on coordinating necklaces; brooches become bracelets, and pendants become rings. 

Faberge James Ganh collection


The Fabergé x James Ganh collection includes a kaleidoscope of gems to complement Gemfields' emeralds and rubies, including blue, pink and yellow sapphires, white and yellow diamonds, tsavorites, aquamarines, amethysts and tourmalines, to name just a few. These gems have been artfully combined with less conventional materials, including carved rock crystal and dyed agate. 

Faberge James Ganh collection


The Fabergé x James Ganh capsule collection is available at Faberge’s retail boutiques in Harrods’ London, The Dubai Mall and The Galleria Mall in Houston, and selected authorised retailers.

Stella McCartney & LVMH announce the launch of STELLA, a new LVMH beauty brand Stella McCartney Beauty Brand with LVMH

September 6, 2022: After pioneering the conscious luxury fashion industry, Stella McCartney’s ambition is to offer an alternative to luxury skincare – termed as Alter-Care. This new approach supports caring for ourselves and Mother Earth in perfect harmony. Rooted in nature, with Ms. McCartney’s vegan and cruelty-free principles at its heart, her new ‘conscious luxury’ skincare line is natural, effective, and responsible.

“We set out with an idea, and because we didn’t want to compromise – on outstanding results, the origin of our ingredients, and, of course, ensuring we minimised our impact on Mother Earth – we kept on trying. We worked hard for almost three years with LVMH constantly evolving and aiming for what I felt was possible: rooted in nature, truly effective and responsible skincare. It’s a game changer and I want to share it with everyone. I believe the consumer needs to know there’s another way, that they have a choice,” said Ms. McCartney.

Stella McCartney Beauty Brand with LVMH

Based on Ms. McCartney’s philosophy of using ‘only what you need, the range consists of three essential products: Reset Cleanser, Alter-Care Serum and Restore Cream. The line-up culminates three years of innovation and exploration with LVMH Recherche, the Group’s Beauty R&D unit. This new range has been formulated to work in harmony with the skin, offering impressive, clinically-proven results, supporting its critical functions of regeneration and protection.

Each stage of the product lifecycle has been challenged to minimise its impact – from the ingredients to the packaging to operations through to consumer usage. All product formulas are made with at least 99% natural-origin ingredients, and each is available in a unique eco-conscious refill. The line has a uniquely beautiful scent, ‘High Cliff’, created in collaboration with renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, Founder and Artistic Director of Maison Francis Kurkdjian and Perfume Creation Director of Parfums Christian Dior.

Stella McCartney Beauty Brand with LVMH

“I am delighted that Stella McCartney, after pioneering a sustainable and responsible luxury fashion, is now partnering with LVMH, committed to change the codes of cosmetics, the packaging and the ingredients. The launch of STELLA by Stella McCartney perfectly resonates with the Group’s longstanding commitment toward sustainability, and we are proud to support it,” said Antoine Arnault, Image & Environment, LVMH.

Asian cuisine gets an all-new meaning with a special menu at Dashanzi Dashanzi Mumbai Lotus Leaf wrapped Rice

September 6, 2022: Dashanzi, the progressive Asian cuisine restaurant at JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu, unveils “The Volt”, an electrifying new menu by Chef Rohit Chadha featuring bold flavours that elevate an Asian cuisine experience to new heights of taste and sensory experiences.

Signature dishes come to life with a well-balanced menu of classics and modern Asian dishes that capture the nuances, freshness and complexity of flavours of the Orient curated by the Chef and his team of maestros. Indulge in a handcrafted menu with house-made sauces, aromatic spices, unique fresh ingredients, traditional home-style recipes and a mélange of modern contemporary Asian fare that presents an enticing burst of flavours.

Dashanzi Mumbai Samurai Bond cocktail

The masterfully curated and technique-forward menu features signatures such as Char Sui Pork Bao, Chiu Chow Kothe, Hon Shimeji Shiitake Dumpling, Hung Shao Pork, Lobster Garlic Chive, Lotus Leaf Wrapped Rice with Oyster, Seabass Xo Suimai, Singapore Chili Crab, Steamed Pork Chili Wonton, Unagi Nigiri amongst others. 

Round off the meal with innovative desserts with modern style plating – such as Flourless Chocolate Cake, Lavender Baked Alaska, Wasabi Brulée, and Japanese Milk Cake. A bespoke bar experience awaits guests with exquisite concoctions such as Eastside, Ginza Spritz, Hibiscus Glory, Macha Gin, and Samurai Bond.

Dashanzi Mumbai Unagi Nigiri

Overlooking the Juhu beach, the restaurant’s al fresco setting is the ideal way to unwind with friends and family. 

JADE carries forward their craft-conscious handwriting with their debut menswear collection September 6, 2022: The Indian conscious couture brand JADE by Monica and Karishma has crafted magic, memories and magnificence for over a decade in womenswear. The couture house makes a dazzling foray into menswear to launch JADE Man with a debut collection titled ‘Ananta’.

Jade Man by Monica and Karishma


Monica Shah, Founder of JADE Man, says, "When I embarked on this journey to create menswear, I wanted to reinterpret the formal aesthetic of the tailoring universe with emblematic pieces like the bandhgalas and sherwanis. Moreover, I wanted to express Jade's exceptional savoir faire so each ensemble is an ode to the art of detail. True to the Jade spirit, I wanted each piece to adapt easily to any occasion or season."


With this first menswear outing, Monica & Karishma explore and expound the possibilities of new designs, methodologies and creations in menswear. JADE has utilized its expertise in Ek Taar and Kasab techniques to create highly detailed womenswear. The new menswear couture collection takes forward that design narrative into the arena of menswear sartorial bespoke.

Jade Man by Monica and Karishma


Sherwanis in white, ivory, beige, rose gold, powder blue and black complement the long, lean, impeccably crafted kurtas and slim trousers. Sharply tailored bandi jackets and knee-length ceremonial coats have a dialogue with the textured and jewel-toned kurtas underneath. Embodying the contemporary insights of less is more and power dressing, each ensemble takes on a suave, sophisticated silhouette. Moreover, each separate can be mixed and matched, leaving ample scope for endless styling options.


Glistening with heritage Kasab embroidery technique, the collection is a heartfelt ode to India's ancient art and crafts, which have a global appeal. Making these weaving techniques contemporary and modern, the dynamic duo with this outing make yet another effort to let the craft-based menswear couture take new proportions. 

Jade Man by Monica and Karishma


JADE Man is a homage to today's individualistic style mavens, who are experimental and like to carve their unique style. Each creation is an heirloom collectable steeped in symbolism and narrates a fantastic story of its own. 

Time Avenue Mumbai showcases the Bvlgari World Record Octo Finissimo Watch Collection August 30, 2022: In collaboration with Bvlgari, Time Avenue Mumbai hosted an exclusive showcase of the Bvlgari World Record Octo Finissimo Watch collection, valued between INR 1 - 4 crores, at private members-only club Jolie’s, Worli. 

Bvlgari Octo Finnisimo watch

Since its creation in 2014, the Octo Finissimo collection has pushed the boundaries of contemporary Haute Horlogerie. With eight thinness world records in eight years, Octo Finissimo has proven its unique ability to redefine the codes of traditional watchmaking, always driven by an endless quest for new mechanical prowess as well as aesthetic innovation.

Viraal Rajan, Director at Time Avenue says, “It was an honour to bring the Bvlgari World Record Octo Finissimo Watch Collection to Mumbai, and it was great to see so many people passionate about watches gather in one place and fuel that passion through their conversations. It truly was a spectacular evening.”

Bvlgari Octo Finnisimo watch

Built upon years of expertise and history, Time Avenue is the ultimate destination for watch connoisseurs. Along with Bvlgari, the store retails watches from other storied brands such as Rolex, Breguet, Breitling, Chopard, Hublot and Omega.

Woods At Sasan launches “Baarish” - a slow, immersive monsoon retreat in the Sasan Gir Forest August 30, 2022: Monsoons are the perfect time to soak in the beauty of the greenery. Nestled in the forest, Woods At Sasan is a modern retreat in the woods and is the first of its kind in India – a luxury retreat based on biophilia and grounded in sustainable practices. 

Woods at Sasan Nature experiences

The retreat has launched a perfect blend of nature and luxury - “Baarish” by Woods At Sasan. It is a slow monsoon retreat curated by wellbeing, sattvic diets, nature and culture experts. Experience the beauty of wilderness and nature in all its glory while you rejuvenate and unwind from the fast-paced city life.

Woods at Sasan Nature experiences

The Baarish experience includes, among other things, guided Nature Walks and Birding Tours, Monsoon Special Som Wellbeing Therapies, Sattvic-based culinary experiences to nourish the mind, body and soul, Sound Healing and Lifestyle consultations as well as evenings spent in art and craft – pottery, movies, vintage car rides or a day experience in the village.

With Baarish, guests can enjoy the beauty of the season as you slow down over three nights and four days stay, immerse in a soulful dance with the weather, and feel the earth coming alive to enrich the senses.

Woods at Sasan pottery

Woods At Sasan presents a genuinely sustainable, immersive way of living with nature and wellbeing that can be integrated into daily life practices.

Reservations can be made here.

McLaren Automotive confirms arrival in India McLaren Mumbai

August 30, 2022: Racer, engineer and entrepreneur Bruce McLaren’s dream was to build the world’s most iconic supercars. Almost six decades later, McLaren is a pioneer of high-performance automotive engineering. The British luxury supercar maker confirms its entry into the significant Indian market, the brand’s 41st global territory.

McLaren’s range of supercars and hypercars are the ultimate in personalisation, high-technology and super lightweight engineering, combined with cutting-edge design and innovation to deliver breath-taking experiences. They are designed at the iconic McLaren Technology Centre, opened by Her Majesty The Queen, with every supercar hand-build at the adjoining McLaren Production Centre, both in Woking, Surrey south of London.

McLaren Mumbai

“It is an honour to be appointed as McLaren Automotive’s first retail partner in India - McLaren Mumbai. As a globally renowned supercar manufacturer, McLaren is the pinnacle of modern supercar luxury. We look forward to opening the McLaren Mumbai retail experience centre and offering McLaren customers an outstanding opportunity to engage with the brand and to be part of the McLaren owners’ community,” said Lalit Choudary, McLaren Mumbai.

The supercar manufacturer will offer the breadth of its model range to Indian customers, including the Everyday McLaren GT and the marque’s first ever high-performance hybrid - the Artura. The core supercar range also includes the universally acclaimed 720S coming in Coupe and Spider variants and the 765LT Coupe and Spider as the latest addition to the legendary LT product family.

Tarun Tahiliani’s ethnic menswear brand Tasva comes to Mumbai August 26, 2022: Tasva, Tarun Tahiliani’s men’s ethnic wear brand is the result of a collaboration between Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited and the ace Indian designer. The brand has now launched its first flagship store in Mumbai.

Tasva by Tarun Tahiliani

Since its inception, Tasva – derived from the amalgamation of the Sanskrit words Tat (that) and Sva (me/mine) denoting all that is me, all that is mine – has aimed to rethink the Indian male celebratory experience, whether it is fitting out the Indian groom or to create magnificent statements in the pantheon of traditional celebrations.

Speaking at the launch of the Mumbai store, Tarun Tahiliani, Creative Director, Indivinity Clothing P. Ltd, said, “TASVA has been a long-time dream of mine which has been possible because of ABFRL. The name itself stands for the best version of oneself and we have worked hard to achieve this through TASVA. For the longest I heard people say that ethnic wear is uncomfortable and TASVA is an attempt to change that. We have created garments that give our consumer, the Indian Man – a fabulously made, internationally constructed, comfortable, well cut Indian brand with Tarun Tahiliani styling yet with complete accessibility of pricing.”

Tasva by Tarun Tahiliani


The collection celebrates a vast array of traditional crafts with a modern twist, with fabrics ranging from silks to cotton to brocades. Beautifully adorned with ikkat prints, Banarasi motifs, and chikankari, the collection explores pastels like mint green, ivory, and salmon pink along with a full spectrum of colours ranging from softer tones of yellow to deep blues and tropical hues.


The entire collection available at the store features smart, stylish, subtle ensembles. With this new store, customers will be spoiled for choice selecting from the vast array of skilfully fashioned sherwanis, bandhgalas, achkans, bundis, kurtas, all the bottoms – churidars, Aligarhis and much more, all crafted with impeccable attention to detail and design. Also on offer are a selection of accessories such as safas, sarpeches, brooches, pocket squares, buttons, sehras, stoles, shawls, and footwear.

Tasva by Tarun Tahiliani


The design and décor of the store are in keeping with Mr. Tahiliani’s design ethos of ‘India Modern’ and echo the fact that the Indian consumer has evolved over the years and now seeks more meaning and expressiveness through their choices. The store uses luxurious materials like wood, brass, and aged Rajasthani architraves as a doorway to a new world of Indian fit.

Sandeep Pal, CEO of TASVA mentioned that they plan to increase Tasva’a retail footprint by increasing their presence to 75 stores across India by March 2023.

Returning to tradition, Fabergé introduces iconic eggs fused with Peter Carl Fabergé’s flower studies Faberge Strawberry and Water Lily Egg

August 26, 2022: Fabergé has always looked to nature for inspiration. One of the most famous examples of this is the iconic Winter Egg of 1913. The enchanting rock crystal egg opened to reveal a basket of delicate white anemones inside, a beautiful representation of the first blooms emerging after a winter frost. Peter Carl Fabergé was considered a genius of the ancient enamelling technique, offering over 145 new colours and establishing himself as a true pioneer in the field, a legacy that the Maison proudly continues today. 

Fabergé is introducing two limited-edition eggs to its Objet d’Art collection, which pay homage to its rich heritage, fusing the iconic egg with the celebrated flower studies for which Peter Carl Fabergé was renowned. The Fabergé Wild Strawberry Egg and Fabergé Water Lily Egg are each destined to become future heirlooms and are limited to just ten numbered editions per design.

Faberge Wild Strawberry Egg

Crafted entirely by hand using time-honoured techniques, the creation of these unique egg objets was overseen by Fabergé Workmaster, Dr. Marcus Mohr. In close collaboration with his small team of craftspeople in Pforzheim, Germany, Dr. Mohr has been working with Fabergé since the Maison was re-launched in 2009. Mohr explores new and innovative ways to bring historical craftsmanship into the 21st century, focusing on the craft of guilloché enamelling – although the core processes of this art form have remained unchanged for 130 years.

Dr. Mohr says: “What I find fascinating about the work is the orchestration of a number of specialists – or rather soloists. Each of these soloists is part of a centuries-old tradition that is in danger of being forgotten today. Fabergé keeps this tradition alive by amalgamating challengingly beautiful designs and concepts with the possibilities of the finest craftsmanship. These objects conserve culture and tradition and preserve them for eternity. This is a passion that my great-grandfather, a contemporary of Peter Carl Fabergé himself, passed down to me. Today, it is my mission to continue this legacy and to ensure that these traditions are passed down to the next generation.”

Faberge’s craftspeople have meticulously hand-painted the unique coloured enamelling powder onto each of the egg objets, taking at least three layers and five firings in the kiln to create the desired translucent effect, to best showcase the beauty of the light reflecting off the enamel and the depth of the detail that lies beneath.

Faberge Water Lily Egg

The Fabergé 18k Yellow Gold Red Guilloché Enamel Egg Objet with Wild Strawberry Surprise is decorated with a vibrant red guilloché enamel ‘shell’ and opens to reveal a charming wild strawberry surprise sitting upon an 18k yellow gold guilloché base. Standing 75mm high, the egg is mounted on a stand crafted from carved aventurine and includes a responsibly sourced Gemfields Mozambican cabochon ruby button. In the 18k yellow gold strawberry plant, every strawberry is hand-painted with red enamel. 18k yellow gold leaves are enamelled in green and at the heart of the plant is a single flower comprised of six Akoya cultured pearl petals with a yellow sapphire centre. The object's base opens into a fluted gold setting - a surface structure typical of Fabergé, sophisticated in its workmanship and at the same time a dynamic handmade motif.

The Fabergé 18k Yellow Gold Blue Guilloché Enamel Egg Objet with Water Lily Surprise stands at 77mm high. It includes a responsibly sourced Gemfields Zambian emerald square cut button and sits upon a carved nephrite base. The water lily is formed from a hand-carved Peruvian pink opal set with diamonds and 18k yellow gold and is mounted on a leaf which has been enamelled in a dark green colour. The water lily is fixed upon a guilloché 18k yellow gold disc.

Jewellery designer Falguni Mehta launches extension label Avika Love Falguni Mehta

August 26, 2022: Growing up surrounded by the beauty of jewellery, myriad stones and precious metals, Avika Mehta, daughter of jewellery designer Falguni Mehta, decided to become a jewellery designer herself. In her formative years, Avika was accustomed to accompanying her mother to their workshop and travels and, on occasions, also wearing exquisite jadau pieces for festivities. She always dreamt of incorporating them as an accessory in her daily attire, which inspired her to build her new label that offers an affordable pret line of jadau jewellery.

Avika Love Falguni Mehta

“My endeavour is to build on the strong legacy of Falguni Mehta to bring forth the luxury and charm of the old-world jewellery with a modern twist to all ages. I have always had a passion for jadau, and this will represent the label in the new era,” says Avika Mehta as she launched her new label – Avika Love, Falguni Mehta.

Avika Love Falguni Mehta

The collection comprises quirky, delicate, intricate pieces such as hoops, tennis bracelets and rings which can be worn with your regular shirt or kurta with equal ease. While maintaining glimpses of tradition with minimalism, this collection is an amalgamation of uncut diamonds with 18k gold, a mix of precious-coloured stones and modern designs – a delight for the newer generations of today.

Avika Love Falguni Mehta

The parent brand Falguni Mehta is synonymous with occasion and bridal wear, while the Avika Love Falguni Mehta brand aims for pret, everyday, modern, and cocktail jewellery. Not only does the jewellery please the eye, but it is so light in weight that it is ideal for the wearer.

Avika Love Falguni Mehta

Pioneers of luxury travel in Antarctica, White Desert, have launched their newest itinerary, The Happiest Day White Desert Antarctica trips

August 26, 2022: For centuries, the Last Continent has held a special place in our imaginations. Even now, long after the first explorers reached the South Pole, access to the interior of Antarctica was still reserved for a few. Its uncrowded landscape sets the perfect scene for an exclusive group of up to 12 friends or family looking to turn a special day into the journey of a lifetime. Travel company White Desert helps with that. 

Their new itinerary – The Happiest Day – has been created for guests wanting to celebrate a special occasion with a truly rare backdrop, such as birthdays, anniversaries and, for the first time, the opportunity for wedding celebrations on ice. Regardless of the length of the trip, all guests will commence their trips from Cape Town, enjoying the hospitality of a boutique hotel partner before boarding one of White Desert’s private jets to Antarctica.

White Desert Antarctica trips

The Happiest Day itinerary (costing approximately $250,000 for a group of 12) can be tailored to tie into their celebrations, with the option for a one-day trip, five-day trip or seven-day trip.


For the ultimate destination celebration, White Desert can fly guests in for one spectacular day under 24 hours of Antarctic summer daylight. For those wishing to celebrate other occasions, White Desert can arrange bespoke meals with 10,000-year-old ice cocktails alongside a host of exciting activities, including zip lining, exploring iridescent ice tunnels and fat-biking amongst spires of rock jutting from the ice floor.

White Desert Antarctica trips


Guests looking to stay a little longer can opt to experience White Desert’s Emperor Penguin itinerary for five days, or White Desert’s South Pole and Emperor Penguin itinerary for seven days. For those extending their trip, guests will be looked after in style; new for 2022 is Echo, White Desert’s modern eco-camp. Offering six heated, cutting-edge bedroom ‘sky pods’ complete with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, with interiors featuring retro space-age detailing and luxurious furnishings. 


Guests could also opt to stay at Whichaway, White Desert’s original camp, which sits on the shores of one of the freshwater lakes of the Schirmacher Oasis, complete with a wellness space and sauna pod. Both camps have been designed to be dismantled without a trace, leaving no more than a transitory impact on Antarctica.

Gucci sets its foot in downtown Detroit with a new store Gucci Detroit Store

August 24, 2022: Gucci announced the opening of its new store located on Library Street in downtown Detroit. Showcasing an extensive collection of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, jewellery, watches, and Gucci Décor, Gucci found a natural alignment with the city and its pervasive culture, identifying Detroit as a focus city for the Gucci North Americas Changemakers program in 2019. 

The new Detroit location blends the historic architecture of Library Street with the spirit of the luxury House of Gucci. The boutique features restored glass tiles and geometric metalwork on the façade throughout the interior. Custom patterned monochrome floors mirror the geometric panelling from the façade, producing three-dimensional decorative effects, and harmoniously integrating with the shape of the cylindrical light fixtures. The result is a space that entices, surprises, and feels personal to Gucci. As part of Gucci’s commitment to implement and enhance eco-friendly initiatives and energy-efficient technologies in the House’s stores worldwide, the new store is LEED-certified.

Gucci Detroit Store

Gucci is pushing for more assertive representation of the city in the fashion industry through relationships with Detroit-based nonprofits, supporting students from institutions such as Cass Tech High School, and launching the second chapter of the collaboration with Detroit designer Tommey Walker and his homegrown label, Detroit vs Everybody. The Off the Grid collection was created to support the House's vision for circular production that uses recycled, organic, bio-based, and sustainably sourced materials. The collection will include a baseball hat, backpack, and belt bag, all to be sold exclusively at the Detroit store beginning in September.

To honour Gucci’s new permanent home in the city, Gucci Changemakers has a stanza of critically acclaimed poet and native Detroit-er Jessica Care Moore’s original poem, reflective of Gucci’s mission in the town of Detroit, hand-painted on the façade of the Siren Hotel for the community to enjoy:

The spirit of a fashionable city is felt

As soon as she walks in.

The spark lives inside the patterned faces

of her community.

Gucci Detroit Store

Building on its multi-year connection with the city, Gucci is one of the first global luxury brands to open in downtown Detroit.

Save the date as the next Concours d’Elegance comes at The Oberoi Udaivilas The Oberoi Udaivilas Concours 2024

August 24, 2022: Over its 90-year history, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts has been committed to promoting and preserving Indian heritage and hosting prestigious classic and vintage car rallies around its award-winning properties. Keeping this tradition, The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance will set a new benchmark to showcase the finest vintage and classic automobiles and motorcycles from India and abroad. The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance will be hosted at The Oberoi Udaivilãs, Udaipur, in February 2024. 


Arjun Oberoi, Executive Chairman, The Oberoi Group, said, “Oberoi Hotels & Resorts are delighted to host and promote the celebration of beauty, innovation, and craftsmanship that has defined a century of the most exceptional automobiles of the world. Our automotive legacy is amongst the most significant and historically important. With The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance, we look forward to placing India on the world’s Concours stage and showcasing the very best of automotive heritage and excellence.”

The Oberoi Udaivilas Concours 2024


The event will be curated by India’s leading automotive historian, Mr. Manvendra Singh Barwani, with some of the rarest and most historically significant automobiles, restored and preserved over many generations by Indian royalty and private collectors. In addition, a distinguished panel of classic car cognoscenti from across the globe will judge cars and motorcycles in different classifications. Ms. Sandra Button, Chairman of the prestigious and globally renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, will serve as Chief Judge.


Mr. Manvendra Singh Barwani, who has previously curated the Cartier ‘Travel with Style’ Concours, added, “The Oberoi Concours d’Elegance will take the heritage of automobile culture and the history of India to an international level, showcasing the finest vintage and classic automobiles and motorcycles. Moreover, with Indian restoration work on par with international standards, we can compete with international entries on our home stage.”

The heritage group of Brij Hotels has added Brij Gaj Kesri Bikaner to its portfolio Brij Hotels Bikaner Rajasthan

August 11, 2022: Brij Hotels, that offers immersive local experiences across India, is set to launch another stellar hotel in Rajasthan under its umbrella.  

Featuring 41 rooms and suites, Brij Gaj Kesri is a modern-day manor house that spans 16 acres and is a testament to the Rampuria family’s passion for art and architecture. The hotel is a harmonious amalgamation of European influences and traditional Bikaneri architecture with local red stone, classic jaali work and jharokha that have been lovingly rescued from ruins and restored to their original glory. With its expansively stunning spaces, specially dedicated private areas, and multiple venues at the property, it makes for an ideal place for a romantic dinner, large-scale to intimate destination weddings or group gatherings.

Bikaner’s Rampuria family have long been patrons of the local arts. They not only revived the centuries-old Bikaneri art of Usta but also founded the Rampuria School of Fine Arts. The hotel is also home to an impressive permanent exhibition that features contemporary art and artefacts. 

Brij Hotels Bikaner Rajasthan

“The property has been renovated by our team of experts. Its ultra-unique aesthetic has been retained along with design upgrades that seamlessly integrate the property and service to our brand’s purpose, which is to connect the traveller to the place he/she has travelled to. We look forward to welcoming travellers who desire a combination of old-world comforts in a luxurious contemporary setting and those who would like to explore & immerse themselves in the various dimensions of Bikaner with our trademark hospitality,” said Udit Kumar, Co-founder of Brij Hotels.

Staying true to its brand vision - one can savour the delights of the generations-old recipes of The Rampuria family at Polki, a vegetarian restaurant with a newly designed menu with chef specialities at Brij Gaj Kesri, or enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee at the in-house cafe - Coffee & Co. The property is built on five levels with sprawling gardens, three beautiful drawing rooms, a courtyard, Ananda - The spa, and a luxurious pool. 

Anita Dongre’s latest bridal couture collection is an ode to its wearer August 5, 2022: Inspired by traditional art and architecture and created for a muse who defies the pressure to either conform to or break free of societal expectations, Anita Dongre’s ‘Homage' is a celebration of a core philosophy - the knowledge that every garment is honoured by its wearer. 

Anita Dongre Homage collection 2022

An ode to a rich architectural history that is shape-shifting and inclusive, the collection reinterprets motifs and details in various crafts and techniques, including Bandhini, handpainted Pichwai, signature Gota Patti, and handwoven Benarasi, in a rich palette of forest greens, blush pinks, fiery reds, sunset purples, and soothing creams and blues.

Anita Dongre Homage collection 2022

The juxtapositioned curves of creativity, balance, grace and self-identity in this collection are brought to life by Serena Jethmalani, Tiana Taraporvala, Sara Tendulkar, Rhea Kuruvilla and Alaviaa Jaaferi - that also play muse to the designer. Each of them have chosen elements to customise their lehenga and make it their own – a service long cherished by Anita Dongre brides.

Anita Dongre Homage collection 2022

Anita Dongre’s stories with craft and bespoke services, which include customisation, make every piece uniquely personalised. Incorporating a particular colour, a word or part of a text of shared meaning, or any elements that personalise a piece to its wearer has added to the special occasion each lehenga is chosen for. Adding a bride’s personal story to a signature design gives each piece a place in time. 

Anita Dongre Homage collection 2022

“Homage is a true marriage of the old and the new in form and function. Each of these intricately-detailed lehengas tells a unique story of craft and culture. We worked with master artisans to recreate quintessential motifs in various crafts and colours and shot with young women who are so deeply their own person. All of this [is shot] against the beautiful backdrop of Six Senses Fort Barwara, a 14th-century fort sensitively restored through significant conservation efforts,” says Ms. Dongre.

Celebrating 60 years of James Bond, Christie’s will auction 60 props used in the 007 universe! Omega Stainless Steel James Bond for auction

Omega Stainless Steel Automatic Anti-Magnetic wristwatch worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond will be a part of Christie's auction

August 5, 2022: Dr. No was the first James Bond movie released in 1962, and this year marks the 60th anniversary of the James Bond films. To commemorate this exciting occasion, Christie’s and EON Productions will hold an official two-part charity sale, Sixty Years of James Bond, in September 2022, presenting 60 lots. 

bionic eyeball James Bond for auction

Spectre Agent Primo's bionic eyeball that featured in No Time to Die (2021) will be offered during this Christie's auction

Featuring 25 lots, the live sale will comprise vehicles, watches, costumes and props associated with the 25th and last James Bond film - No Time To Die. The live auction on September 28 will conclude with six lots representing each of the six actors who have played Bond: Sir Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Sir Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. The top lot of the sale is a silver birch Aston Martin DB5 stunt car, one of eight stunt replicas built for the film by Aston Martin and fitted with ‘Q Branch’ modifications. This is the only DB5 stunt car to be released for sale and, as the ultimate Bond collector’s prize, is estimated to sell for between £1,500,000 and £2,000,000.

The online sale will be open for bidding from September 15 until James Bond Day on October 5, presenting 35 lots spanning the 25 films with posters, props, costumes, memorabilia and experiences.

Bow ties James Bond for auction

Five bow ties worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond to be offered at the auction

The Earl of Snowdon, Honorary Chairman, Christie’s EMEA, said: “One of my earliest childhood memories are obsessively playing with a diecast Aston Martin DB5, a gift that had been brought home by my parents from the premiere of Goldfinger. From that moment on, I was fascinated by each new Bond film, the special effects and stunts and Bond’s watches and incredible style. I was even lucky enough to experience the school run in my father’s DB5. The British legend that is Bond has had a great influence on my life. It is an honour for Christie’s to be partnering once again with EON Productions to present this two-part official charity sale celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Bond. The incredible landmark live and online auctions will hopefully raise record sums for all the wonderful charitable causes chosen.”

Aston martin James Bond for auction

The Aston Martin DB5 stunt car that featured in No Time to Die (2021)

Two Omega watches from No Time To Die are on offer. OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300m 007 Edition, a titanium automatic diver's military style wristwatch with mesh bracelet worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond and designed with input from Mr. Craig and the filmmakers; it is being sold to benefit TIME'S UP UK (estimate: £15,000-20,000). Specifically built from titanium to withstand the rigours of Bond’s action scenes, this watch was Bond’s choice while living in Jamaica. The OMEGA Aqua Terra 150m, worn by Daniel Craig in the opening sequence, is a striking watch with a blue dial that recalls OMEGA's rich maritime heritage and Bond's naval background; it is being sold to benefit Orbis (estimate: £15,000-20,000).

Ana de Armas gown James Bond for auction

A Michael Lo Sordo Alexandra gown worn by Ana de Armas in No Time to Die (2021) is a part of this landmark auction

The live auction is by invitation only to bid in person, with fans and collectors worldwide able to bid online using Christie’s Live and other methods to place their bid. As with the last three official Christie’s 007 auctions, proceeds from this sale will benefit charitable causes, including the British Academy of Film and Television Arts; Johns Hopkins Medicine; Operation Black Vote; The Silverlining Brain Injury Charity Fund; The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; and more.

Swarovski egg James Bond for auction

This Swarovski crystal-mounted green enamel and gold-plated prop egg that featured in Octopussy (1983) is also a part of the auction

The pre-sale highlights exhibition will be on public view at Christie’s headquarters, 8 King Street, London, from September 15 to 28.

Designer Dolly J. presents ‘Meraki’ at India Couture Week August 5, 2022: Indian designer Dolly J. raised the bar at the 15th edition of FDCI India Couture Week in New Delhi as she presented her ‘Meraki’ Collection, inspired by Jazz. 

Dolly J Couture Collection 2022


The designer elaborates on her collection by explaining, “Given that it is a couture collection, we wanted it to be opulent and so we started with tones of molten gold and iridescent silver for the lehengas and gowns for our brides. This then progressed into a variety of other metallic hues, including deep yellows, maroons, and metallic charcoals, amongst other striking jewel tones.”

Dolly J Couture Collection 2022


To reinforce the collection’s connection to Jazz, Dolly J.’s set for the show was reminiscent of a New York jazz club with velvet drapes, a crimson floor, cracked-leather barstools, well-worn armchairs, leather-bound books, and a grand piano where jazz singer, Shreya Bhattacharya, wowed the audience with a live rendition of much-loved retro jazz numbers.

Dolly J Couture Collection 2022


Speaking about her couture show, the designer says, “We really wanted to create a captivating experience for our guests and given the overall aesthetic and vibe of the collection, we felt that a sexy jazz club setting would be perfect. As it turns out, the audience loved the uniqueness of what we did.”


To further enhance the sensorial experience, the designer has created a unique perfume with heady notes of cocktails, honey, and woody notes of cigar boxes – whose fragrance permeated the air in the room, giving it authenticity of a jazz club.

Dolly J Couture Collection 2022


The lehengas and gowns in the collection showcase various metallic colours ranging from effervescent champagne to dusty pinks, moving towards powdery lilacs and glistening golds. Jewel tones of earthy reds and romantic pinks have been used for the bridal lehenga segment. 

Dolly J Couture Collection 2022


Shimmering tulles, metallic organzas, intricately embroidered chikankari, elevated with Kamdani work, raw silks, and glistening lurex comprise the fabrics used in this collection. Silhouettes showcased are body contouring gowns, elegantly draped saris, flamboyant bridal gowns and dreamy lehengas.

Dolly J Couture Collection 2022


Bollywood icon Shilpa Shetty walked the ramp in a signature ensemble with masterful structuring, cut, embroidery and other embellishments, which embodied Dolly J.’s inspiration and brought the show to a scintillating close.

Reliance brings yet another international luxury brand to India with Balenciaga August 4, 2022: Armed with a long-term franchise agreement, Reliance Brands Ltd. (RBL) will be Balenciaga’s sole India partner to launch the brand in the country. This is RBL’s second partnership with the parent group Kering, which houses Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Kim Kardashian


Founded by Spanish-born Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917 and established in Paris in 1937, the original house of Balenciaga defined modern couture with its many innovations to form and technique. Demna Gvasalia, artistic director of Balenciaga since 2015, continues to uphold the vision of the brand through boundary-pushing collections, which have expanded to include women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories, and objets d’art. 


The brand is heavily endorsed by Kim Kardashian, who recently walked the ramp for Balenciaga’s couture show, along with stalwarts Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Naomi Campbell.


“Few brands have actually embraced the opportunity for creative reinterpretation and reinvention quite like Balenciaga. Their avant-garde and ingenious creations, bold use of the logo, and a consequent cult in the fashion industry has already created a strong footing throughout the world. It’s the most opportune time to introduce the brand to the country as the Indian luxury customer has matured and using fashion as a form of creative expression of their individuality,” said Darshan Mehta, MD of Reliance Brands Limited. 

Balenciaga Kim Kardashian


This partnership comes right at the heel of RBL’s Valentino partnership


A brand that has seamlessly transitioned from heritage to modern times, Balenciaga’s unprecedented interactions with the expanding digital realm, material developments, and today’s social responsibilities keep it at the forefront of modernity.

Falguni Shane Peacock’s ‘Love Forever’ collection is voluminous, grand August 2, 2022: Falguni Shane Peacock has established its place as a leading luxury couture designer globally over a glorious span of 17 years.  The brand’s latest couture collection, ‘Love Forever,’ was unveiled with Sara Ali Khan as a showstopper at the India Couture Week 2022.

Falguni Shane Peacock Couture Collection

‘Love Forever’ is influenced by the rich French tapestries and artworks from the Renaissance period. The elements are married to Indian architectural facets like the minarets, archways and domes, amongst others. It celebrates the land home to innumerable artworks and some of the most celebrated masters in modern art and design history— Chagall, Picasso, Braque, and Le Corbusier.

Falguni Shane Peacock Couture Collection

Love Forever is an ingenious display of detailed motifs showcasing Indo-Parisian culture and architecture. From transcribing the innumerable structures of the architectural gem on ensembles to varnishing them with refined stones and pearls, the collection reflects the French tapestry essence in traditional Indian garb. The chrome applique replicated the fabric's structural marvel and elements from both cultures. Cropped blouses with sheer, feather and ruffle details are teamed with chrome applique and crystal work embedded in structured Lehengas.

Falguni Shane Peacock Couture Collection

The collection's colour palette ranges from softer hues like champagne ivory, pale blush, pink parfait, old rose, peach whip, beet red and French roast to deeper hues like peppercorn, metallic stone green, metallic pewter, gilded gold and the signature opal whites. One highlight is the introduction of embellished face veils. 

Falguni Shane Peacock Couture Collection

Actor Sara Ali Khan graced the show as the showstopper in a midnight blue lehenga adorned with crystals, beads and pure silk organza appliqué with silver and grey sequins. The ensemble was styled with a v-neck cropped blouse and a beaded drape.

Falguni Shane Peacock Couture Collection

As the modern Indian bride commences the new journey of her life with a whole new perspective, the narrative behind the line identifies with the ideology of embarking on a new adventure with confidence and certainty.

Aupulent launches first-of-its-kind coloured diamonds in India Aupulent Lab Grown Coloured Diamonds

August 2, 2022: Adding a sparkle of colours to the otherwise monochromatic world of diamond jewellery, Aupulent – a rapidly emerging affordable luxury jewellery brand, is launching, for the first-ever time in India, an artisanal and uniquely fine-crafted coloured lab-grown diamonds jewellery collection.

This new coloured cultured diamonds collection by Aupulent will initially have up to 15 unique variations, bringing to Indian millennials some unique hues of diamonds in shades of charming pink, royal blue, and majestic yellow.

Aupulent Lab Grown Coloured Diamonds

“So far, coloured diamonds have been a rarity and accessible only to those who could either afford highly expensive natural-coloured diamonds or have a network with limited jewellery factories that manufacture them essentially just for B2B needs.” said Surya Jain, CEO and Co-founder of Aupulent. “To make the purchase process easier for customers, Aupulent has made the entire process a breeze – right from ordering through the site to having a 15-day no-questions-asked return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee,” he continued. 

Aupulent Lab Grown Coloured Diamonds

With natural coloured diamonds being extremely rare, Aupulent aims to make coloured diamonds accessible to the larger demographic in India. Because lab-grown diamonds resemble natural diamonds in every way, especially to the naked eye, their market value is high. Only an expert can tell apart a natural diamond from a lab-grown one. These diamonds are also made of carbon but are exposed to elements like nitrogen, boron, or radiation to develop their colour. With an array of diamond colours available, Aupulent chooses to start with blue, pink, and yellow, given their demand.

Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna take mathematic precision to couture August 2, 2022: Taking inspiration from millions of drops - at once a reflective ocean of whirling squares and a singular sheet of repetitive patterns – Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna’s (RGRK) latest couture collection is built for Indian dancing at a sangeet one evening and waltzing across Vienna’s historic ballrooms the next. Dramatic fabrics meet precise techniques in patterns defined by the Fibonacci wave’s irrational numbers to birth perfectly crafted garments of exquisite grace. Every design in this collection is uniform, built with clear lines and divisions. Here, RGRK presents a perfect world, returned from the brink of chaos.

Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna Couture collection 

This is a collection where sumptuous fabrics like nude tulles, breezy organza, and opulent velvets marvelously overlap with intricately embellished embroideries into fantastical dreamscapes of pearls, crystals and sequins. A combination of cutwork, crystals and tassels produce visual movement like in a kaleidoscope. As with the equation of whirling squares, RGRK’s Fibonacci presents clever use of metallic shine and reflection in the form of hand-embroidered origami figures. Every piece has taken around 1600 - 2000 hours to make. 

Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna Couture collection

In a nod to the wave patterns, Fibonacci traverses the spectrum of blues from mineral to midnight, using shades of grey, coral, hearthstone and teal to create focal points. However, at its heart, it is a nod to craft - both structural and artistic, where every piece is a study in precision. 

Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna Couture collection

This is a collection of constructed jackets, sheer embellished shirts, draped kurtas and layered suits for men. For women, this is a collection of cocktail lehengas, draped sarees and gowns from your dreams. 

Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna Couture collection

Fibonacci brings together this iconic designer duo’s dedication to studying structure in art and architecture, transferring these learnings to design. It introduces an architect’s point of view to sarees and lehengas, weaving international silhouettes into Indian patterns for a bride and groom with a global outlook, ensuring that every garment fits well and remains light.

Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna Couture collection

Culminated by Malaika Arora as the showstopper, Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Khanna dive headfirst into the world of juxtapositions with their couture collection, available in stores and online now.

Gucci’s latest décor collection will bring custom touches to your home Gucci Home Decor 2022 collection

July 28, 2022: Eclectic, bold and self-expressive are perfect adjectives to describe the Gucci brand ethos, and their latest Décor collection is just that. It provides the perfect elements that allow for customisable living spaces. Each piece is a unique objet d’art, envisioned to accent living spaces according to one’s taste, keeping with the House’s spirit of self-expression.

The Gucci Décor collection takes forward from previous collections and gives them novel interpretations of archival floral prints and animal totems. The primacy of nature as a source of inspiration is felt throughout the extensive product selection.

Gucci Home Decor 2022 collection


Metal candles are a new addition to the collection for 2022 and are offered in four distinctive designs and fragrances — Mehen, Esotericum, Herbosum and Freesia. The selection also features porcelain and ceramic candles and candle-mugs, as well as trinket trays and boxes with emblematic designs.


Cushions bring a vibrant and playful mood to the collection. GG monogram designs are crafted with silk-blend or cotton-blend front and linen-blend back, while graphic patch designs are made with a wool front and moiré back. Blankets embody a vivid approach with a G monogram throw in linen, colourful floral quilts in silk-blend or linen-blend, and a GG pattern wool blanket with an embroidered anatomical heart patch.

Gucci Home Decor 2022 collection


The tableware selection is further elaborated with crystalline glasses and silver alpaca dessert flatware featuring animal totems. Silver-tone metal coasters are embellished with engravings of historic House designs. The wallpaper collection balances lush floral prints with retro, geometric designs. Also, a selection of three floral motifs is developed in linen for a refined, tactile finish. 

Completing the offering is a selection of two-sided armchairs with beechwood horse hoof legs, a tufted front made from moiré fabrics, and a back in elaborate floral cotton jacquards. Gold-tone metal trim and tassels complete the 18th-century-inspired look. 

Gucci Home Decor 2022 collection

The complete product selection will be released gradually at select Gucci boutiques across the globe.

Chaumet brings nature to Beaux-Arts de Paris with an artistic exhibition Chaumet exhibition Paris

July 28, 2022: Celebrating nature in art, at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Chaumet presents their new exhibition, Botanical, featuring nearly 400 artworks – paintings, jewelry, sculptures, textiles, photographs and furniture.  

Nature and botanical motifs figure at the heart of Chaumet’s heritage. Scientific works and creations by botanists and artists combine for a discovery of the extraordinary beauty of nature. To curate the exhibition, Chaumet called on Marc Jeanson, botanical director of the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech.

Chaumet exhibition Paris

The exhibition fuses jewellery-making savoir-faire and art history in the exceptional setting of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. The company has enjoyed a special relationship with the school for many years and has provided funding for the “Dessin Extra Large” chair since its creation in 2020.

Some exhibits include the wheatsheaf diamond tiara created around 1811 for Empress Joséphine, displayed alongside a little black couture jacket by Yves Saint Laurent embroidered with ears of golden wheat. Another is Empress Eugenie’s clover brooch, dated 1853. An emerald and diamond Leuchtenberg tiara, which can be converted into a brooch and various hair jewels, and has been disassembled for display, is highly intriguing.

Chaumet exhibition Paris

The unique selection of works celebrating nature transcends chronology, mixing primitive objects and contemporary takes, many of them on loan from prestigious institutions including the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée du Louvre, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Albion Art Collection in Tokyo.

The exhibition is open to public by reservation till September 4, 2022.

Valentino to enter India with Reliance Brands Ltd. Valentino pink collection

July 21, 2022: Bringing a much-awaited brand to India, Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) has inked a long-term distribution agreement with Italian couture brand Valentino. Through this long-term partnership, RBL will partner with Valentino to open its first boutique in Delhi (to be lauched by end of summer), followed by a flagship store in Mumbai. The stores will stock a complete range across womenswear, menswear, footwear, and accessories of the brand.

“Valentino needs no introduction in India,” said Darshan Mehta, MD of RBL. “The brand’s infectious romanticism, signature codes and bold use of colour has strong resonance in India. This partnership will help make the brand more accessible to its Indian customers and build a new tribe of Valentino connoisseurs.”

“The upcoming store opening represents a significant step in Valentino’s global strategy, and we are honored to be part of the country’s [India’s] growing retail market, allowing the company and the Valentino Community to grow in a solid way, according to our values and brand culture. As per the new business model, we are leveraging the strong relationships between the brand, its sales force and the customers, hinged on our Couture values - obsession for detail, creativity and client centricity – that together with human capital and teamwork are at the core of the company culture and the main drivers of its evolution. We look forward to bringing Valentino’s renowned collections and our one-of-a-kind customer journey mindset to India.” said Jacopo Venturini, CEO Maison Valentino.

Valentino haute couture

Valentino’s first store in Delhi will be at DLF Emporio, which will carry Valentino women’s collections and an edited selection of men’s accessories, while the Mumbai flagship will carry the whole Valentino universe: a complete range across womenswear, menswear, footwear, and Valentino Garavani accessories of the brand that include shoes, bags, small leather goods, eyewear, scarves, ties and fragrances. The brand is currently present in over 144 locations through 212 Valentino directly operated boutiques and over 1,300 points of sale.

RBL’s current portfolio of brand partnerships includes Bally, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Manish Malhotra, Paul & Shark, Paul Smith, Raghavendra Rathore, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tiffany & Co., Tod’s, Tumi, Versace, and Villeroy & Boch among other highly loved brands. 

A Travel Quest presents private transformational journeys with trips to Peru and the Arctic A Travel Quest Peru Culinary Journey

July 21, 2022: The pandemic has changed how we view travel. Now, luxury travel goes beyond plush properties and extravagant décor. A newly introduced company, A Travel Quest, is helping travellers transform and evolve remarkably. Curated one-of-a-kind journeys enable travellers to see varied destinations through a unique lens with myriad experiences that open one’s mind and also impart new ways of engaging with the world. 

For 2022- 2023, the experts at A Travel Quest have exclusively designed two intimate group journeys that aim to inspire wanderlust and encourage perceptive travellers to explore different corners of the world as never seen before! 

The first private journey to Peru is scheduled from November 2 to 12, 2022 (10 nights). Renowned Chef Prateek Sadhu will be onboard as the culinary expert to lead the journey across the enticing country. This journey will explore the culinary wonders of Peru through its people, history, and changing landscapes, including Lima, Paracas and Sacred Valley, and Cusco. Chef Prateek Sadhu adds, "For me, Peru is one of the biggest gastronomic destinations in the world because of its vibrant culture and rich cuisine. There is nothing like discovering a country through its food, culture and people. I am really excited to be heading to Peru with A Travel Quest on this unique gastronomic experience.”

A Travel Quest Arctic Journey

Scheduled from March 15 to 22, 2023 or April 7 to 14, 2023 (7 nights each), A Travel Quest invites travellers to experience the High Arctic like never before. Go on this small intimate polar expedition for 10-12 travellers to the untouched Arctic wilderness of Svalbard and Lofoten. Cross the Arctic Ocean to the last few islands before the North Pole. Get a chance to see the spectacular Northern Lights, spot white-tailed eagles, cormorants, and eiders and visit small fishing villages.

Christie’s offers an extraordinary opportunity for connoisseurs of modern South Asian art with latest sale Romi Lamba Christies auction

July 21, 2022: Christie’s has announced Centering The Figure: South Asian Modern + Contemporary Art From The Collection Of Romi Lamba, which includes works by Maqbool Fida Husain, Arpita Singh, Manjit Bawa, Jogen Chowdhury, Atul Dodiya, Anju Dodiya, Anjolie Ela Menon and Dayanita Singh in New York. The art works will travel to Christie’s Mumbai in August, followed by viewings in London, before returning to New York in September for Christie’s annual Asian Art Week preview and auctions.


Nishad Avari, Head of Sale, South Asian Modern + Contemporary Art, Christie’s, said: “Romi Lamba began collecting thirty years ago, a time when the best of the best was still available. The depth, breadth and quality of the objects in this collection are a testament to Romi Lamba’s discerning eye, and prescience in seeing the brilliance of this art before the market fully took notice.”


The works in this auction, with a particular focus on narrative figuration, celebrate a rich range of artistic practices from the South Asian subcontinent across the last century. 

Romi Lamba Christies auction


An avid collector, the Indian-born Mr. Lamba went from university in Philadelphia to his longtime home in Hong Kong. His journey started with antiques before moving on to Japanese ceramics, South Asian textiles, and in the mid-1990s, modern and contemporary South Asian art. Mr. Lamba recalls, “In 1994 we moved to Hong Kong and began to collect Indian contemporary art. Certain behaviours were now ingrained. A connection to my home country: a diaspora’s magnet. Research, focus and discipline. The paintings we hung on our wall would only be Indian [...] This was a nascent market; new books on Indian art were being published every month, augmenting my collection on rugs and shawls. We found ourselves buying bigger bookshelves [...] We chose from photographs mailed by Indian galleries before the shows opened, sometimes nabbing a sought-after artist sight unseen over the phone.”


The selection of works featured in this sale adorned every corner of his home, which he described as “a home masquerading as an art gallery.” Now, as he begins to downsize in preparation for the next phase of his collecting journey, a group of these works, assembled with care and brilliance, are available to a new generation of collectors who can take a cue from the passion and precision of Mr. Lamba.

Benefitting abortion funds, Sotheby’s will auction Halsey’s original paintings from the ‘Love and Power’ tour Halsey painting for Sotheby's auction

July 14, 2022: Reigning as one of the most renowned artists of recent times, Halsey has amassed over 31 billion combined global streams, including more than 12.5 billion U.S. streams, and sold nearly 17 million adjusted album units worldwide. Along with her mesmerising vocals, the American singer uses her skills and platform to highlight important causes such as disenfranchised youth, women’s rights, mental health and the LGBTQ community. Supporting one such reason, Sotheby’s Contemporary Discoveries auction will include five works by Halsey. 

Created on stage while on her Love and Power Tour, within the confines of a 3-minute song, the original paintings were executed by Halsey live each night as she performed for thousands of fans. 

Halsey painting for Sotheby's auction

Fans and art collectors can bid until July 19 on the five paintings from Halsey's shows on May 21 in Gulf Shores, Alabama; May 24 in Nashville, Tennessee; May 27 in Detroit, Michigan; June 1 in Boston, Massachusetts; and June 18 in Portland, Oregon. Each of the five paintings is on offer for an estimated $5,000-7,000. With a highly sensitive American debate underway on abortion rights, proceeds from the auction of the works will benefit the National Network of Abortion Funds. The paintings are now on view at Sotheby’s New York in a free, public exhibition until July 19.


Sotheby’s Discoveries sales series combines diverse artworks of various media, regions and eras. Comprised of paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures, Contemporary Discoveries focuses on artwork from the 1960s to today.

Oetker Collection pioneers the travel metaverse with luxury styling game DREST July 14, 2022: Hospitality group Oetker Collection, and the luxury fashion gaming app, DREST, have come together for a game using an unparalleled catalogue of current collections from over 250 of the world’s top brands. The exclusive partnership is available for DREST’s players to style across all photoshoot challenges.

Drest Lanesborough Hotel dress 

“I am thrilled to collaborate with Oetker Collection and together usher in a new era for travel experiences in the Metaverse. Oetker Collection’s beautiful properties, in some of the world’s most desirable locations, are truly iconic and synonymous with style and elegance, making them the perfect partner for this, DREST’s latest gaming adventure,” said Lucy Yeomans, Founder of DREST.


In this game, DREST players take on the role of a stylist, putting high-fashion looks together for daily challenges using an unparalleled catalogue of current collections from over 250 of the world’s top brands, such as Gucci, Prada, Cartier and Valentino. Crucial to a player’s success in each photoshoot is their choice of location, as they select a backdrop most likely to help their photo stand out and win votes from the community. 

Drest bristol Hotel dress


“We are delighted to partner with DREST on this exciting collaboration, marking our entry into the virtual world. It allows people to discover Oetker Collection hotels in a fun and immersive way, and the interactive challenges truly bring the escapism and glamour of travel to life,” shared Simon Neggers, SVP Sales, Marketing & Communications Oetker Collection.


To begin their virtual journey, players were transported to Le Bristol Paris, the first hotel in France to receive Palace distinction, for a series of unique photo shoots to coincide with Haute Couture Fashion Week. They also had the opportunity to create a mood board for their ‘stay’ at Le Bristol Paris, featuring scenes from inside the Parisian icon and unique stickers such as Socrate, the beloved cat in residence. The next stop on DREST’s French Oetker Collection styling odyssey is the South of France and the legendary Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, where players can get creative by pairing the latest vacation fashion featuring the property’s emblematic swimming pool as one of the backdrops. 

Drest Le Bristol Paris dress

The Lanesborough, the location of an intimate event to celebrate the partnership, will also feature in a challenge in the launch phase. Players will be invited to dress as if attending a lunch at the magnificent London landmark hotel’s chic new restaurant, The Lanesborough Grill. 

Fabergé turns 180! Launches a new capsule collection. Faberge 180 years collection

July 12, 2022: Did you know the first Fabergé jewellery boutique opened in a basement shop, along the city’s most fashionable street in St. Petersburg, in 1842 by Gustav Fabergé? The iconic jewellery brand gained international fame when brothers Peter Carl Fabergé and Agathon took over the business. 

The two brothers evolved the business into the most prominent jeweller across Europe. Fabergé quickly gained the admiration of royals, aristocrats and fashionable clientele across the globe and officially became known as the ‘artist jeweller’. Fabergé’s collections ranged from ingenious objet d’arts, flower studies and small gifts to colourful jewellery using an innovative array of gemstones that were brought to life, often using the age-old tradition of guilloché enamel. Today, these are treasured in the world’s leading museums and private collections.

Nearly two centuries later, Fabergé still prevails, and it has the surprise element that its audience loves. Launched in celebration of its 180 year history, the 180-year capsule collection takes its inspiration from ‘fluted’ gold creations in the Fabergé archive, a technique for which Peter Carl Fabergé was renowned. With a height of 62mm and a diameter of just 35mm, the Limited-Edition Rose Gold & Ruby Mini Fluted ‘180’ Egg Objet fits in the palm of your hand – a miniature masterpiece. At the centre on both sides of the egg is a glowing cabochon ruby, responsibly sourced from Gemfields’ Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique. The rubies have been selected for their exceptional colour, as well as for their symbolism – rubies have long been associated with passion, prosperity and protection.

Faberge 180 years collection

A delicate row of smaller Gemfields rubies adds subtle texture and sparkle to the piece, separating the two radial patterns around the circumference. In a playful twist, the egg can be removed from its base. The objet reflects the colours of the environment around it, as gold is a highly reflective material. 

When designing the objet, reflectivity was carefully considered by Fabergé’s Head Designer, Liisa Tallgren, since this would significantly impact the overall appearance of the finished piece. A highly polished, smoothly curved or flat surface would have reflected like a mirror, resulting in a restless and discontinuous look. However, the engraving and texture on this piece distribute light and shadow evenly across the surface, creating a sense of continuity and harmony.

The low points reflect the gold material, creating a beautiful golden glow. With 180 numbered pieces being made in commemoration, these objets are destined to be collectors’ items and future heirlooms.

Faberge 180 years collection

Also launching to celebrate this special moment is the Colours of Love Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby ‘180’ Fluted Egg Pendant. With uniform vertical fluting around the egg’s circumference to create a tactile surface, this piece perfectly complements the egg objet. A Gemfields Mozambican ruby sits prettily on the base of the egg, radiating a pop of colour when worn. A row of white diamonds is set on the bail for added sparkle.

Ms. Tallgren of Fabergé says, “I’m very proud and grateful to have the chance to continue the legacy started by Gustav Fabergé 180 years ago and continued by his son Peter Carl Fabergé. Peter Carl’s works of art still fascinate today, and our exciting challenge is to create pieces that have that charm and romance but with a modern edge. Peter Carl Fabergé and his goldsmiths knew how to bring out the natural beauty of their materials. The textured metal with chasing, engraving, beading and fluting, which he and his workmasters so skillfully used to enchant everything from picture frames to egg objets. The Third Imperial Egg features fluting most prominently and is a brilliant example of how Fabergé creations are tastefully intricate and not ‘over the top’.”

The Fabergé Colours of Love Rose Gold & Ruby Mini Fluted ‘180’ Limited-Edition Egg Objet ($69,000/£62,760) and Fabergé Colours of Love Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby Fluted ‘180’ Egg Pendant ($8,000/£7,320) are available to purchase at selected Fabergé boutiques and their official website.

Gucci’s latest Resort Collection sets major travel goals Gucci Resort collection 2022

July 12, 2022: Travel is always in our minds, especially after the pandemic. Taking advantage of that craving, Gucci has launched a wide range of summer products, creating a colourful getaway wardrobe. Bags, sunglasses, hats, and beach blankets make up the exclusive local product offers, while the ready-to-wear and shoes will be available across all resort locations. 

Gucci Resort collection 2022


The women’s ready-to-wear selection presents a variety of day dresses, including cotton Sangallo styles and printed muslin gowns enriched with colourful lace details. Perfect to pack, matching sets of GG tweed or GG chevron adds an elegant yet relaxed feel. Swimsuits in various styles come in bright hues, including a tie-dye print one-piece defined by a palm tree and the Gucci logo. As a part of the exclusive destination offer, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts feature the names of select cities. 

Gucci Resort collection 2022


The collection features handbags inspired by 20 incredibly scenic and vibrant cities, including Bondi, Cannes, Capri, Dubai, Cancun, Hawaii, Ibiza, Jeju, Marbella, Miami, Mykonos, Okinawa, Palm Desert, Phuket, Rio de Janeiro and more. The handbag selection sees a reimagination of the GG monogram with a zig-zag-patterned background and vibrant colour combinations unique to the specific warm-weather havens where they are sold exclusively. 

Gucci Resort collection 2022


A selection of destinations, including Cannes, Capri, Forte Dei Marmi, the Hamptons, Ibiza, Marbella, Mykonos, Porto Cervo, and Rio de Janeiro, will also introduce new colour variations of signature Gucci Eyewear styles in acetate or combi constructions, available in the international fitting. Characterized by a summery and colourful spirit, each design features the name of the city it was inspired by.

Gucci Resort collection 2022


The men’s ready-to-wear is defined by lightweight knitwear, linen jackets, patterned button-downs, tie-dyed T-shirts, and sweatshirts—all in seasonal hues— and a full selection of denim shirts shorts, and pants featuring playfully embroidered patches. The men’s collection features GG monogrammed espadrilles and Gucci Tennis 1977 sneakers in colourful prints.


Completing the array of items envisioned for the seaside, beach blankets, raffia-effect buckets, and baseball hats also showcase the regionally exclusive combinations of hues of the Resort GG monogram design.

Gucci Resort collection 2022


The collection will be distributed through designated stores and on At the resort destinations, unique Pop-Ups inspired by beachside cabanas will also showcase an exclusive product offering.

Rolls-Royce inaugurates its world-first Private Office in Dubai July 8, 2022: For many years, Rolls-Royce has been inviting their VIP clients to The Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood – and now, following significant demand, they are bringing Goodwood to the world. Rolls-Royce has launched its first Private Office outside the UK in Dubai. An extension of The Home, the Private Office Dubai is the first among similar facilities planned for luxury hot spots worldwide. 

Rolls-Royce Private Office Dubai

“The Middle East region has always been an inspirational market for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, especially when it comes to Bespoke. What we inaugurate today is of great significance as it represents the first Rolls-Royce Private Office outside the UK and further confirmation that Rolls-Royce is a true House of Luxury,” said Henrik Wilhelmsmeyer, Director of Sales and Brand, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “This is not a dealership; it is a unique experience where clients can bring their ideas to life and explore our Home and our people in real-time, using seamless technology,” he continued.

Crafted sensitively to offer exquisite surroundings, highly skilled and experienced experts will consult with clients at Dubai’s Private Office to discover their dreams and learn about them as individuals, to create a unique and wonderful masterpiece reflecting that person’s tastes and desires.

Bespoke Lead Designer Michelle Lusby and Chris Hardy, as the Bespoke Client Experience Manager, moved from Goodwood to take up these positions in Dubai.

Rolls-Royce Private Office Dubai

In response to significant client demand, three key programmes will focus on the Private Office: the recently revitalised Rolls-Royce Coachbuild programme, High Bespoke Commissioning, and access to the Private Office Collection of one-of-one masterpiece motor cars. The offerings are part of a complementary strategy, finding the synergy between the rooted and established Global Dealer Partner Network, with the roll-out of Global Private Office outposts in select locations worldwide.

Around the world, the regional team from each Rolls-Royce Private Office will personally present clients with their completed motor car, as well as a hardcopy keepsake of the process by way of a Bespoke Build Book, enabling the clients to remember, relive and commemorate the journey that is commissioning a Bespoke Rolls-Royce motor car.

The Private Office Dubai, located at The Offices 4, One Central, is welcoming clients now. Private sessions can be booked via the local dealer.

Audemars Piguet’s new Royal Oak Offshore is inspired by music, yet again Audemars Piguet music watches

July 8, 2022: Sound has always been at the heart of watchmaking, long before time could be read on a dial, thanks to bells striking the hour of the day! Since its founding, Audemars Piguet has constantly created bridges with the world of music, notably by playing a pioneering role in developing chiming watches. 


Audemars Piguet’s five new Royal Oak Offshore models extend on that legacy. The new models have Tapisserie dials which bear the pattern of an equaliser found in recording studios, knurled-textured studs reminiscent of jack plugs and crown guards inspired by the fader on mixing consoles. Interpreted in 37 and 43 mm sizes and different materials: two models in titanium, two in gem-set 18-carat white gold and one in black ceramic, these timepieces are equipped with self-winding movements driving hours, minutes and seconds hands: the new Calibre 5909 for the 37 mm models and Calibre 4309 for the 43 mm variants.

Audemars Piguet music watches


Featuring a sapphire crystal curved along the 6 to 12 o'clock axis and enlarged bevels, these models radiate a colourful, pop-style appearance.


Recounting their musical journey, Audemars Piguet collaborated with Jay-Z, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his career in 2005, through a Royal Oak Offshore limited edition accompanied by an iPod containing the artist's discography. This was followed by a collaboration with Quincy Jones in 2009. In 2010, Audemars Piguet pursued its commitment to the musical scene by joining the Claude Nobs Foundation and EPFL in supporting the Montreux Jazz Digital Project. 


In 2016, Audemars Piguet partnered with French musician Gener8ion to create four soundtracks that its watches would chime at four separate hours. In 2020, expanding its newly released Code 11.59 line, Audemars Piguet unveiled five Grande Sonnerie Carillon Supersonnerie timepieces, which not only chimed gracefully, but were also endowed with a unique bespoke enamel dial crafted by Anita Porchet and her atelier.

Audemars Piguet music watches


Since 2019, the Manufacture has continued to foster creative exchanges with the world of music, notably welcoming DJ, composer and producer Mark Ronson as an ambassador in 2022 and working with him on various inspirational projects. 

This new Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Music Edition line accentuates the synergies between the two worlds while endowing the collection with a unique colourful aesthetic that will delight music and watchmaking enthusiasts.

Indulge in a rare interpretation of Goan cuisine at The Lodhi July 5, 2022: Goa is synonymous with beaches, forts and parties. However, this colorful place also offers some of the finest culinary experiences. 

Goan food The Lodhi New Delhi

Located in the heart of South Goa, Cavatina is a hidden gem for contemporary Goan food, showcasing the region’s local cuisine fused with a bit of European influence. The restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Avinash Martins, who brings back the treasure trove of forgotten recipes from the Saraswat and Portuguese communities and presents them in a reimagined, farm-to-table format.

A Goan of Indo-Portuguese heritage, Chef Martins is focused on his endeavour to keep Goan cuisine intact. At Cavatina, he recreates local flavours in a novel way through his inventive approach. Chef Martins offers a refreshing take on age-old recipes by striking the right balance between contemporary sensibilities and traditional roots.

Goan food The Lodhi New Delhi

For his pop-up at The Lodhi, New Delhi, Chef Martins has curated an exquisite Tapas menu and a seven-course culinary journey that encapsulates a variety of Goa’s food cultures and transports diners to the tropical climes. 

The signature menu includes the Pao De Queso (cheese-stuffed pao), Mushroom Bisque, Tender Coconut & Water Chestnut Crudo, and Dehydrated Koyloleo Cannoli with Veg Caldin. For those who love Goan seafood, no meal can be complete without the Seafood Bisque, Prawn & Water Chestnut Crudo, and Squid Caldeirada. 

Goan food The Lodhi New Delhi

The main course features creations like Banana Leaf Wrapped Seabass, Stuffed Chicken Roulade, Duck Cabidel, Cashew Jalapeño Koji Mushroom Stir-Fry with Jasmine Rice, and Smoked Eggplant Mousse with Mango Pickle Aioli, amongst others. To finish the feast, guests can relish Cashew Chikki Topped with Vanilla Crème.

Get an authentic taste of Goenkarponn on a plate with Cavatina’s extraordinary fusion of flavours at Elan from July 15 to 23, 2022 for lunch and dinner.

Enjoy Asian specialties at The St. Regis Mumbai with a new menu Asian cuisine St Regis Mumbai

July 5, 2022: By the Mekong, the Oriental dining venue at The St. Regis Mumbai, has unveiled a new menu created by Chef Raymond Wong, who recently took on the mantle of Master Chef Asian at the restaurant. 

With his South-East Asian roots, and his specialisation in Chinese and Asian cuisine, Chef Raymond will lead the culinary team of By The Mekong with robust flavours, authentic dishes, and exotic ingredients. The menu includes dishes that blend home-style cooking with traditional elements, marinated and hand-crafted in homemade sauces and aromatic spices.

Asian cuisine St Regis Mumbai


The Asian menu features specialties reflecting the cuisines from regions that dot the course of the Mekong River. Guests can indulge in time-honoured classics such as Chiang Mai Style Seabass with Chilli and Green Pepper Corn Sauce, Singaporean Chilli Crab and Golden Mantou Bao, Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup and Vegetable Dumplings, By the Mekong Signature Peking Duck, Banana Leaf Wrapped Pomfret Saigon Style with Fresh Herbs, Mongolian Lamb Chops, and Mushroom with Baby Pokchoy in Oyster Sauce amongst others.

Asian cuisine St Regis Mumbai

To round off the meal on a sweet note, Pandan Custard, Cacao 64, Thap Tim Krob, and Ice Cream Coupe are some exotic delicacies to try. Guests can also sip on handcrafted Asian cocktails such as Thailand (Vodka, oriental leaf, cranberry, hazelnut), Golden Triangle (Vodka, grapes, passion fruit, cranberry, ginger, vanilla ), Mysterious Plain (Vodka, tamarind, sugar) Lower Mekong (Vodka, kumquat, basil, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar), Manila Sunshine (Gin, malibu, triple sec, pineapple), The Mekong Bowl (Gin, oriental lime, cranberry, star anise, freshly squeezed lime juice fresh fruits finished with flamed Cointreau).

Artcurial to host an auction series dedicated to ladies’ watches July 5, 2022: Celebrating 100 years of horology for women, French auctioneers Artcurial is hosting two auctions dedicated to ladies’ watches - The Sparking Collection and Time is Feminine. Taking centre stage will be an exceptional single-owner collection of 80 vintage timepieces kept away from the public eye for over 40 years. Featuring iconic watchmakers and jewellers, including Piaget, Cartier, Bulgari, Boucheron, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Gérald Genta, the sales will take place on July 17 and 19, 2022, in the luxurious setting of Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo.

Boucheron watch for Artcurial auction


The Sparking Collection, to be auctioned on July 17, is led by a group of 15 rare pieces by Piaget, many of which are iconic coloured, hard stone dial watches from the late 1960s and early 1970s. These include a cuff watch in malachite and yellow gold, circa 1970, offered with a matching ring, sautoir and pendant earrings (est. €80,000 – 120,000). The Swiss watchmaker produced only eight sets in the same design between 1970 and 1976. 


Among other Piaget highlights are a coral and yellow gold cuff watch, circa 1970, one of only 15 with ornamental hard stone dials created between 1969 and 1971 (est. €60,000-80,000); and a manchette watch in yellow gold, sapphire and lapis lazuli, circa 1968 (est. €60,000-80,000). Another standout piece in the collection is a Cartier Art Deco wristwatch in diamonds and onyx, circa 1925 (est. €15,000-20,000) and a 1972 Boucheron wristwatch in diamonds and yellow gold (est. €15,000-20,000).

Piaget watch for Artcurial auction


The July 19 auction “Le temps est féminin” (Time is feminine) will showcase a selection of highly fashionable vintage and modern timepieces, including Nautilus and Aquanaut models by Patek Philippe, a 1958 yellow gold Duoplan watch by Jaeger Lecoultre (est. €5,000-7,000) and a 1964 Omega secret watch in yellow gold, sapphires and emeralds (est. €15-000-20,000).


Testament to Patek Philippe’s jewellery creations in the 1970s is a parure in diamonds, onyx and coral, composed of a watch, a necklace and a bracelet (est. €60,000-100,000). 

Omega watch for Artcurial auction


The sales are a part of Artcurial’s Monaco sale series, which will take place from July 15 to 21, 2022 and includes watches, jewellery, Hermès bags, sculpture and comic strip auctions. 

Louis Vuitton announces Cate Blanchett as its newest House Ambassador July 28, 2022: Announcing one more extremely popular actor as its house ambassador, Louis Vuitton can now call actress Cate Blanchett as one of its own.

Cate Blanchett Louis Vuitton

To begin the partnership, the versatile actress is captured by photographer Sølve Sundsbø in an expressive series of portraits for Louis Vuitton’s latest High Jewellery collection, Spirit. Styled in monochromatic looks, both the actress and jewellery beguile in the campaign.

Through five pared-back shots, the 53-year old Ms. Blanchett effortlessly embodies the collection’s themes - Liberty, Fantasy, Grace, Radiance and Destiny; themes chosen by Artistic Director of Watches and Jewellery, Francesca Amfitheatrof, for highlighting values dear to Louis Vuitton.

Cate Blanchett Louis Vuitton

“I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with Louis Vuitton – a truly iconic House with an enormous cultural reach. To wear the magnificent pieces created by Francesca Amfitheatrof is a bedazzling pleasure, and Nicolas Ghesquiere, as ever, amazes and inspires me.”

Strong, elegant and one of the finest actors of her generation, Ms. Blanchett certainly brings a class to Louis Vuitton. She is truly one of the few actors who is as flawless in comic as in villainous roles.

The house most recently also announced Indian actress Deepika Padukone as one of its House Ambassadors. 

In a philanthropic effort, Shangri-La launches special summer experiences to support Make-A-Wish International June 28, 2022: Following Shangri-La’s recent announcement of their debut partnership with Make-A-Wish International, select hotels across the Middle East, Europe, India, the Indian Ocean, and Canada are launching dedicated summer experiences to support the foundation. Specially created restaurant experiences and ‘Make-A-Wish Come True’ stays will run until mid-October 2022. With each booking, Shangri-La will donate a percentage of the proceeds to help Make-A-Wish International grant wishes around the world for every eligible child with critical illnesses.

Shangri-La New Delhi afternoon tea

Shangri-La’s ‘Make-A-Wish Come True’ stay offers a minimum one night stay for two guests, including breakfast and a special local treat inspired by each hotel’s destination. Taking inspiration from the charity’s iconic star symbol, guests who book the ‘Make-A-Wish Come True’ stay in London will enjoy locally-inspired amenities such as delectable star cakes, made using chocolate from London’s Borough Market at Shangri-La The Shard, London. 

An authentic Baklava Butler dedicated experience will be offered at Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul; Shangri-La Toronto will offer guests honey infused treats made using the hotel’s very own beehive; and a sweet and savoury ‘Local Love’ delicacy from Shangri-La Bengaluru in India, made using local ingredients, will be offered amongst other locally inspired signature amenities.

Shangri-La bosphorus istanbul baklava experience

Hotels are also offering specially created restaurant experiences with most donating a minimum of 5% of proceeds from each booking to the charity. From a five-course tasting menu at TING at Shangri-La The Shard, London to specially created afternoon teas across properties in Bengaluru, Istanbul, New Delhi and more. 

The collaboration with Make-A-Wish International involves three campaigns running across the next 12 months. Following the summer experiences, hotels will unveil their festive campaign to include the creation of a bespoke, hand-made tiger toys paying homage to Shangri-La’s Asian heritage and the Year of the Tiger to launch on World Children’s Day on November 20, 2022. Hundred percent of proceeds from the toy will be given to Make-A-Wish International. Shangri-La will also celebrate Chinese New Year from January 22, 2023 with the third campaign installment and the creation of mystical Wishing Trees across select hotels.

Shangri-La the shard london

Along with this, Shangri-La is working closely with the charity to help grant wishes to children with critical illness. The group’s first wish since the partnership launched took place recently at Shangri-La The Shard, London with a young girl staying in the hotel’s top Shangri-La suite.

Gucci’s introduction into pet wear will melt your heart June 28, 2022: Warning: What you are about to see has a high incidence of cuteness and fluffiness. Please use your discretion while viewing these images.

Gucci pet collection 

In its latest foray for expansion, Gucci has introduced a Pet Collection — a wide-ranging selection of items for dogs and cats that combine high-quality materials and craftsmanship with innovation, and many of the House’s signature motifs. 

Gucci pet collection

The range of products includes collars and harnesses in plain leather, GG canvas, Web stripe, or the Herbarium or all-over geometric G print, and embellished with details like the Interlocking G logo or studs. Leashes in varying lengths and widths, bag holders, and Air Tag cases, are all available in the same materials and motifs to coordinate or mix and match. 

Gucci pet collection

To incorporate some royal vibes, humans can commission made-to-order miniature couches on which pets can lounge, feeding bowls with various House prints, cloches to cover bowls with, hard-sided cases with removable ceramic bowls and handles for easy transport as well as coordinated feeding mats. 

Gucci pet collection

For pets who travel often, comfortable carriers in GG canvas are also part of the mix. Apparel includes polos, T-shirts, knitwear, and coats, distinguished by a vibrant palette and playful, signature motifs like all-over strawberries and hearts to Interlocking Gs and the classic monogram, also seen in the House’s ready-to-wear for humans.

Gucci pet collection


In line with the House’s commitment to sustainability, the Gucci Pet Collection includes items in recycled polyester, recycled cotton or Demetra — Gucci’s in-house material that was unveiled in June 2021 after two years of research and development. 

Gucci pet collection

With a high opportunity of being able to match accessories with those of your pet now, Gucci has taken one step ahead to completely Guccify our life further - this time with pet luxury

Macallan has a collection of 3 new whiskies housed in Lalique decanters June 24, 2022: Credited with releasing some of the smoothest, deepest, most desired whiskies in the world, The Macallan has now unveiled The Macallan M Collection, a range of limited release single malt whiskies which celebrate the brand’s acclaimed Six Pillars.

Macallan M Copper 2022


The Six Pillars are what the brand follows when crafting new whiskies. They include Natural Colour, Mastery, Curiously Small Spirit Stills, The Estate, Exceptional Oak Casks and Sherry Seasoning.


The Macallan M Collection embodies these unique attributes and reflects the emotions that drive the brand. The first three expressions are the 2022 editions of the previously released M and M Black and the brand-new M Copper, which pays tribute to the unique copper stills utilised by The Macallan since it was founded in 1824.


The Macallan M 2022 embodies Natural Colour, a result of The Macallan’s commitment to using the finest, 100% natural ingredients and exceptional sherry seasoned oak casks. Matured in a small number of hand-selected casks, M proudly showcases The Macallan’s rich natural colour, while the transparent Lalique decanter reflects honesty as there is no artificial colouring. With a rich amber hue, M’s classic sherry seasoned, full-flavoured character imparts notes of chocolate, rich dried fruit and spice. 

Macallan M Copper 2022


The Macallan M Black 2022 represents The Macallan’s dedication to Mastery and unwavering trust in its craft. Rare, black ended casks holding peated spirit were selected by the Whisky Mastery Team for this particular release. The spirit matured in the sherry seasoned oak casks has gathered depth and distinction over time and the handcrafted Lalique black crystal decanter reflects the peat smoke within the whisky. A subtly smoky expression, it displays a rich natural colour of golden sunrise and is a harmonious balance of The Macallan’s classic character with an unexpected peated note, resulting in a complex single malt to savour.


The Macallan M Copper 2022 is an ode to the Curiously Small Spirit Stills that remain key to crafting The Macallan’s precious spirit to this day. With a natural colour of spun gold, M Copper is a vibrant and elegant expression which brings the flavours created in the stills to the fore. It has a buttery, viscous mouth coating and is bursting in fruitiness with a hint of sweet malty flavour. A handcrafted Lalique copper coloured crystal decanter represents the stills and reflects the authenticity which drives the brand through its dedication to innovative methods.


Visually representing the Six Pillars, the decanters - created in collaboration with renowned creative director, Fabien Baron and French crystal maker Lalique - feature six facets. The decanters are encased in exquisite outer packaging also denoting the Six Pillars. 

Zegna’s Summer 2023 collection ties cohesively between sartorial ethics, eco-friendliness & summer shades June 22, 2022: Taking cues from previous collections and developing a similar language, Zegna’s Summer 2023 collection is wonderfully uplifiting. 

Zegna Summer 2023 collection

A feeling of extreme lightness runs through the whole collection. It is pragmatic and free rather than constrictive. Shapes are loose and unstructured, barely touching the body: kimono-cut jackets, impalpable coats, shirts and tops that double as outerwear. Trousers have rounded shapes minus the ironed pleats. Bermuda shorts further free movement, while tailored blazers are freed from the necessity of having a collar. 

Zegna Summer 2023 collection

This new language in which inside and outside, underlayer and outer layer are subverted, owes much to the ease of knitwear. Technological research allows turning mesh into fabric, fashioning new families of garments that are technical and extremely light. Transparency affirms the idea of weightlessness. 

Zegna Summer 2023 collection

Engineered knitwear, technical silk, meshes, rubberized nylons, wools, terry, rubberized leather, lacquered nappa come in an earthy palette accented with notes of powder white, butter cup, dusty rose, honey, vicuña, mocha, hickory, charcoal, sulfur and black.

Zegna Summer 2023 collection

Elaborate intarsia, naturalistic jacquards and screen-prints give movement to otherwise solid surfaces. Extra light, capacious bags, massive soled loafers and transparent wraparound glasses finish the looks.

The iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker, a global success for the Maison, debuts with an inedited version designed by Alessandro Sartori with Daniel Bailey, the London based designer footwear innovator, founder of Conceptkicks, better known as Mr. Bailey. The collaboration between the two creatives, based on a unique footwear crafting process, is an unparalleled experiment where luxury materials match perfectly with up-to-date accomplishments. 

Zegna Summer 2023 collection

Commenting on the new shapes and textures of this collection, Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori says, “My work stems from a question: what’s next for tailoring? And for the needs of the lives of today? The idea is to use our craftmanship as a progressive tool, keeping the finesse, the attention to detail, the respect of materials while experimenting with shapes that are light and materials, solutions and finishes that give these shapes a new technicality, to mostly building up a new silhouette where effortless and innovation create a new style for men. In doing so, we keep expanding and solidifying a distinctive language, the one of Zegna.”

This 51-day cruise will take you from Kashi to Dibrugarh in India Antara luxury river cruise

June 22, 2022: Launching this December, Antara Luxury River Cruises has created the longest river journey in the world, a 51-day cruise along the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. From Kashi (Uttar Pradesh) to Dibrugarh (Assam) via Sunderbans and Bangladesh, one can now sail across 27 smaller rivers, 5 states and 2 countries. The 51-day cruise will be enjoyed aboard Antara’s newest art-deco boutique ship, Antara Ganga Vilas. 


Perfect for leisure travellers, history buffs, culture enthusiasts, and nature lovers, the cruise further allows for a hop-on and hop-off option for those who would like to travel only on specific segments. 

Antara luxury river cruise Maharaja suite


Along the journey, each day will have an offshore and onshore experience. Starting at Varanasi, the cruise will meander the Ganges, stopping at world heritage sites and ancient places in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and into West Bengal for deep insights into its colonial influences and regional traditions. Cruising through the world’s largest mangrove forest, UNESCO-protected Sundarbans, the ship enters Bangladesh. Shop from the floating markets of Barisal onwards to Bagerhat which houses the famed 60 dome mosque to Sonargaon, the heritage town in the country. The journey will continue from Dhaka into the Jamuna to the north of Bangladesh and turn east to re-enter India at Dhubri, embracing the Brahmaputra for the Assam leg of the trip, sailing through the wild and numerous cultural sites along the way.

Antara luxury river cruise Maharaja suite bath


Elaborating on the experiences the journey offers, Raj Singh, Founder-Chairman of Antara Luxury River Cruises, says, “Our guests visit Matiari where they watch brassware and textiles in the villages being hand-created, they walk on the same grounds on archaeological sites that date to over 2500 years. We go to Vikramshila, one of the largest Buddhist universities alongside Nalanda and Bhagalpur for its centuries old Tussar silk weaving traditions. The fascinating colonial, Dutch and French influences and architecture across the interiors of Bengal, the raw untouched beauty across the Bangladesh-India border with the Sunderbans, precious arts and artisan visits where guests can engage with and talk to them - we have so carefully curated the entire journey, each stop, and every experience. A real insight into understanding this special region whilst enjoying the phenomenal riverscapes that the revered Ganga and Brahmaputra offer.”

Howrah bridge kolkata


Built-in the mid-20th century modern style, the 18-suite Antara Ganga Vilas is a luxurious amalgamation of refined texture and simple elegance. Each room is inspired by a color-square painting by Bauhaus and Black Mountain designer-teacher Josef Albers and all fabrics, linen, furniture and serveware are made in India, and some are even made along the river. Large ceiling-to-floor guillotine windows bring enchanting river views into the ship’s expansive spaces.


While the title of introducing the world’s longest cruise in general goes to Royal Caribbean, this cruise by Antara will offer a microscopic look into the cultures, architecture, influences, and agriculture that dictate the life of those in interiors of India. 

Gucci borrows the effortless panache of Harry Styles for a collaborative collection June 20, 2022: A collection called ‘Ha Ha Ha’ is supposed to speak of comfort, camaraderie and joy. This latest collaboration does toe that line. Gucci HA HA HA represents the landing place of an inventive two-person journey, the synthesis of a friendship between Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, and the British singer-songwriter and actor, Harry Styles.

Gucci Harry Styles Ha ha ha collection

Mr. Michele and Mr. Styles met each other many years ago, right at the beginning of their careers as soloists. The encounter developed into a deep friendship fueled by creativity and a drive to explore. 

“Harry has an incredible sense of fashion. Observing his ability to combine items of clothing in a way that is out of the ordinary compared to the required standards of taste and common sense and the homogenization of appearance, I came to understand that the styling of a look is a generator of differences and of powers, as are his reactions to the designs I have created for him, which he has always made his own; these reactions restore me with a rush of freedom every time. The idea of working together came to me one day while we were talking on the phone: I proposed creating a “dream wardrobe” with him, starting from those small oddities that come together in childlike visions. We ended up with a mix of aesthetics from 1970s pop and bohemian to the revision of the image of the gentleman in an overturned memory of men’s tailoring,” says Mr. Michele.

Gucci Harry Styles Ha ha ha collection

Very Gucci, Gucci HA HA HA has a liberating code that has a spontaneity of ease. Jackets, coats, pants, shirts, and accessories have a surprising take on masculine elegance with clothes that declare their love both to the materials with which they are made and to the historical significance of their forms, volumes, and of the images they produce.

Elements of English tailoring transformed in romantic accents form a new meaning of masculinity through the eccentric use of Prince of Wales check to create double-breasted coats. Alongside sartorial suits, treated denim jackets, and velvet suits in irregular hues, are unexpected printed pajamas and bowling shirts, lined coats with hoods and frog fasteners, and pleated kilts with leather regulating straps. 

Gucci Harry Styles Ha ha ha collection

As for the unique name, there are quite a few reasons. HA HA HA is the serial crasis (a blend or combination of constituents) of the initials of ‘Harry’ and ‘Alessandro’. It is also the onomatopoeic sound of the written essence of the ‘laughing face’ emoji. In fact, it is with this neological expression, ‘hahaha,’ that Mr. Michele and Mr. Styles have ended their messages to each other for years. 

From pink to gold, Versace’s SS 2023 collection for men is youthful with a hint of Italian baroque June 20, 2022: As with every collection, Versace has that amazing way of incorporating classic influences into contemporary, trendy designs. Their men’s Spring Summer 2023 collection fits the bill as well.

Versace Spring Summer 2023 men's collection

“When I work, I think of Generation Z and the freedom they have in not being afraid to mix contrasting pieces together. Pop-art meets classicism—contrast like this is everything to me, it makes you think and feel,” says Donatella Versace.

Versace Spring Summer 2023 men's collection

Versace Men’s Spring-Summer 2023 walks the line between unexpected juxtapositions—fun and formal, bravado and sensitivity, Baroque and pop – all presented by the sons of runway icons Mark Vanderloo, Helena Christensen, Andre van Noord, Carla Bruni, Megan Douglas, and Angela Lindvall.

Versace Spring Summer 2023 men's collection

Youthful and open, oversized silhouettes give a sense of freedom, and body-tight tops in bright shades have a Versace allure. Signature Versace diamond slashes through pants capture a feeling of purposeful disruption. Python print leather is an alternative to exotic skins, and leather-look styles are crafted in eco-sustainable latex.

Versace Spring Summer 2023 men's collection

What has everyone fixed are the re-energized graphic prints in pop-colors across shirts and t-shirts, creating new icons from Versace visual signatures. Colors across the collection are characteristically bright, with suiting in bi-color stripes and neon, metallic jackets, and orange, blue, and crisp off-white coming-together for an overall quality of freshness.

Versace Spring Summer 2023 men's collection

La Medusa Hobo Repeat, an archival Versace hobo bag presented in a new re-edition, features in an XL size that wraps around the shoulder. Shoes, bags, and accessories include metallic formal shoes, diamond-slashed tote bags, and printed python leather styles.

Serapian’s SS 2023 men’s collection has a Mediterranean charm Serapian mens accessories

June 20, 2022: Italian luxury accessories brand, Serapian, has always concentrated on classic elegance that speaks timelessly. With their continued high focus on craftsmanship, Serapian’s Spring Summer 2023 collection for men presents a range of creations where the softness of precious materials and fluid shapes meets the lightness of a dreamy Mediterranean gateway.

The colour palette includes neutrals accented with soft shades of character. As per Serapian, the collection is “a tribute to nature with new shades inspired by tones of the sea and the earth”. 

Serapian mens accessories

Cachemire leather in navy blue and beige plays with light-toned canvas on the iconic travel bag and backpack perfect for a summer escape. The Stepan ‘72 range is reintroduced in a new ocean blue tone with Cuoio trim, paying tribute to one of the iconic designs of Serapian, created in 1972.

Evoluzione leather is paired with a recycled twill fabric in a black-on-black colour combination for a soft backpack - perfect for the urban landscape. And the house signature craft of Mosaico explores the warm notes of the Chestnut shade, enriched by Bordeaux stripes, thus creating a sophisticated yet subtle contrast.

India gets its own Bally website June 20, 2022: There was a time when international luxury brands were opening local websites in China for e-commerce. India, can now revel in the same luxury as luxe brands start considering India on the same level. Swiss luxury brand Bally, in partnership with Reliance Brands Limited, has launched a dedicated ecommerce website,, for India.

Bally India


This latest launch strengthens brand awareness and accessibility of Bally across India. The website shares a wide variety of accessories and shoes for men and women across key categories and bestselling styles, while offering an elevated shopping experience. The website is a fully integrated technology stack, catering to customers across the country.


With an existing footprint of three boutiques across key cities in India, this expansion shows Bally’s commitment to maximise its presence in India.

Making walls eco-friendly, Stella McCartney and Cole & Son partner for sustainable wallpapers June 13, 2022: Marking the first of fashion brand Stella McCartney’s interior partnerships, Cole & Son has launched a capsule collection of wallpapers that are sustainable and express an important message. 

Stella McCartney wallpaper Cole & Sons

The Summer 2022 Fungi Forest toile de Jouy print – available in burgundy and navy – is produced using a substrate derived from 79% renewable fibres. 

Originally hand-drawn, the integrity of the artwork is maintained throughout the manufacturing and printing process which retains sharpness of lines and depth of colour while using 30% less greenhouse gases than traditional non-woven wallcoverings.

Stella McCartney wallpaper Cole & Sons

The wallpaper was a part of the Stella McCartney's 'Future of Fashion' exhibit at Milan Design Week 2022

“Material innovation is the future of our planet, and design is what makes it desirable,” said Ms. McCartney.

The wallpaper will be available to purchase online from late summer 2022.

The extensive work of Fridtjof Nansen to get highlighted at Nobel Peace Center Fridjtof Nansen with orphaned children

Fridtjof Nansen visits a summer camp for orphaned boys in the town of Kumajri in Chirac, Armenia, in the summer of 1925. ©The National Library of Norway

June 13, 2022: As the world still grasps to understand the horrors of the unwarranted war between Ukraine and Russia, HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway opens a new exhibition about Fridtjof Nansen on World Refugee Day (June 20, 2022), who received the Nobel Peace Prize 100 years ago for his humanitarian efforts.

“Is there a member of this assembly who is willing to say that rather than helping the Soviet government, he will allow 20,000,000 people to suffer starvation?” Mr. Nansen had once said to the League of Nations Assembly in Geneva in 1921.

“Fridtjof Nansen is best known as a polar explorer and scientist, but he was also a real pioneer of humanitarian work with refugees and victims of famine,” says Nobel Peace Center Executive Director Kjersti Fløgstad. “With this exhibition, we want to show the enormous importance of Nansen's humanitarian efforts and how he continues to inspire those who help displaced people.”

Fridtjof Nansen

Fridtjof Nansen, 1926. ©The National Library of Norway

Mr. Nansen received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with prisoners of war, starving people and refugees after the First World War. In the exhibition ‘Compassion in Action: The Legacy of Fridtjof Nansen’, the Nobel Peace Center highlights Mr. Nansen's humanitarian work using original documents and photographs. The exhibition also tells the story of five winners of the Nansen Refugee Award, which is awarded by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to individuals or organizations that go above and beyond the call of duty to protect displaced people.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and UNHCR will also participate in the exhibition opening event.

“For the first time, the number of displaced people the world has exceeded 100 million. The vast majority of them receive far too little attention and support. We must now be inspired by the work Nansen did by speaking out on behalf of the most vulnerable and securing the rights of refugees and stateless people,” says Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council. “Norway as a nation of peace and an important humanitarian player must be conscious of how we manage the legacy of Nansen.” 

Fridtjof Nansen in Ukraine

The farewell at the railway station in Kharkov, Ukraine, after Fridtjof Nansen's visit to the Nansen Mission, March 1, 1923. ©The National Library of Norway

Mr. Nansen was commissioned by the League of Nations to lead the work of returning prisoners of war after the First World War, and his enormous aid operation transported 450,000 prisoners home. He became the League of Nations' first High Commissioner for Refugees and introduced the “Nansen passport”, which gave hundreds of thousands of stateless people the opportunity to cross national borders. He later worked for the famine-stricken in Soviet Russia, driven by a strong desire to help after seeing their suffering with his own eyes. He worked diligently to finance the relief work, using his own pictures of starving children during lecture tours to raise money. 

Several of the photos Mr. Nansen took on his travels are displayed in the exhibition at the Nobel Peace Center. 

“Nansen was also a pioneer in the sense that he was one of the first to use photographs to create sympathy and raise money for people in crisis. His pictures still arouse strong emotions, and their connection to today’s situation in Ukraine makes them even more disturbing to see,” says Ms. Fløgstad. 

Fridtjof Nansen 1922

Fridtjof Nansen with Greek refugees in Thrace, Greece, around 1922. ©Keystone-France/Getty Images

The exhibition ‘Compassion in Action: The Legacy of Fridtjof Nansen’ will run until December 31, 2022.

Beverly Hills to get its very own Aman Resort Aman Beverly Hills

June 13, 2022: Aman is a brand that focuses on tranquility, stillness and elusiveness. So when a new Aman property gets announced in a cityscape, it’s exciting. In partnership with investment firm, Cain International and Alagem Capital, Aman has announced Aman Beverly Hills.


The project will comprise an Aman hotel, a collection of Aman Branded Residences and an Aman Club, set within eight acres of botanical gardens. Expected to open in 2026, Aman Beverly Hills will form part of the 17.5-acre One Beverly Hills development, situated on the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards, less than a mile from Rodeo Drive.

Aman Beverly Hills


One Beverly Hills will see the redevelopment of an expansive area of land, focusing on health and wellbeing, surrounded by botanical gardens which showcase native plant species.


Aman has evolved its positioning in recent years to bring its lifestyle to urban destinations, in addition to its remote resorts, including Aman New York - opening 02 August 2022, Aman Residences, Tokyo (2023), Aman Nai Lert Bangkok (2023) and Aman Miami Beach (2024).

Aman Beverly Hills


Vlad Doronin, Chairman and CEO of Aman said: “The announcement of Aman Beverly Hills further demonstrates our commitment to this strategy and longterm vision. Staying true to our DNA and the revered Aman lifestyle, Aman Beverly Hills, nestled in its expansive botanical gardens, captures the legacy and heritage of Aman while connecting our guests with fascinating urban environments. We look forward to delivering another world-class destination on our continued mission to curate hotels and residences of architectural distinction in exceptional locations, with our unparalleled service and experiences.”

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Monkey sculpture hopes to bring aid to Ukraine June 9, 2022: Sometimes it takes quirky art to bring attention to world problems. And although Ukraine is on everyone’s mind, some radical steps are needed to help the situation. In comes artist Jeff Koons’ seminal sculpture Balloon Monkey (Magenta) (2006-13, estimate: £6,000,000-10,000,000), that will be presented for sale at Christie’s by Victor and Olena Pinchuk, to raise funds for humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The proceeds will be used to assist soldiers and civilians wounded by war who urgently require prosthetics, medical treatment and rehabilitation to recover. 

Jeff Koons Balloon Monkey Magenta

Seeming to represent the shy and reclusive Mandrill in a peaceful, innocent pose, Balloon Monkey (Magenta) stands as a monumental symbol of hope and solidarity with those men, women and children living in war-torn Ukraine who have suffered terrible loss.

The sculpture will be exhibited in St. James’ Square, inviting audiences across the capital to come together for a moment of contemplation, from June 14 to July 3, 2022.

Balloon Monkey (Magenta) is a part of a playful series by Mr. Koons. In 2008, Koons’ sculpture Balloon Flower (Magenta) was similarly installed in St James’s Square. The artwork set a record at the time, realising $25.7 million. In November 2014, Balloon Monkey (Orange) achieved a price of $25.9 million. Balloon Monkey (Magenta) is the artist’s proof and one of five unique versions (Red, Magenta, Blue, Yellow, Orange).


Mr.  Koons said, “Through my friendship with Victor and Olena Pinchuk, my life has been enriched by the people and culture of Ukraine. I have had the opportunity to visit Ukraine numerous times by myself and with my family and have always felt a strong sense of community, friendship, and history. My series of Balloon Venus sculptures are in dialogue with prehistoric Venus figurines I viewed in the collection of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine…. One of the reasons that I have always worked with balloons is that that the membrane is a reference to our skin; it’s about both internal and external life. I have been very saddened by the human and cultural impact of the war and destruction that I have witnessed in Ukraine. Balloon Monkey (Magenta) fittingly symbolizes hope, affirmation, and transcendence, and I can only hope that the donation of my artwork by Victor and Olena Pinchuk can help draw attention to the need for aid and support for the people of this country, now more than ever.”


Victor Pinchuk is a Ukrainian businessman and oligarch, married to Olena Pinchuk, the daughter of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma.

Katharine Arnold, Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s Europe, said, “The largest and final piece in the artist’s celebrated series of balloon animals, it [Balloon Monkey (Magenta)] stands as a gleaming symbol of solidarity. The balloon animal reminds us that the ordinary course of life and its simple pleasures have been deprived from so many living through war. Exhibited in St James’ Square, I hope that Balloon Monkey (Magenta) will be a beacon of hope as we strive for a safer future together."

Jaipur Rugs’ new collection takes a cue from the cosmos Jaipur Rugs Brahmaand collection

June 9, 2022: Cosmos and myths are two intriguing aspects of our world which haven’t been unraveled yet. The more you delve into them, the more mysterious they become. Jaipur Rugs, inspired by a series of original watercolor paintings by architect and designer Ashiesh Shah, has launched the ‘Brahmaand’ collection. The thought-provoking visual art has been converted into an inventive line of luxurious hand-knotted carpets.


The ‘Brahmaand’ collection, dyed in hues of deep indigo, is an exploration of visual dimension through gradient, texture and handmade perfection. The unique shapes and organic forms pay homage to the civilization’s larger than life past. Precise gultarashi molds the rug pile like troughs and crests of space-time, while timeless motifs and constellations crafted with intricate zardosi embroidery paint discourses of chaos and calm, being and non-being, illusion and reality.

Jaipur Rugs Brahmaand collection


The rugs are a culmination of careful processes of picking, hand-carding and the spinning of wool into fine yarn, weaving into rugs by skilled Indian artisans, and more than 18 finishing processes to ensure the highest quality. 


The forms of the rugs draw inspiration from the ancient geometry of India, the cosmos and the architecture of the ‘Jantar Mantar.’ The collection features four rugs designed by Ashiesh Shah: Nakshatra, Manthan, Dwaar and Chanda. This collection, through its depth, proportions and gradation, brings the universe into your living space. 

'Brahmaand' has been launched at Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2022.

Taxco Mexican silver jewelry and artifacts shine at next Bonhams sale June 8, 2022: Aztec art is a lesser known art in the world, yet immensely creative and meaningful. Jill Crawford gave this art form due credit by investing in some magnificent pieces made with Mexican silver (or sterling silver). 

Taxco Mexican Silver tea set

On June 15, Bonhams Los Angeles will present Mexican Silver: Jewels and Objects from The Crawford Collection featuring more than 250 pieces of objects, tableware, and wearable sculpture. Standout pieces include the “Jaguar” tea and coffee service by William Spratling (estimate: $15,000 - 20,000), a fish necklace and cuff by Los Castillo (estimate: $5,000 - 7,000), and an amethyst collar by Antonio Pineda that cascades down the neck (estimate: $1,800 - 2,000). This is the second sale in a series from the Crawford Collection. 

Taxco Mexican Silver amethyst necklace


The collection contains more than 150 examples of work by William Spratling (1900 – 1967), considered the father of Taxco jewelry at the center of the Modernist Mexican silver movement. When the young, creative American professor of architecture, arrived in Taxco in 1926, he joined a milieu of notable writers and artists including William Faulkner and Diego Rivera, who became a lifelong friend. Mr. Spratling established Taxco as a center for bold, high quality silver designs by hiring skilled silversmiths to make his designs with motifs inspired by Pre-Columbian and Aztec art and design incorporating native stones (typically amethyst, turquoise, coral, rosewood, and abalone). The examples in this collection are some of the finest examples that remain from Mr. Spratling’s oeuvre.

Taxco Mexican Silver moonstone cuff

Also included in the sale are works from other notable artists such as Los Castillo, Antonio Pineda, Hector Aguilar, and Margot de Taxco. 

Mexican silver jewelry of the 1920s–1970s remains some of the most desirable modernist jewelry for collectors and is increasing sought after by museums. The inspiration for these works spans centuries and incorporates stories of conquest and oppression, cultural cross pollination, and profound individual ingenuity and artistry. 

Taxco Mexican Silver wood candle stand


Ms. Crawford said, “I have spent a lifetime searching for the greatest examples by artists I admire. When I am wearing a great piece of jewelry, I feel connected to the artist, and I become part of the story a piece is telling. Jewelry is meant to be worn, and in the hands of a passionate collector it becomes transcendent.” 

Paul Smith reinvents a classic MINI with new design details & an electric motor MINI Recharged by Sir Paul Smith

June 8, 2022: Indulging in some upcycling, Sir Paul Smith and MINI have collaborated on a project that is getting showcased at Salone del Mobile (or Milan Design Week) 2022. 


Last summer, Paul Smith presented the MINI STRIP at the IAA motor show in Munich: a radically reduced, sustainable concept car. Paul Smith's MINI Recharged model now revisits this idea to explore the possibilities of sustainable design. "Three things describe this car perfectly: quality, sustainability and functionality," the designer explains.

MINI Recharged by Sir Paul Smith


In 1998, Sir Smith had created the MINI Paul Smith Edition, limited to 1,800 vehicles. The prototype of this unique edition was painted a bright blue based on a swatch taken from one of his favourite shirts. This particular car has now been reinvented. The ‘new’ model retains the unmistakable shade of blue, while the lime green battery box recalls a 1990s colour palette. 


"When you move into your old aunt's flat, out of respect you don't change everything, but you do some modernising," says Sir Smith. Sir Alec Issigonis developed the first Mini in response to the oil crisis of 1959. Minimum fuel consumption, maximum use of space – that was the idea that convinced millions of people over many decades to invest in a Mini.

MINI Recharged by Sir Paul Smith


The radically reduced and sustainable concept of the MINI Strip continues in the interior of the newly redesigned car. By deliberately leaving out trim parts, the bodyshell with its bare, unclad floor pan dominates the interior, with rustic floor mats made of recycled rubber on top. The buttons and gear are intriguingly retro.


In addition to innovative, resource-saving materials, Sir Smith's design leaves out entire instruments: a magnet next to the steering wheel accommodates the smartphone, which, apart from the speedometer, replaces almost all the old buttons and functions on the dashboard. The steering wheel can be completely removed to facilitate getting in and out of the car – both an innovative solution as well as a tongue-in-cheek quip symbolic of Sir Smith’s trademark wit.

MINI Recharged by Sir Paul Smith


The engineers from ‘Recharged Heritage Limited’ converted the classic Mini into an emission-free vehicle by installing a 72-kilowatt electric motor, making it a completely electric car


At the Salone del Mobile, visitors have the opportunity to see the newly designed model as well as last year’s MINI STRIP. 

Old time classics get revisited at The St. Regis Mumbai indian recipes st regis mumbai

June 7, 2022: Inspired from the royal decadence of the colonial era, The Sahib Room & Kipling Bar at The St. Regis Mumbai is serving a menu celebrating ancestral recipes from the kitchens of India, available until June 19, 2022.

Indian Masterchef Chef Taj, along with his team, has curated this limited edition menu including hidden gems and all-time favorite classics from the era gone by.

indian recipes st regis mumbai

The menu features dishes such as Mangodi ke Shamanic (Mash mangoda flavor with Indian spice and pan seared), Silbatte ke kebab (Mutton mince marinated with hand graded seared in pan), and Paneer Shahjanani Tikka (Cottage Cheese marinated with Shahjanani masala) amongst others. Mains include Qorma Gucchi Singhada (Morel Mushroom cooked with cashew gravy and water chestnuts), Attari Chicken Curry (Chicken cooked in Awadhi spices), and Langar Ki Dal (Traditional homemade slow-cooked lentils) and so on.

End your meal with Khimami Seviyan (shallow fried vermicelli, served with rabdi).

For reservations, please call +91 8657522956 

Audemars Piguet’s latest Royal Oak has a multi-coloured effect on the dial Audemars Piguet Royal Oak black ceramic

June 7, 2022: Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet has launched yet another timepiece designed by Carolina Bucci – the new limited edition 34 mm Royal Oak Selfwinding in black ceramic. In celebration of the Royal Oak’s 50th anniversary, the Italian jewellery designer created a dial endowed with a unique multi-coloured mirror effect paying tribute to the iconic Tapisserie design. 


For her third collaboration with Audemars Piguet, Ms. Bucci went beyond her signature hammering technique, known as Frosted Gold, to enrich an all-black ceramic piece with a surprising dial. At first glance, the dial appears black, but on closer inspection it reveals a multi-coloured spectrum that brings the Tapisserie effect to life in the ever-changing light. 


To reach this result, a sapphire plate adorned with little squares achieved through micro-structuring is added on top of the brass dial plate to create rainbow-coloured plays of light. A golden metallisation, specially developed for the occasion, is also applied onto the back of the sapphire plate to create a mirror effect and shines light onto the dial. The pattern of iridescent colours varies from dial to dial, making each design unique. The presentation box has also been designed by Ms. Bucci. 

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak black ceramic


The black ceramic case and bracelet are highlighted by hexagonal pink gold screws that secure the bezel and create an elegant contrast of colours. All the components of the case and bracelet are finished with the Manufacture’s signature satin-finishing that is paired with polished chamfers for a maximum play on light.  


The titanium and sapphire caseback is engraved with the inscription “Limited Edition Carolina Bucci” and reveals the Calibre 5800 beneath, which indicates the hours, minutes, seconds and date. In keeping with the finish on the screws, hour-markers and hands, the 22-carat pink gold oscillating weight features elegant microbead-blasted, polished and satin finishes. 

Perfumes & collaborative collections form Ginori 1735’s display at Milan Design Week 2022 June 7, 2022: Porcelain brand Ginori 1735 has been busy. From fragrances to mugs, the brand has opened its coffers to belt out exquisite creations for Milan Design Week 2022. And the first one of these is the new Profumi Luchino home fragrance collection, designed by Luke Edward Hall (British artist and designer).

Profumi Luchino Ginori 1735

Profumi Luchino includes five fragrances designed to take you on a journey to Mr. Hall’s most well-loved destinations: The Cotswolds, Marrakech, Rajasthan, Big Sur and Venice. Each of these destinations enchanted Mr. Hall with their scents, and playing on the memory of these sensations he found inspiration for the fragrances in this collection. But that was not all. For each of these places in the real world, Mr. Hall has designed an imaginary dwelling: five buildings which symbolize the romantic atmospheres that each fragrance evokes. Fox Thicket Folly speaks of the Cotswolds, La Gazelle d’Or of Marrakech, Rajathra Palace of Rajasthan, Rain Rock Creek of Big Sur and Palazzo Centauro of Venice. This is what makes Profumi Luchino a sensory journey in five stages.

The Profumi Luchino collection is composed of scented candles in molten wax, cast by Italian experts in cylindrical porcelain containers decorated by hand. Each fragrance is accompanied by a plate and a trinket tray, both hand-finished and decorated with designs suggested by Mr. Hall, depicting the five locations. Finally, each fragrance has its own unique and distinctive object: a candlestick, an incense holder, a covered pot, a lidded box and sculpture candlestick inspired by a head of Ganymede. 

Profumi Luchino is available for purchase in an exclusive pre-order on, with a special bag as gift.

Ginori 1735 LCDC collection

The Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection LCDC, La Compagnia Di Caterina, designed by Luca Nichetto, now has two new fragrances: Amber Lagoon and Musk Road. Developed by Jean Niel, the oldest French perfume company, founded in 1779, the LCDC fragrances are designed to be unique and timeless, evoking stories, restoring sensations and diffusing naturally and permanently. Individual pieces come with refills that can be replaced when the fragrance runs out. 

Along with its collaboration with Buccellati for Milan Design Week 2022, Ginori 1735 also unveiled new creations in collaboration with Off-White and Cassina. 

Ginori 1735 Off-White home collection

The second part of Off-White™ c/o Ginori 1735 collaboration, remixes and reinterprets, resizes and reshapes a cylindrical vase, a cachepot vase, an ashtray, and a lidded box from the Ginori 1735 archives. The objects retain their pure white porcelain forms but gain sculptural Off-White Ivy Arrow handles embellished with ivy leaves and botanical nuances.

The 2022 Off-White™ c/o Ginori 1735 collection is available at and Off-White Paris and Milan stores and at the Ginori 1735 online and offline distribution network.

Post Scriptum, a collection of unique, hand-painted porcelain objects, is the fruit of collaboration with Cassina and signed by Formafantasma.

Capri Holdings creates The Versace Foundation to support LGBTQIA+ community June 1, 2022: Capri Holdings Limited has announced the creation of The Versace Foundation as the Pride month begins. The company has pledged $10 million to further the foundation’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Donatella Versace Pride Month

The foundation will engage with philanthropic organizations and community groups to support the preservation of LGBTQIA+ history and culture as well as to promote the advancement of equality, wellness and safety for the LGBTQIA+ people.

John D. Idol, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capri Holdings, said, “We all have a right to be accepted, to be loved and to be our most authentic selves. The Versace Foundation enables us to further our pursuit of LGBTQIA+ equity, wellness and safety, as well as to continue to be an ally for LGBTQIA+ individuals.”

Donatella Versace Lady Gaga Pride Month

Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace at Pride Month 2019. ©Vogue

Versace has worked in the past to further the cause of LGBTQIA+ community through capsule collections and partnership with Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ foundation.

The Capri Holdings Ltd. includes Versace, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo.

MB&F’s new Legacy Machine Sequential EVO has beauty with brains June 1, 2022: With MB&F’s tourbillon expertise comes a new talent – chronograph. The highly mechanical watch brand has introduced Legacy Machine Sequential EVO, which debuts MB&F’s 20th movement, in is first chronograph wristwatch. 

MB&F LM Sequential EVO

Conceived by one of the very earliest MB&F collaborators and Friends, Stephen McDonnell, the dial plate of LM Sequential EVO is available in atomic orange or coal black, and features two chronograph displays. One has its seconds display at 9 o’clock and minutes display at 11 o’clock. The other has its seconds display at 3 o’clock and minutes display at 1 o’clock. Each of these chronograph displays can be started, stopped, and reset completely independently of each other, using the start/stop and reset pushers on their respective sides of the case. These make up the four chronograph pushers you would usually associate with having two chronograph mechanisms in one watch.

However, there is a fifth pusher, located at the 9 o’clock position: the “Twinverter”. This pusher elevates the functionality of the LM Sequential EVO. It controls both chronograph systems, operating as a binary switch that inverts the current start/stop status of each chronograph. This means that if both chronograph displays happen to be stopped (at zero position or otherwise), pressing the Twinverter will cause both of them to start simultaneously. If they are both running, the Twinverter makes them stop. If one is running and the other is stopped, the Twinverter stops the one that is running and starts the one that is stopped.

MB&F LM Sequential EVO

The switch function, therefore, allows LM Sequential EVO to do unprecedented things, such as:

- “Independent mode”: measure the duration of multiple events with separate starting points and end points, even when the events overlap in timing;

- “Simultaneous mode”: measure the individual durations of two events that start simultaneously, but have different end points;

- “Cumulative mode”: measure the individual cumulative durations of two discontinuous events;

- “Sequential mode (or lap mode)”: measure the individual sub-durations of a single continuous multi-phase event, with provision for sub-durations that last over a minute.

Its zirconium case, 80 metres of water resistance and internal “FlexRing” damping system give unprecedented resilience to the complex movement. 

Bovet opens first boutique in Saudi Arabia June 1, 2022: Riyadh is no stranger to luxury. So watchmaker Bovet’s new boutique makes a valuable addition to the list of luxury brands already available in the city. Bovet 1822 has opened its first boutique in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in partnership with Saudi Jawahir Co., a well-established luxury house that has also partnered with brands such as Alexander McQueen, Brunello Cucinelli, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli and Tom Ford among others.

Bovet boutique Riyadh Saudi Arabia

The new boutique, located on Olaya Street, is more than 240 square meters and features a complete collection of Bovet timepieces.

Pascal Raffy, owner, Bovet 1822, said, “We plan to expand our presence in the Kingdom in addition to this boutique. We will be holding many events in Riyadh and the collection the boutique has is second to none.”

Bovet boutique Riyadh Saudi Arabia


Mohamed Rahal, Jewelry & Watch Division Director at Saudi Jawahir, said, "It [Bovet] is traditional, unique, and, at the same time, very modern -- it has all three aspects. Collectors know Bovet very well and they respect the House, and especially the younger generation here is truly knowledgeable about timepieces. They deserve to have a brand like BOVET in the Kingdom."


This year is significant to the watch brand as they celebrate their 200th anniversary.

Tiffany & Co.’s new exhibition showcases an extraordinary display of jewels & history May 31, 2022: Opening in London on June 10, 2022, the Vision & Virtuosity exhibition by Tiffany & Co. takes visitors on a journey through the brand’s archival high jewelry designs, its famed window displays, its recently acquired Empire Diamond of over 80 carats, and even important relics such as the original script from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is an interesting showcase that not only sparkles with diamonds, but also intrigues with its stories. 

Tiffany & Co Vision & Virtuosity exhibition

The exhibition is organized into seven chapters that will explore separate themes that are central to Tiffany’s brand identity, heritage, and creative influence.

Held at Saatchi Gallery, guests can first explore founder Charles Lewis Tiffany’s legacy and, in the subsequent sections, experience the works of some of the Maison’s most creative forces, such as Jean Schlumberger and Elsa Peretti. The third chapter is devoted to the annual Blue Book high jewelry collection, while the fourth room is centered on Tiffany’s heritage in the world of love and commitment, having introduced the iconic Tiffany Setting engagement ring in 1886. The fifth space is devoted to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, while the penultimate chapter is a spectacle of diamonds, dedicated to Tiffany’s renowned diamond creations. At the culmination of the exhibition, guests will have an opportunity to view the legendary 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond.

Tiffany & Co Vision & Virtuosity exhibition

“Tiffany has always been synonymous with elegance, innovative design, fine craftsmanship and creative excellence and Vision & Virtuosity celebrates the House’s most defining moments, showcases the incredible collection of archives, and exemplifies why Tiffany & Co. is such an iconic brand,” said Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product and Communications, Tiffany & Co.

An accompanying exhibition catalogue, with a foreword by the late André Leon Talley and text by Vivienne Becker, presents the exhibition’s highlights, showcasing creations by everyone from Louis Comfort Tiffany and Gene Moore to Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, John Loring, and the House’s other influential visionaries.

Tiffany & Co Vision & Virtuosity exhibition

Vision & Virtuosity debuts at Saatchi Gallery on June 10 and will run through August 19, 2022.

British brand Burberry celebrates the Queen through multiple enhancements Burberry Queen's Jubilee Celebration

May 31, 2022: There is a great deal of pride and merriment in the British air as the country gets ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this June. As the official Platinum Partner of the Pageant, Burberry is celebrating Her Majesty’s 70 years of service with a series of special celebrations.

Burberry has partnered with Historic Royal Palaces to support Superbloom, an immersive floral display which will encircle the Tower of London in honour of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Burberry Queen's Jubilee Celebration

As lead sponsor of the project, Burberry is contributing two original and immersive outdoor installations. First one is the Burberry Floating Meadow, designed to celebrate flora, fauna and the pollinators that will benefit from the project. It is a zero-waste installation that acts as an extension of Superbloom, highlighting both the critical importance of biodiversity to the world.

Comprised of over 5,000 plants, many of which can be seen in and around English river ecosystems, the meadow highlights the role natural grasslands and marshes play in storing carbon, and that flowering species play in providing food and nectar to pollinators and common riverside wildlife. The materials used to build the garden include 1.4 tonnes of recycled plastic collected from rivers around the UK, which is the equivalent of 58,000 plastic bottles or 3.3 million plastic drinking straws.

Burberry Queen's Jubilee Celebration

Every element of the floating meadow is responsibly sourced and will either be reused, repurposed or recycled. All plants will be replanted by Burberry volunteers. The floating meadow maps have also been created from seeded paper and vegetable inks, allowing visitors to plant and create their own meadow from home.

The second project is the Burberry Art Wall, which is situated at the entrance of Superbloom at the Tower of London. “For the Superbloom artwork, I took inspiration from the detail of Elizabethan tapestries and textile design, and visualised nature unfolding across these wide scenes. Throughout my work, I utilise 3D and CGI techniques to render a version of reality. In this case, I wanted to take the beauty of British wildlife, flora and fauna, and imagine it coming to life and thriving in a world where technology and nature coexist,” said Jon Emmony, Digital Artist.

To further mark this occasion, Burberry has also created an exclusive commemorative scarf. The scarf is hand-illustrated with motifs inspired by ancient British woodlands and the flora and fauna that live there. Yew trees, bluebells, butterflies and squirrels are joined by birds representing each of the four British nations: a robin for England, capercaillie for Scotland, sparrowhawk for Northern Ireland and golden eagle for Wales.

Burberry Queen's Jubilee Celebration

Available online as well as in select Burberry stores around the world, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee silk square scarf will also adorn Burberry store flags and windows in the City of London for the duration of the Jubilee celebrations.

Burberry has also teamed up with the next generation of creatives to honour Her Majesty’s 70 years of service. Earlier this year, Burberry hosted a workshop at Armley Park Primary School in Leeds and invited students to create artwork and messages for The Queen. Each drawing or message has been enlarged and displayed on over 80 bus stops throughout the city of Westminster, near to where the Platinum Jubilee Pageant will take place, bringing the students’ inspiration to members of the public at this historic moment.

Francis de Lara’s Eve sunglasses are converted into NFTs Francis de Lara jewelry sunglasses

May 31, 2022: In a collaboration that marries art, ingenuity and technology, Brand New Vision (BNV), Francis de Lara and Gemfields have embraced the future with the introduction of an exciting collection of NFTs. Available as a limited edition of just 10, these are the first ever NFTs from Francis de Lara, an original jewellery-eyewear house. 

The NFTs are inspired by real-life glasses – called Eve – featuring Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds. This stunning creation was adapted for the digital world by BNV, a Web3 fashion platform whose vision is to take fashion beyond physical reality into the Metaverse.

The inaugural BNV NFT drop – known as ‘Eve’ – is based on Francis de Lara’s inimitable haute couture eyewear design with the same name. The real-life ‘Eve’ glasses are handmade, featuring two serpents as the glasses’ side temples in a design embodying the creationism story. The larger serpent’s tail is encrusted with Gemfields emeralds, curling around the wearer’s ear and dangling a juicy tourmaline apple as a trompe-l’oeil earring. The second, more demure creature sparkles with cognac diamonds, pink sapphires and 18k gold cabochons while gazing towards the sky. There are ‘empty’ trompe-l’oeil settings to give the idea of an ancient piece which has lost some stones over the course of time.

Francis de Lara jewelry sunglasses

Both serpents’ faces feature white enamel details. The front of 'Eve' is half-rimmed and finished with the criss-cross engraved motif. The real glasses are available for £19,800.

The NFT drop consists of 10 pairs of ‘Eve’ glasses at 0.25ETH. The NFT, available on the BNV website, is a 3D file that will have interoperable capabilities in the open Metaverse and be available as a wearable. 

After a delicate restoration, the iconic Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor has reopened Raffles cambodia hotel


May 31, 2022: Reopening after almost three years, Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor has an illustrious history as one of the oldest and most iconic heritage properties in Southeast Asia. 


First opened in 1932 and widely celebrated as La Grande Dame de Angkor, the hotel has seen famous faces – from Charlie Chaplin to Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama – in its historic hallways. 


Designed by French architect Ernest Hébrard in a style that combines Khmer art and furnishings with Art Deco influences, the Grand Hotel first opened in 1932 with just 63 rooms, all with private bathrooms - a rarity in its day. The property, along with its sister heritage hotel, Le Royal, in Phnom Penh, was taken over by Fairmont Raffles Hotels International in 1997 at the invitation of Cambodia’s King Sihanouk.

Raffles cambodia hotel rooms


The hotel underwent a delicate transformation in 2019. The façade and entire exterior of the hotel now shines white, rather than its former cream-beige hue.


The guestrooms feature lighter and brighter interiors as well as the addition of Segafredo coffee machines, USB charging stations and Simmons pillow-top mattresses. The French windows, which swing open to views of street scenes or the plantation-style grounds of the hotel, have been upgraded, and each room now has a writing desk and vintage rotary telephone. 


All bathrooms have also been upgraded with new Italian tiling and rain showers. The traditional ceiling fans remain.

Raffles cambodia hotel pool


General Manager, Dennis de Groot, said, “The Grand Hotel is a national treasure, and its storied history is testament to Cambodia’s colourful past. It was originally built as a rest stop for archaeologists and adventurers seeking to explore the ancient kingdom of Angkor Wat. As we prepare to celebrate the hotel’s 90th anniversary this year, we are delighted that this hotel can continue to set the standard for luxury hospitality, where travellers arrive as guests, leave as friends and return as family.”


Named after the year that Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor first opened, 1932 is the hotel’s latest signature restaurant, serving traditional Royal Khmer cuisine.


The hotel’s original teak and wrought iron cage elevator remains, as does the vintage ambience of the Elephant Bar and the checker-tiled lobby.

Raffles cambodia hotel food


Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor is situated a mere 20-minute drive to the doorway of the UNESCO Heritage temples of Angkor. The Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor offers an enticing series of Raffles Curated Journeys and Resort Programs designed to infuse local experiences with worldly elegance. Guests can explore the ancient Angkor Archaeological Park on an iconic Vespa, before being one of the first travellers of the day to enter the temple. Embark on a local tuk-tuk tour for a journey through the Silk Road of Angkor, visiting the beautiful Banteay Srei Temple and Golden Silk Farm. 


Food aficionados can taste Siem Reap on an exclusive Culinary Hidden Gems, while shopaholics saunter Siem Reap’s Kandal Village neighbourhood with the assistance of a Raffles Butler, and culture lovers can enjoy a majestic performance of Cambodian dances in the Apsara Terrace.

Raffles cambodia hotel elephant bar


On-site activities include monk blessings, Angkor Sling masterclasses, botanical and culinary garden tours, and a tour with the hotel’s resident historian.

Gucci adorns technology as it collaborates with ŌURA, a wearable health platform Gucci Oura

May 26, 2022: Bringing fashion and technology together, Gucci has partnered with OURA, a smart ring that delivers accurate and personalized health data, insights, and daily guidance. The smart ring monitors heart rate, temperature, and sleep activity, which can be tracked through the ŌURA App. 

Enriched with the instantly recognizable Gucci Interlocking G in 18 kt yellow gold and framed by braided torchon detailing around the band, the Gucci x Oura Ring has a minimal and unique design. Crafted in black synthetic corundum and weighing just four grams, the ring is equipped with ŌURA’s latest Generation 3 technology which includes research-grade sensors and components tracking key body signals.

Gucci Oura

Measuring heart rate from the arteries in the fingers, the ring captures a much stronger signal than wrist-based wearables. The sleep analysis functionality tracks sleep quality based on the body’s key vitals and time spent in each sleep stage. Each day, these personalized health metrics are summarized into Sleep, Activity, and Readiness Scores, which are displayed alongside insights and personalized guidance. The user-friendly ŌURA App then translates the hidden messages of the body and offers science-backed content on how to optimize each day.

The Gucci x Oura Ring is available now at and in select stores around the world.

It’s raining large diamonds at Sotheby’s in June! May 26, 2022: Diamond auctions are no longer exciting. There have been many in the past few years. But these particular diamonds are incredibly rare. 

Sotheby’s is going to auction two of earth’s rarest treasures – each over 100 carats – in the Magnificent Jewels auction in New York on June 16. The first is “The Juno” Diamond, an exceptional 101.41-carat pear-shaped D Colour Internally Flawless Diamond, estimated to achieve in excess of $10 million; offered alongside “The Earth Star,” a historic 111.59 carat pear-shaped Fancy Deep Orange-Brown diamond (estimate $1.5/2.5 million). 

The Juno Diamond

There are only 11 diamonds weighing more than 100 carats and with the highest colour for colourless diamonds – D colour – that have ever sold at auction. Pear-shaped diamonds are particularly sought-after for they are more wearable than other shapes, making perfect pendants to important necklaces. The Juno is the fourth-largest pear diamond of its kind to be offered at auction.

As with the famous Cullinan I and Koh-i-noor diamonds, which are part of the British Crown Jewels, Juno is part of the rare subgroup comprising less than 2% of all gem diamonds, known as Type IIa. Diamonds in this category are the most chemically pure, lending them exceptional optical transparency.

The other diamond, “The Earth Star”, is a rare Fancy Deep Orange-Brown diamond weighing 111.59 carats. Brown diamonds of this size, in polished and cut form, are extremely rare, with only three 100+ carat examples ever having come to auction, of which this one is the second largest. It even features in the historic book of Famous Diamonds by Lord Ian Balfour, the world’s seminal text on the history of these natural treasures. 

The Earth Star

To celebrate this diamond being offered at auction, the workshop of American jeweler David Webb, fashioned a custom mounting using azurmalachite to resemble the Earth as seen from the perspective of a star, creating a striking visual representation of the diamond’s earthly origins. In its new setting, the work is now the largest diamond ever mounted by David Webb.

The original rough – weighing over 248 carats – was discovered at the Jagersfontein mine in South Africa in 1967. This specimen came from 2,500 feet below the surface, which is exceptionally deep for a gem of this size. The stone was later sent to Baumgold Brothers in New York, who fashioned it into the pear-shaped diamond we see today and dubbed it the “Earth Star” due to its high degree of brilliance. In 1983, the “Earth Star” was sold for nearly $1million and has remained in private hands ever since.


Historically, brown diamonds have been underappreciated compared to their coloured cousins (pink, blue or yellow, for example) and have only been sought-after by knowledgeable connoisseurs. Recently, however, the popularity of these lesser known coloured diamonds (eg. black and brown) has increased with a wider pool of collectors beginning to appreciate their rarity and beauty.

These stones will highlight Sotheby’s flagship Luxury sale series in New York, which will also include exceptional pieces of jewelry and rare watches, one-of-a-kind sneakers, much-coveted handbags, wine and whiskeys. The Luxury sale has seen a marked uplift (56%) in participation from younger collectors (collectors aged under 40) across the sales.

While launching the new Navitimer Cosmonaute, Breitling reveals the original “First Swiss Wristwatch in Space” Breitling Navitimer Cosmonautes

May 26, 2022: On the 60th anniversary of its journey aboard the Aurora 7 spacecraft, the mythic Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute watch with the 24-hour dial is set to lift off once again in a new release that pays tribute to the historic mission. To mark the occasion, Breitling also offered the first-ever public viewing of the original Cosmonaute since 1962.


While Russia and USA were at war to see who could reign supremacy over space first, Swiss watch brands were at war to see which of them would travel first to space as well! 


On May 24, 1962, Breitling officially claimed the title “first Swiss wristwatch in space” after astronaut Scott Carpenter orbited the Earth three times while wearing the Navitimer Cosmonaute during his Mercury-Atlas 7 mission. The watch had been Mr. Carpenter’s personal request, a variation on the iconic aviator’s watch he’d encountered in his flight days, but with a 24-hour dial to tell day from night in space.

Scott Carpenter wearing Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute

Astronaut Scott Carpenter wearing the Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute - shortly before the takeoff.  

On the 60th anniversary of that mission, Breitling unveiled Mr. Carpenter’s original Navitimer Cosmonaute (which was hidden from public view after the mission). On May 24,1962, five hours after launch, the Aurora 7 space capsule with Mr. Carpenter aboard splashed down safely in the Atlantic. The recovery operation lasted three hours, with the long exposure to seawater resulting in irreparable damage to Mr. Carpenter’s Cosmonaute. As can be seen, the watch is illegible. Breitling immediately replaced Mr. Carpenter’s watch, but the original, corroded piece of space history remained in the Breitling family archives—unrestored.


At the viewing of the original 1962 Cosmonaute, another Cosmonaute, once owned by astronaut John Glenn and acquired at auction in 2019 by Gregory Breitling, was also displayed.

Breitling Navitimer Cosmonautes


The new Cosmonaute is a faithful reproduction of the original, made timeless with an all-black dial and black alligator strap or seven-row stainless-steel bracelet. On closer inspection, though, the elegantly proportioned 41 mm watch is packed with new features. One is its platinum bezel, a premium touch that makes this edition even more of a collector’s piece.


Another is its open sapphire crystal caseback that provides a window on the B02 movement with its special bridge engravings to mark the occasion: the words “Carpenter,” “Aurora 7,” and “3 orbits around the Earth,” along with the name of the original group of seven astronauts chosen for NASA’s first human-crewed spaceflights, Mercury 7.

Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute caseback


As a final tribute, the caseback is engraved with the date of Carpenter’s mission, “ONE OF 362,”and the phrase “First Swiss wristwatch in space.” The watch is limited to 362 pieces to mark the number of orbits the watch took in space, and the year of the mission.


While other watch brands have claims to space firsts, only Breitling can call itself the “first Swiss wristwatch in space.” The only other Swiss timepiece to have reached orbit previously was a pocket stopwatch by Heuer (as Tag Heuer was called then) equipped with a strap. The Cosmonaute, meanwhile—a wristwatch worn in space and designed according to an astronaut’s specifications—was kept precisely to those specs when it became available for purchase in 1962. 

Bulgari & Ducati team up to present a special edition watch May 23, 2022: It’s an unlikely alliance, but an exciting one. Jewelry maker Bulgari meets Ducati, the motorbike manufacturer, to co-craft a watch that is sporty and revolutionary. 

bulgari ducati watch chronograph


The Bulgari Aluminium Chronograph Ducati Special Edition is an encounter between two iconic Italian brands. It features three counters recessed into a deep red 40mm dial, the signature colour of the historic Bologna-based factories. Black hour-markers and Bulgari's characteristic hours/minutes hands are filled with luminescent material. The 10, 11 and 12 o’clock numerals are a nod to the dashboards of Ducati motorbikes. 

bulgari ducati watch chronograph


The central hand measures elapsed seconds, while the black counters at 9 o'clock and 6 o'clock display the chronograph minutes and hours with red hands. The small seconds hand is located at 3 o'clock. The rubber bezel bearing the double BVLGARI BVLGARI logo is combined with the aluminium case, while the crown and chronograph pushers are made of titanium. The watch is a delight for those who delve on the themes of time, travel, acceleration and performance. It's a modern-design accessory for spirited individuals. 


Born in 1998, the two generations old Bulgari Aluminium has asserted its unconventional approach. The aluminium and rubber combo give shape to pure design and black and white graphics, defined by comfort and sportiness. In 2020, an automatic mechanical movement was installed in its case, reinforcing its daringness.

bulgari ducati watch chronograph


The frequency of the BVL 130 mechanical calibre is 4 Hz, i.e. 28,800 vibrations per hour, enabling tenth-of-a-second precision. The timepiece comes in an aluminium and rubber presentation box bearing the DUCATI and BVLGARI signatures.

Mumbai’s latest dinner-only restaurant offers Nikkei cuisine on the 37th floor Koiishi St. Regis Mumbai

May 19, 2022: Luxury hotel The St. Regis Mumbai has opened the doors to Koishii, an all-new culinary and bar, offering Nikkei cuisine at The Penthouse on level 37.


Nikkei cuisine is a harmonious blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines. Thus Koishii is an homage to the marriage of cultures and the connection between the words, Koi and Itishi. While ‘Koi’, quite simply, is the act of falling in love, ‘Itishi’ is the deep feeling of doing something for someone you love.  

Koiishi St. Regis Mumbai


The menu showcases a variety of dishes from its three kitchens: the hot kitchen, the sushi counter and the robata grill. The Koishii culinary team is led by Peruvian Master Chef, Chef Kinyo. His menu will feature among other Nikkei dishes, delicious signature selections by him like Mango Ceviche, Lima to Tokyo Tiradito, Watermelon Carpaccio (slow cooked for 8 hours), Ceviche de Pato, Salmón Tropical, Machu Picchu 190 and Seco Norteño (Lamb Shank). A special Omakase menu, meaning ‘I leave it up to you’ in Japanese, compliments the selections of the main menu.


Koishii is dramatically lit with grand-sized crystal, wood and hand-forged metal chandeliers. The décor reflects the post-industrial style with a metal cage bar that evokes an era bygone with Peruvian and Japanese vintage sepia tones. The library alcove and the two private rooms also hark back to times when deals were forged and promises were made while breaking bread together.  

Koiishi St. Regis Mumbai Nikkei Fizz


A cascade of chandeliers adds a softness and brings a twinkling charm. The dining space is visually stunning, and the overall aesthetic is modern and elegant. The expansive dining space has four zones: a bar or library lounge, the main dining area, an on-display robata kitchen and sushi counter, and the private dining rooms. 


The showstopper is the bespoke-designed black lacquered metal and brass gantry structure suspended over the marble and oak bar. The library lounge abuts the bar with its cozy seating.  

St. Regis Mumbai Saco Norteno Lamb Shanks


Coordinates: 462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Timings: 7 pm - 12 am

For reservations, please call: +91-8657907732 / +91-8657907734

Gucci’s latest collection looks up to the stars for inspiration Italian fort Gucci Cosmogonie 2022

May 18, 2022: Recounting the story of Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamin, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele makes the connection between fate, love and history through his collection, just like Mr. Benjamin did decades ago.

Gucci Cosmogonie 2022 collection

The German philosopher once said, “It's not that what is past casts its light on what is present, or what is present its light on what is past; rather, image is that wherein what has been comes together in a flash with the now to form a constellation.” Connections is what makes constellations.

Gucci Cosmogonie 2022 collection

Set up at the historic Castel Del Monte in the Apulia region of Italy, the collection was indeed presented under the stars. 

Gucci Cosmogonie 2022 collection

Known for its unique geometric design, Castel Del Monte is the masterpiece of the creative genius, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, who commissioned its building around 1240. Isolated, the castle stands in Andria within the Apulia region of Southeast Italy, 540 meters above sea level on a hill bathing in sunlight at every time of day. 

Gucci Cosmogonie 2022 collection

Given its blending of various elements from Northern Europe, the Islamic world and classical antiquity, Castel del Monte represents a crossroads of different peoples, cultures, civilizations, and religions that is the Mediterranean – thus highlighting the meeting of stars in its own way.

Gucci Cosmogonie 2022 collection

Another way the presentation made a connection with the stars was through the voice-over from the 1969 Apollo Moon landing that played during the fashion show. 

Gucci Cosmogonie 2022 collection

The collection itself – like previous collections by Mr. Michele – was a mix of something old, something new. Sheer fabrics, sequins and sparkles, fur coats, monochromes, splashes of colors, embroidered velvets, satin shirts – everything came together in a cosmic explosion.

Gucci Cosmogonie 2022

Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Cruise 2023 collection looks towards the future The Salk Institute San Diego

May 18, 2022: Even though Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2023 collection was showcased four days ago, we are still reverberating from its long-lasting impact. 

LV Cruise 2023 collection

Held at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California, the collection matched the otherworldly setting, as well the philosophy of the institute that promotes biomedical research. 

LV Cruise 2023 collection


Architect Louis Kahn put the sun, the creator of life, at the heart of the Salk Institute. Launched in 1965, Mr. Kahn created a serene concrete monastery for enlightened souls. 

LV Cruise 2023 collection


At a specific time of the day, during a blazing sunset, the sun is perfectly framed by the building within the precise axis of the central fountain. The combination of the sun rays and shimmering water bathes everything in a golden hue. 

LV Cruise 2023 collection


Louis Vuitton played its show at this specific hour where changes in temperature set a stylistic tempo. Star Trek and Star Wars fuse as metallic warrior shoulders are covered with ‘sack-like’ clothes. Linen, jacquard, silk, leather, tweed – all culminate in a glorious, ultramodern vision. 

LV Cruise 2023 collection


It is, hands down, one of the most innovative fashion collections we have seen in the past few years. Nicolas Ghesquiere has outdone his past work with these original creations.

LV Cruise 2023 collection


The Salk Institute joins other exceptional settings that have been part of Louis Vuitton’s architectural journey in recent years: the Bob and Dolores Hope Estate designed by John Lautner in Palm Springs, California (2015); the MAC by Oscar Niemeyer in Niteroi, Brazil (2016); the Miho Museum by Ieoh Ming Pei outside Kyoto, Japan (2017); and the TWA Flight Center by Eero Saarinen at JFK airport in New York (2019).

LV Cruise 2023 collection

Diageo India to premiere its Indian crafted single malt Godawan at Cannes Film Festival May 13, 2022: Presenting various facets of India at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, Diageo India is premiering Godawan, its crafted single malt, at this year’s Film Festival. With its provenance devoted to the Rajasthani ethos of beauty in scarcity, Godawan positions India as the creator of quality single malts on a global map. The confluence with the National Film Development Corporation augments the Make in India narrative through a grand showcase of the spirit, along with the country’s culture at the celebrated film festival.

Godawan Diageo India

Vikram Damodaran, Chief Innovation Officer, Diageo India, said, “Diageo India’s Craft Spirits venture is deeply rooted in Indian provenance, craftsmanship, innovation, and tradition. Godawan – the Spirit of the Desert – pays homage to those craftsmen and innovators who have sustainably and consciously redefined the glory of the land they hail from. Presenting Godawan at the Cannes Film Festival will encourage modern consumers across borders to understand the nuances of the luxurious flavors in both expressions of this artisanal single malt.”

This event comes at a strategically chosen time as India is the official country of honor for the Cannes Film Market this year. Beginning on May 17, this is the first time the festival is having an official country of honor and the new tradition will be continued with different nations at future editions.

This honour is much in part due to a coincidence - India is celebrating its 75th year of independence from British rule while the Cannes festival is also celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022. Actor Deepika Padukone is also on the jury for the main feature film competition. 

Diageo has a strong commitment to the Make in India initiative. The launch of Epitome Reserve in 2021, India’s first artisanal 100% rice whisky made of locally sourced rice, from the northern frontiers of Punjab, was the first step towards crafting spirits with local produce. 

Diageo India will bring alive the story of Godawan through an experiential lounge at the India Pavilion of the Cannes Film Festival 2022. The brand has also collaborated with artists such as Rajasthani traditional folk singer Mame Khan, electronic music producer Ritviz and contemporary folk musician Raghu Dixit, who will represent the spirit of India’s cultural narrative woven in modern-day sounds.

Indian film actress Pooja Hegde will be representing Godawan on the red carpet.

Buccellati debuts at Milan Design Week 2022 with an exhibition May 13, 2022: Historic Italian jewellery house, Buccellati, is debuting at Milan Design Week with an exhibition focusing on the contemporary reinterpretation of Galateo (Etiquette), intended as the rediscovery of conviviality, placing values such as empathy, grace and kindness at the centre. 

Milan Design Week Buccellati


Curated by Federica Sala, with the installation project designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors, the exhibition – which will be held at the brand’s headquarters in Milan - invites four leading names in contemporary design - Dimore, Ashley Hicks, Chahan Minassian and Patricia Urquiola - to interpret the table with four historical Buccellati silver collections and the new porcelain collection developed in collaboration with Ginori 1735


The concept takes inspiration from a bygone era. In nowadays accelerated, digital world where sociability has been lacking, many have felt a strong need to interact again with others. In this context, Buccellati takes cues from "Il Libro del Cortegiano" by Baldassarre Castiglioni (1513/1514) and from "Il Galateo" by Giovanni della Casa (1558), which consider the art of the table the place of excellence where to practice the essential virtues of cordiality. It is a celebration of being together, of the good, of the beautiful, of the properly-done.

Milan Design Week Buccellati


Dimore is a Milanese studio; Ashley Hicks and Chahan Minassian share their time between Italy and, respectively, England and France; and Patricia Urquiola has been calling Milan ‘home’ for many years. Each designer was invited to present their own interpretation of the contemporary table with one of the Buccellati silver collections (Caviar, Doge, Marina & Rouche, Tahiti) together with the new porcelain collection developed in collaboration with Ginori 1735.


The collaboration between Buccellati and Ginori 1735 has created in a refined table collection in pure porcelain, called "Double Rouche - Florence Furnace". The collection will be sold exclusively in Buccellati boutiques around the world. The objects replicate the same decorative motifs of Double Rouche, Buccellati's historic silver collection. Each product from the new collection, which includes plates for the table and gift kits, is presented in three colours (cream white, pale green, intense blue) and is entirely produced by the Florentine Ginori 1735 artisans with the ancient “vetrina” technique.

Louis Vuitton announces Deepika Padukone as its new House Ambassador May 10, 2022: In a statement that defines the importance of the Indian market for Louis Vuitton, the French luxury brand has appointed Deepika Padukone as its latest House Ambassador. The Indian actress, producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur stars in her first leather goods campaign for the Maison. 

Deepika Padukone Louis Vuitton


With over 30 feature films to her credit, the actress has notably been named a member of the jury of this year’s 75th Cannes Film Festival. In 2018, Time Magazine named Ms. Padukone as one of their “100 Most Influential People”. She was also recently awarded the TIME 100 Impact Award for her contribution to the Field of film and Entertainment. 


In 2015, Ms. Padukone set up “The Live Love Laugh Foundation” which aims to de-stigmatise mental illness and raise awareness regarding mental health. 

Deepika Padukone Louis Vuitton


Ms. Padukone is the first Indian to be signed as a House Ambassador by Louis Vuitton. She has previously made an appearance in Nicolas Ghesquière’s novel-inspired Pre-Fall 2020 campaign.

Payal Singhal fuses old-world Indian glamour in her first jewellery line May 9, 2022: Indian designer Payal Singhal knows how to blend Indian designs with modern silhouettes. Taking that philosophy ahead, Ms. Singhal has launched her first jewellery collection in collaboration with the Jaipur-based label Sangeeta Boochra. The jewellery brand is known for handcrafted jewellery made by master craftsmen of India.

Payal Singhal Sangeeta Boochra silver jewelry

Titled ‘Zaiwar’, the collection uses kundan, silver and inlay work pieces to design a line of contemporary, everyday jewels for the #PSGirl. Each design from this 50-piece capsule line is a marriage of something old, with something new — an aesthetic that both brands resonate with.

Payal Singhal Sangeeta Boochra silver jewelry

The mood behind the collection was to allow present-day connoisseurs to wear their heritage on their sleeve every day - from work to brunch to cocktail evenings and travel!

Payal Singhal Sangeeta Boochra silver jewelry

“We were looking for the perfect amalgamation of the old and the new, that perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. Designs that could go on to tell tales of heritage yet be a part of the modern design aesthetic. Payal has a unique design sensibility of infusing traditional techniques with modern Indian wear. So, together the two brands have brought forward for you pieces that could go on to be heirlooms. During the Mughal era, gold inlay work was specifically done on gemstones like margaz or emeralds. We have tried to achieve the gold quality and finish with silver, handcrafted by the master craftsmen and gold artisans from India,” stated Abhineet & Riteek Boochra.

Payal Singhal Sangeeta Boochra silver jewelry

The 50-piece collection encompasses silver handcrafted necklaces, chokers, rings, earrings, and pendants, made with gold plated inlay work, Kundan motifs, semi-precious stones and pearls. The collection is available at all Payal Singhal and Sangeeta Boochra stores as well as online on and

Ralph Lauren celebrates 50 years of the Polo Shirt May 9, 2022: If there is one garment that spells comfort with a dose of style, it’s Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt. Celebrating 50 years of this iconic product born in 1972, Ralph Lauren has announced ‘Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt’, a new coffee table book published by Rizzoli International. 

Polo 50 years history

This quintessential, singular piece of clothing is ubiquitous and has served as the canvas for the lifestyles and worlds that have inspired Ralph Lauren since 1972. Embodying a chic casualness that is uniquely American, the Polo shirt is a cultural symbol, worn by everyone from movie stars and presidents to athletes and artists. 

The campaign accompanying the book reflects on the incredible cultural impact that the Polo Shirt has had over the past five decades, and reintroduces it to a new generation of consumers through a series of initiatives and installations, a collection of sustainable, creative and customizable Polo Shirts available for purchase, immersive storytelling and more.

Ralph lauren Polo 50 years history

With beautiful photography, an introduction by Ralph Lauren, and an afterword by David Lauren, the new book shines the spotlight on the shirt, itself. The first chapter states, “The Polo shirt is to Ralph Lauren what Mickey Mouse is to Disney or the Empire State Building is to New York City.” Whether worn with the collar popped up, open and untucked, or dressed up under a suit jacket, the Polo embodies the optimism of American style. It became not only a canvas for the designer’s artistry, but a backdrop and inspiration for many dreams, hopes, and ambitions for people all over the world.

Ralph Lauren, Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation, states in the introduction, “I wanted the shirt to become part of the life of the person who wore it. I never knew that after fifty years it would become such a personal icon all over the world. What I do has always come from the way people live. It’s honest and from the heart and hopefully that is what touches the diversity of people who wear my Polo and all my clothes.”

RL Polo for pups

This 544-page compendium documents the iconic style and influential impact of the Polo Shirt. As seen through historic imagery and told through the personal stories of celebrities, politicians and presidents, royals, world class athletes, as well as everyday people, the book showcases various individuals who have made the Polo their own and inspired others to follow suit along the way. From the classic white to the weathered Polo, from the Earth Polo to the US Olympics, the US Open, and Wimbledon Championship collaborations, this unique volume celebrates the full spectrum of the Polo, making it a collector’s dream.

In line with the brand’s sustainability goals, there will be expanded offerings of the classic Polo Shirt available. As part of the Company’s goal to offer more circular experiences for consumers, a limited number of select vintage and collectible designs, seen within the pages of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt, will be made available for purchase in select stores and select regions. Sourced from the brand's exclusive archival collection, each piece was examined by Ralph Lauren experts to verify their authenticity. Also introduced by way of this vintage offering will be The Upcycled Polo Shirt. Selected from a limited-edition collection of Polo Shirts that have been hand-repaired by artisans from the Los Angeles-based circular design platform, Atelier & Repairs, each Polo is sourced from North America, and given a second life through a unique over-dyeing process that gives each shirt its vibrant true indigo hue and patched with vintage fabrics on the placket and at the gussets.

Caro Daur earth Polo

Exciting new options will also be built into the Create Your Own (CYO) Customization program featuring the recently introduced Custom Polo, Made to Order that includes a choice of solid, striped or color-blocked designs for the body, collar and sleeves, as well as the ability to have lettering and symbols knit into each cuff. This on-demand manufacturing model helps reduce product inventory and provides hundreds of combinations available for the customer to make each polo their own to then be knit to order using elevated flat knit technology.

The Company will open The Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Shop Concept Store in both Berlin (May 18) and Ginza (open now). The shops focus on selling this singular, iconic product and will showcase its most extensive breadth of Polo shirt offerings ever including a Custom CYO shop for men, women and children for a limited time.

Bonhams to auction 101-Carat Colombian Emerald Art Deco Bracelet among other delicacies May 9, 2022: From the glamour of the wearers to the stunning designs, Bonhams New York Jewels sale is filled with Art Deco treasures from three important American collections. 

Bulgari vintage ring


On May 24, jewels on the auction block include a 101-carat Colombian emerald Art Deco bracelet by Cartier, circa 1926, from the collection of Hélène Irwin Crocker Fagan (1887–1966), one of the richest American heiresses in the world during the Belle Epoque and Art Deco eras. Daughter of William G. Irwin, an English capitalist who amassed a fortune as a sugar baron in Hawaii, Hélène married Templeton Crocker (grandson of Charles Crocker, one of the big four railroad magnates) in 1911. The newspapers went wild, and the San Francisco Call headline read, “Crocker-Irwin Wedding Bells Clink of Gold: Vast Fortunes to be United at Altar.” 

Aquamarine bracelet ring


Lady Sylvia Ashley (1904–1977) was an extraordinary beauty and hundreds of society photos capture her dazzling smile, perfect style, and love of jewelry. Known as “Silky” to her friends, referencing her start as a chorus girl and lingerie model, she was lively, extravagant, and loved a crowd. Her five marriages - to two lords, one prince, and two Hollywood icons: Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Clark Gable – are much popular. 

Buccellati butterfly brooch


Her collection (more than 60 pieces) is full of jewelry and objects with old Hollywood glamour collected during an extraordinary life. From an Art Deco aquamarine bracelet by Cartier, to a geometric diamond charm bracelet by Van Cleef & Arpels, Lady Ashley loved and wore her pieces during her adventures, be it meeting Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace or traveling the world on Douglas Fairbanks’ yacht. The selection of Art Deco boxes by Cartier and other makers is noteworthy. Two midcentury gold Van Cleef & Arpels clocks are wonderfully whimsical timepieces and the “Inséparables” clock from the 1940s features two emerald lovebirds and a spray of rubies – a similar model was owned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 

Van Cleef & Arpels Clock


One of the world's most beloved entertainers, Bette Midler’s expansive body of work has spanned nearly six decades across different genres, eras, and media. She has been recognized with four Grammy Awards, two Academy Award nominations, three Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and nine American Comedy Awards. A bestselling singer, her albums have sold over 30 million copies worldwide. She is celebrated for films including The Rose, Beaches, and Hocus Pocus, and her recent Broadway turn in Hello Dolly!. On and off stage, Ms. Midler’s style has always demanded attention. From the red carpet to her costume parties for her charity the New York Restoration Project, to her laid-back looks, Ms. Midler is an icon of style and is always adorned with eye-catching jewelry. More than a dozen pieces from her include a spectacular diamond and yellow sapphire feather from Tiffany & Co., a pair of gold bubble bracelets from Demner, earclips from Buccellati, and a Cartier “La Dona” gold watch.  

Cartier Aigrette


Caroline Morrissey, Director of Jewelry for Bonhams New York, said: “We are delighted to present three fabulous jewelry collections from American ladies: first, the incredible jewels of Hélène Irwin Crocker Fagan, an heiress from the Art Deco era who owned one of the finest Colombian emerald Cartier bracelets I have ever seen; second, the collection of Lady Ashley, a rags to riches story of a chorus girl who ended up marrying both Douglas Fairbanks and Clark Gable; third, jewelry from a living legend, the inimitable Bette Midler. Many of the pieces in this sale are on the market for the first time and it is an incredible opportunity to buy a beautiful jewel with a famed and glamorous story behind it.”

MB&F & Reuge collaborate to launch MusicMachine Reloaded MB&F Reuge Music Machine Reloaded

May 4, 2022: MB&F has always been a patron of modern mechanics. Going beyond just horology, MB&F has stepped up to give artists and inspired engineers a platform through MAD Gallery. This latest product, co-created by MB&F and Reuge, is something of a marvel that reminds you of childhood, yet takes you to the future. Presenting MusicMachine Reloaded.

“How you make a music box is still something that is mind-boggling for the mere mortal,” says MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser. High-end mechanical music boxes share many similarities with horology, both technically and aesthetically, with similar fine finishing techniques. For MusicMachine 1 Reloaded, energy is derived from coiled springs and transferred by gear trains; the unwinding speed is carefully regulated, thanks to fan regulators similar to those found in traditional minute repeater watches. This puts in motion two cylinders, which contain the “scores” of the melodies, materialised by 1,400 precision-placed pins. When the cylinders revolve, the pins pluck the teeth of steel combs, each containing a bespoke selection of 72 hand-tuned notes. Each comb forms a unique pair with its corresponding cylinder; neither can play properly without the other.

MB&F Reuge Music Machine Reloaded

Reuge was founded in 1865 in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland and is today the premier manufacturer of music automatons with more than 155 years of expertise. Between 2013 and 2015, MB&F and Reuge released three MusicMachines, each playing different songs – untraditionally, modern music. Maximilian Büsser and his Friends decided it was time to redesign the first MusicMachine and issue another edition.

Originally designed by Chinese designer Xin Wang, this latest edition has been given a more streamlined, open design by Maximilian Maertens. “I took the existing idea of how and where we place the mechanics and changed everything else about the MusicMachine, without losing the main essence of the previous piece – so that it really looks like a ‘reloaded’ version,” Mr. Maertens said.

With its dual propellers and twin silver cylinders mounted on sleek outrigger landing gear, MusicMachine 1 Reloaded still looks like a spaceship hailing from a galaxy far, far away. Just slightly different than before.

MB&F Reuge Music Machine Reloaded

Like the original version, each of the cylinders on MusicMachine 1 Reloaded plays three tunes, all personally selected by Maximilian Büsser. The left cylinder plays the Star Wars theme, “Imperial March” from The Empire Strikes Back, and the theme from Star Trek. Back on earth, the right cylinder plays Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall,” Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water,” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

“When it comes to design and creativity, MB&F is the specialist,” says Reuge CEO Amr Alotaishan. “However, when it comes to execution and excellence of product – the technical, engineering, and manufacturing side – we are comfortable. The ability to have a creative design that can reach out and touch people is amazing, while we know that we can produce the complementary quality when it comes to the technology.”

MusicMachine 1 Reloaded is a limited edition of 33 pieces in blue, 33 pieces in red, and 33 in black, available for CHF 18,500, on MAD Gallery's eshop.

Bollywood actor Siddhant Chaturvedi appointed as Ulysse Nardin’s Brand Ambassador for India Siddhant Chaturvedi Ulysse Nardin

May 4, 2022: In tune with the changing preferences of the Indian diaspora, Swiss watchmaker, Ulysse Nardin, has announced Indian actor and youth icon Siddhant Chaturvedi as its latest Brand Ambassador for India.

Since 1846, Ulysse Nardin has been disrupting watchmaking with innovative diving timepieces. Mr. Chaturvedi’s fearless attitude, free-spirited nature, strong personality, and passion for what he does resonates with Ulysse Nardin, making him the perfect representative for this unique brand.

“Siddhant Chaturvedi is a youth icon, charming and brimming with energy, adventure, and a go-getter attitude. He is also a role model for young India, making this partnership a winning match,” said Teresa Garin, General Manager, Middle East and India, Ulysse Nardin.

Siddhant Chaturvedi Ulysse Nardin

Mr. Chaturvedi debuted in ‘Gully Boy’, a film produced by American rapper Nas, and was last seen in critically acclaimed movie ‘Gehraiyaan’. 

“I’m delighted to join the Ulysse Nardin family. I’m spellbound by the work they do…from conception, design, development and crafting through to production. They’ve truly set a global benchmark and they constantly reach for the sky, which is a personal representation for everything I believe in and hope to achieve,” said Mr. Chaturvedi.

Boba Fett’s starship graces Kross Studio’s new tourbillon Boba Fett Star Wars Watch

May 4, 2022: Mysterious and enigmatic, it was bounty hunter Boba Fett who inspired an infinite fleet of Storm Troopers in Star Wars. And it’s only recently that this character has been given due screen time by Lucasfilm. No wonder that Kross Studio’s latest creation, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, gives a tribute to Boba Fett. The new and limited edition of 10 Boba Fett-inspired collector sets are complete with a numbered, manual wound Boba Fett-inspired central Tourbillon timepiece and a watch display inspired by Boba Fett’s famed starship.

The central tourbillon is showcased within a 45mm grade 5 titanium case, coated with chocolate PVD. Kross Studio engineers reached another level by undertaking the challenge of manufacturing a miniature starship on its landing platform at the top of the tourbillon’s cage.

Boba Fett Star Wars Watch

Composed of eight pieces, each miniature tourbillon resembling Boba Fett’s firespray starship has been produced at Kross Studio and manufactured in CNC machines. Each piece has been meticulously engraved and hand painted to mimic the weathered appearance of Boba Fett’s ship as it appears in Bespin at Cloud City in the Star Wars film saga. The starship has been created by EFX - a company known as an exceptional manufacturer of high quality “screen accurate” limited edition prop replicas and collectibles from favorite films, television, video games and other entertainment media. It took 90 hours to make each of the ten pieces with their incredible detailing.

Kross Studio has employed a unique peripheral format for reading the hours and minutes through a planetary gear system that orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon. To optimize the movement’s efficiency as much as possible, the hour and minute display system is fixed on two very wide and high-precision ball bearings. The hour hand is inspired by Boba Fett’s jetpack and the minute hand by its rocket, two iconic items that the bounty hunter carries permanently.

Kross Studio’s ingenious D-ring crown system is placed on the case back. The barrel’s mainspring is wound by lifting the D-ring and turning it like a key. The timepiece offers a maximum power reserve of five days. Time-setting is just as simple, completed by pressing the “Time Set” push button at 3 o’clock while simultaneously turning the case back D-ring in either direction.

Boba Fett Star Wars Watch

Cleverly hidden quick-release strap buttons on the underside of the case also help preserve the timepiece’s clean lines, a handy feature which allows quick strap changes from the included green polyamide strap embossed with the pattern of Boba Fett’s chest armor to either of the other included straps: the chocolate color calf leather strap and the black rubber strap. To optimize durability and comfort, each included strap has been reinforced with black rubber inlay.

This 10-piece series of Boba Fett Collector Sets will never be produced again, joining the pantheon of the galaxy’s most highly sought Star Wars collectibles. The sets, costing $120,000 each, are available at, or through official partners and select authorized retailers.

Zegna celebrates 232 icons in its new campaign May 3, 2022: Stretching 44.5 kms to link Oasi Zegna – the brand’s home – the 232 holds much importance in the menswear brand’s history. It was built in the 1930s by the company founder Ermenegildo Zegna. As a part of its new identity, which tributes the brand’s iconic heritage, Zegna’s latest brand campaign presents 232 visionaries, connected by a shared set of principles and a progressive vision for the future.

isaac wright yagamoto marracach zegna

For its introductory season, the 232 brand values campaign includes musician Marracash, actor Isaac Hempstead Wright (of The Game of Thrones fame) and movement director Yagamoto. Possessing positive confidence, these visionaries challenge conventions and make bold choices that establish a new path forward for them.

Through this campaign, Zegna acknowledges that the journey is more important than the destination. Zegna shares the personal stories and viewpoints of 232 personalities to illuminate the beauty that is found when we move through life with intention and are driven by a strong sense of purpose.

The 232 have been showcased in candid film moments that shine a spotlight on their dynamic personalities and sense of style.

Christie’s to auction the most complete skeleton of Jurassic Park’s Raptor The Raptor Christie's auction

May 3, 2022: Bringing the Velociraptor back to our existence, auction house Christie’s is introducing ‘The Raptor’ in the market. To be auctioned as part of the New York Spring Marquee Week of sales on May 12, 2022, the iconic raptor (Deinonychus) stands dynamically poised at nearly 10 feet long, containing 126 fossil bones in an incredible state of preservation from approximately 115 – 108 million years ago. As one of the most famous and rarest dinosaurs—and the most complete skeleton of his species ever found—The Raptor is estimated at $4 million - 6 million.


The Raptor was excavated from Wolf Canyon, in Montana, Wyoming and has since been in private hands. It has been exhibited only once in Copenhagen at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. With a handful of recorded specimens found and only two skeletons in museum collections, The Raptor is the single most complete Deinonychus known to exist, and the only privately owned specimen.

The Raptor Christie's auction


James Hyslop, Christie’s Head of Department, Books, Travel & Science, remarks, “We’re elated to welcome The Raptor to Christie’s…and to spotlight this scientific marvel in our New York City galleries…The Raptor’s presence is truly captivating and ultimately a reminder that this iconic predator remains truly thrilling to a worldwide audience and an everlasting moment of the zeitgeist.” 


Fifty million years before the reign of the dinosaurs ended in the age of Tyrannosaurus rex, a smaller, more agile, pack-hunting predator was the most feared—and smartest—animal of its time. Known for its swift gait, lethal sickle claws and potent kick housed in an elegant, compact frame, Deinonychus was an incredibly sophisticated dinosaur species of theropods (carnivorous animals that can walk on two legs). This species, in fact, inspired Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jurassic Park’. 

The Raptor Christie's auction


In 1969, palaeontologist John Ostrom coined the name Deinonychus which translates aptly to “terrible claw,” to reference the lethal sickle claw present on each foot. With the claw held off the ground when not in use to maintain its sharpness, the raptor would stand on one leg, holding the target in its long arms, and pierce its prey with a mighty kick. 


Unlike most dinosaurs, the raptor’s method of attack was aided by the ability to use its arms and stretch its hand up to nine inches in length while standing on its hind legs when attacking others in its path. This aggressive, upright stance was facilitated by a long tail that provided balance; it would otherwise be stretched horizontally when running and contributed to the raptor’s exceptional length measuring approximately 10 feet or 3 meters long. 


The Raptor is on view at Christie’s New York until May 11, 2022.

Christie’s to offer the collection of fine art patrons Thomas and Doris Ammann April 22, 2022: Thomas and Doris Ammann, a brother-sister duo that respected art for its beauty rather than its value, were a legendary pair. A part of their private collection is now soon to be auctioned by Christie’s this May in New York City. Works from the collection will be sold across two live sales at Rockefeller Plaza during the Spring Marquee Week, beginning with a single-owner evening sale on May 9, 2022.

Doris Ammann   Thomas Ammann

L to R: Doris Ammann at Pestana Palace, Lisboa | Thomas Ammann with a Vincent Van Gogh

With a curated selection of 36 masterworks by leading 20th century artists including Robert Ryman, Francesco Clemente, Sturtevant, and Cy Twombly, the evening sale is led by Andy Warhol’s Shot Sage Blue Marilyn – a painting poised to be the most expensive 20th century work to sell at auction. An additional group of works from the phenomenal private collection will be sold in a dedicated Day sale, taking place during the Spring Marquee Week in succession with the Post-War and Contemporary Day Sale. 

The selection of just over 100 works across both sales exemplifies the Ammanns’ superior aesthetic, conveying a myriad of deeply personal stories throughout 20th century art. To maintain clear lines between what they did as dealers and what they did as collectors, as Thomas explained, “you can't collect what you want to sell — because then either you sell all the good things, which is no fun; or you keep all the good things, which bankrupts you.” Thomas devoted every free minute of his time to visiting galleries and artists' studios. As he put it in 1988, "What interests me about collecting is seeing what's happening today. I buy young people, and I buy them very early. I don't buy what I hear about, I buy what I see myself.”

Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe

Shot Sage Blue Marilyn by Andy Warhol

Thomas and Doris Ammann were devoted friends of the artists they collected, championing them for the entirety of their careers. When asked by Vanity Fair about his friendship with Thomas Ammann, Francesco Clemente refused to speak on it, calling the relationship “too personal, too sacred” for him to discuss publicly. 

The Ammanns were indisputably leaders in the art world and market makers for a generation of talented artists—many of whom have gone on to become household names. A number of works on offer come from the walls of the Ammann landmark home, a Bauhaus masterpiece with breathtaking views of Lake Zurich in addition to their other residences. 

Cy Twombly

A Cy Twombly part of the Christie's auction

Siblings Doris and Thomas were cofounders of Thomas Ammann Fine Art. Throughout their lives, the pair endlessly supported creative practices, shepherding artistic endeavors with singular passion. In 1977, the same year he founded his gallery, Thomas Ammann first envisioned the realization of a comprehensive Andy Warhol catalogue raisonné. Brilliantly coedited by Georg Frei, this was a pursuit Thomas worked toward until the end of his life. It was brought to fruition a decade later in partnership between Thomas Ammann Fine Art and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

After her brother’s passing in 1993, Doris continued to run Thomas Ammann Fine Art with grace and humility for the remainder of her life, exerting clear talent in her ability to identify great art.

Andy Warhol Flowers

Flowers by Andy Warhol

Georg Frei, Chairman of the Board, Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation, remarks: “Working with people as wonderful as Doris and Thomas over so many years has been an incredible gift. Transforming their astonishing legacy into charitable work fills me with courage, and gives me hope that together we can create a better world for many, many suffering and unprivileged children."

Tory Burch names actress Sydney Sweeney as its brand ambassador April 22, 2022: Lifestyle brand Tory Burch has announced Sydney  Sweeney as the brand’s ambassador for handbags and shoes. 

Sydney Sweeney for Tory Burch


Ms. Sweeney has garnered global attention for her role in HBO’s series Euphoria. She has appeared in a diverse range of films and TV shows, including The White Lotus, The Handmaid’s Tale, and the forthcoming Marvel film Madame Web.


In 2020, the young actress established her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Films, to spotlight up-and-coming female directors, screenwriters and authors. Off-screen, Ms. Sweeney restores vintage cars and is trained in mixed martial arts.


“Sydney is one of the most talented and relevant young actors working today, but I am equally inspired by her curiosity and confidence,” Ms. Burch says. “She is unapologetic and empowered in her approach to acting and business. I am thrilled to start working together.”


Ms. Sweeney reciprocates the excitement as she says: “I’ve been a fan of her [Tory Burch’s] clothing and accessories for years, and I admire her tireless work to support women. I’m inspired not only by Tory’s vision and the business she has built, but also by her kindness and philanthropy. I am so looking forward to the beautiful partnership and meaningful conversations to come.”

Reliance secures a stake in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla – one of the oldest Indian couture houses April 19, 2022: Going forward with its string of deals to acquire stakes in Indian couture brands, Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) has now invested in one of India’s foremost couturiers - Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla (AJSK) - for a 51% majority stake. The partnership is aimed at accelerating the 35-year-old couture house’s growth plans in India and across the globe.

Abu Sandeep Reliance investment


Launched in 1986, couture label Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla is internationally feted for its cutting-edge quality and classically elegant style. The richness of India's heritage suffused with divine, pathbreaking design makes every AJSK garment a modern masterpiece. Trendsetters for high fashion, they are best distinguished for introducing mirrorwork, crushed cotton and silk, chikankari and khadi as couture


At AJSK, the finest fabrics combine with the most exquisite embroideries and intricate embellishments to create unparalleled quality and aesthetic appeal. The emphasis is on timeless style rather than transient trends. Many celebrities have donned creations by the designer duo for their weddings and red carpet events – be it Judie Dench, Sonam Kapoor or Deepika Padukone.


The fashion house Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla currently features three other labels: ASAL by Abu Sandeep, a diffusion, formal, occasion and wedding wear, womenswear label; GULABO by Abu Sandeep, luxe pret separates, featuring casual and formal wear for women; and MARD by Abu Sandeep, a formal and occasion wear men’s label.

Into the Light film by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla


"When we started Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla our mission was clear, we wanted to bring India’s impeccable craftsmanship and sense of style that had developed over centuries to the modern world. We wanted Indians to feel proud of our culture and we’re determined to ensure it was revered in the global fashion landscape. In the past 35 years we have done just that, not only have we brought traditional techniques back to life, but we have also created new ones that reflect the tastes and culture of modern India. Now with the support of Reliance Brands, we will be able to finally fulfil our ambition of global expansion. With RBL's world-class team steering our brand onto the global stage, this is an exciting time for Indian fashion. With this new venture we hope to permanently place our craft where it belongs, at the best runways and racks across the world,” said Abu Sandeep.


Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla will continue to lead the design and creative direction of the brand.

Embodying shades of summer, Jade by Monica & Karishma’s latest collection is a picture in vibrancy April 14, 2022: Embodying a palette of bright shades, the Spring Summer 2022 collection from JADE by Monica & Karishma is synonymous with joy, togetherness, and coming together.

Jade by Monica Karishma Spring Summer 2022

The designers lean into their signature techniques of Kasab for the collection, while the hues reinvent the traditional techniques in contemporary forms. Along with glamorous lehengas, “Gulaal – Shades of Love” also features timeless diffusion, pret and occasion-wear for the season. 

Jade by Monica Karishma Spring Summer 2022

The collection also brings forward festive menswear, a first for the label, with elegant bundis, bandhgalas, jackets and kurtas. Airy fabrics are dipped in unique yet quintessential JADE colours to create ensembles that are free-flowing and facilitate uninterrupted celebrations.

Jade by Monica Karishma Spring Summer 2022

From Aegean Blue and rich Garnet Red to enchanting Sage Green and timeless Pewter to ethereal Lunar Silver and earthy Marsala strike the right chords within everyone. Shades of Love features the signature craft of Kasab, Leheriya, Ek Taar and Macrame. 

Sotheby’s celebrates Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a month-long programme of exhibitions, events & auctions Sothebys Queen Platinum Jubilee celebration

April 14, 2022: Celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, auction house Sotheby’s will present a month-long programme of exhibitions and events marking this national milestone.

Spanning the visual, performing, literary and culinary arts, and providing a platform for the next generation of artists, the Jubilee season will showcase the breadth, diversity and excellence of British creativity. The galleries will be taken over by specially curated exhibitions of royal portraits, rare aristocratic jewels and important manuscripts, including works loaned from prestigious private collections from 28 May–15 June. 

Sothebys Queen Platinum Jubilee celebration

Alongside the exhibitions, visitors can attend talks, debates and musical and dramatic performances centered around the themes of arts and creativity, history and youth and future. Coinciding with the Jubilee, Sotheby’s will also hold “British Art: The Jubilee Auction” on June 29 – a sale dedicated to the very best of British art, from the Old Masters, through 20th-century giants to some of the greatest living artists still working today. 

As part of Sotheby’s support of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, the sale will include a new unique work of The Queen donated by Chris Levine, proceeds from which will benefit the Pageant. 

Sothebys Queen Platinum Jubilee celebration

Chatsworth, home to the Devonshire family, has collaborated with Sotheby’s Restaurant, where the Jubilee menus will feature Chatsworth estate-reared lamb, fresh produce from the Chatsworth kitchen gardens, Chatsworth Gin cocktails and a range of locally-sourced ingredients from across the Derbyshire Dales.

Sotheby’s Jubilee celebrations and British Art auction will be presented in partnership with Aston Martin – which holds a Royal Warrant since 1913. The partnership with Sotheby’s will celebrate Aston Martin’s 109 years of British design and engineering mastery as well.

Sothebys Queen Platinum Jubilee celebration

“Britain has long been known for its creativity and The Queen has been at the helm of this throughout her reign – both as custodian of a world-class collection, and the inspiration for artists, designers and more. This year, Her Majesty will become the first British Monarch to celebrate seventy years of service, the perfect opportunity for Sotheby’s, with our unique position at the helm of both art and luxury, to celebrate creativity in all its forms - art, music, literature, food, fashion and performing arts,” says Frances Christie, Deputy Chairman, Sotheby’s UK and Ireland.

JJ Valaya unveils an experiential store April 12, 2022: Indian designer JJ Valaya has launched ‘The World of Valaya’ – a flagship experience by the designer, housed at the JW Marriott Hotel in Aerocity, New Delhi. The 12,000 square feet, two-story concept features the designer’s three primary loves under one roof — Fashion, Home, and Photography.

The World of Valaya Aerocity New Delhi


Designed by Valaya Home, the multidisciplinary space stays true to quintessential Valaya sensibilities. Every product at the store has been designed, developed, or curated by the master couturier, reflecting the synergy of modern, maximal, and multi-cultural elements.


The ground level showcases the all-new bridge-to-luxury Valaya brand — JJV (which debuts with an eco-conscious collection made from TENCEL LUXE); a line of consciously made fashion jewellery; JJ Valaya’s books on photography; fashion accessories such as pocket squares, cufflinks, scarves, and belts; and a selection of Valaya Home furniture.

The World of Valaya Aerocity New Delhi


An Art Deco-inspired staircase leads to the capacious lower level, where you will find yourself standing under a grand chandelier in the resplendent Jamawar Gallery, featuring walls fabricated using original antique jamawar shawls and Art Deco inlay flooring.


This leads to the central artery of the space — the grand passage in black and white with a signature chevron ceiling illuminated by a series of pendant lights.

The World of Valaya Aerocity New Delhi


To the left of the central passage lies the fashion section housing women’s wear and menswear collections, a couture museum showcasing single-edition masterpieces, a precious jewellery showcase, and the private lounge for bespoke consultations, Le Salon du Musée. Here one will find the legendary Valaya embroideries for women and men besides a showcase of the Fabled Alika Jacket, The Shifting Leaves Chevron Line as well as a line of Jhalamand House shirts. The JJ VALAYA line of precious jewellery  has been crafted in association with Jagdish Jewellers Chandigarh.


To the right of the alley, a black arched entrance with signature Valaya wall tapestries brings you to the central Altar Lobby of the Home section where you can meander through five seamlessly interconnected zones — the living room, the bar with its dedicated lounge, the dining room, and the bedroom — for a complete Valaya Home experience. The spaces showcase the all-new line of Valaya fine furniture, lush carpets, lighting solutions, and fine art. 

The World of Valaya Aerocity New Delhi


In addition, rare vintage finds handpicked by the designer himself, sourced from the Far East, Turkey, the Orient, and the interiors of India, as well as the complete oeuvre of the designer’s art photography can be discovered in this section.


“The Valaya brand has always been known for larger-than-life experiences. It has a history of doing things that have been ahead of its time, large, industry-firsts, and very special. In 2022, as we get ready to celebrate 30 years of being in fashion, I am very confident that the World of Valaya, too, will herald and celebrate a new chapter for luxury in India,” says Mr. Valaya

The Lanesborough partners with Netflix & Shondaland to launch a Bridgerton-themed afternoon tea Bridgerton inspired afternoon tea london

March 12, 2022: In a city famous for its afternoon teas, London’s The Lanesborough hotel has announced its latest afternoon tea, inspired by Bridgerton, created in partnership with Netflix and Shondaland. 

Launching on March 25, the limited-edition tea will pay homage to the Regency era, which was a time of great revelling and high style, of elegant parties, balls, and grand dinners, with a contemporary twist.


Carefully crafted by The Lanesborough’s Head Pastry Chef, Kevin Miller, the menu will pay tribute to the key families in Bridgerton, in addition to ‘Lanesborough House’.

Bridgerton inspired afternoon tea london


Finger sandwiches and brioche sliders will comprise of Coronation chicken, fresh coriander, Clarence court egg mayonnaise, wholegrain mustard, Smoked salmon, horseradish, watercress, Organic cucumber, natural yoghurt, mint, Rare roast beef slider, black pepper mayonnaise, onion seed. To accompany savoury flavours and The Lanesborough’s delectable scones, cream and jam, Miller’s curated cake and sweet treat concept will include five signature highlights.


The Queen’s Diamond is an exquisite hand-crafted chocolate blended with honey, green cardamon and white chocolate ganache, displayed in a jewel coloured ring box, is a nod to Edwina Sharma, this season’s diamond.


In honour of Viscount Anthony, The Rake is a cake of distinction. A dandy white shirt enveloped in a crisp tailored suit with a dashing cream cravat, the delectable cake is a chocolate sable with milk chocolate mousse and a burst of whipped passionfruit curd centre. It is finished in a dark chocolate glaze, chocolate shard collar, and a whipped passionfruit cream Chantilly cravat.

Bridgerton inspired afternoon tea london


A British staple inspired by the exquisite Queen Charlotte, A True Love Match is an elegant, largesse classic layered Charlotte sponge cake constructed from a delicious light vanilla sponge, layered by the seasons, with strawberry jam and vanilla twisted cream.


A nod to the most high-profile character in Bridgerton, The Lady Whistledown cake is reflective of her ink pot and quill. Inside is a pistachio nut financier and pistachio mousse, coated in

milk chocolate and cocoa butter.


The star of the show sitting atop the cake stand, All is Fair in Love & War celebrates the Bridgerton family and is pale blue in colour, embossed with a bee – the symbol of Bridgerton. This dessert – to be shared between two – is a rosewater cheesecake with a burst of raspberry jelly in the centre, on a crumble crunch base coated in sprayed-blue white chocolate. 

Bridgerton inspired afternoon tea london


Inspired by the original Regency Gin Punch, the Pall Mall cocktail is an essential part of quotidian social life during the Regency period. The Lanesborough’s Head of Bars, Mickael Perron, has created a refreshing recipe for the cocktail by combining Hendrick’s gin and Graham Blend No5 white port, balanced with citrus and subtle sweetness. The concoction is served in an elegant high glass teacup, with a tea strainer filled with dried hibiscus flowers to infuse the drink with a pinkish colour. Finally, the cocktail is garnished with a floating lotus flower arrangement – the national flower of India – another nod to the Sharmas. A non-alcoholic version of Pall Mall is available as well.


To book the afternoon tea, visit or call +44 (0)20 7259 5599.

In yet another swipe, Reliance invests into Abraham & Thakore March 1, 2022: The conglomerate seems in a determined race to own India’s fashion scene as Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (RRVL), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd, invests in Abraham & Thakore Exports Pvt Ltd for a majority stake. Reliance Brands Ltd (RBL) will use its deep understanding of the affluent Indian customer and their heft across digital, retail operations, marketing, and supply chain platforms, to build brand Abraham & Thakore’s global appeal in the fashion and lifestyle category.

Kevin Abraham Thakore

Kevin Nigli, David Abraham & Rakesh Thakore

Launched in 1992 by David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore, they were soon joined by Kevin Nigli who famously became the “&” in Abraham & Thakore (A&T). A&T unlocked the potential and power of Indian handlooms by approaching them with modernity and meaning through weaving and design intervention in unconventional, even non-conformist ways.

A&T’s interpretation of Indian textiles started with loungewear and home collections that were first sold at The Conran Shop in London and later in global stores of repute such as Liberty, Browns, Harrod’s, and Selfridges. For almost 15 years the brand mostly retailed predominantly in international stores before coming to India with their first fashion show presentation.

From being showcased at Victoria & Albert Museum in London to creating carpets for Obeetee, the brand has had an exciting journey. The Abraham & Thakore Ikat sari is a part of the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the brand’s creations were chosen for Fabric of India, V&A’s first major exhibition that explored the rich and multi-faceted world of Indian handmade fabrics, in 2015. 

Abraham Thakore

An Abraham & Thakore creation. ©

“Abraham & Thakore is excited to partner with RRVL, the company responsible for redefining India’s luxury landscape. Through this partnership we will be extending the presence of the brand and bring together both fashion and lifestyle collections which will include home furnishings and lounge wear,” said David Abraham.

The design trio, David Abraham, Rakesh Thakore and Kevin Nigli will continue to lead the creative direction of the brand.

Reliance has remapped by the Indian luxury fashion industry by recently investing in Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Anamika Khanna and Rahul Mishra.

Ginori 1735 expands into fragrances with United Perfumes March 1, 2022: The Italian porcelain home décor brand, Ginori 1735, has partnered with United Perfumes, a leading player in the home fragrance and fragrance markets, to support the launch of LCDC, its first Home Fragrance collection.

Ginori 1735 home fragrances

With this new collection, Ginori 1735 is expanding into the home fragrance market with scented candles designed in a range of sizes and colours, along with incense burners and room diffusers. The refillable, scented decorative objects from the ‘La Compagnia Di Caterina’ collection are all hand-crafted at the Ginori 1735 artistic workshops in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence), while the scents were developed by famed Grasse perfume house, Jean Niel.

The collection has been designed by internationally renowned designer Luca Nichetto. Using faces of statues taken from the Ginori 1735 archives, Nichetto gives them a modern re-interpretation - inspired by colourful 'Lucha Libre' masks and Jean-Paul Goude’s illustrations. By combining Classicism with colours, with straight and rigorous lines, the newly composed sculptures acquire a mysterious, almost totemic dimension.

Ginori 1735 home fragrances

United Perfumes will support the retail and distribution efforts of these new fragrances. Following its acclaimed preview at the Salone del Mobile in September 2021, the Ginori 1735 LCDC collection is being rolled out to a selected network of key retailers worldwide (including Harrod’s, Bergdorf Goodman, the Beast, SKP, Lane Crawford, Shinsegae International).

Chiva-Som’s Zulal Wellness Resort to open this month Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som Qatar

March 1, 2022: Wellness resorts brand Chiva-Som has announced the official opening of Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som on March 29, 2022. Zulal Wellness Resort is Qatar’s largest wellness destination, featuring the world’s first contemporary showcase of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM). The resort offers Zulal Serenity which is dedicated to adult guests, together with Zulal Discovery, which invites families to connect and embark on a wellness journey together.

Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine is derived from the Canon of Medicine written by physician-philosopher Ibn Sina (also known as Avicenna), in 1025. The resort has distilled TAIM in its contemporary form to include a range of treatments and programmes aimed at supporting health in the 21st century, with an emphasis on restoring life balance through herbal medicines, spiritual therapies, dietary and mind-body practices. 

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som Qatar

Zulal Serenity is the adults-only area for guests aged 16 and above, with 60 rooms and suites offering a calming backdrop to individual journeys of wellness. Programmes are tailored to individual health needs, whether for relaxation, detox, weight management or fitness, with seven programmes on offer for adults. Wellness facilities include thermal and hydrotherapy suites, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa suites, a well-equipped gymnasium, exercise studios, a state-of-the-art physiotherapy studio and an aesthetics centre.

Zulal Discovery caters to guests seeking family experiences and to make wellness an integral part of the family bond, with programmes customised for multi-generations and specific age groups. Facilities have been designed by child and family specialists to bring families together. Accommodation is offered in a range of set-ups across 120 rooms and suites.

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som Qatar Hammam

All wellness retreats are inclusive of accommodation, all meals, a health and wellness consultation, daily treatments, and unlimited access to wellness facilities and group activities. With a digital-detox policy in public areas, the vastness of the desert surrounding, and the ocean within view from every room, guests are able to fully disconnect and naturally re-energise.

While younger children are encouraged to explore, with nature-based outings, arts and crafts, older children spend their time being active, with kayaking, dancing and personal training. They will also be introduced to meditation and healthy cuisines. 

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som Qatar Himalayan Salt Room

Zulal Wellness Resort offers Arabian, Mediterranean and fine dining restaurants. Menus are bespoke, nutritious, and include halal and vegan selections, created using natural ingredients. Guests are guaranteed a transformative culinary journey, which can be continued long after they return home, with the help of dedicated nutrition consultants.

A Van Gogh masterpiece once owned by Yves Saint Laurent to lead Christie’s sale March 1, 2022: Vincent van Gogh’s Champs près des Alpilles, 1889 (estimate on request; region of $45,000,000) will be a leading highlight of the 20th Century Art Evening Sale in May at Rockefeller Center in New York City. This rare work was one of two canvases sent from the artist while living in an asylum in Saint-Rémy to his close friend Joseph Roulin in Marseille at the beginning of 1890. 

Vincent van Gogh art auction

Vanessa Fusco, Co-Head of Christie’s New York 20th Century Evening Sale, remarked: “With its gestural, expressive handling and bold, vibrant color, Champs près des Alpilles exemplifies the key characteristics of Van Gogh’s trademark style – a style which is beloved and admired all over the world.”

Depicting an expansive vista spanning a vivid green wheatfield with a majestic tree framed by the monumental peaks of the Alpilles in the background, all pictured beneath a citron-color sky, this landscape comprises the signature subjects Van Gogh is known for during this important year. 

It was during his stay in Saint-Rémy that Van Gogh’s mature style truly emerged. He transformed the world around him into dazzling visions of often heightened color conveyed with evermore animated brushstrokes, both of which serve to imbue these canvases with a powerful—and highly influential—expressive charge. The Starry Night was also painted during this phase of his life. At this time, painting and nature itself took on a central importance to the artist.

The Christie’s catalogue will enlist that the painting was once owned by designer Yves Saint Laurent. Champs près des Alpilles will be on view along with selected highlights from the 20th Century / 21st Century Evening Sales in Taipei and Hong Kong before returning to New York, where it will be on exhibition at Christie’s New York ahead of the sale in May.

Hublot stresses the importance of crypto with Ledger in a unique partnership Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger

February 28, 2022: If watches could come with messages, then The Big Bang Unico Ledger, a 50-piece limited-edition, is full of deep thoughts. 

The entire package includes the watch, a limited-edition Ledger Nano X crypto wallet, and a special sapphire watch box. The watch is based on the Big Bang Unico, which has a 42mm black ceramic case and a skeletonised automatic chronograph in-house movement. 

Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger

An interesting aspect is the watch’s golden bezel, cast in solid “Electrum”, a natural gold and silver alloy that was used by Lydian societies in around 580-590 BC to mint the earliest known coins. Contrasting that is Bitcoin’s Latin motto “Vires in Numeris”, or strength in numbers, stamped six times into the bezel’s outer edge. Together, these themes capture the spirit of the world’s oldest and newest currencies. The case back is engraved with the Ledger logo and the 50-piece limited-edition number.

The Ledger & Hublot Nano X is a limited-edition crypto key that will only be available with the watch. The Nano X is Ledger’s signature digital asset wallet, a Bluetooth-enabled piece of hardware for safely encrypting, securing, managing, and growing your crypto assets. The Nano X is finished in matte black and decorated with both Ledger and Hublot logos. 

Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger

These will be delivered in a special presentation box made of a transparent smoked black sapphire chosen to illustrate the transparency and security of blockchain and decentralised currency. The case also makes an ironic reference to the solid, once impervious nature of traditional vaults and safes, which serve no function when it comes to digital assets.

“This is the year when the watch industry will come to embrace crypto currency. Hublot has always been first, unique, different and we’re extremely proud and excited to introduce a luxury Swiss Made watch that brings these two passionate, creative worlds together in such an historic, tangible way,” concludes Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

Houndstooth & red make Versace’s latest collection a powerful assortment February 28, 2022: Donatella Versace has stayed true to her seductive aesthetics with Versace’s Fall Winter 2022 Women’s collection. Reds, bustiers and houndstooth patterns make it a powerful collection worth every woman’s dream. 

Versace Fall Winter 2022 Womens

An energetic collection, signature Versace tweeds fray, unravel and drip in crystal and metal chains, while raw female force is seemingly caught and enhanced through tightly cinched waists. 

Versace Fall Winter 2022 Womens

Typically regal pearl jewelry is disrupted by sharp punk spikes, and pin-sharp pumps are finished in a latex-like brushed leather with metal heels.

Versace Fall Winter 2022 Womens

The unmistakable Atelier Versace bustier is at the collection’s core, but incorporated into sculptural outerwear and sportswear shapes. Silhouettes are seductive and fully empowered, with strong-shouldered coats revealing the bustier inside. The bustier can be seen both as forceful protective armor and overtly provocative, giving a sense of agency to the wearer.

Versace Fall Winter 2022 Womens

The collection smoulders in deep red, plum, charcoal, and black, with flashes of avocado, pink and DV blue. Textures continue the collection’s play on contrast.

Versace Fall Winter 2022 Womens

Outerwear featuring the La Greca motif in close-shaved sheepskin is teamed with tantalizing latex tops and leggings, and a new knit bomber jacket shape cocoons the wearer.

Versace Fall Winter 2022 Womens

The new Greca Goddess line of bags and accessories harnesses Versace’s culture of myth and luxury, with the brand’s Greca motif sitting harmoniously as central golden hardware and chain shoulder straps.

A combination of mass with luxury gives birth to Gucci X adidas Gucci backstage 2022

February 28, 2022: Immersing the viewer in the power of the magical mirror, Alessandro Michele’s latest Gucci collection was more than just a glorious display of clothes. It combined his cultural thinking, a much-loved sports brand and an old luxury brand with new-age connotations that has just produced incredible quarterly results. 

Gucci adidas fall winter 2022

As the runway presentation took progress, Mr. Michele’s usual love for colours, drama, volume and provocation could be clearly discerned. 

Gucci adidas fall winter 2022

What was new were the references to adidas. The adidas stripes were clearly visible on head gear, coats and jackets. A new logo where the adidas flower was merged with the word ‘Gucci’ was clearly visible. 

Gucci adidas fall winter 2022

From sophisticated coats to sporty dresses to lush trademark Gucci gowns, the range was vast, as were the materials and colours employed. 

Gucci adidas fall winter 2022


“As a theatrum catoptricum polydicticum, clothes offer themselves as makers of manifold. Wearing them, means to cross a transformative threshold where we become something else; it means to be able to enhance and articulate in a different way our identity and our exhibiting potential,” said Mr. Michele.

Gucci adidas fall winter 2022

His clothes, indeed, transform you to a different era. As usual, the collection is a visual feast. And this particular collaboration with adidas is yet another utopian dream made reality through the Gucci lens.

Gucci adidas fall winter 2022

Serapian’s Fall Winter 2022 women’s collection gives new shapes to its iconic mosaic pattern February 28, 2022: Reiterating its Milanese identity with soft shapes and delicate colors, Serapian’s Fall/Winter 2022-23 Women’s Collection has a relaxed elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. In a charming turn, the Maison goes back to the Seventies when it gave birth to the Secret bag.

Serapian Fall Winter 2022 handbags

The much-loved Mosaico range offers new extremely feminine colours like azure and bordeaux, respectively paired with caramel or petrol and blush.

Serapian also reinterprets some of its iconic pieces with a precious shearling in a snow-white tone resembling the slopes of Sankt Moritz. The shearling flawlessly matches both with leather details and Mosaico touches.

Serapian Fall Winter 2022 handbags

Serapian’s moves ahead with its sustainability goals through a capsule where distinctive models like Secret come in a vegetable tanned calf and recycled cotton for the lining, embellished by contrast saddle stitching.

Serapian Fall Winter 2022 handbags

The Mestieri d’Arte collection is a selection of small one-of-a-kind bags, where exceptional decorations come from Italian haute couture ateliers enrich their Mosaico craft with crystals, sequins and feathers. The high artistry is a vision to see!

Italian maison Balestra’s Reload Collection sets new standards for contemporary glamour February 24, 2022: Italian fashion gets a makeover as Balestra presents its renewed vision. Giving homage to Renato Balestra’s unique eye and penchant for the iconic blue shade, this FW 2022-23 collection – called Reload – is an electrifying amalgamation of history with future. 

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

The historical Italian Haute Couture fashion house, originally founded in 1959, presents a new aesthetic built on creative innovation. The maison has put together a creative team of emerging talents able to propel the brand’s evolution into the future. 

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

After launching its new logo and identity, Balestra presented its first prêt-à-porter collection during the Milan Fashion Week.

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

Born from a dream of light at dusk, the collection speaks of freedom, of the desire to live the night, and stay up until dawn. It is strength, courage and pride: a return to beauty and joy. “It is said that those who see the sun rise in a dream are about to begin a period of rebirth and change. It is a symbol of optimism and faith in the future,” says Sofia Bertolli Balestra, head of research, design and brand identity. “Dreams allow us to go beyond reality, to shape our future, to let ourselves believe in ambitious goals, and sometimes to see who we truly are.”

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

The timeless collection, designed to overcome seasonality, is inspired by Haute Couture. It is fluid and sustainable, in harmony with new generations’ sensitivity and awareness. “We started from our roots. We drew inspiration from Balestra’s legendary period between the late 1970s and the 1980s, referencing soft shapes, plunging necklines and oversized shoulders, allowing the body complete freedom. A beautiful dream that goes from day to night,” explains Ms. Balestra, who is also the granddaughter of the founder Renato Balestra.

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

The silhouettes are form fitting. The Balestra Blu is given center stage as it merges with black, white, nude and grey. The collection’s vision is inspired by a strong woman and is overlapped with Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s evocative symbolism and shared love for Rome. Thus, the Eternal City returns in all of its magnificence, on the fabrics printed with Piranesi’s 18th-century etchings. 

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

The maison’s heritage is also featured by the RB monogram – originally designed in 1971 by Renato Balestra – which expands into a large-scale print, with a neon effect created by overlapping graphics.

Balestra FW 2022-23 collection

The assortment also seems to beckon the young and trendy back to the social floor as the pandemic seems to loosen its hold. It’s time to celebrate. Indeed.

A watch and a limited-edition motorcycle from the Breitling X Triumph collaboration Breitling Triumph Top Time watch

February 23, 2022: Breitling has always had a penchant towards sporty style that captured the mood of its time. In the mid-1960s, auto racing was having a heyday, and a whole subculture had sprung up around “café racers,” stylish motorcycles, used to literally transport their riders from hip café to hip café.

At the time, Willy Breitling captured the speed-driven style of the day with a new take on timekeeping through the Breitling Top Time, an unconventional chronograph designed for “young and active professionals.” 

Today, Breitling is honoring that freewheeling 1960s café-racer spirit with a new Top Time collaboration with British motorcycle brand Triumph. “Triumph’s heritage and modern-retro aesthetic are just two of the many things we have in common,” said Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling. “Their blending of tradition with technology is completely in sync with what we do.”

Breitling Triumph Top Time watch

For their debut collaboration, Breitling is producing a Top Time Triumph watch with a distinctive brushed finish in the bow-tie motif nicknamed “the Zorro dial” by Top Time collectors. Triumph, meanwhile, is launching 270 co-branded motorcycles—the Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition—whose buyers will have the opportunity to purchase a special owner’s version of the Top Time Triumph, this one with a sunray dial and engraved caseback featuring the individual number of the bike.

The stars of both watches are their ice-blue dials. This unique color has two major references: a blue Triumph Thunderbird 6T from 1951, and a rare, blue-dialed Breitling Top Time Ref. 815 from the 1970s.

Features include a subdued racing-themed calfskin leather strap that lets the hero dial shine; Breitling and Triumph logos that sit subtly at 12 and 6 o’clock; oversized mushroom pushers that allow for easy control of the chronograph’s stop-start and reset functions; and a high-contrast tachymeter scale that provides clear legibility of speed readings. The casebacks are etched with a detailed design sketch of Triumph’s parallel twin engine.

Breitling Triumph Top Time motorcycle

The Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition motorcycle also enjoys a polychromatic blue scheme. Complementing the dials of the Top Time chronographs, the color scheme was inspired by the Triumph immortalized in the legendary 1953 biker movie The Wild One.

Fully adjustable Öhlins piggyback twin rear suspension units combine with all of the latest-generation Speed Twin performance, capability, and technology for the greatest Speed Twin ride ever. The billet-machined aluminum clutch and alternator embellishers with a dark anodized finish showcase an exquisitely machined Breitling logo.

The perforated black leather with contrasting gray stitching complements the Top Time Triumph watch strap and features an elegantly embroidered Breitling “B.” Co-designed by Breitling, the motorcycle’s speed and RPM gauges take their styling cues from the Top Time Triumph dial design.

Replete with her Indian-Muslim heritage, the jewellery of Lady Shakira Caine to be auctioned at Bonhams February 23, 2022: Replete with golden beads, delicate craftsmanship and regal style, a selection of costume jewels designed and worn by Shakira Caine, wife of the Hollywood star Sir Michael Caine, will be offered at Bonhams’ ‘Sir Michael Caine: The Personal Collection’ sale on March 2 in London. 

Shakira Caine jewellery bonhams

Lady Shakira Caine modelling her jewellery.

Lady Caine was inspired to make jewellery after visiting ‘The Costumes of Royal India’, exhibition, curated by the late Diana Vreeland at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, in 1985-1986. Speaking at the time, Lady Caine had said, “Being Indian, I was inspired by all of the Mogul jewellery. Indian jewellery will always live on. It’s alive, vibrant, and always worn with pride. It gives you a spark, a lift. I love the vivid colours, the craftsmanship, the individuality, and the subtlety of stones… I’ve always been interested in fashion and accessories, and I was lucky. I happened to get interested in jewellery when an ethnic tendency was reawakening in fashion”.

Lady Caine designed pieces which were inspired by the ancient jewellery making techniques of India and evocative of a fascinating time in India’s history. 

Shakira Caine jewellery bonhams

In the Textured Fringe Necklace, for example, each spherical bead has granulation and ropetwist detail, suspending a fringe of navette-shaped finials, with applied granulation in a variety of pear-shaped patterns. 

She took a dozen samples of her jewellery to Harrods in London. The meeting was successful and led to an extensive line of accessories. During the late 1980s and 1990s, her jewellery was retailed at Harrods and Harvey Nichols in London, Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, together with her gold-embroidered shawls, bags, and belts, all made in India and Paris. Her jewellery line was quite extensive, consisting of 30 necklaces, 40 pairs of earrings and 20 bracelets.

Shakira Caine jewellery bonhams

Charlie Thomas, Head of Sale, said: “The bracelet and necklaces offered in this sale are from Shakira Caine’s personal collection, and they clearly reflect her taste and individual style during a very creative period in her life as a designer.”

The Gem-Set necklace has an articulated collar of circular and pear-shaped colourless paste, with pear-shaped red paste accents, mounted throughout in foiled and closed back settings, issuing a fringe of red glass beads. 

Shakira Caine jewellery bonhams

Lady Shakira Caine in her jewellery.

Estimates for the jewellery range from £400 – 800. The collection also includes vintage film posters, furniture, delicate tableware, rare black and white photographs, Cartier and ST Dupont cufflinks, home décor, a Marc Chagall painting, and other rare artifacts.

A whisky from a vintage world, The Macallan’s The Reach Single Malt Whisky is 81 years old February 23, 2022: Releasing its oldest whisky ever – which is saying much for one of the oldest whisky brands in the world – The Macallan has unveiled The Reach, a single malt whisky aged for 81 years. 

The Macallan The Reach

Crafted during World War II, The Reach was laid to rest in 1940 before The Macallan was compelled to close its doors for the first time in its history.

Its very existence is testament to the care and commitment to uncompromised excellence by The Macallan. It also pays tribute to those who strived amid great adversity to resume distilling The Macallan’s spirit, as well as the craftspeople today who continue to uphold the brand’s values.

The single malt has a deep auburn hue – hinting at the whisky’s astonishing depth. It offers notes of dark chocolate, sweet cinnamon and aromatic peat, leading on to treacle toffee, crystalised ginger and charred pineapple, before giving way to an intensely rich, sweet and smoky finish.

A rare single malt at 81 Years Old, The Reach is the oldest whisky ever released by The Macallan, crafted from a single, sherry seasoned oak cask. The dark, precious whisky is encased in an exquisite decanter created from mouth-blown, hot glass, cradled on a bronze sculpture of three hands by sculptor Saskia Robinson. The veins, nails and skin detail are recorded in extraordinary accuracy. The sculpture is cast in bronze and the glimmer of the metal contrasts beautifully with the dark amber whisky.

The Macallan The Reach

Each hand represents characters in The Macallan’s history and their unique story. One commemorates the Distillery workers of 1940 who crafted the spirit, even during challenging times, over eight decades ago. Another is the hand of one-time chairman, Allan Shiach, whose grandfather headed the company when this remarkable spirit was first consigned to its cask. The third is that of today’s Master Whisky Maker, Kirsteen Campbell, who selected the 1940 cask, deciding that now was the time to share this whisky with the world.

The surface of the glass decanter features subtle indentations that match the fingerprints of the bronze hands which support it, while a beautiful cabinet crafted using wood from a fallen elm tree, which is thought to have been on The Macallan Estate in 1940, houses the decanter.

The packaging has been brought together by a collective of Scottish artisans, and the result is a handcrafted quartet of liquid, glass, bronze and wood that is a fitting tribute to this very special whisky.

Limited to only 288 decanters worldwide, The Reach is on display at The Macallan Estate boutique and at The Macallan domestic and travel retail boutiques. The RSP is $125,000.

“The creation of many hands, The Reach has been a truly collaborative effort. It’s also a tribute to the people who made this precious whisky, and their enduring spirit which never wavered,” says Ms. Campbell.

Kross Studio celebrates The Batman film with yet another collector set Batman Tourbillon Kross Studio

February 22, 2022: In another collaboration with Warner Bros., Swiss watch-art maker Kross Studio has launched two new projects to celebrate the upcoming film “The Batman,” including a new 10-piece, limited-numbered “The Batman” Collector set and a new series of “The Batman”-themed watch rolls. 

The collector set, priced at a very deserving US$ 100,000, includes “The Batman” Tourbillon watch and an illuminated Bat-Signal functional art piece. After the Batmobile Clock, this is the second product by Kross Studio inspired by the Batman.

The tourbillon embodies Batman, with its dark styling, ultra-precise movement, and the Bat Signal representation famously used to summon the superhero. Here, it is a canvas for a central tourbillon cage in the form of a Bat emblem. 

Batman Tourbillon Kross Studio

The watch was created with a new version of Kross Studio’s in-house caliber KS 7’000: the mechanical hand-wound 3 Hz caliber KS 7'001, with a 5-day power reserve. Placed atop the central tourbillon’s oversized cage, the miniature Bat-Signal’s louvered surface allows light to filter through and enables glimpses of the regulator below and makes one revolution per minute.

The timepiece has a different reading of hours and minutes. The hour hand is affixed to a peripheral display mechanism orbiting 360° around the tourbillon. The minutes are displayed on a disk, making one revolution per hour. A domed sapphire crystal arcs over the dial in a low profile that complements the rounded edges of the black 45mm titanium case. Altogether, the movement and watch components total 283 parts, each hand-made and assembled by Kross Studio in Gland, Switzerland.

Batman Tourbillon Kross Studio

The unique D-ring crown, found on the case back, and the “Time Set” push button, placed at 3 o’clock on the edge of the watch, maintain a low-profile to ensure a more comfortable wear than a conventional crown while also improving performance with a faster, easier winding and time-setting experience.

The barrel’s mainspring is wound by lifting the D-Ring found on the case back and turning it like a key. To set the time, the wearer simply presses the “Time Set” push button located at 3 o'clock while turning the case back D-ring in either direction.

The tourbillon’s watch straps are also easy to swap via Kross Studio’s ingenious interchangeable strap system, allowing the removal and change of the strap with a simple ‘click’ of its quick-release button. This enables an easy switch to any one of the three included strap options: a black calf leather strap embossed with the pattern of Batman’s armor, a black rubber strap with black stitching, or the red rubber strap with red stitching. 

Batman Tourbillon Kross Studio

The Bat Signal plays such a key role in “The Batman” Tourbillon that it was only fitting for Kross Studio to include a functional Bat Signal art piece as an integral element of each collector set. Each timepiece is delivered alongside a functional Bat Signal that illuminates, further immersing the collector into the universe of Gotham City. It also hides a dedicated space on his backside to safely store The Batman tourbillon or any other watch.

“The Batman” Collector sets, and “The Batman” collectible watch rolls, are available for sale at, or through official partners and select authorized retailers.

The BMW & Jeff Koons partnership has yielded a much-awaited graphic version of the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe The 8 X Jeff Koons BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

February 17, 2022: Much awaited by motor enthusiasts across the world, BMW and Jeff Koons debuted THE 8 X JEFF KOONS, a new chapter in the brand’s long-term relationship with the well-known American artist. The special edition BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe features a completely custom design inside and out personally created by Mr. Koons himself and will be exclusively limited to 99 models worldwide. 

Following the digital world premiere at Frieze Los Angeles, THE 8 X JEFF KOONS will be displayed in New York City’s iconic Rockefeller Plaza from April 1-4, and a charity auction at Christie’s New York on April 4, 2022. THE 8 X JEFF KOONS is available for pre-order by U.S. customers through

The 8 X Jeff Koons BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

Mr. Koons said, “What matters is how we relate to each other and our awareness of everything we are surrounded by. This principle drove my creative vision for THE 8 X JEFF KOONS, and it’s an exciting next chapter of co-creation with BMW.”

The vehicle’s exterior features an expressive and striking graphic design, combining a riot of 11 exterior colors. Mr. Koons incorporated many shades of blue in particular. The exploding lines of color at the rear are an homage to the artist's 2010 BMW Art Car, an E92 M3 GT2 that was raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans; the "POP!" on each side and “vapor thrust” imagery symbolize the vehicle’s power and speed. 

The 8 X Jeff Koons BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

The multi-colored interior is comprised of high-end materials, fine leather and a cupholder lid with special “THE 8 X JEFF KOONS” badging paired with Mr. Koons’ iconic signature. The seats are made up of striking red and blue hues, evoking not only BMW’s high-performance M division but also the world of superheroes and comic books.

The paint process of THE 8 x JEFF KOONS requires 11 different stages and several hundred hours per vehicle to complete. The exterior livery and interior colorways are completely exclusive to the special edition. Two cars will be produced per week by specialized teams at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing and BMW Group Plant Landshut, both located in Bavaria, Germany. Each finished vehicle comes with a large-format certificate of authenticity containing its unique vehicle identification number, personally signed by Jeff Koons and BMW Chairman and CEO Oliver Zipse.

The 8 X Jeff Koons BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

THE 8 X JEFF KOONS is exclusively offered as an M850i xDrive Gran Coupe in the U.S. market and is priced at USD $350,000.

THE 8 X JEFF KOONS will be presented at numerous art fairs and events in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, including the 16th Istanbul Contemporary, Paris Photo, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Art Dubai, West Bund Art & Design Fair Shanghai and Art Basel Hong Kong.

The 8 X Jeff Koons BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

Oliver Zipse, chairman of the Board of Management, BMW AG, said, “Never before in the history of our company has a BMW been created with such an extensive design effort as THE 8 X JEFF KOONS. A 'rolling sculpture' that will not only be displayed as a coveted collector's item in museums but will also be allowed to flourish on the road as a genuine BMW."

This 15.10 carat rare Blue Diamond is estimated at a value of more than US$ 48 million February 17, 2022:  The expressionist painter Wassily Kandinsky – one of the founding members of the group of artists known as the Blue Rider – wrote: “The deeper the blue the more it beckons man into the infinite, arousing a longing for purity and the supersensuous.” So is true for blue diamonds. One of the rarest phenomena in nature, blue diamonds are coveted for their brilliance, colour and uniqueness. So as Sotheby’s announces the auction of The De Beers Cullinan Blue, one of the most valuable blue diamonds, the world is sure to notice! 

De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond

Estimated in excess of US$48 million, this extraordinary 15.10-carat step-cut blue has been recently cut from an exceptional rough stone discovered in April 2021. In its new state, it emerges as the largest vivid blue diamond ever to appear at auction and the largest internally flawless step cut vivid blue diamond that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has ever graded. Blue diamonds of this importance are exceptionally rare, with only five 10-carat+ examples ever having come to auction.

The De Beers Cullinan Blue will be offered at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Luxury Week in late April 2022. 

De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond

Wenhao Yu, Chairman of Jewellery and Watches at Sotheby’s Asia, said, “The De Beers Cullinan Blue stands as a proud masterpiece that has been gifted from nature with the hues of the sky and sea, perfected through a step-cut that is bold, distinctive and masterful. Among the rarest of stones in what is arguably the most desirable of colours - powerful and vivid, but at the same time calm and majestic - it must surely rank among the greatest wonders of the natural world. It is literally irresistible.”


The diamond was discovered at the Cullinan Mine in South Africa in 2021, one of very few sources in the world for extremely rare blue diamonds. Over the past year, De Beers worked with its partner, Diacore, to cut and polish the extraordinary rough diamond and bring The De Beers Cullinan Blue to life.

De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond

Among the rarest of all coloured diamonds, blue diamonds are a fabulous fluke of nature, their blue usually caused by the presence of trace amounts of the rare element boron within the diamond crystal lattice.

While other coloured diamonds can be found in mines around the world, there are very few sources for blue diamonds, most of which are recovered from the Cullinan mine in South Africa. Cullinan has yielded many of the world’s most famous diamonds, including the 530-carat Great Star of Africa, the largest faceted colourless diamond in the world. Cullinan continues to produce some of the world’s most extraordinary treasures including all of the De Beers Millennium blue diamonds, in particular the De Beers Millennium Jewel 4, a 10.10 carat oval-shaped Fancy Vivid blue that sold for $31.8 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in April 2016.

Tory Burch’s Fall-Winter 2022 collection reimagines the trends February 15, 2022: Taking inspiration from New York and its women, Tory Burch’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection is a lesson in paradoxes. Ms. Burch says, “A study in contrasts: tailored and deconstructed, opulent and spare, surrealist and sporty. The spirit of American sportswear is the through line connecting our seasons. Optimism and ease balance the collection’s heightened sense of luxury.”

Tory Burch Fall Winter 2022 collection

Sculpted, voluminous silhouettes contrast with clingy layers to create new shapes and accentuate the body. Blazers curve over hips while asymmetrical wrap shirts and bustiers gently hug the waist and high-rise trousers taper softly toward the ankle.

Tory Burch Fall Winter 2022 collection

Weightless jersey turtlenecks and quarter-zip pullovers are designed to be endlessly layered and experimented with, styled under dresses, full skirts, and track jackets alike. They bring a sporty element to evening dresses and lend a sleek, graphic punch to fuzzy mohair knits. The geometric finale dresses come in a languid, semi-sheer jersey cut to comfort and flatter.

Tory Burch Fall Winter 2022 collection

Nearly-neon shades of chartreuse, cobalt and fuchsia pop against white and earthy shades of brown. With subtle influence from the Memphis art movement, particularly the work of Nathalie du Pasquier, the palette is bold, optimistic and uninhibited.  

Tory Burch Fall Winter 2022 collection

The collection features a variety of materials. Opulent fabrics like iridescent taffeta and fil coupé lurex are washed to achieve a soft, lived-in feel, while track jackets and quarter-zip pullovers come in smooth performance jersey. The mix reflects how women are dressing now: blending daywear and activewear, Grecian yet athletic.

Tory Burch Fall Winter 2022 collection

Tailoring was a significant focus this season, evident in the intricate, hand-finished interiors of jackets and coats. The collection’s hero blazer with curved hips was intentionally constructed to fit without buttons or closures.

Tory Burch Fall Winter 2022 collection

Abstract 3D embellishments continue exploration of geometry. Jersey T-shirts in primary hues are hand-beaded, elevating the casual shape for evening. The beading reappears on tailored shantung bustiers and was interpreted as a knit motif for a mohair vest. 

This footwear is sleek and angular, balancing the soft curves and textures of the clothes. Comfort and quirky details come together in square-toe mules with XXL suede buttons; violet and crimson suede pumps with inset “island heels”; low booties with stretchy elastic uppers; and a new ballet slipper.

Tory Burch Fall Winter 2022 collection


Handbags in classic shapes feature clever, convertible details. An expandable gusset on the Spaghetti Strap Bucket zips open to reveal contrast colors or the T Monogram motif. A soft, squishable satchel comes in a range of new colors and finishes — baby blue, metallic chartreuse, silver — with an embossed gold logo. An envelope in supple plongé leather features tubular straps and the brand-new mixed-metal logo.

Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings get transformed as NFTs February 15, 2022: As the NFT craze takes the world by storm, RtistiQ is transforming two Raja Ravi Varma paintings to be auctioned as NFTs. ‘The Coquette’ and ‘Reclining Nair Lady’, two of the artist’s most famous paintings, will be auctioned online as NFTs on the RtistiQ platform from February 17 to 20, 2022.

Reclining Nair Lady

Reclining Nair Lady by Raja Ravi Varma

Considered to be national treasures, this collection of works of Raja Ravi Varma will be the first-ever to be tokenised and launched, accepting payments via credit card and crypto. This is also the first time an NFT auction is being held in partnership with a traditional gallery as well as with an Artist Foundation: gallery g and the Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation.

“Having already brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian art scene with his paintings, the introduction of Raja Ravi Varma’s works into the metaverse will no doubt spark a new movement within both the art collector and crypto communities. It is time that we explore the possibilities of tokenizing national treasures and fostering greater collaborations between various players in the arts scene to ensure the vitality of the industry,” says Jothi Menon, CEO and Founder of RtistiQ.

The Coquette

The Coquette by Raja Ravi Varma

The NFT auction would be made accessible to everyone globally - elite collectors, investors and the masses, thus offering an ability to lay claim to owning a piece of India’s heritage.

“To Ravi Varma, art had no boundaries - not by geography and certainly not by class. Till today, his keen ability to document daily life continues to captivate art enthusiasts and his paintings can be found in some of the most notable art collections and museums around the world,” says Rukmini Varma, Chairperson Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation, artist and great great granddaughter of Raja Ravi Varma.

Both the original artworks are collectively valued at US$ 2.5 million.

Four Seasons Maldives creates a Cruise experience The Four Seasons Maldives Cruise

February 15, 2022: From island life to cruise adventure, Four Seasons Resorts in Maldives have multiple options to offer to the travel-hungry. The hotel group’s The Four Seasons Explorer offers guests oceanic adventuring in the renowned Four Seasons style aboard the 11-cabin, three-deck catamaran. 

The ‘Winter of Wonders’ cruises are available from now until May 2022. Guests can have endless bucket-list encounters across five atolls, from coral-ceilinged caves to camera-happy sharks, swim-through tunnels to a fish-filled wreck. The Winter of Wonders cruises have 3, 4 and 7 night itineraries between the Four Seasons Resorts Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru and at Kuda Huraa. Sandbank spa treatments, gourmet dining, water sports, cooking classes, yoga and island visits further heighten the total experience. 

The Four Seasons Maldives Cruise

With a floating 5-Star PADI Dive Centre, Four Seasons Explorer includes the latest Scubapro dive gear, Cressi snorkelling gear and Olympus cameras alongside a team of multi-lingual instructors ready to share the full spectrum of PADI courses at a bespoke pace. 

Each of the 10 air-conditioned staterooms and the expansive Explorer Suite offer blue-hued views through large windows, along with spacious ensuite bathrooms, refrigerated private bars and flat-screen LCD TVs. The boat includes sun decks, a lounge, a library, a restaurant and two bars.

Four Seasons Explorer follows heightened health and safety protocols led by global experts that include enhanced cleanliness, physical distancing measures in shared spaces, and empowering staff training grounded in emotional intelligence.

Reinterpreting home design, Christian Lacroix and Designers Guild launch Utopia February 15, 2022: With homes becoming the ultimate escape in this new day and age, Maison Christian Lacroix, under the creative direction of Sacha Walckhoff, collaborated with multiple designers to launch “Utopia” – the finale of the trilogy the brand began just two years ago with “L’Odyssée” and “Atlantis”. 

Christian Lacroix furnishings home design

The new collection presents more imagination, spirit and freedom. The brand drew inspiration from the “world after” to create “Utopia”, where things are not always what they seem, and where, most importantly, impossible does not exist.

Algae Bloom is the first example of this. The design comes on velvet, cotton sateen and wallpaper and combines plant and aquatic life with minerals. It sketches a new world where malachite takes on a moire effect and algae mimics the finest lace.

Christian Lacroix furnishings home design

In a similar vein, Feather Park comes on velvet, cotton sateen, rugs and flocked wallpaper. It grows in a French-style garden where plants are both feathers and leaves, and where you cannot really tell where one ends and the other begins.

Darius Garden is a sumptuous jacquard whose moire evokes agate on which shimmering embroidered roses from the East blossom. On the other hand, Persian Nights presents a panorama featuring the cosmos with stars that appear in the swirl of a thousand and one sparkling pearls.

Christian Lacroix furnishings home design

Mineral Creek comes in a panorama of ephemeral half-cloud, half-stone minerals that appear to defy gravity, while Sélam features ribbons of rare flowers on a light shantung fabric in the style of veils worn long ago by beauties in sunrise lands.

Jardin des Hespérides is a mystical place in Atlantis which has been reinvented as a cloud of polychrome corollas floating on a deep velvet as well as a captivating panorama. Finally, It’s Paradise is a large, soothing and magical landscape that serves as the finale for this season whose keywords are joie de vivre and freedom.

Gucci opens a charming café & cocktail bar at Gucci Garden, Florence Gucci Giardino 25 cafe and cocktail bar

February 9, 2022: Mark the date as Gucci opens Gucci Giardino 25 on February 14 in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria. The House’s new all-day café and cocktail bar is the latest addition to Gucci Garden, the multidisciplinary collaborative and creative space designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

Taking inspiration from one of the location’s previous tenants, a historical florist, the venue is characterized by a sense of wonder and harmonious contrasts, playing with the codes of the House and its Florentine surroundings, while drawing from the colors, scents and exuberance of a flower shop.

Gucci Giardino 25 cafe and cocktail bar

The café is a cozy yet uncanny den-like space that connects the dots between a traditional Tuscan shop and a refined French bistro. The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling warm up the atmosphere, while sitting side by side with the bespoke boiserie, recalling the styles of the late 18th century. The space is marked by carved capitals atop columns and mustard yellow panels, framing the embossed mirrored tiles behind the counter or the intimate sitting areas, which welcome up to sixteen guests in its leather-upholstered peacock blue sofas and chairs. 

Giardino 25’s dual identity as a daytime café and a lively after-hours cocktail bar is reflected in its all-day menu, whose assorted offerings are prepared by an on-site kitchen that embraces seasonality while drawing creativity from the Tuscan countryside. Breakfast will present traditional local pastries alongside creations from Japan and Mexico for a modern and international selection while light dishes are available for both lunch and dinner. The menu is rounded out by Afternoon Tea, with a particular homage paid to the culture of coffee through a careful curation of specialty blends.

Gucci Giardino 25 cafe and cocktail bar

At the helm is the Umbria-born Martina Bonci, who brings a distinctive line-up of balanced, colorful cocktails including the ‘Mémoire di Negroni’ – a tribute to the more than century-old Italian Negroni, said to have originated in Florence. Ms. Bonci infuses the same level of dedication into her ideation of non-alcoholic cocktails, guided by her desire to offer a consistently imaginative experience across the entire drinks offering, as seen in the ‘1921,’ a tribute to the founding year of Gucci and characterized by earthy flavors.

Food will be served throughout the day, from breakfast at 8am to dinner and light snacks until 1am. Reservations are required.

1921 Gucci Giardino 25 cafe and cocktail bar

Coordinates: Piazza della Signoria, 37r, Florence, Italy

New Indian brand Aulerth offers ethical jewellery inspired by rich Indian design JJ Valaya jewelry for Aulerth

February 9, 2022: It may not be precious in the traditional sense of the word, but Aulerth’s jewellery is certainly giving a precious sigh of relief to the world around us. This new Indian brand offers intricate jewellery, guilt-free. Made with man-made precious stones and recycled precious metals, Aulerth champions the ethos of mindful materialism – a cause which is becoming increasingly dear to the young consumer. 

As per Aulerth’s official statement, a single 9 gm 22 kt gold ring generates over 20 tons of toxic waste, including cyanide and mercury pollution. Mining for gold alone generates nearly 150 million tons of carbon emissions, and nearly 6 billion tons of toxic waste, besides significant ecological damage. All this is amplified by the rampant ecological destruction in mining for diamonds and gemstones. 

JJ Valaya jewelry for Aulerth


Thus, as it launches in 2022, Aulerth, has partnered with India’s top designers to create the country’s first ethical jewellery brand. Tribe Amrapali, Suneet Varma and JJ Valaya bring forth exquisite lines of jewelleries for Aulerth.

The brainchild of Vivek Ramabhadran – an ex-Swarovski honcho – Aulerth’s jewellery is couture-inspired and consciously made. In the launch collections, JJ Valaya, Suneet Varma and Tribe Amrapali swap the metals and gemstones in their jewelleries for sustainable alternatives—metals recycled from industrial scrap, and largely man-made (vs. mined) stones. The designers' signature style shine through in these meticulously-crafted pieces that exemplify mindful materialism guaranteed by lifetime warranty services. Every season, Aulerth will partner with leading Indian designers. 

Suneet Varma jewelry for Aulerth

Mr. Ramabhadran says, “Aulerth is on a continuous pursuit to bridge the seemingly disparate worlds of being couture-inspired, and consciously made–with an underlying foundation of bringing more responsibility and mindfulness to the end-to-end process spanning design, production, merchandising and packaging.” 

Mr. Varma’s collection draws inspiration from intricate Mughal architecture. Bursts of pastels in pale pinks, minty greens and white stones find space between more traditional pieces in rich decadent palettes. Remembrances of the Taj Mahal’s minar and spectacular appeal of inlay work, frescos, and meenakari from Mughal-inspired art forms transport you to a different era.  

Tribe Amrapali jewelry for Aulerth

Mr. Valaya’s jewellery line embodies the essence of ‘The Royal Nomad’ with a penchant for Art Deco – which is very much in tune with his fashion and home collection as well. The couturier translates his design sensibilities from the celebrated ‘Rumeli’ line to Aulerth’s collection. Carved gemstones are set in exquisite metal frameworks, intricate enamelling is bejewelled with a bandish work of rose pearls and tumbles, and elevated by textured metals. His assortment draws inspiration from the Ottoman Empire, bringing together a symbiotic melange of floral nuances and Aztec strokes.  

Tribe Amrapali lends their deep understanding of classic Indian jadau and chitai work to every piece. The stones have been takkar and prong-set featuring meenakari and Kundan work with enamelling, delicate beadwork, oxidation, and gold plating.

The jewellery collections are available on Aulerth’s website for purchase.

Renato Balestra’s iconic brand gets a new personality February 7, 2022: Italian brand Balestra, which has a storied legacy, has announced its complete brand reload, which will be brought to life during the upcoming Milan Fashion Week with its first Ready-to-Wear Collection. 

Renato Balestra

Mr. Renato Balestra

Originally founded in 1959, the maison is facing an important generational shift, leading to a whole new design era. Balestra is currently led exclusively by women, with the founder’s daughters Fabiana and Federica Balestra at the head of the historical fashion house, and his granddaughter Sofia Bertolli Balestra steering research, design and brand identity. 

“Balestra is strength, boldness and pride. This is a return to beauty and freedom,” states Federica Balestra about the new, female-led strategy, which will also revolutionise the brand through a broader vision of inclusivity and empowerment.

Continuing with its excellence in craftsmanship, this new step forward will support the brand’s positioning and sustainable growth, leveraging its mastery of art, design, technology and Made-in-Italy savoir-faire to elevate standards of quality and innovation.

Balestra new logo

The new logo is an integral part of this evolution. Donned in the electric blue shade that is synonymous with this brand, the new logo maintains a clear link to the brand’s history yet stands boldly as the symbol of a new phase for the fashion house. A new website and visual identity are being developed to reflect this new character with a contemporary aesthetic.

Founder Renato Balestra was one of the few designers of his era who had the ability to merge art with commercial success. He has dressed Hollywood stars such as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Tina Louise, Joan Bennett,  Natalie Wood and Carrol Baker. He enjoyed great success in the Middle East and Far East as he dressed royals such as Farah Diba, Empress of Persia; Imelda Marcos, first lady of the Philippines; Saudi princesses; and Princess Noor bint Asem of Jordan on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Hamzah bin Hussein in 2003. Mr. Balestra also designed uniforms for Philippines Airlines (1985) and Alitalia Airlines (1986). He has designed costumes for operas. 

Renato Balestra blue gown

A Renato Balestra creation from Spring Summer 2014

In 1991, he wrote the book Alla Ricerca dello Stile Perduto (In Search of the Lost Style) that won two literary prizes. We are quite excited to see the new chapter in this brand's history.

Rolls-Royce redesigns the Spirit of Ecstasy for its all-electric car Spectre Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy

February 7, 2022: In a historical move, Rolls-Royce has reimagined its iconic Spirit of Ecstasy figurine to grace the bonnet of its new all-electric motor car, Spectre. The reinvented icon is being revealed 111 years after the Spirit of Ecstasy was first registered as intellectual property of Rolls-Royce on February 6, 1911.

The figurine has been remodelled with a lower, more dynamic stance that brings her much closer to the drawings made by her original creator, the illustrator and sculptor Charles Sykes, in the early years of the 20th century. It also sees her physical form represent The Expression, a visual device that forms part of the marque's new visual language.

The new Spirit of Ecstasy stands 82.73mm tall, compared to her predecessor’s 100.01mm. Her robes, which flow behind her in the slipstream – often but erroneously characterised as ‘wings’ – have been subtly reshaped to make them more aerodynamic and realistic.

Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy

The most visible change is her stance. Previously, she has stood with her feet together, legs straight and tilting at the waist. Now, she is a true goddess of speed, braced for the wind, one leg forward, body tucked low, her eyes focused eagerly ahead. These changes contributte to Spectre’s remarkable aerodynamic properties. The earliest Spectre prototypes have a drag coefficient (cd) of just 0.26, making it the most aerodynamic Rolls-Royce ever created. 

While all figurines are made using one of the oldest known casting techniques, named ‘lost wax casting’ or ‘cire-perdue’, each is individually finished by hand, so will be minutely different from figurine to figurine. The new version created for Spectre will appear on all future models: the current design will still be used on Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan and their Black Badge alter egos where applicable.

Chopard’s string of ‘Exceptional Stones’ will astound you with their sheer brilliance February 7, 2022: Showcasing their unique eye and penchant for finding the extraordinary, jeweller Chopard is presenting a selection of exceptional stones for the Paris Haute Couture Week. These peerlessly pure gems caught the eye of CEO Caroline Scheufele and nurtured her fertile imagination to create some astounding pieces. 

Chopard insofu emerald

Among these treasures, the unbelievable 6,225 carat Chopard Insofu Emerald stands out as the most spectacular of them all! Mined in Zambia, the emerald’s exceptional purity and record size will help it yield a large number of high-quality cut stones, from which the Chopard workshops will create a collection of haute joaillerie pieces. 

‘Insofu’ means ‘elephant’ in Bemba – the language of the people living in the Kafubu region of Zambia where the emerald was found in the Kagem mine.

Rose of Caroline pink diamond ring Chopard

Another remarkable stone – a 10.88 ct fancy intense pink diamond – reflects the passion for coloured diamonds harboured by the Maison. The radiant-cut diamond is set in a Fairmined-certified ethical gold ring. Featuring an exceptionally 70-facetted variant of the rectangular cut – the "Rose of Caroline" is like an incandescent offering to light.

Blue diamond ring by Chopard

Finally, the collection includes a magnificent Toi & Moi ring composed of an exceptional 4.22 ct fancy intense blue diamond and a white diamond.

Fancy green yellow diamond by Chopard

Ms. Scheufele also presented a fancy dark grey-greenish yellow diamond that owes its “chameleon” nickname to its ability to change colour depending on its exposure to light or a source of heat. This breathtaking 31.31 ct stone is destined to be majestically set on a mischievous frog-shaped ring.

frog ring by chopard

A rendering of the ring with the fancy dark grey-greenish yellow diamond by Chopard

Finally, a last ring is beautifully enhanced by a 21.04 ct cushion-cut Ceylon sapphire. This unheated stone radiates a unique talisman-like charm thanks to a timeless setting, simply adorned with diamonds that accentuate its natural colour.

Breitling’s newest boutique in Seoul is its biggest, including a Kitchen, Café & an Equipment Shop Breitling Boutique Seoul, South Korea

February 4, 2022: Moving with the trends of our age (and our unique pandemic predicaments) Swiss watchmaker Breitling has opened its newest boutique, which is also its biggest globally, in Seoul, South Korea. Set in the fashionable Hannam district, the brand has created an entire universe which features a street-level Breitling Café and its first-ever restaurant, Breitling Kitchen. Really, who would want to move out from the store now?

Breitling Boutique Seoul, South Korea

At 8,000-square-foot, Breitling Townhouse Hannam has two floors that combine retail with a Breitling Café, terrace, and the Breitling Kitchen. Breitling CEO Georges Kern said. “From the moment you step in, you’ll recognize the relaxed, industrial-loft-inspired atmosphere that says everything about our casual, inclusive, and sustainable approach to luxury.”

Breitling Boutique Seoul, South Korea

The Breitling store has chic industrial lofts that pair vintage decor with streamlined contemporary design for a modern-retro feel. There is a recurring motif of “air, sea, and land” – the three universes that the Breitling watch families were developed for. 

The 2,000-square-foot retail space showcases Breitling’s latest watch collections in an aviation-lounge-inspired atmosphere. There is also ‘Breitling Equipment’ - a shop-in-shop carrying tools and accessories inspired by the brand’s universes.

Breitling Boutique Seoul, South Korea

Breitling Kitchen is managed in cooperation with chef Kim Hyeong-Kyu. Visitors can choose from seating zones themed by air, sea, and land or reserve a private dining room in the Breitling universe of their choice. Breitling Café is an inviting street-level coffee shop serving a selection of specialty coffees, freshly baked goods, and fine patisseries.

Breitling Boutique Seoul, South Korea

The Terrace serves as an outdoor seating area for the café and as a private event space as well. The Vintage Corridor offers a walk-through heritage experience that tells the Breitling story with interactive displays.

The Hannam district, known for its international embassies and luxury fashion flagships, is in growth mode, with the upcoming opening of a luxury apartment complex and the redevelopment of neighboring Yongsan Park. 

Breitling Boutique Seoul, South Korea

Through this opening, Breitling is offering a hint at the new direction the brand is taking via hospitality.

Statement floral jewelry will come under the hammer at Hindman Auctions Hindman Auctions floral jewelry

February 1, 2022: Hindman Auctions is getting ready for Spring with its auction at Palm Beach, Florida, where delicate floral jewellery will be highlighted. The bold and sophisticated pieces include iconic creations Tiffany & Co., Elizabeth Locke and David Webb, along with a host of other brands.

Gold statement pieces from the second half of the 20th century continue to be highly sought-after, making this a perfect sale for any collector. Boucheron earclips and a bracelet (estimate: $2,500 - 3,500 and $5,000 - 7,000), a large thistle brooch by Cartier (estimate: $2,500 - 3,500) and gold cuff bracelets are just a few of the top offerings.

Hindman Auctions floral jewelry

This sale offers a range of imaginative nature-inspired pieces. A Tiffany & Co. 'pineapple' brooch is an eye-popping piece (estimate: $4,000 - 6,000), and a pair of shell earclips by Seaman Schepps is another stunning option (estimate: $1,000- 2,000).

Designs by David Webb will also be offered and are strong representations of the designer’s colorful and inventive works. His Yellow Gold, Gemstone and Lapis Lazuli pendant is estimated at $2,000-3,000, while his Jadeite and Ruby Panther ring is estimated to at $4,000 - 6,000.

Hindman Auctions floral jewelry

Attractive lots also include a pair of Burmese ruby and diamond earclips (estimate: $15,000 - 20,000) and a Van Cleef & Arpels, ruby and diamond ring (estimate: $6,000-8,000).

The auction will be held on February 10, 2022 through their digital bid room.

Aston Martin launches DBX707 – the most powerful luxury SUV from the British brand Aston Martin DBX707 luxury SUV

February 1, 2022: Super luxury carmaker Aston Martin has launched the new DBX707 SUV, which has been engineered with an abundance of character and compelling capabilities. The official Aston Martin statement touts DBX707 as “the ultimate SUV in every respect. Fastest. Most powerful. Best handling.”

Taking the V8 DBX’s acclaimed design, dynamics and driver-pleasing character as its starting point, DBX707 builds upwards from there. Every area of the car has been enhanced to boost performance, intensify driving pleasure and amplify its on-road presence.

Aston Martin DBX707 luxury SUV

Aston Martin’s engineering team has upgraded the DBX’s 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. Led by Aston Martin’s Head of Powertrain Engineering, Ralph Illenberger, the DBX707’s engine now features ball bearing turbochargers and a bespoke engine calibration to liberate more power and torque. Also new to Aston Martin’s SUV is a 9-speed ‘wet clutch’ automatic transmission. Capable of managing much increased torque loadings compared with a regular torque converter automatic, this high-performance transmission allows output of the 4.0-litre V8 to be lifted to an immense 707PS and 900Nm, increases of 157PS and 200Nm over the DBX (V8). 

The adoption of the new wet clutch transmission helps with faster gear changes. The feel of the shift is more immediate and direct, which gives the driver an increased sense of control and responsiveness. Launch capability is also improved, which contributes towards the DBX707’s 0-62mph time of 3.3 seconds. 

Aston Martin DBX707 luxury SUV

To underline DBX707’s driver-focused credentials there have also been some changes and enhancements to the Dynamic Drive modes. “Race Start” is available in GT Sport and Sport+ modes to maximise off-the-line acceleration and truly showcase enhanced performance. 

DBX707 introduces a revised lower console containing new drive mode selection switches. Now, rather than having to enter a sub-menu within the infotainment system, the driver has immediate fingertip control of key dynamic modes and setting. These include dedicated buttons for suspension mode, ESP, manual gear selection mode - which now holds manual like a sports car, rather than defaulting back to auto - and active exhaust switch, which opens the valves of new quad tailpipe sports exhaust system without needing to be in Sport drive mode.

Aston Martin DBX707 luxury SUV

New front-end treatment sees the DBX receive a larger front grille and all-new design of DRL complete with new air intakes and brake cooling ducts, plus a new front splitter profile. The satin chrome grille - enlarged to significantly increase cooling airflow to both the ultra-high performance V8 and new 9-speed transmission - features double vanes, the six horizontal bars now split to create more visual interest. 

Dark satin chrome window surrounds and new louvred bonnet blades coordinate perfectly with the front grille and gloss black splitter, continuing along the flanks with gloss black side sills, which now feature a deeper and more heavily sculpted profile to give the DBX707 a ground-hugging stance. DBX707 also welcomes the addition of soft-close doors. 

Aston Martin DBX707 luxury SUV

DBX707 production is due to commence in Q1 of 2022, with first deliveries scheduled to begin during early Q2 2022.

Reliance Brands Limited & designer Rahul Mishra collaborate with a joint venture January 31, 2022: After Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar and Anamika Khanna, Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) has collaborated with Indian designer Rahul Mishra through a 60:40 joint venture to create and own a new brand that would encompass his ready to wear business. 

Rahul Mishra Darshan Mehta Reliance Brands Ltd

Indian designer Rahul Mishra with Darshan Mehta, MD, Reliance Brands Ltd.

The new brand would be synonymous with excellence and creativity world over, presenting an exclusive Ready to Wear Collection at one of the global fashion weeks. Mr. Mishra has already presented at Paris Haute Couture Week in the past. Through the past five seasons at the Paris Haute Couture Week, he has taken the Indian savoir-faire global with his unique perspective rooted in the philosophy of the 3 E’s - Environment, Employment and Empowerment.

The new brand will grow both vertically and horizontally to further open new collection in the fields of accessories, footwear, home, beauty, and jewellery for a worldwide audience.

“Rahul Mishra’s flawless contemporary design sense and stunningly intricate pieces have spotlighted Indian expertise in crafts globally. Accompanied with his expertise in leveraging international fashion forums to accelerate brand building and creating a global customer base, it’s the perfect secret sauce to co-create a global brand. It’s a strategic part of our ongoing commitment to nurture Indian art and culture,” said Isha Ambani, Director, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. (holding company of all retail companies in Reliance Industries Limited group).

Rahul Mishra Couture AW 2020 collection

A Couture AW 2020 look by Rahul Mishra

Mr. Mishra’s aesthetic marries his Indian heritage with European cuts and tailoring created a strong international footprint retailing at some of the best stores across the world which included Colette in Paris, 10 Corso Como in Milan, Harvey Nichols in London, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, David Jones in Australia, Joyce in China, and the likes of Moda Operandi and Farfetch with online retail.

“The care they [RBL] take to nurture the growth of some of the world’s best luxury brands, their understanding of every aspect of the business process resonates with our vision for growing the vistas for Rahul Mishra Design House. Reflecting on the critical and commercial success of Rahul Mishra couture collections, it has been our desire to equally focus on ready to wear business and extend our universe by democratising the fashion cultivated by us. With this partnership for the new brand, we are sure of achieving mindful growth while giving the process its due attention and care,” said Mr. Mishra.

Rahul Mishra will lead the creative direction of the new brand as Creative Director.

Fendi signifies the duality of Rome with its Couture Spring 2022 collection January 31, 2022: Inspired by the ancient Roman landscape which is as accommodating to a futuristic vision, Fendi’s Creative Director Kim Jones presents a Couture collection that draws upon fantasy and reality to land in a merged present.

Fendi Spring Couture 2022

“When you walk down the street in Rome, you are constantly moving back and forth in time,” explains Mr. Jones. “Where we work feels very modern, but you pass monuments on the way there. There’s a total timelessness to the city: a historic vein which runs through it, but also a movement that is projecting forwards.”

Fendi Spring Couture 2022

In a bid to catch that vein, Mr. Jones created an army of empresses whose divine purity is imbued with celestial power. Lavish craftsmanship is applied to their sci-fi silhouettes. Fluid fabrics are sprinkled with baguette beads luminous with light; hand-embroidered tights appearing as a second skin. 

Fendi Spring Couture 2022

Duchesse silk and organza are illuminated with traditional beading and mother of pearl, while the classical statues located outside of Fendi’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana are hand-painted in dramatic chiaroscuro onto sheared mink and velvet. 

Fendi Spring Couture 2022

Heat-molded leathers, embroidered with micro sequins, mink and pearls, echo Corinthian reliefs; exposed underpinnings reveal the very essence of couture: its construction. 

Fendi Spring Couture 2022

The archeological remnants of ancient civilizations are unearthed. Volcanic stone and hematite are inset into bags, while natural crystal geodes and amethyst appear in the jewellery.

Fendi Spring Couture 2022

Power is embedded throughout the collection, from warrior like armour, now crafted in Persian lamb and leather, to the imperial majesty of floor-sweeping trains. A limited colour palette of black and white is punctuated with royal red and purple. 

Fendi Spring Couture 2022

As always, Mr. Jones manages to capture the strength of women through this couture collection.

BMW Group highlights commitment to sustainability by joining Leather Working Group January 27, 2022: Underlining its sustainability goals, the BMW Group has become the second automotive manufacturer worldwide to join the Leather Working Group. The aim of the not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization is to ensure uniform environmental and social standards for leather supply chains worldwide and to certify manufacturers. The Leather Working Group represents about a quarter of the world’s leather producers – from tanneries to leather-processing industries and associations to retailers and buyers.

BMW Group leather sourcing sustainable

Nadine Philipp, BMW Group’s head of Sustainability in the Supply Chain, Energy, said, “Leather is still in demand from our customers – depending on the model and region – and is very important in the premium segment. That is why supporting sustainable production and processing of leather at our suppliers is a priority for us. At the same time, we still want all our customers worldwide to be able to choose the optimal product, so we also offer leather-free vehicle equipment options.”

The BMW Group already sources all leather in the BMW iX from a certified manufacturer. The natural leather used is tanned in an especially environmentally-friendly process that relies on olive leaf extract. The BMW Group already offers leather-free alternatives, including textile options, Alcantara and SensaTec. The company is also conducting research into resource-efficient leather alternatives, such as Deserttex, which is made from cactus fibers, and the durable and fully recyclable plant-based Mirum, from the startup Natural Fiber Welding, in which BMW i Ventures acquired a stake in 2021.

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak celebrates 50th anniversary with an evolution Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 50 years

January 27, 2022: Brands, in the course of their lives, end up giving birth to some iconic products that define them. The Royal Oak is one such product line for Audemars Piguet. On the occasion of the Royal Oak’s 50th anniversary, the Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacturer has unveiled an array of new selfwinding hour, minute, second and date models in 37 mm as well as new 38 and 41 mm selfwinding chronographs, which will be launched throughout the year. 

Retaining the aesthetic codes of the original Royal Oak designed by Gérald Genta, these new references present slight evolutions in terms of case, bracelet and dial design, furthering the collection’s contemporary appeal. In addition to welcoming new calibres, most of the new models are equipped with the dedicated Royal Oak “50-years” oscillating weight. 

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 50 years

Paying tribute to the collection’s original aesthetics, while enhancing its ergonomics, the Manufacture has performed subtle changes on the Royal Oak case. The bevels adorning the top and the bottom of the case have been enlarged to enhance the play of light between the satin-finished and polished surfaces, while bestowing the watch with a slender aesthetic. The caseback has been slightly more integrated into the case middle to sit more comfortably on the wrist. 

The integrated bracelet’s first four links are now trapezoid in shape and no longer parallel. Furthermore, the links are thinner throughout the bracelet, and therefore lighter, offering added comfort and optimum ergonomics. 

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 50 years

The logo has been reworked. A gold Audemars Piguet signature endowed with a unique topography now replaces the applied AP monogram and the printed “AUDEMARS PIGUET” at 12 o’clock. Made of thin layers of 24-carat gold, the signature is achieved through a chemical process akin to 3D printing known as galvanic growth. Each letter is connected with links approximately the size of a hair and placed on the dial by hand with tiny legs almost invisible to the naked eye. 

Lastly, the minute track, which was previously printed on the flat external zone, now appears directly onto the Tapisserie of all Royal Oak selfwinding hour, minute, second and date models for more visual appeal – a challenging process due to the unique topography of the guilloché dial. 

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 50 years

The new Royal Oak “anniversary” timepieces are fitted with the dedicated oscillating weight in 22-carat gold that features the “50-years” logo and the engraved Audemars Piguet signature. For the occasion, the oscillating weight has been matched to the colour of each case and finished with an alternation of satin-finishing and polished chamfers, with the exception of the 38 mm chronographs. 

The Royal Oak models endowed with the new design evolution are equipped with three different calibres, including a brand new one, Calibre 5900. This selfwinding hour, minute, second and date movement premiers this year on Royal Oak references in 37 mm, in replacement for Calibre 3120. This new mechanism is thinner (3.9 mm vs 4.26 mm) than its predecessor and offers a higher frequency (4 Hz vs 3 Hz). It is also endowed with 60 hours of power reserve when not on the wrist.

African Bush Camps launches Lolebezi in Zambia African Bush Camps Zambia luxury safari camp

January 27, 2022: Nestled atop the Zambezi River banks on five hectares of remote wilderness in the eastern region of Lower Zambezi National Park, African Bush Camp’s Lolebezi, a new luxury safari camp, is a modern sight. With 3,300 feet of river frontage, the lodge and its contemporary, sleek design follow the river's undulating twists and turns.   

Lolebezi will start welcoming guests from June 1, 2022. The striking location is vibrant with wildlife and draws from authentic traditions to provide Zambian hospitality that is unpretentious, and unique.

Lolebezi is designed to connect guests with the heart and soul of Africa while contributing to the conservation of the continent. The new camp offers authentic experiences provided by a local team that is proud of their roots and is eager to share their heritage with guests.  Safaris, led by expert guides, are designed to be fun and informative for travelers, heightening the awareness of the fragile balance between nature and communities in Africa. Guests at Lolebezi can look forward to twice-daily activities. Game drives, guided walking safaris, riverboating, and canoeing offer close perspectives of wildlife, including enormous herds of elephants, leopard encounters, buffalo, waterbuck, prides of lions, and more. World-class guided fishing trips (catch & release) and bird-watching excursions are also part of the offering, as it’s time to kick back, relax, and watch the sun come up over the Zambezi. 

Guests can take advantage of Lolebezi’s spa and wellness facilities and a yoga deck to restore their spirit. An open-air cinema set amid a forest of enormous Winterthorn Acacias offers movie nights, while strategically placed ‘river pods’ are available for private picnics, guest retreats, and quiet moments.

African Bush Camps Zambia luxury safari camp

Lolebezi can accommodate up to 16 travelers in 4 Signature Suites and 2 Signature Family Suites that are sensitively designed and outfitted with amenities, including a private plunge pool and thatched-roof sala. Opening onto the river, each suite is essentially a minimalist viewing platform with sections ‘twisted’ away from each other: a bedroom and sitting room facing east, and a bathroom, dressing room, and ‘loo-with-a-view’ toward the west. The suites are designed to ‘float’ above the landscape and allow water to pass underneath during heavy rains and occasional flooding. 

Handmade natural elements in the interior design, including woven reed ceilings, hand-carved wood doors and hand-stitched canvas strap detailing on the walls, balance the contemporary nature of the building. Zambezi tribal elements, regional basket-ware, and woven reed products from the country’s Central Province; and tactile and earthy tones with a hint of copper and forest green all play homage to its Zambian roots. A dramatic feature of each suite is a circular 13-foot diameter curtain around each bed which combines wooden beads and an embroidered mosquito net, creating a halo-like ‘cocoon’ in the room. 

Lolebezi’s dining pavilion, fashioned from reclaimed railway sleepers, includes an all-day café and pizza bar offering family-style dining, including tandoori evenings and traditional barbeques created from fresh ingredients purchased locally whenever possible. The upper level has a private dining room as well as a game room with options for amusement. An infinity-edge pool surrounded by comfortable loungers is set at the edge of an inlet dubbed the ‘Discovery Channel’ for its panoramic views up and down the Zambezi. Wildlife viewing is also possible via the ‘Circle of Light,’ a suspended circular walkway raised 23 feet into the tree canopy that affords impressive perspectives.

African Bush Camps Zambia luxury safari camp

The camp is completely ‘off-grid,’ powered by a dedicated solar farm comprised of photovoltaic panels constructed in an existing clearing of the Winterthorn forest. The water supply and wastewater are managed via a staged treatment system that ensures no pollution of the Zambezi. Floors, walls and roofs of individual structures are comprised of a complex layering of insulation materials that mitigate heat gain in guest suites during summer and heat loss during winter. And thermodynamic panels, similar to air-source heat pumps, absorb heat from the atmosphere and convert a refrigerant into a gas to heat water for showers, baths, basins, and all kitchen services.

Sustainable design considerations also include intelligent, concealed climate control systems, boosting energy efficiency and consciousness of the solar farm’s capacity. The choice of light-gauge steel instead of timber for framing structures throughout the camp also offers benefits, including increased speed of construction offsite and erection onsite, minimization of transportation to the remote setting, and reduction of human impact. The light-gauge steel is also 100% recyclable – a significant consideration making it possible to reprocess and relocate the guest suites, should the need ever arise, without requiring the harvesting of a single tree.

Tiger – the ruling animal of 2022 – features on Ginori 1735’s new creations January 24, 2022: The Florentine porcelain brand, Ginori 1735, pays a tribute to the Chinese new year by dedicating a new selection of Totem collection creations to the Year of the Water Tiger, a rare event which falls every 60 years and therefore symbolizes good fortune, strength, and courage.

Ginori 1735 Year of Tiger porcelain

The new product line consists of a mug, a round box, and a valet tray which interpret the symbolic qualities and elements associated with the ruling animal of 2022 in a refined and tasteful style.

The new Totem Tiger decoration, in flaming shades and splashes of red, a lucky colour according to the Chinese tradition, evokes natural elements with a jungle scene in chiaroscuro and a fiery tiger in black and white to symbolize strength, intelligence, loyalty and positive natural energy.

Ginori 1735 Year of Tiger porcelain

Available on the Ginori 1735 e-commerce channel, Tmall, and from select stores worldwide, each object in the new line may also be personalized with a special dedication, a phrase, or a recollection, true to the spirit of the Totem collection.

A rare Picasso, expressing his love affair, finds its way to Christie’s auction January 24, 2022: Presented at auction for the first time, ‘La Fenêtre Ouverte’ (1929, estimate: £14,000,000-24,000,000) is a seminal work from Pablo Picasso’s Surrealist period. The painting will highlight Christie’s 21st edition of The Art of the Surreal Evening Sale, a key element of the 20/21 Shanghai to London series of auctions, which will take place on March 1, 2022. 

La Fenetre Ouverte by Picasso 1929

Rendered with a bold colour palette, La Fenêtre Ouverte is a work of striking visual power. This complex 1929 painting is one of a series of Atelier works that Mr. Picasso had begun around 1926 - richly symbolic and radically constructed paintings that reveal the multi-faceted interests of the artist at this time. 

Towering in the foreground of this painting are two highly abstracted figures. On the right stands a plaster bust that appears to be a disguised image of the artist’s great lover and muse of this time, Marie-Thérèse Walter. The figurative object on the left, an amalgam of feet intersected with an arrow, is said to be an abstracted, symbolic representation of Picasso himself. Two spires of the church of Sainte-Clotilde are identifiable in the background. John Richardson has suggested that this work therefore depicts the secret Left Bank apartment that Picasso and Marie-Thérèse shared as a hideaway during their relationship.  In the foreground, a configuration of abstracted objects are depicted in an arrangement reminiscent of the artist’s earlier cubist still lives.

Olivier Camu, Deputy Chairman, Impressionist and Modern Art, Christie’s: “Held in the same European collection for half a century, this powerful and explosively coloured painting from the highpoint of Picasso’s Surrealist period and two years into his clandestine love affair with Marie-Thérèse, represents a brilliant fusion of the different passions and inspirations that defined the artist’s life at the end of the 1920s. Relishing the secret nature of their romance, Picasso could not help but include his lover’s presence in the form of the plaster bust in this painting.”

‘La Fenêtre Ouverte’ will be on view in New York from February 4 to 8, 2022 and in Hong Kong from February 15 to 17, 2022 before being exhibited in London from February 23 to March 1, 2022.

Phuket gets a new resort by Meliá Melia Phuket Resort Lobby

January 24, 2022: Spanish hotel group Meliá Hotels International has launched Meliá Phuket Mai Khao, a wellness-inspired resort with a beach club and private pool villas on Thailand’s largest island. The resort is the second five-star property to be launched in Thailand by Meliá as part of a brand roll-out in key destinations across the Kingdom.

Situated on secluded Mai Khao beach, commanding eight acres of Phuket’s northwestern coastline on the Andaman Sea, Meliá Phuket Mai Khao is a 30-suite and 70-villa resort, owned by residential real estate developer Phuket Villa Group. It is a 15-minute drive to Phuket International Airport and near an array of attractions including Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation, Sirinat National Park, and Wat Phra Thong temple.

The resort’s design melds traditional and contemporary Thai aesthetics with a smattering of Mediterranean accents and uses a neutral palette of colours to complement Mai Khao’s sandy shoreline. High ceilings and decorative metal screens make the most of the natural surrounds and sunny, tropical weather.

Melia Phuket Resort Private Plunge Pool

Meliá Phuket Mai Khao has contemporary, light-filled and spacious Mediterranean-inspired accommodations. All the suites and villas feature outdoor bathtubs, open-air showers and outdoor terraces to take advantage of Phuket’s tropical climate. Exquisite gardens and fixtures such as white stucco exterior walls also ensure secluded enclaves and the utmost privacy. The 78sqm suites are complemented by cabanas and the 85sqm one-bedroom villas have private plunge pools.

The 15 wellness villas each feature an open-air Vitamin C shower, ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, GermGuardian air purifier, Tempur-Pedic pillows, aromatic salts for the outdoor bathtub, a fit ball and yoga mat. A highlight of staying at a wellness villa is a daily 60-minute massage.

The resort has a diverse dining landscape. Adjacent to a beach pool framed with cabanas and sun lounges, the Gaia Beach Club celebrates Spain’s famed gastronomy by serving Mediterranean and fusion cuisine from an open kitchen and a creative cocktail selection from a long bar.

Melia Phuket Resort Restaurant

A warm and intimate setting adorned with timber finishes, SASA is an elegant all-day dining restaurant that specialises in international and Thai cuisine. The Elyxr Café offers a selection of books and serves coffee and tea. The Pool Bar is a swim-up affair at the centre of the resort that serves a range of refreshments including fresh juices, smoothies and cocktails.

Meliá’s signature YHI Spa is 300sqm and home to five treatment rooms. In addition to its extensive menu of massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps, spa therapists also provide poolside and in-villa treatments. The fitness center is equipped with treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and weights machines.

The kids club Kidsdom has workshops to keep youngsters entertained and the resort also provides a babysitting service. Recreational pursuits on offer range from horse riding on the beach, to scuba diving at Racha Yai, Koh Dok Mai, Phi Phi Island and Shark Point, to golf at the nearby Blue Canyon Country Club.

Melia Phuket Resort Cafe

Elsewhere in Thailand, Meliá Koh Samui debuted in January 2020 with a nautical theme underscored by boat suites made from refurbished merchant vessels. Meliá Chiang Mai is slated to open in April 2022 with a rooftop bar featuring two bars connected by a glass bridge. INNSiDE by Meliá Bangkok Sukhumvit, the first property of its brand in Thailand, with 176 guestrooms, is due to open 2023.

Louis Vuitton, Nike & Sotheby’s announce the Louis Vuitton and Nike “Air Force 1” by Virgil Abloh Charity Auction January 19, 2022: As the fashion world and fans still come to grips with Virgil Abloh’s sudden, untimely demise, luxury giant Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Sotheby’s to auction 200 special edition pairs of Louis Vuitton and Nike “Air Force 1” by Virgil Abloh sneakers with Louis Vuitton pilot cases.

Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

The auction is a link in a string of related Louis Vuitton events to take place from January through 2022. Proceeds will benefit The Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund, which in partnership with the Fashion Scholarship Fund, supports the education of Black, African American, or African descent students.

The auction marks the first-ever release of the Louis Vuitton and Nike “Air Force 1” – which were created by Virgil Abloh for the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2022 Collection. 

Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

Open for bidding from January 26 to February 8, the online auction will include 200 pairs of the special sneakers in a range of sizes, from 5 – 18, with a starting bid of $2,000. The sneakers, entirely made in precious calf leather, are embellished with Louis Vuitton’s emblematic Monogram and Damier patterns with natural cowhide piping. 

Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

Each pair will be sold with a Louis Vuitton pilot case, also from the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2022 collection, which was reinterpreted from the Maison’s archive in an iconic orange colorway and made of Monogram Taurillon Leather. The pilot case features Louis Vuitton’s classic S lock closure in white metal finishing and includes a luggage tag in the shape of the Nike Swoosh. The pilot case adapts to every shoe size, based on an internal cushion system, and will be exclusive to the auction.

Lamborghini enters the world of NFTs with its own space-inspired artwork Lamborghini Space Key NFT

January 19, 2022: As the world is gripped by the NFT-fever, Automobili Lamborghini enters this fascinating world with an equally fascinating artwork. The space-themed artwork – the Lamborghini Space Key – has been officially revealed and will soon be auctioned.

At the heart of this exclusive project, developed with a yet undisclosed artist and limited to five units, is a piece of advanced carbon fiber composite material that Lamborghini sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2019 as part of a joint research project. After returning from space, the carbon fiber composite is now part of the Space Key. Each of the five Space Keys is linked to an exclusive and purely digital artwork by the same artist through the QR code on the backside of the carbon fiber.

Lamborghini Space Key NFT

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, said, “As a leading company for carbon fiber composite materials within the automotive sector we pushed boundaries two and a half years ago with the joint research project in space. Now entering the metaverse is again proof of Lamborghini always setting sail for new horizons. The NFT world has been calling to us, and we are excited about engaging with this very passionate and innovative community.”

Released at an opportune time, Lamborghini enters the NFT world in cooperation with NFT PRO – an organization that helps brands create, sell and distribute NFT-based digital assets. 

Further details on the artwork will be shared in the following days and weeks, including the name of the artist of the Space Key and digital artwork, the nature of this unique piece of art, the auction house, as well as the date and time of the auction.

Panerai’s woman-only model launches in 2 new iterations Panerai Luminor Due womens watch anthracite black

January 19, 2022: Luminor Due, the first Panerai model created expressly for women, new renditions that maintain its essential character but embrace new aesthetics. The two new expressions reveal their beauty in starkly opposing color palettes, dark and light.

The signature Luminor Due case, including the patented crown safety lock device, in a 38mm size is the foundation for both watches. A deep anthracite color suffuses one iteration, starting with its sandwich dial. Sun-brushed finishing reveals unexpected gradations as light moves across its surface. The color continuity extends to the date window at 3 o’clock, which shares the same rich, intense tone.

Panerai Luminor Due womens watch beige red

Numerals, indices and hands are filled with white Super-LumiNova that glows green in the darkness to provide high legibility. The accompanying strap in polished black alligator completes the strong, monochromatic presence.

The second model offers contrasting coloring in the identical format: an ivory sun- brushed dial is matched with beige Super-LumiNova and gold color hands that amplify its radiance. A polished red alligator strap encircles the wrist in sumptuous, extravagant color.

Both models employ the P.900 caliber, an in-house automatic movement with a three-day power reserve conceived entirely by the Panerai manufacture in Neuchâtel. Water-resistant to 30 bar (~300 meters), both the models feature alligator straps with trapezoidal pin buckles in polished steel. Both models include a Quick Release strap system that removes the need to employ tools to change straps.

Arnold & Son’s Lunar New Year Perpetual Moon timepiece features a feline beauty January 19, 2022: Celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year – the Year of the Tiger - watchmaker Arnold & Son has embodied the Water Tiger in an expressive new 8-piece limited-edition version of the Perpetual Moon timepiece, featuring a golden tiger on the prowl. 

Arnold & Son Year of Tiger Lunar New Year watch

In the background, a waterfall symbolizes the element that tempers this feline’s ferocious energy. The highly refined and symbolic scene is the result of consummate craftsmanship and the wide range of precious gemstones and materials employed, including hematite mother-of-pearl, aventurine, and rose gold.

On the watch dial, Arnold & Son has allotted ample space for a large moon phase display. A turning disc reveals the waxing and waning of the celestial body, the appearance of the crescent moon, and its light. The moon in low relief has been crafted of mother-of-pearl enhanced and painted with Super-LumiNova.

Arnold & Son Year of Tiger Lunar New Year watch

In daylight, it appears grey, almost white. In the dark, the moon appears lit from within and takes on a new aspect, brimming with gleaming detail. This ethereal effect is echoed by the dial's aquatic details, which have also been hand-painted with luminous pigments. In the background, the disc bearing the star is made from a deep black aventurine glass. 

The 18K rose gold tiger has been sculpted in three dimensions. Its expression, pose, and the details of its fur have been painstakingly hand-engraved and -burnished. The bamboo has been painted in gold powder atop a hematite disc, exhibiting infinite glittering inclusions. The “Year of the Tiger” Perpetual Moon is mounted on a glistening black alligator strap backed with red alligator leather and stitched with platinum thread. 

Arnold & Son Year of Tiger Lunar New Year watch

Like all the movements used by Arnold & Son, the A&S1512 caliber was entirely developed, produced, decorated, adjusted, assembled, and finished between the walls of the brand's manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This caliber is based on two barrels with an oscillation frequency of 3 Hz, delivering a 90-hour power reserve. Last but not the least, the moon-phase display of this movement will remain accurate for 122 years before deviating from the actual lunar cycle by a single day.

Won by their owner in an online competition, these Omega watches were auctioned for over £25,000 Omega Secret Service watches auction

January 17, 2022: In an incredibly lucky stroke, two Omega watches, which its owner had won in an online competition, were sold for a total of £25,520 at Fellows Auctioneers today.

The Seamaster Professional 300m watches - set number 11 of 257 ever made - were designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Their current (or should we say last) UK-based owner won the watches in an online competition which cost them just £2.99 to enter in 2021.

Omega Secret Service watches auction

They then brought them to Fellows and after examining the watches in detail - which include a special edition Globe-Trotter suitcase - the auctioneers placed an estimate of £18,000 - £26,000 on the set. Selling today, the winning bidder secured the lot through online bidding for a hammer price of £20,000 (£25,520 including fees).

Included in the lot were two travel pouches, a jeweller's loupe designed as a calibrated Omega bezel, and two signed grey and black NATO style straps. A script reads ‘ORBIS.NON.SUFFICIT’ (Latin for The World is Not Enough). A reference card for each watch dated 31/12/2019 was also sold with the lot.

Omega Secret Service watches auction

One of the watches features an 18 carat yellow gold case (reference 210.62.32) and the other sports a stainless steel case (reference 210.22.42). A hidden number 50 on the tenth hour of each marker celebrates the anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. 

Laura Bishop, Watch Manager at Fellows Auctioneers, said: “Little extras such as the James Bond coat of arms being on the back of the watches only add to the intrigue of the items, which were viewed by many people in Birmingham and London. The watches have never been worn before and they’re in spectacular condition. They rounded off a brilliant first Watch auction of 2022 which has hopefully set a trend for our upcoming sales."

Brace yourselves for SuperGucci – a collection of NFTs & ceramic artworks! January 17, 2022: Gucci and SUPERPLASTIC – a leading creator of animated celebrities, limited-edition vinyl toys, and digital collectibles – have announced SUPERGUCCI, an ultra-limited series of CryptoJanky NFTs and handmade ceramic sculptures that go on sale February 1st.

Gucci NFT Superplastic

A bespoke three-part series, this first SUPERGUCCI release features a limited offering of ten different exclusive NFTs, each accompanied by a ceramic sculpture handmade in Italy and co-designed by Gucci and Superplastic. Each extremely limited NFT draws inspiration from Gucci’s signature patterns, icons, and symbols, reinterpreted through the lens of SUPERPLASTIC synthetic celebrities and artists, Janky & Guggimon.

The SUPERGUCCI collaboration represents the next natural step for both organizations in their path of incursions into the metaverse, following Gucci’s virtual experiences and the Aria NFT auctioned by Christie’s, as well as SUPERPLASTIC’s successful Janky Heist NFT drop, also created in collaboration with Christie’s. 

Gucci NFT Superplastic

The first teaser visuals show a Gucci Flora printed figurine, which makes us quite excited to see other future iterations. The sale will go live on SUPERPLASTIC.CO, and will also be accessible via Gucci Vault.

Inspired by a classic Japanese anime movie, Loewe’s new collection takes the mundane out of life January 17, 2022: Spanish luxury house Loewe has unveiled a second chapter in its collaboration with Japan’s Studio Ghibli. After launching a collection inspired by My Neighbor Totoro, Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe, has imagined an exclusive capsule collection celebrating the animated 2001 film Spirited Away.

Loewe Spirited Away collection

With its range of clothes and accessories, the collection is an escape into the fantasy world of the cult film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Each piece features a character from the film, which earned Studio Ghibli the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards.

Loewe Spirited Away collection

Loewe artisans bring the characters to life with plays of materials and textures. The young protagonist Chihiro, the mysterious Haku, the sorceress Yubaba, Koanoashi the spirit with no face and Fly-Bird are all rendered in marquetry or embroidery, while the Susuwatari soot sprites are interpreted as pompoms and as bags. Some pieces employ the classic Japanese technique of “boro”, which consists in creating a patchwork with mended indigo-dyed scraps.

Loewe Spirited Away collection

Vibrantly hued leather handbags with depictions of characters are joined by fluffy scarfs, hoodies, graphic tees and bright wallets as well. The collection carries forward the whimsical theme of the movie – a cult in its own right – which is still etched in the memories of movie-goers world over. 

Loewe Spirited Away collection

The partnership between Loewe and Studio Ghibli goes beyond just collaborative collections. The luxury house has been supporting the Studio by sponsoring the Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation.

An unprecedented, large 555.55 carat Black Diamond will make auction debut at Sotheby’s January 17, 2022: Black diamonds are rare enough. And this one takes the cake. Named ‘The Enigma’, this diamond is a true natural phenomenon. A unique and precious object of curiosity. The diamond weighs a staggering 555.55 carats and has exactly 55 facets! 

Black diamond 555 carats Sothebys

A treasure from interstellar space, it is the largest Fancy Black Natural Colour diamond in the world, reported by Gubelin and the GIA as of 2004, it was listed as the largest cut diamond in the world in the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records. To have a natural faceted black diamond of this size is an extremely rare occurrence and its origins are shrouded in mystery – thought to have been created either from a meteoric impact or having emerged from a diamond-bearing asteroid that collided with Earth. 

Dating from around 2.6 to 3.8 billion years ago, carbonado black diamonds are an extremely rare natural occurrence, containing traces of nitrogen and hydrogen abundant in interstellar space, as well as osbornite, a mineral uniquely present in meteors. Only known to exist in Brazil and The Central Republic of Africa - two regions which were once connected as part of the supercontinent, Rodinia, and an areabelieved to have been struck by meteorites, the exclusive presence of carbonados in these locations adds further weight to the theory that these stones are indeed treasures originating from interstellar space. Black diamonds are known to be extremely tough to cut or polish.

Black diamond 555 carats Sothebys

The shape of The Enigma is inspired by the Middle Eastern palm-shaped symbol, the Hamsa – a sign of protection, power and strength. The Hamsa is associated with the number five, which is imbued with symbolic meaning, and the diamond’s carat weight and number of facets is a technical feat for one of the toughest diamonds in existence. 

Previously unseen on the market, and never before exhibited to the public, “The Enigma” will have a dedicated auction, open for bidding online from February 3 to 9. Cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment on the diamond. Prior to the auction, the diamond will be exhibited in Dubai, Los Angeles and London.

Zegna’s Winter 22 collection carries forward the brand’s new identity Zegna Winter 2022

January 17, 2022: Menswear brand Zegna has had a busy last year – from revealing its new logo to getting listed on NYSE. This first collection after the major moves aims to narrate the same story. 

Zegna Winter 2022

Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori, who introduced a new vocabulary of masculine wardrobe at Zegna, has continued with his aesthetics. The collection is functional and individual, comfortable yet not conformist, heralding an evolved idea of formality that seamlessly switches from the great outdoors to life indoors.

Sportswear merges seamlessly with fine tailoring elements. Loose silhouettes have been combined with cuts that make the clothing move beautifully as the wearer moves. Micro-belts tie-up long jackets. Soft, intarsia sweaters add visual imagery to an otherwise solid collection. Colour palette ranges from cream to rust. 

Zegna Winter 2022

The collection was presented in the form of a film that juxtaposes outdoors scenarios with abstract, almost mental interiors, pineal shots and close-up details.

Obeetee’s new collection aims to thrill the wanderer in you Obeetee carpets Gypsy collection

January 12, 2022: Catering to inquisitive and free spirit, carpet maker Obeetee has presented the Gypsy Oasis Collection, which draws inspiration from the ornamental traditions of the ancient Ottoman empire, combined with the free spirit of the gypsy soul. 

With the pandemic halting travel, this collection will appeal to the wanderer who wants to bring that nomadic and exotic essence to the comfort of their homes. 

Obeetee carpets Gypsy collection

The color palette of this collection is vibrant and the designs are meant to be decorative. Rugs embody the traditional heritage of the Khotan and Oushal patterns while bringing a new age touch to them, providing the best of both worlds. Made with the high-level detail and artisanship on canvases of silk and wool, the Gypsy Oasis collection is well-crafted.

Priced from INR 25,000 up to INR 3,00,000, the collection is available for purchase on the official Obeetee website and their retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

Two Michelin-star Chef Gaetano Trovato offers exclusive experience at the Four Seasons Resort Maldives Chef Trovarto Four Seasons Maldives

January 12, 2022: If Maldives features in your travel plans this year, then you might as well book tickets for February or October. Two-Michelin-starred Chef Gaetano Trovato has partnered with Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giravaaru to mentor the next generation of global chefs. Having earned his first Michelin star at 25, Trovato takes great pride in encouraging young professionals “to find their unique path and way of expressing themselves through food.”

Guests can sample his culinary magic, which marries Tuscan ingredients with Maldivian and island-grown products, in person twice a year or year-round via his on-site protégées, who will travel regularly to Chef Trovato’s new Tuscan restaurant, Arnolfo The Frame, to further develop their own thoughts and recipes. 

Chef Trovarto Four Seasons Maldives

A visionary who literally draws his recipes first (much like an architect or a fashion designer) Chef Trovato is in residence this year at the Resort’s Blu Beach Club from February 17 to 23 and October 24 to 30.

Just two tables will be available each evening and guests can book them by calling the resort at +(960) 66 00 888.

Burberry’s Autumn-Winter 2022 Pre-Collection reinterprets outerwear January 12, 2022: Celebrating style and identity, togetherness and freedom, nature and the outdoors, Burberry’s Fall 2022 Pre-Collection travels the themes set recently by their Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci, while giving it a new direction. Launching the ‘Friends and family’ series, the designer will be offering pre-collections in collaboration with inspiring creatives.

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

“I wanted to explore a different experience bringing my collections to life, so I have decided to open up my precollection to a new creative voice each season. Someone special to me who inspires me and whose unique creativity surrounds me in my personal life,” said Mr. Tisci.

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

For this collection, the designer partnered with Lea T – a long-time friend and a part of the Burberry family. She has featured as a model in Burberry campaigns and walked the Spring/Summer 2021 runway show. Said to be Mr. Tisci’s muse, the ‘T’ in Ms. Lea’s name stands for ‘Tisci’. Mr. Tisci explains: “Lea is my family, my love, not only someone so connected to animals and nature but also someone who is able to balance fierce femininity and an effortlessly gentle romantic softness.”

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

Delving into the outdoors, signature outerwear is refreshed in new oversized silhouettes with reconstructed details – inspired by a youthful and fresh interpretation of classic utility and exploration styles. 

In womenswear, the trench reconstructed as a bib, in a patchwork of beige and neutral shades, or in dark truffle brown lambskin. New interpretations of the car coat have been introduced in soft fawn or deep fern green tropical gabardine with cape details. A wool tailored overcoat is worn with a botanical sketch-print T-shirt and wide-leg trousers is highlighted with over-the-knee splits. Tactile faux-fur outerwear in a camel mohair-blend or a coat with layered leather lapels adds panache.

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

Technical jackets are imbued with high-fashion functionality, from nylon and rib-knit hybrids to a trench-inspired short parka with a zipped panel. Geometric stitching adorns down-filled styles and diamond-quilted barn jackets.

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

Menswear sees a daring approach to classic outerwear. A camel tailored overcoat is appliquéd with a botanical sketch print, worn with a wool and cashmere hooded jacket and wide-leg trousers. A panelled car coat fuses signature cotton gabardine with camel hair and wool. A bomber jacket with accents of black leather has a cut-out Thomas Burberry Monogram, while a distressed leather peacoat has exaggerated lapels.

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

Exploration styles feature a dark olive poncho worn over a reconstructed car coat with a drawstring waist. Colour-block padded styles nod to the outdoors, from a geometric print overshirt to a dark truffle brown parka with a detachable hood. New-season map prints adorn a cotton sweater, organza T-shirt, and a Monogrammed silk shirt – all underpinned with corduroy cargo trousers.

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

A hybrid-style cashmere and wool cardigan with removable nylon twill panel is rebelliously layered over an English-fit tuxedo or a tailored overcoat in wool. Knitwear elevation continues in a cableknit sweater with crystal embellishments and a dark truffle brown wool sweater with cut-out details. 

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

The collection introduces the Elizabeth bag, a classic crossbody style in black, warm tan, and midnight navy leather, detailed with a logo graphic embossed front closure. New interpretations of the Rhombi bag are crafted in black quilted-check lambskin or a caged design in dark birch brown leather and a cotton blend. The Lola family is refreshed in new season fabrics – the classic shape in map-print silk with a tortoiseshell-effect chain strap and the bucket iteration in warm tan or the new needle-punch canvas. 

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

The British Isles map print and Monogram motif on a round Louise bag, a rabbit-shaped dark brown faux-fur bag, a canvas and leather holdall in dark birch brown exploded check, and a black quilted Monogram lambskin tote feature in the collection as well.

Burberry Fall 2022 Pre-Collection

“Burberry is like a big window, a place where you can be free to build and a space to create wonderful things. Looking at the history of the brand, I see interesting things that can be linked to an urban life, but also the desire of those who escape to the wonderful woods of England. It’s the respect for this nature and one’s own nature that I wanted to explore, even if it goes outside the canons created by this society in which we live,” Ms. Lea said, explaining her inspiration.

Fred rediscovers Soleil D’Or – its incredible yellow diamond - after more than 44 years apart January 10, 2022: Fred Samuel, who founded his Maison in 1936, had a clientele of celebrities and royal and princely families. To fulfil their special commissions, the jeweler would seek gemstones to help him create true masterpieces. The jeweler’s visionary spirit and expertise gave rise to exceptional pieces, including “Pretty Coeur”, fascinating jewels, such as the “Oiseau” (Bird) brooch, made of multicolored sapphires, just to name of few, and the Soleil D’Or.

Fred Soleil D'Or yellow diamond

Fred crossed path with this exceptional stone in 1977. Weighing an incredible 105.54-carat with a “Fancy Yellow” shade, it quickly became one of the most fascinating pieces of its time. Unusually beautiful in every aspect, its solar radiance and glittering color was enough for Henri Samuel (Fred Samuel’s son) to dub it “Soleil D’Or”. 

It embodied the joie de vivre, optimism, energy, and warmth that have brought to life every jewelry piece designed by the Maison. Soleil D’Or was unveiled to the general public on November 24, 1977, during an exhibition organized at Fred’s boutique in Paris. Another event, held before the exhibition at Maxim’s, was which actress Margaux Hemingway attended, where she playfully pretended to lose the stone for a short amount of time. The incident turned the stone into an eternal icon.

Soleil D’Or disappeared from view in the secret coffers of private collectors after November 1977, but its memory has been kept alive. It was ranked 52nd in the list of the world’s largest cut diamonds in Ian Balfour’s book “Famous Diamonds”. It also introduced Fred to the private circle of jewelers to hold stones of over 100 carats.

Fred Soleil D'Or yellow diamond

In 2021, after more than 44 years apart, Soleil D’Or reappeared thanks to the search for archive material led by Valérie Samuel – the Vice President and Artistic Director of Fred, and the granddaughter of the founder. Ms. Samuel had launched the global campaign ‘Fred seeks Fred’ in 2020, to restore jewels and pieces made by Fred, to be showcased at the brand’s first exhibition in Paris.

Soleil D’Or has been polished and recut in an emerald cut with angled corners. It now weighs 101.57 carats, and the new shape magnifies its color, described as “Fancy Intense Yellow”.

Fairmont Jaipur introduces barbeque restaurant inspired by the grills of the Mughals & Americans January 10, 2022: Luxury hotel Fairmont Jaipur has launched its barbeque restaurant Zia. Taking inspiration from the grills of Mughal era as well as authentic American barbeque trails, Zia offers a unique culinary experience. 

Grilled Fish with Chimichurri sauce

Set amidst a citrus garden, the restaurant lights up magically when the gleaming moonlight shines above and creates a spectacular dining experience for guests, right under the stars. The tranquil ambience of Zia with warm table tops and live music adds to the delightful gastronomic journey.

The menu is thoughtfully curated by the Executive Chef, Gaurav Malhotra and it brings forth a confluence of characteristic tastes and global flavours. The restaurant offers a range of dishes such as Cajun Marinated Chicken, Grilled Fish with Chimichuri Sauce, Galangal rubbed Tofu and more, paired with bespoke cocktails to keep the spirits high.

Karma Group acquires its first Scottish resort January 10, 2022: Choosing Scotland’s only natural lake for its Scottish debut - the waterfront Karma Lake of Menteith is the 44th luxury hotel in the Karma Group’s expanding portfolio.

Karma Lake of Menteith resort scotland 

Sitting in the quaint hamlet of the Port of Menteith, the destination is shrouded in both history and natural wonder. Easily accessible, the Port of Menteith is strategically located an hour’s drive from the international airports of Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as within arm’s reach of the historic city of Sterling, and Loch Lomond and the surrounding Scottish Highlands.

Karma Lake of Menteith sits on the banks of the lake, boasting unrivalled views of its surrounding hills and resident flora and fauna. This destination will hold particular appeal for avid fishermen, with the destination world famous for its trout populations, as well as historians, thanks to the lake being home to an island that Mary Queen of Scots took refuge on.

The property itself - Karma Lake of Menteith - was once the manse for the church but has since been remodelled as a hotel in the style of a New England Waterfront Inn. While currently in operation, refurbishments are expected shortly. “The property itself comprises 20 rooms and a renowned pub and restaurant (as well as a malt vault!),” says John Spence, Chairman and Founder of Karma Group. “It is currently actively trading but we will invest time and money in upgrading it over the coming months and ensure it is a true Karma resort by the spring (when the haggis hunting season commences!).”

The purchase of Karma Lake of Menteith is also further proof that Karma Group continues to thrive despite a global pandemic. This is the group’s ninth purchase since Covid started.

Burberry’s Lunar New Year collection features wild motifs January 6, 2022: As is customary for this time of the year, Burberry celebrates the Lunar New Year 2022 with a special collection inspired by the year of the tiger.

Burberry Year of Tiger 2022 collection

The exclusive collection personifies the tiger’s strong, confident spirit. The collection features a tiger stripe animal print in an orange hue that adorns the brand’s signature Lola and Olympia bags, as well as cashmere scarves and sneakers.

A new perspective on the signature TB Monogram print is introduced in a honey beige hue, punctuated with bright orange B motifs, including the Burberry Heritage Trench, pussy-bow blouses, pleated skirts and Italian-woven nylon jackets – reimagined for the celebration. 

Burberry Year of Tiger 2022 collection

Outerwear for women includes a belted car coat in lightweight Italian-woven cotton gabardine, cut to a relaxed fit with a tiger stripe animal-print lining. A pussy-bow blouse in Italian-woven silk is highlighted with contrast panels featuring the Thomas Burberry Monogram. Elevated knitwear includes a crew-neck sweater in cashmere, intarsia knitted with a refreshed Monogram motif. A V-neck silhouette in technical wool, patterned with a tiger stripe animal print. A shirt dress in Italian-woven silk is highlighted with contrast trims, supplemented by a short- sleeved knitted polo shirt dress in technical wool. 

In menswear, lightweight funnel-neck jackets are cut from Italian-woven nylon with a packaway hood, and patterned with a refreshed Monogram print. As well as a hooded version, with a versatile design that reverses to a solid colour, highlighted with a refreshed Monogram motif. A shirt in silk twill, oversized T-shirt, hoodie and drawcord jogging pants feature the refreshed Monogram motif.

Burberry Year of Tiger 2022 collection

Shoes for women include point-toe pumps sculpted from Italian-tanned metallic leather and studded with eyelet detailing. For men, Burberry introduces the new Arthur sneaker crafted in Vintage check cotton and nubuck.

Jewelry brand Bee Goddess launches a new collection to signal new beginnings January 6, 2022: A ‘talismanic’ jewellery brand that takes inspiration from gods and legends, Bee Goddess heralds the arrival of Spring with their Honey Collection. Bee Goddess’ Honey jewels are symbolic of bliss, joy, pleasure, abundance, fertility, health and wealth, unity, purity, renewal, productivity, efficiency, collaboration, structure, clarity, and support.

Bee Goddess emerald bee ring

Known as The Elixir of Life, the hexagonal shaped honeycomb represents the heart and life’s beauty. The collection includes an array of fine jewels crafted in 14k gold and precious gems, featuring not only the honeycomb, but also the bee and the matriarch of the hive, the Queen Bee. 

Bee Goddess bee long earrings

The Queen Bee too is an emblem of feminine power, beauty, spiritual wisdom, rebirth, and rejuvenation. A sweet messenger of love and light, the Queen Bee foretells the arrival of good luck, prosperity, creativity, fertility, happiness and pleasure. 

The brand uses diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and blue topaz to create delicate rings, necklaces, earrings and cuffs. 

Bee Goddess honeycomb diamond ring

The jewellery brand invites wearers to harness the power of the Queen Bee talisman to find their own spiritual purity and bliss, health and wealth, unity, renewal, productivity, joyful collaboration, wisdom, creative inspiration, selflessness and perfection.

Bee Goddess honeycomb long diamond earrings

Conceived and made in Turkey, the brand is available at Harrod’s in UK, Neiman Marcus in US, Bee Goddess’ own stores and other locations in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Gucci celebrates Chinese New Year with a magnificent collection January 5, 2022: In celebration of the Year of the Tiger, beginning on February 1, 2022, Gucci has launched Gucci Tiger: a wide-ranging selection of ready-to-wear and accessories, for both men and women, featuring various renditions of the animal.

Gucci Chinese New Year 2022 collection

A new print, a reinterpretation of a late 1960s archival design by Vittorio Accornero - the artist and illustrator who created the House’s signature Flora design—depicts the tiger against a colorful backdrop of greenery and flowers in a pastel palette. 

Gucci Chinese New Year 2022 collection

The print is presented in an all-over variation across the ready-to-wear assortment from outerwear and denim to shirts and dresses among other items. In a more subtle inclusion, it appears in the lining of a trench coat. A tiger and ‘Gucci Tiger’ wording are seen in patch form on jackets, jeans and knitwear, accompanied by a maxi multicolor monogram, Interlocking G or the equestrian-inspired Web stripe.

Gucci Chinese New Year 2022 collection

An ample range of sweatshirts and T-shirts feature the tiger and logo elements in diverse iterations. On some pieces, the tiger is painted by hand or applied as a patch crafted with artisanal crochet and embroidery techniques, rendering these styles one-of-a-kind.

Gucci Chinese New Year 2022 collection

Prints, patches and embroideries can also be seen on signature shoe and bag silhouettes, often combined with the GG monogram. Eyewear, silk accessories and hats round out the Gucci Tiger selection. Watches deserve a special mention as the design is eco-friendly in every way, starting from the recycled steel case to the dial and strap crafted from the brand’s animal-free Demetra material.

Gucci Chinese New Year 2022 collection

The exclusive, themed packaging for the collection is sustainable as well. Shoppers are made from paper sourced from responsibly managed forests, handles contain 100% recycled polyester and are knotted so to avoid the use of glues. Lastly, all ribbons are crafted from 100% organic cotton.

The upcoming Mumbai Gallery Weekend offers a host of participating galleries January 5, 2022: A much awaited event on Mumbai’s art and culture calendar, The Mumbai Gallery Weekend will be held from 13th to 16th January 2022. The three-day affair aspires to engage audiences with a series of exhibitions highlighting the most meaningful art being created in India and beyond, showcased by the well-known galleries. 

Bow art Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2022

Bow by Florence Louisy at Aequo Gallery

This year’s weekend will feature 23 galleries and design venues from across Mumbai. Some participating galleries include DAG, Gallerie Isa, Jhaveri Contemporary, Cymroza Art Gallery, SaffronArt, and Tao Art Gallery among others.

Guardian Figure Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2022

Guardian Figure with Crown by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran at Jhaveri Art Gallery

The goal of Mumbai Gallery Weekend was to infuse new life into Mumbai’s art scene when it launched in 2012. The 10th edition of Mumbai Gallery Weekend will give visitors a chance to experience a range of art-related events, all of which are open to all and free to attend. 

Answer Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2022

Answer by Kunel Gaur at Method Art Gallery

For more details, visit the official event website.

Zegna Group rings the bell on New York Stock Exchange as it completes partnership with Investindustrial Acquisition Corp. Zegna NYSE ring the bell

December 20, 2021: Closing the year with a landmark milestone, Ermenegildo Zegna N.V., the Italian luxury group, has completed its business combination with Investindustrial Acquisition Corp. (IIAC), a special purpose acquisition corporation sponsored by investment subsidiaries of Investindustrial VII L.P. The newly combined company has commenced trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the new ticker symbol “ZGN” from today.

The Zegna family will continue its long-term stewardship of the Company through an ownership stake of nearly 66%, while Investindustrial will be a significant shareholder with an approximately 13% stake. The free float will be approximately 21%. Based on the transaction value, the merged entity is expected to have an initial enterprise value of $3.1 billion, an initial market capitalization of $2.4 billion. The transaction delivers approximately $761 million in gross proceeds.

Ermenegildo Zegna, CEO of Zegna Group, rang the opening bell at NYSE today. He was joined by Thom Browne (creative head of Thom Browne – owned by Zegna), members of the Zegna and Thom Browne leadership teams, by Zegna Board member Paolo Zegna, and by Andrea C. Bonomi, Founder of Investindustrial and Chairman of the Industrial Advisory Board, and Sergio Ermotti, Chairman of Investindustrial Acquisition Corp. 

zegna nyse ring the bell

Ermenegildo “Gildo” Zegna, CEO of Zegna Group, said: “Today marks a monumental milestone for Zegna and is the beginning of an exciting and pivotal new chapter in our 111-year legacy. What began as a wool mill built by my grandfather has now become a publicly traded, modern luxury group with a one-of-a-kind manufacturing platform, sophisticated digital operations and global scale and reach. We are well positioned to accelerate the successful strategies of the Zegna Group’s two core brands, Zegna and Thom Browne, while also continuing to build upon our heritage, our ethos of sustainability, and the unique craftsmanship that has made our name synonymous with excellence and luxury around the world.”

Mr. Zegna also mentioned that at the end of November 2021, the Group’s worldwide performance was substantially in line with pre-COVID-19 levels. Zegna’s recent rebranding put the brand under the spotlight as well.

Earlier this year, Zegna demonstrated its continued momentum, delivering strong sales and profitability for the first half of 2021, with revenues up 50% year-over-year. The Group’s ongoing growth in the luxury leisurewear segment, as well as its newly found resonance with younger generation, uniquely positions it for long-term success.

Spreading the net, Reliance Brands Limited partners with Indian designer Anamika Khanna December 20, 2021: Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) and Indian designer Anamika Khanna have instated a 60:40 Joint Venture (either by itself and / or through its affiliates) for owning and developing the brand AK-OK. This venture is followed by RBL’s recent investments in Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar.

Reliance Brands Ltd Anamika Khanna Darshan Mehta

“The partnership with Anamika Khanna pivots around our recognition of homegrown talent’s growing popularity and appeal, both in India and globally. Indian fashion brands are a strategic part of our luxury portfolio and with this partnership we are adding another design powerhouse to our growing repertoire of fashion brands,” said Isha Ambani, Director, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd.

The new brand AK-OK was born out of a deeply personal story in a time of crisis and Ms. Khanna’s sons Viraj and Vishesh’s determination to re-write the narrative to one of optimism and acceptance: “Don’t worry, everything will be AK-OK”.

Inspired by its genesis, the label has an attitude of deconstructing everything that was “meant to be” and accepting what “could be”. With age and gender agnostic design philosophy, AK-OK adapts to rapidly changing lifestyles – where dressing for “day” v/s “night” was linear.

The Anamika Khanna label has always given a bold aesthetic to Indian wear. In the same vein, AK-OK creates a bridge between the luxurious and the relaxed, to create a distinct personal take on style and not be dictated by trends or “others”. It’s about having a distinct style and not being afraid of being out there. The brand includes intricate Indian nuances while also inculcating design quirks and interesting silhouettes that transcend geographies.

Ms. Khanna will continue to lead the creative direction of the brand as Creative Director.

Chartering new waters, Aman announces Project Sama December 17, 2021: Developed in joint venture with Cruise Saudi, Aman’s Project Sama is a 183 mt luxury motor yacht that will feature 50 spacious suites with private balconies. An architectural vision that carried forward Aman’s design philosophy, the yacht will be launched in 2025. 

Aman Hotels Project Sama

Designed in partnership with SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design, the vessel will see Aman’s eastern design philosophy combining with superyacht technology to offer a modern yet restorative experience to guests.

Dining options aboard will include an informal all-day dining restaurant, an a relaxed club and lounge. The much-needed Aman Spa will also be a part of the ship, along with a Japanese garden, two helipads, and Beach Club – which will offer guests direct access to water at the stern of the yacht.

Aman Hotels Project Sama interiors

Mr. Fawaz Farooqui, MD of Cruise Saudi (of which Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is a shareholder), is excited how the venture will offer travelers a unique opportunity to explore Saudi Arabia through sea. Vlad Doronin, Chairman & CEO of Aman was enthused about the expansion of Aman from land to water. 

Meaning tranquility in Sanskrit, Sama’s formal name will be announced later.

Opening in one of Italy’s most ancient malls, Fendi’s new boutique is a mix of warm & cool materials Fendi Milan store

December 17, 2021: Luxury brand Fendi has opened a new boutique in Milan, inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy’s most ancient shopping mall and one of the city’s major landmarks.

The store is a contemporary reinterpretation of Milan’s historical buildings of early decades of 20th century, reproducing their scenographic character, unique decor, geometric patterns, polychromatic marbles and the succession of architectural and artistic scenes.

The Woman and Man full collection are presented on three levels. Each level is characterized by a special marble flooring. The special staircase area near the entrance, also visible from the façade, represents the fil rouge all over the floors. The handmade stucco walls with KL motif, glass fusion handrails, lift cabin and display are in teal green colour that recall the shades used in Milan and Roman buildings of 20s.

Fendi Milan store

The ground floor is dedicated to Women’s Bags, Accessories and Shoes displayed on champagne metal shelves against hand-made textured ivory walls. The Arabescato Vagli marble flooring recalls the architecture of Roman churches. Ceilings with three-dimensional geometric patterns are inspired by Milan’s historical buildings.

The first floor - the Men’s area - carries a warm and masculine taste thanks to Green Patagonia marble floor and leather sofas.

The second floor is dedicated to Fendi RTW and Fur Women’s collection and enriches the clients’ experiences inside the boutiques. Here, the space is defined as an intimate contemporary living room with wisteria-coloured sheet metal walls and Black & White Patagonia marble used for floor and fireplace. In the middle of the room there is a scenographic wooden door, that once closed creates a private and cosy space.

Fendi Milan store

The furniture is a selection of bespoke pieces and design pieces, such as the rust velvet armchairs by Gio Ponti, fur and metal bench, amber glass fusion table and silver and glass artwork by Kiko Lopez.

Travel from home with Casa Paradox’s new, heritage collection Casa Paradox new winter collection 2021 home decor

December 17, 2021: Indian interior designer, Raseel Gujral, spent her days in lockdown travelling through the silk route in her mind to recreate a series of mystical designs as part of Casa Paradox and Casa Pop Winter 21-22Collection.

Unveiling a luxurious line of wallpaper and soft furnishings with Art Deco influences, Ms. Gujral’s mystical travels started from the middle east where she got inspired by the geometrics of Serapi carpets and went on to create a Serai range. From the culture-filled silk route, she travelled all the way to the Himalayan belt to Tibet to interpret her Sherpa Collection, an ode to Tibet and its lovely people. Finally, her heart landed into the world of here and now with Gatsby, realizing that inspiration through bold lined modernism.

Casa Paradox new winter collection 2021 home decor

“When the roads are blocked and the world shut-in, creative minds travel through their thoughts, firmly entrenched in their armchair. Even if Covid-19 locks us in, the mind is free to fly to lands far away,” said Ms. Gujral.

The Serai is a vibrant collection of cushions, rugs and wallpapers. Woven in the rugged mountains of Northwest Persia, Serapi rugs follow a distinctly Heriz region style, with finer knotting and more large-scale, spaciously placed designs. They combine design elements borrowed from many traditions. The bold geometric designs are connected to the tribal Caucasian traditions across the Aras River to the north and the elegant court carpets of Tabriz to the west.

Casa Paradox new winter collection 2021 home decor

The Sherpa collection is deeply influenced by the majestic dragon, the white tiger and Buddhist iconography as seen in Tangkha art. Ms. Gujral captures the mystique of monasteries through animal prints, flora-fauna inspired design and oriental iconography.

Casa Paradox new winter collection 2021 home decor

Gatsby, a finale of sorts to this travel story ends with a party as glitzy sequins come alive in the smart linear art deco style.  The collection takes golden, silver, onyx and pewter shades to present an art deco era in a Manhattan home.

Chanel appoints Indian-born Leena Nair as new Global CEO December 14, 2021: From Microsoft to the very recent Twitter appointment of Parag Agrawal as CEO, Chanel’s appointment of Indian-born Leena Nair as new global chief executive officer should maybe not come as a surprise. Indians are gaining top positions in the business community, fast gaining traction as not just hard workers, but also genius marketers and deep thinkers. 

Chanel CEO Leena Nair

However, the world of luxury has usually been conservative, with Europeans usually gaining the top seat. Ms. Nair, who spent 30 years at Unilever, most recently as chief human resources officer, is probably the first step by the family-owned brand to increase diversity. With her international background and expertise in human resources, it is said that Ms. Nair will help Chanel advance its diversity and inclusion ambitions – a job she did spectacularly well at Unilever. 

Ms. Nair will start the role end of January, assuming a title previously held by Chanel co-owner Alain Wertheimer. Mr. Wertheimer will now become global executive chair of Chanel, according to the company.

The first female, first Asian and youngest ever CHRO of Unilever, Ms. Nair first joined the group in 1992 as a management trainee of Hindustan Lever in India. By 2006 she had become general manager HR of Hindustan Lever. In 2013 she became senior vice president HR Leadership and Organizational Development and global head of diversity, and in 2016 took up her role as CHRO and member of the Unilever Leadership Executive.

This is not the first appointment of an Indian at a high rank in the international luxury business. Indian-origin Anish Melwani was appointed as the CEO of LVMH Inc., the US-based subsidiary of LVMH, in 2015, and is still at the position. 

We hope this ‘trend’ to become even more normal in the coming years, as diversity increases in the luxury business with more Indians, and more women assuming top positions.

The new Hublot timepiece created in partnership with Eden Rock – St. Barths takes influence from the cerulean blue waters around the hotel Hublot Eden Rock - St. Barth Big Bang watch

December 14, 2021: Continuing their partnership with yet another timepiece, Hublot and Eden Rock – St. Barth (an Oetker Collection hotel) have launched the Big Bang Unico 45mm Eden Rock - St Barths Limited Edition, a piece that is as cool and summery as a sundowner enjoyed overlooking the sea.

The new 25-piece limited-edition has a calming 45mm cerulean blue ceramic case inspired by the colour of the sky, the ocean and elements of the hotel’s recently reappointed interior.

The watch’s colour palette includes light blue, white, red and teal accents, inspired by the white of the sand, the red of the hotel’s roofs and the natural colouration of the sea in the Baie de Saint Jean. The sapphire crystal case back is decorated with a specially created outline of the rock and the hotel seen from the shoreline, while the matching blue presentation box has a porthole containing a sample of the sand from the beach. 

Hublot Eden Rock - St. Barth Big Bang watch

The watch comes with a choice of three straps, one in white rubber with blue stripes, a second in blue rubber, and a third that’s a white Velcro strap.

The Big Bang Unico 45mm Eden Rock St. Barths Limited Edition will only be available at the hotel. The brands aim to make the watch available through Hublot boutiques in the future.

Orient Express at Taj Palace, New Delhi celebrates 38 years with a special menu

Orient Express Taj Palace New Delhi

December 11, 2021: Taj Palace, New Delhi’s iconic Orient Express restaurant is celebrating its 38th anniversary this December. To commemorate this milestone, the restaurant has curated a limited edition menu featuring an exquisite selection of nostalgic favourites and timeless signatures along with contemporary renditions. 

Inspired by the legendary long-distance train which ran from Paris to Istanbul until 1977, the Orient Express restaurant takes its cues from the gastronomic experiences offered aboard the train. The restaurant recreates a carriage of the train and the ambience of a historic era, focusing on the finest European gourmet fare. Paired with impeccable traditional white-gloved service, mellifluous tunes by the resident pianist and a selection of premium vintages, the entire experience at the Orient Express is one-of-a-kind.

Orient Express Taj Palace New Delhi

The anniversary special menu features a selection of signatures such as Camembert cheese soufflé, paprika sauce; Duck Margaret, fig compote, crispy phyllo; Butterflied Champagne prawns, butter garlic sauce; Saffron-scented exotic vegetable risotto; Red wine poached Fuji apple, cinnamon ice cream; Warm chocolate pudding, liquid chocolate centre and more.

The dinner menu is available until December 30, 2021 (excluding 24th & 25th December)

Coordinates: Orient Express, Taj Palace, 2, Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi

Made with billions of years old meteorite, The Dibiasky 550s sneakers are set to be auctioned by Sotheby’s Sothebys Netflix Dont Look Up Dibiasky 550 sneakers

December 11, 2021: To celebrate the release of movie ‘Don’t Look Up’, Netflix and Sotheby’s have announced a pair of custom sneakers that feature stunning fragments of pallasite meteorite discovered in the dry bed of the river Hekandue - Magadan District in Russia.

The ultra-rare extra-terrestrial sneakers will drop on at 12 PM ET/5pm GMT on December 17, available for immediate purchase via Sotheby’s online Buy Now platform. On offer for £10,000, proceeds will benefit WWF in a bid to reduce human impact on the environment.

Only one pair of the custom Dibiasky 550s will ever exist. The meteorite emblazoned sneakers were created in tribute to Jennifer Lawrence’s character Kate Dibiasky, an astronomy grad student, who alongside her professor Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) makes an astounding discovery of a comet that is on a direct collision course with Earth.

Sothebys Netflix Dont Look Up Dibiasky 550 sneakers

The Seymchan meteorite used to create the sneakers was born 4.5 billion years ago in the core of a comet or asteroid similar to Don’t Look Up’s fictional Dibiasky Comet. The sneaker’s meteorite fragments originated from the core-mantle boundary of an asteroid or comet that broke apart during early solar system history. Following pinball-like impacts, the large mass was serendipitously bumped into an Earth-crossing orbit.

Manchester-based sneaker designer Matt Burgess of MattB Customs created the sneakers using the New Balance 550 silhouette and fragments of the Seymchan meteorite precisely cut using a high-pressure water jet. The fragments were cut to within a millimetre of Matt’s design to ensure the meteorite fits to the contours of the New Balance 550 White / Grey sneaker.

The custom sneakers comprise of 34 fragments featuring extra-terrestrial crystals of gleaming olivine and peridot, ranging in hues from emerald to amber. The crystals are the result of small chunks of the stony mantle becoming suspended in the molten metal of an asteroid’s iron-nickel core.

Sothebys Netflix Dont Look Up Dibiasky 550 sneakers

The Dibiasky 550s’ metallic lace locks feature latticework referred to as a Widmanstätten pattern, which is a result of the meteorite cooling over millions of years. The only place where this can happen is in the vacuum of space. The appearance of this pattern is diagnostic in the identification of a meteorite.

Mr. Burgess commented: “This movie shines a light on science and its importance in contextualizing our place in the universe. When you touch a piece of rock that has been hurtling through space for a third of time itself, it’s hard not to be humbled by it. Creating this shoe was an experience that will stay with me forever."

The Postcard Hotel announces two new destinations December 11, 2021: Luxury experiential hotels brand, The Postcard Hotel, has opened two new hotels this December: The Postcard Hideaway, Netravali and The Postcard Mandalay Hall, Kochi. Refurbished and renewed, The Postcard Galle, Sri Lanka will reopen as Sri Lanka has opened its borders for tourists. 

The Postcard Netravali

The Postcard Netravali

The Postcard Hideaway, Netravali is located in a pristine, hidden ecosystem of South Goa. This first hideaway resort by the brand comes with 20 rooms spread across 20 acres, enveloped by the western ghats and overlooking verdant hills. The hotel is designed to let one absorb the nature around and detox from the outside world, while offering restorative seclusion and an all new way to holiday in Goa.

“All our hotels in Goa have a uniquely distinct identity that offer an immersion of the surrounding spaces and culture. Our hotel in Netravali goes a step further towards exploring a completely unseen dimension of Goa. We truly believe that the experience at this property has the potential to change the way many people see Goa.” says Kapil Chopra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Postcard Hotel.

The Postcard Mandalay Hall

The Postcard Mandalay Hall

The Postcard Mandalay Hall is an art hotel nestled in the cobbled by-lanes of Mattancherry, Kochi, in a 200 year old landmark building that was once a residential Jewish quarter. What makes this hotel completely charming is the way it has been crafted to offer an unforgettable experience that bridges Kochi’s past and present. Each of the five luxury rooms is an immersive living gallery, exhibiting artwork and installations by different artists.

“Our hotel in Kochi is all soul. Each section is carefully designed to tell its own unique story, be it the rooms, the heritage jewellery store or even the untouched exterior walls.” says Mr. Chopra. 

The Postcard Mandalay Hall

The Postcard Mandalay Hall

The Postcard Hotels believes that 2022 will see higher interest from discerning travellers to discover authentic, more localised travel experiences within India, amalgamated with an increasing desire for longer stays that enable them to seek more inspirations at the destination.  

Twenty-three hotels are currently under construction in wildlife parks or mountains, on the sea or wine estates, as palaces and more. The brand aims to add at least 6 to 8 new hotels every year.

The one & only hotel tower designed by Karl Lagerfeld opens in Macao Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Tower Macao

December 9, 2021: The Karl Lagerfeld, the world’s first and only hotel tower with its interior wholly designed by the late fashion legend, recently opened its doors at Grand Lisboa Palace in Cotai.

Every detail of the 271 rooms and suites exemplifies the German designer’s pursuit of perfection, right from specially commissioned furniture to the circular room dividers referencing traditional Chinese moon gates.

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Tower Macao

The Chinoiserie-inspired room décor embodies Karl Lagerfeld’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and distinct aesthetic vision. With each pattern, material and decoration personally conceived or selected by the designer himself, each point has a touch of Mr. Lagerfeld. Mr. Lagerfeld was able to complete the design before his passing.

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Tower Macao

Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of KARL LAGERFELD, said that the hotel tower was “a unique interior design project for Karl in China and a labour of love for over five years. He was extremely proud to have worked on a luxury project of this magnitude, with a team he loved, to create his vision of ‘Europe meets China.’ It’s also a great point of pride for the brand to carry on his legacy, and we’re thrilled to have brought to life one of the final great accomplishments of his career.”

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Tower Macao

The most awe-inspiring part of the design is The Book Lounge in the lobby. It’s a direct reference to Mr. Lagerfeld’s huge passion for books, and specifically the famous library at his photo-shoot studio in Paris. More than 4,000 real books are on display, reflecting the legend’s personal interests and inspirations, selected by 7L Bookshop owned by the designer.

Judith Leiber & Timex Group enter a license agreement Judith Leiber X Timex Group

December 9, 2021: Timex Group, a watchmaking brand, has announced a strategic new license agreement with Judith Leiber Couture, a global luxury brand. 

The partnership began in September 2021 with the introduction of two limited-edition watch designs, the T80 digital and Q analog. With the bold, artful and fashion-forward touch of Judith Leiber, the styles will be limited to 200 units each and feature over 900 hundred Swarovski crystals on the watch cases, dials and bracelets in playful color combinations that could only come from such a distinctive designer. 

As part of this new partnership, Timex Group’s creative designer Giorgio Galli has teamed up with Judith Leiber’s creative director Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger to maintain the essence of the Judith Leiber brand through its colorful aesthetic and contemporary luxury styling.

Judith Leiber X Timex Group

Mr. Hilfiger said, “Each watch has been transformed into wearable art through the impeccable craftsmanship, bold colors and iconic designs our audience loves and expects from Judith Leiber Couture.”

Under this license agreement, Timex Group will be responsible for the production and worldwide distribution of Judith Leiber and Judith Leiber Couture-branded watches beginning in Spring 2022.

Designer Amit Aggarwal’s Mumbai store is a minimalist, monochrome space Amit Aggarwal Mumbai Store

December 9, 2021: Indian designer Amit Aggarwal, who creates modern, futuristic designs in fashion, has created a similar space for his first Mumbai store.

“Bombay is my birth and muse. This is the city I called home for the best part of my childhood, the city I said goodbye to twenty-two years ago to make someone of myself. But Bombay is a generous mother, she filled my shoes with sand and my mind with memories, having every crashing sea I encountered whisper in my ears that her arms are always open for me,” says Mr. Aggarwal.

Amit Aggarwal Mumbai Store

The store is inspired by Mumbai’s sea, sand and breeze. The open layout of the space and iridescent textiles used for décor reflects the city’s lights. The dark grey matte floors, metallic grey walls and sandy concrete furniture accents the inspiration of sand giving the space a modern language. The walls have smooth curves and custom-built amorphous furniture bringing in the lightness of a cool breeze.

A central installation showcases a school of amorphous creatures all unique, yet in perfect sync, floating with each other to form a whole. The installation uses signature textiles by the designer - including metallic polymers and remnant metallic piping.

The store will house couture, pret-a-couture, ready to wear and menswear collections by the designer.

Amit Aggarwal Mumbai Store

Mr. Aggarwal explains his inspiration: “It is only in Bombay that Victorian, Modernist and Survival architectures thrive in each other's company, where trees grow on cricket fields and flowers bloom beside industrial hubs. Join me as I celebrate Bombay- her people, her waters, her old and her evolution.”

Coordinates: 7, Vaswani House, Ground Floor, BEST Marg, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The newly opened Bulgari Hotel in Paris is extravagant, chic, opulent Bulgari Hotel Paris facade

December 8, 2021: Opening its doors at the prestigious Avenue George V in Paris, the new Bulgari Hotel is a sophisticated dialogue of cultures. 

Bulgari Hotel Paris lounge

The 76 rooms and suites are elegant, yet do not compromise on comfort. Books, photographs and artworks by Gio Ponti impart the intimate feel of a private apartment to the rooms. Bathrooms are highlighted by the Bulgari Serpenti Constellation motif engraved on glass artworks, using the technique developed by crystal design master René Lalique. The cold, stoic marble has been combined with warm, plush velvets to stunning effects throughout the hotel.

Bulgari Hotel Paris penthouse

The crown jewel in this exceptional setting is the Bulgari Penthouse, where an extraordinary rooftop garden landscaped with Mediterranean plants and fruit trees offers a panoramic view of the French capital’s famous monuments. Blown glass light installations, wooden panels and floor-to-ceiling windows have been used cleverly to make the penthouse much more than just a hotel accommodation. 

Bulgari Hotel Paris penthouse bathroom

The pleasures of the palate haven’t been ignored at this highly anticipated property. Il Ristorante, the gourmet restaurant helmed by three-Michelin star chef Niko Romito, is discreetly hidden in a private garden. The chef has revisited traditional Italian cuisine with an emphasis on essential ingredients. Nearby, the jeweler’s signature generosity and elegance are on show at the Bulgari Bar and Lounge, the perfect place to meet.

Bulgari Hotel Paris restaurant

The spa is a celebration of ancient Rome. There are two pools – including a 25-meter semi-Olympic pool – lined with stunning mosaics and designs that evoke the Carcalla baths of ancient Rome. The fitness space boasts state-of-the-art equipment and technology, while a beauty and hair salon propose an indulgent interlude of well-being.

Bulgari Hotel Paris vitality pool

This exceptional jewel glitters with service as impeccable as it is authentic. There is a multilingual messaging system, and guests are met and transferred to the hotel by Maserati. The array of bespoke services includes expert shoe care by renowned shoemaker Berluti as well.

Soneva launches Soneva Soul - a new brand of resort spas Soneva Soul Spa

December 8, 2021: Luxury resorts brand Soneva has launched Soneva Soul, a new wellness brand that combines ancient healing with modern science and medicine to reconnect mind, body and soul. 

Sonu Shivdasani, CEO and Co-Founder of Soneva, says, “Soneva Soul is the culmination of everything we have learned since we launched our spa at Soneva Fushi in 1995, the very first resort spa in the Maldives. Much like Soneva, at Soneva Soul we are pioneering an approach that combines apparent opposites to offer our guests a transformative and personalised wellbeing experience.”

Soneva Soul Spa

Soneva Soul’s resort spas will focus on wellness at a deeper level with movement, sleep, yoga and meditation programmes; wellness and lifestyle products; a global network of acclaimed wellness specialists; and innovative, regenerative modalities and medical services. As the brand grows, it will tailor integrated care plans guided by the principle of ‘lifestyle evolution’, helping guests realise their utmost potential and achieve their long-term wellness goals. 

The new Soneva Soul Island Spa at Soneva Jani is linked by raised walkways that wind among the trees. The three-level complex is designed in perfect harmony with its stunning setting on the eastern side of the island. Complementing the existing Over-water Spa at The Gathering, it includes open-air treatment rooms, consultation suites, therapeutic biomodulation rooms, a state-of-the-art gym and juice bar. A yoga pavilion and meditation platform sit high above the tree line, offering 360-degree views across the turquoise private lagoon.

Soneva Soul Spa yoga

Soneva Soul is operational at Soneva Fushi in the Maldives’ Baa Atoll and Soneva Kiri in Thailand as well. The coming weeks will also see the opening phase of an expanded Soneva Soul resort wellness centre at Soneva Fushi. Soneva also hopes to work with like-minded partners to launch one-of-a-kind wellness destinations across the world. 

Soneva Soul is in the process of establishing a permanent team that includes an Ayurvedic doctor, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, integrative medicine doctor and highly trained therapists. The resident team will be complemented by a network of international visiting wellness specialists.

Working in partnership with each guest, Soneva Soul’s wellness experts will curate a wellness journey that supports every aspect of their life. This includes rest, recovery and regeneration as well as detoxification, movement, and optimisation, following principles such as balance, mindful living and self care.

Soneva Soul Spa

The treatment menu at each Soneva Soul unites traditional wellness philosophies, such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalism and medicinal mushrooms, with cutting-edge treatment methodologies and therapeutic biomodulation, which will include heart rate variability testing, platelet-rich plasma (PRP therapy), nutrient IV therapy, cryotherapy, ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

Led by master fitness trainers and bodywork experts, the Soneva Soul Movement Programme balances functional gym-based fitness, with natural free movement techniques and experiential fitness, surrounded by nature – such as jungle gyms and deep-water aquatic fitness sessions. Yoga, Pranayama Breathing and Meditation Programmes reinforce the link between mind, body and soul, with one-on-one and group sessions with resident yoga masters and renowned visiting experts. And an expert-led Sleep Programme creates a personalised programme for healthier long-term sleeping habits.

Forest Essentials’ new fragrances take various interpretations December 8, 2021: Indian ayurvedic skincare brand Forest Essentials has launched two intense perfume body mists: Sunehre Din (Radiant Days) and Chandani Raatein (Moonlit Nights).

Forest Essentials Sunehre Din

The fragrances have been prepared using fine ingredients sourced from different parts of India at the height of their potency. These botanicals are then steam-distilled for their pure essential oils and floral waters, prepared with a base of Pure Grain Alcohol and hand-blended into two distinct artisanal fragrances. The perfumes contain pure Aloe Vera juice to hydrate the skin as well as leaving it perfumed with a long-lasting aroma of essential oils.

Recommended as a day perfume, Sunehre Din begins with a top note of Rose Absolute that adds a sparkling dimension to the blend. Hand-plucked from the verdant gardens of Kannauj, the Desi Gulab is known to uplift the spirit and soul. The blend of Kashmiri Saffron and Marigold form the layered notes for this fragrance, adding a magical sweet hint to awaken the senses. At the base of this fragrance is a drift of sparkling Maulshree (tiny, yellow flowers) that is evocative of a refreshing experience. The Maulshree tree was prized by Mughals for its ornamental look as well.

Forest Essentials Chandani Raatein

Recommended as an after dusk perfume, this seductive scent begins with a top note of Ruh Motiya (jasmine essence) that lend a soft sensuality to the fragrance. Sourced from Madurai in South India, these coveted Jasmine flowers are plucked at dawn when the first rays set in and their intoxicating fragrance is at its zenith, with their petals freshly covered in dew. Infused with fragrant Golden Champa (magnolia) and enticing Raat ki Raani (night blooming jasmine), Chandani Raatein finishes with a sensorial base note of a deeply opulent Sandalwood that has a harmonious and calming effect on the senses.

The Intense Perfume Body Mists, Sunehre Din and Chandani Raatein are priced at INR 4,800, come in a standard size of 100ml and may be purchased on and across all Forest Essentials standalone stores across India.

The Lodhi collaborates with The Grasshopper for a European epicurean experience The Lodhi X Grasshopper european food

December 8, 2021: The Lodhi in New Delhi has collaborated with Bengaluru’s Grasshopper restaurant to give gourmands a chance to experience the restaurant’s acclaimed flavours in the heart of the capital at Elan.

Grasshopper, which opened in 2002, offers subtle tastes and a quiet ambience. Set in a sprawling farmhouse owned by Sonali Sattar and Himanshu Dimri, the outdoor restaurant is surrounded by verdant greenery, and is minimal and uncluttered in design and idea.

The Lodhi X Grasshopper european food

The cuisine by the restaurant is fresh, innovative and pleasing to the senses. The flavours and textures in each dish are innovatively combined to harmonise as well as to surprise. A five- table only restaurant, Grasshopper is one of the few in Bangalore that prides itself on introducing the modern-day 'farm-to-table-concept'. There is heavy emphasis on simple, organically sourced and homegrown ingredients. Herbs and some vegetables used in the cooking are grown in the garden adjoining the kitchen. 

Chef Touseef Shamsudeen uses his imagination to create food that is delicate and refined, while at the same time soulful and satisfying. Hailing from a Southern-Indian heritage, he disciplines with European cuisines and techniques. He has a natural flair for concepts of fermentation and preservation of ingredients. Pre-set seven-course and five-course meals are custom designed for each table at Grasshopper. Menus change from day to day, based on the seasons and the availability of fresh produce. 

The Lodhi X Grasshopper european food

For this pop-up at The Lodhi, Chef Touseef has put together an exclusive five-course menu. The selection of Appetisers features Marinated bocconcini with roasted globe grapes, basil oil and olive tapenade; Charred asparagus with cave aged parmesan, crisp sage and lemon zest; and Ceviche of wild mullet with grapefruit segments, pickled serrano peppers and chives. Main Course options include Crisp potato gnocchi with coconut and onion espuma, garlic chips and smoked butter; and Braised lamb shanks with a sauce of mixed peppercorns, buckwheat risotto and glazed carrots. For Dessert, there is a choice of Espresso panna cotta with coffee caramel sauce and roasted almonds, or 70% dark chocolate ganache with mustard ice cream.

The pop-up is available to be experienced until December 14, 2021, for lunch and dinner, at Elan, The Lodhi.

Limassol Del Mar’s newly introduced penthouses combine branded interiors and stunning views Limassol Del Mar indoor pool

December 6, 2021: From private swimming pools overlooking the Mediterranean, spacious outdoor roof garden terraces for sunrise to sunset views and meticulously designed interiors, The Penthouse Collection at Limassol Del Mar evokes luxury at the highest level.

The jewel inspired collection of penthouses - said to be the largest in Limassol - are now ready to move in to. The unique homes are named after the finest gems, each detailed with marble and granites that match each of their jewel namesakes.

The Sapphire penthouse is spread across two floors with a spacious, open plan living space with floor to ceiling windows that look out on to a private terrace, and three bedrooms, including the Master that has its own dressing area and ensuite on the lower floor. The upper floor, offers a further bedroom and en-suite with a family bathroom. There is a second spectacular outdoor area with a swimming pool, a decked area for sunbathing and a covered terrace area and outdoor kitchen space for fine al fresco dining.

Limassol Del Mar residents lobby

The Ruby four-bedroom penthouse offers a large, central l-shaped living space. Its outside areas include a wraparound veranda, a swimming pool, sun deck and a roof garden. The Opal three-bedroom penthouse offers wraparound lower and upper terraces from the 11th floor, while its living space is spread across one level.

For those wanting a more traditional feel, albeit a unique one nonetheless, the Emerald has living space on its lower deck and five, expansive bedrooms on the upper floor, where residents will be able to go effortlessly from their beds for a morning swim to their private pool overlooking vast terraces and the dynamic city to the east. 

Limassol Del Mar penthouse

Each penthouse comes with a bespoke furniture offering from Italian designer, Gianfranco Ferré Homes. An effortless elegance carries through to the Italian kitchen by Arclinea with granite worktops and integrated Miele appliances, while the bathrooms and en-suites have custom-made vanity cupboards, delicate mosaic tiling with Duravit and Hansgrohe fittings.

The development includes some beautiful communal spaces. A private members’ Bistro offers delicate fine dining while a relaxing spa helps residents to indulge in a number of treatments. From a personal chauffeur to a personal trainer, there’s plenty for those making Limassol Del Mar their home. 

Limassol Del Mar penthouse

The residents at Limassol Del Mar will be treated to a new shopping destination, Plaza Del Mar, offering retail and culinary delights, on their doorstep. The city of Limassol enjoys a vibrant shopping district, nightlife and an array of cafes, bars and clubs to cater to all tastes. With a superyacht marina to rival the best in Europe, alongside historical sites and the backdrop of nearby Troodos Mountains, it is also home to some the country’s best private and international schools, making it a rivalled destination to call home.

Ideal investment properties as well, prices at The Penthouse Collection start from €4,500,000. More information is available at the brand’s website.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s new logo takes influences from its past December 6, 2021: Inspired by the journey and triumphs of its founder, menswear brand Ermenegildo Zegna has designed and unveiled a new logo that is quite retro. “Physically and passionately, we are still journeying down the 232 road that Ermenegildo [the founder] built over 110 years ago in the mountains of Northern Italy, Piedmont, which at the time was no more than barren rocks and one man’s unwavering dream for the future,” says the official statement from the company. An international brand, the brand has adopted sustainability and community well-being as its core assets as well. Mr. Zegna built a community around his wool mill and planted the sprawling green Oasi Zegna, a natural territory of 100 km2, on what was once a near lifeless mountainside. 

Zegna new logo 2021

The double-stripe signifier and new Zegna logo were unveiled with a purposeful collection on December 3. The collection acclaims the outdoors and winter sports in a meaningful tribute to the brand’s routes and roots in the Piedmont mountains. The vicuna-coloured signifier will weave through every collection the brand creates. The process of introducing the new Zegna logo to the brand retail network will be completed within 2022.

Zegna new logo 2021

The rebranding comes close to Zegna’s much-anticipated launch on New York Stock Exchange. While the Zegna family will continue to have control of the newly taken public company, retaining a stake of approximately 62%, the launch was made possible by combining Ermenegildo Zegna with a US special-purpose acquisition company launched by European private equity group Investindustrial and chaired by former UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti. This deal gave Zegna an enterprise value of $3.2 dollars. They expect to raise about $880 million and use the funds to reinforce Zegna’s menswear business, both organically and inorganically.

Ready, Set, Liftoff – Breitling stages flight formation to announce new aviation inspired watch collection breitling aviation watches

December 6, 2021: Known for sleek design that intersects with intelligent craftmanship and unprecedented innovation, Breitling took to the air to launch their latest watch series – Super AVI – dedicated to four legendary vintage aircrafts. The four classic planes: the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang, the Vought F4U Corsair, the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and the de Havilland Mosquito appeared together in a history-making campaign taking off from the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia, USA. 

Given the historicity of the aircrafts, over 100 hours of preparatory flight time were required to ready the planes. Keegan Chetwynd, director of the Military Aviation Museum, said that in the rare and monumental moment the flight formation set off, “it’s people’s hopes and dreams and ambitions for that machine”.

breitling aviation watches

The Super AVI design, a line specifically tailored for aviation enthusiasts, references high-performance fighter aircrafts from the 1940s, with color waves featuring black timepiece dials and versions with 18 carat red gold colours. 

Manufactured in 46mm sizes to be easily adjusted with flight gloves, the watch allows the ease of tracking a second time zone using the 24-hour marking on the inner bevel and red-tipped GMT hand. From aviation to watches the collection weaves a cohesive story evoking emotion, time, history while winding elements of resilience and effortless timeless style.

breitling aviation watches

The Super AVI collection is available on the Breitling website.

- By Sarah Micho

Indian carpet brand Obeetee launches new store in Mumbai Obeetee carpet store mumbai

November 30, 2021: Founded in 1920, Obeetee is one of the oldest and largest hand-woven rug companies originating in India. Now the luxury carpet marker is bringing its brightened and singular craftmanship to a storefront in Mumbai. 

The location, an obvious choice for its reputation as the financial capital of India, is set to attract affluent crowds to its 3,000 square foot space. Characterized by room in room experiences, the store makes the customer go on personalized warm soiree tours coined as the ‘Makers Manor’. Capturing a modern luxury aesthetic, the ambiance is one of intricately decorated interiors with high ceilings.

Speaking about the new store launch, Ms. Angelique Dhama, CEO, Obeetee Retail, said, “Created with the most detailed and artisanal craftsmanship using the purest and most natural forms of materials, Obeetee carpets are unlike any other. After the overwhelming response that we received for our Delhi store, it gives us immense pleasure to expand our reach in Mumbai. We are delighted to be expanding in the home ground of the brand and enabling more people to enter this beautiful world of tradition, aesthetic and opulence.”

Obeetee carpet store mumbai

The store also boasts customized lighting suitable for all times of the day with incorporated use of kinetic fixtures which will enable customers to see showcased carpets vertically in its whole avatar. Blending technology and customer experience, the Mumbai store is one of ten exclusive retail stores that Obeetee aims to open across the country in the next three years.

- By Sarah Micho

Kross Studio & Alain Silberstein collaborate on a serene new timepiece design Kross Studio X Alain Silberstein lotus watch

November 30, 2021: Drawing inspiration from the essence of a sacred Asian flower, the Kross Studio x Alain Silberstein collaboration has brought to life the Lotus Tourbillon. The timepiece which features the Kross Studio Central tourbillon (the KS 7’000 caliber) is equipped with an oversized barrel offering a 5-day power reserve. 

After months of research and development, the result is a creation which showcases an ephemeral flower, representing a renewed vision that gracefully maintains its splendor. Mr. Silberstein’s signature geometric shapes and primary colors naturally find their place within the Lotus Tourbillon, offering bold counterparts to the poetry and lightness of the floating lotus.

Mr. Silberstein commented, “I was blown away by the first central vortex created by Kross Studio which depicted the Death Star from Star Wars. Curious, I made an appointment to get to know this talented team. I thought our first meeting would last about an hour. Four hours later, we were still in a meeting, creating what would become the Lotus Tourbillon. What was supposed to be just a first contact turned into a creative meeting.”

Kross Studio X Alain Silberstein lotus watch

Uniting form and function, the Lotus Tourbillon sets the stage for innumerable and creative iterations with a regulator that takes center stage within a tourbillon cage at the top of the barrel, where the time can be read using the peripheral hour and minute display, which orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon, the cyclical and harmonious rhythm of the hours, minutes, and seconds echoing the lifecycle of the lotus and serving as a constant reminder of each precious moment.

The lotus blossoms under a sapphire dome, revealing Kross Studio’s unique watchmaking expertise. A D-ring winder can be found on the case back which allows easy movement winding, while the time is set via the push button between 3 and 4 o'clock. 

Available with the option of premium black vegan leather with rubber or black rubber, the interchangeable strap system allows users to easily switch from one strap to the other for ultimate versatility. 

Kross Studio X Alain Silberstein lotus watch

In typical Silberstein style, the watch comes delivered in a unique handcrafted watch case that is visually striking and designed especially for this collaboration. The ‘totem’ consists of stacked forms, including a blue triangle, yellow square, and red circle interpreted in three dimensions. The Lotus Tourbillon takes its place within a compartment that has been seamlessly integrated into the yellow cube.

The Lotus Tourbillon is available for purchase on the Kross Studio website and at select authorized sellers, produced in a limited edition of 18 pieces.

- By Sarah Micho

MB&F & Bulgari present a precious haute horlogerie creation MB&F X Bulgari Allegra watch

November 30, 2021: Maximilian Büsser, or MB&F for short, is known for their radical, complex and mechanical timepieces. Ten years ago, they previously collaborated with Parisian jewellery house Boucheron to create “JwlryMachine” and today it comes as no surprise that they return to their original design roots with a stunning new collaboration with Bulgari. 

The Rome-based Maison whose coloured gems express Mediterranean warmth and exuberance has joined forces with MB&F to launch the LM FlyingT Allegra, available in white or rose gold, featuring a whirlwind of coloured gemstones set against a backdrop of snow-set diamonds.

MB&F X Bulgari Allegra watch

The watch’s beauty lies in its unusual construction, bearing volumes that feature a futuristic, UFO-like profile intentionally created to mimic the movement of coloured gems that surround the central timepiece. Available in a limited edition of 20 pieces each in rose gold and white gold versions, Bulgari’s jewellers have carefully selected tourmaline, amethyst, topaz, tsavorites and other sought-after gems which resulted in the exceptional composition forming a full circle around the movement.

The gems surrounding the time piece counterbalance the cold precision and micromechanical complexity of the movement by instilling the Roman jeweller’s warm and exuberant signature touch. Suited for buyers with an acute eye for gemmology or suave visual eye, the LM FlyingT Allegra captures a unique selling point enticing all types of consumers. 

MB&F X Bulgari Allegra watch 

Retail price of these new pieces start at EUR 150,000 + tax and are available for purchase via special request on the Bulgari and MB&F websites.

- By Sarah Micho

Exhibition dedicated to contemporary sculpture premieres at Palette Art Gallery in New Delhi November 28, 2021: Featuring important works by 18 contemporary artists who have had significant impacts on the Indian and global art landscape, the art showcase, 18 Dimensions: Sculptural Manifestations, at Palette Art Gallery in New Delhi will be highlighting unconventional sculptural art. 

Intimation by Rajesh Ram

Intended to make audiences reflect on concepts such as minimalism and conceptualism using a diversity of materials and methods, the limits of sculptural expressions and their three-dimensional physicality will be explored.

Open at Bikaner House, New Delhi until December 6, 2021, the exhibition is an effort to showcase a broad scope of contemporary sculpture from the abstract, to the minimal, to the popular, making socio-political commentary that is deeply contemplative and thought provoking. 

Totem Pole by Ashiesh Shah

Commenting on details of the show, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, directors at Palette Art Gallery, said, “Bringing a seductive edge to the visual arts the sculptural form that occupies space in the third dimension is indeed an exciting medium of expression. It also becomes extremely relevant to encourage a physical interaction with art, as sculpture negotiates material facts, networks ideas and reflects its place, it’s society and it’s time – our time. Sculpture questions our relationship to objects, to search for the other side of the commodity object. An art that is concerned with other ways to think and feel.”

Subodh Gupta

The showcase invites viewer participation and physical engagement with artwork, as New Delhi sets into the initial stages of a renewed mobility from different studios post-COVID. Visitors can view updates for the exhibition as well as view previous and future collections by Palette Art Gallery on their website.

- By Sarah Micho

India exclusive Nama Hazelnut by Royce makes an appearance this holiday season Royce Hazelnut chocolate

November 28, 2021: Exclusively available in India, the Nama Hazelnut blends velvety chocolate and crunchy almonds, perfect for holiday festivities. Made by Royce Chocolate, the company prides itself on being one of the world’s finest chocolatiers, specializing in taste, quality and visual appeal. 

Royce Chocolate, founded in 1983, originated in a place renowned for its rich environment and cold climate – Sapporo, Japan, one of the country’s northernmost islands. As the birthplace for sweet treats, the company became an international phenomenon and opened its doors in Central Mumbai, since expanding to New Delhi, Kolkata and Pune across 11 retail outlets.

Royce Hazelnut chocolate

Through the brand’s e-commerce website, limited edition treats, collaboration sets, and gift boxes are available. The Nama Hazelnut is part of an exclusive collection for purchase at select retailers and on with delivery service to Chennai, Jaipur and many other locations across India. 

- By Sarah Micho

African Bush Camps is transforming the safari model one Zebra Migration Tour at a time African Bush Camps safari tours

November 28, 2021: Travellers eager to explore safari lands will have to look no further than the eye-catching zebra migration tour offered by Migration Expeditions Camp from the African Bush Camps company. Amid the wilds of Nxai Pan National Park situated in northern Botswana, the expedition features superb views of grassy homelands, comfortable accommodations and the thrill of being on safari lands as zebras make their determined search for sweet and nutritious grasses. 

Active seasons for the intimate safari destination range from November to March, where visitors will find much to discover, experience and enjoy. At Migration Expeditions, which specialize in providing safari tours beyond ordinary convention, zebra migrations stretch 311 miles, starting at the Chobe River Floodplains, moving to the grassy plains of the Nxai Pan and returns to origin point. The migration follows three massive movements in one direction and three more in the reverse direction. On tour, the recognizable black and white striped zebras can be seen following hereditary migration patterns, adapted to disruptive human made impediments such as buffalo fences.

African Bush Camps safari tours

Travelers have a myriad of daily activities to choose from, including morning afternoon game drives in Nxai Pan, which is home to lions, cheetahs, rare leopards, wild dogs, elephants and brown hyenas. Bird watching of over 200 species of birds and visits to Baine’s Baobabs with trees overlooking the KudiaKam Pan Island are also available for the quintessential safari experience. 

Conservation is front of mind at African Bush Camps as the design is eco-conscious – incorporating the pristine desert environment with human living spaces for travellers worldwide. Accommodations are elevated on a low deck and accessorized with double or twin bedding, comfortable indoor/outdoor chairs and includes a patio space with an ensuite bathroom fully equipped. Guests need not fret over tech gadgets as there are solar powered stations which offer a clean energy method to recharge cameras and cellphone. At the heart of the camp, there is a custom-built fire circle intended for community building where guests can story-swap and share culture.

African Bush Camps safari tours

Migration Expeditions Camp welcomes guests age 16 and over for Zebra Migration Safaris from December 2021 to March 2022. Prices are set at $3,564 USD/person for a 6-night stay which includes all inter-camp flights and transfers. The package comprises accommodation, laundry services, meals, morning and afternoon game drives, mokoro excursions (subject to water levels in the Khwai Area only), visits to the Baine’s Baobabs and the Khwai Village. 

All visits can be booked on the African Bush Camps website for tours available in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

- By Sarah Micho

Swarovski & Nike launch first-of-its kind sneaker with retroreflective crystals Nike Swarovski sneakers

November 23, 2021: Swarovski, best known as an innovator in the luxury jewellery space, announced a new collaboration with sportswear giant, Nike, pioneering a new women’s sneaker that features an impressive set of crystals. 

With over 228 individually studded crystals inspired by road reflectors, Nike’s signature Air Force 1 shoe has been remodeled with Swarovski Crystal elements, beaming as bright as the light source around the shoe. The Air Force 1, fashioned in both white and black colors, are modular and dynamic. The sneaker consists of 4 pieces that can be individually or altogether removed during daily wear with the help of a customized screwdriver included with purchase of the sneaker.

Nike Swarovski sneakers

“Swarovski and Nike have been launching covetable and innovative products together for five years now. We are great collaborators, bringing the best out of one another and proving how collaboration between creative partners elevates both to new heights,” says Swarovski interim CEO Michele Molon. 

The design fuses Swarovski’s reflective development technology with Nike’s speciality in manufacturing eye-catching sleek sneaker gear. The coveted shoe is an example of crystal embellishment intended to push the edge of what’s possible for shine and reflectivity through generative design.

Nike Swarovski sneakers

The iconic shoe is available exclusively through the Nike SNKRS app.

- By Sarah Micho

Luxury Safari Lodge Aramness Gir opens its doors in Gujarat Aramness Gir luxury resort safari lodge

November 23, 2021: This past week, the luxurious and comfortable village-styled lodge, Aramness Gir, welcomed its first guests. Situated on the fringe of Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat, India, the luxury experience is a first of its kind, intersecting high art, taste and culture with dreamy natural landscapes. 

Aramness Gir luxury resort safari lodge

Stretching an area of 18 square kilometres, the lodge is setting a benchmark for a new Indian safari experience with 18 kothis (courtyard homes) and the best of Gujarati design. 

Surrounded by a natural paradise in a region with the last remaining Asiatic lions in the world, the boutique lodge is also prioritizing protecting the endangered species that have for centuries coexisted with the semi-nomadic tribe Maldhari. 

Aramness Gir luxury resort safari lodge

With preserved forest and meadow gardens encompassing the property, Aramness Gir promises to offer guests the merging of environmental habitats while paying homage to the historic use of its land as farming grounds for nomadic communities. 

The lodge, a collaborative effort between Fox Browne Creative and Nicholas Plewman Architects, takes its design inspiration from Haripur, a local village, whose influence is seen in the lodge’s courtyard homes and cobbled streets. 

Inside interiors feature relevant cultural designs sourced and made in Gujarat, with the handcraftsmanship of large sandstones, steel screens and wall art all custom made to deliver premium guest stays. 

Aramness Gir luxury resort safari lodge

As the first guests arrived at ARAMNESS GIR, Mr. Jimmy Patel, owner and founder of Aramness Gir said, “Our entire team has a passion for wilderness and each of us are dedicated to conservation. Our love for Gujarat is reflected in the walls of the kothis at Aramness Gir, creating a world class experience entrenched in local culture and designed with authenticity and luxury in equal measure, providing a wildlife experience that is reflective of world class African safaris right here in India. We are a haven for the luxury traveller, who seek meaning from their adventures.”

Aramness Gir luxury resort safari lodge

Setting a benchmark for a new Indian safari experience, guests staying at the lodge have several choices on how to spend their day — from game drives into nature parks to view Asiatic lions, jungle walks in the teak forest or sampling of delicious Gujarati food, to relaxing in the space — it is an experience not to be missed.

- By Sarah Micho

Etro announces Boho Butterfly collection in collaboration with Ginori 1735 November 23, 2021: Fashion house Etro, that has defined Italian style around the world since 1968, is introducing its audiences to the new “Boho Butterfly” collection in collaboration with the Italian manufacturing company Ginori 1735. The collection features a curated set of decorative creations made of porcelain - including a refined series of vases, table sets, valet trays, plates, coffee cups and more. 

Etro X Ginori 1735 porcelain platter

The Etro X Ginori 1735 creative journey begins with both brands’ shared visionary landscapes for high craftmanship, using carefully curated colour palettes to execute distinctive aesthetics. 

The joint venture is inspired by secret gardens of fantasy, imaginative final touches full of magic and aspects of nature like flowers, starts, leaves and multicolored butterflies.

Etro X Ginori 1735 porcelain plates

Ginori 1735, known as an international reference point for porcelain and sculpture making, assures consumers that the collection will be embellished with evocative and whimsical motifs detailed with bright vibrant colours. 

Etro X Ginori 1735 porcelain plates

Embodying a joie de vivre, each creation is a shared vision of both Etro and Ginori 1735 for high quality furnished elements, showcased in everything from table sets to napkins fabricated with the finest cotton. The iconic Paisley fabric is incorporated into several design pieces, offering a complete picnic set for relaxing moments in the open air. 

Etro X Ginori 1735 porcelain vase

The Boho Butterfly collection will be available from December 1 at Etro and Ginori 1735 e-commerce portals, and at selected retailers across Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.

- By Sarah Micho

Bonhams London offers sapphires & spinels at its London Jewels Sale November 19, 2021: Bonhams London Jewels sales is set to take place on December 2 at New Bond Street with show-stopping sapphire and spinels.

Bonhams Sapphire pendant for sale

Two pieces featuring exceptional spinels from the same mine as the Hope Spinel — sold in 2015 at famous auctioneer for a record price — is also amidst the anticipated sale. The first being the spinel and diamond pendant (estimate: £40,000 - 60,0000) followed by a spinel and diamond ring (estimate: £35,000 - 45,000). 

Until 1783, red and pink spinels were mistaken for rubies. Even after fine pink gems were known to be spinels, they were still referred to as balas or balais rubies. The term is derived from an ancient word for Badakhshan, a province north of Afghanistan, where the spinels were mined. These Kuh-i-Lal (red mountain) mines become the main global source of large spinels since the 1st century AD. Marco Polo (c.1254–1324) described how, “fine and valuable balas rubies” were dug only for the highest rungs of royalty, namely the King, who owned the entire supply who sent these precious resources to other heads of state tributes or “friendly presents”.

Bonhams Spinel pendant for sale

The Bonhams sale will include other historic spinels like the “Black Prince's Ruby” bestowed to the Black Prince by Pedro the Cruel in 1367. Other types of jewels featured will include the Kashmir sapphires, first discovered in the late 1870s in the Great Himalayas of north-western India. The sapphires were found in a landslide which revealed unknown deposits in a rock valley 4500m above sea level. By 1882, the Maharaja of Kashmir had taken control of the mine, that could only be worked from July-September each year due to the high altitude and near perpetual heavy snowfall. By 1887 the ‘Old Mine’ was nearly exhausted and a ‘New Mine’, on the valley floor 250m below, gave up some fine sapphires but generally of lesser quality, size and quantity. The area was worked sporadically until the early 1930s, but the glory years of the 1880s were never repeated. Legend tells that the finest stones from this 40-year period were all acquired by the Maharaja, and jealously guarded in the chambers of the Kashmir State Treasury. 

British geologist, Charles Stewart Middlemiss, Superintendent of the Mineral Survey of Jammu and Kashmir State from 1917 until 1930, recorded seeing some of this fabled hoard, describing the sacks of rough and cut gems as a "king's ransom", with some sapphires the size of polo balls.

Bonhams Kashmir sapphire for sale

Today, Kashmir sapphires set the standard against which all other sapphires are measured and are avidly sought after by collectors who are prepared to pay princely sums for top-quality specimens from this extraordinary period in the history of gemmology.

- By Sarah Micho

Launching a trip to Antarctica, Thomas Cook India & SOTC are set to explore the 7th continent Antarctica luxury cruise for Indian travellers

November 19, 2021: With travel becoming a norm again, with the added need of exploring the unknown, Thomas Cook India has launched Undiscovered Antarctica, a voyage of discovery of the magnificent 7th continent tailored for an Indian tourist. This distinctive holiday presents the awe-inspiring beauty of Antarctica while on-board a 10-day sailing on Ponant’s luxury cruise ship, L’ Austral.

Undiscovered Antarctica luxury cruise holiday introduces an adventure of a lifetime inviting Indians to embark on an expedition off-the-beaten-track, traversing the land home to the world’s largest glaciers, icebergs and various Artic species. Adventure seekers can opt for exciting experiences like kayaking amidst the icy waters, hiking tours, and more. Visit Port Lockroy – home to the southernmost post office in the world – to send loved ones a postcard featuring the Antarctica stamp. An add-on feature of the tour package includes the resort town of Ushuaia, located at the southernmost tip of South America also known as the “End of the World”.

Mr. Rajeev Kale, President & Country Head – Holidays, MICE, Visa, Thomas Cook (India) Limited said, “The pandemic has brought about a new perspective to life – and with it, exceptional travel experiences are seeing high demand; also an increased willingness to spend. We have hence introduced our exclusive Undiscovered Antarctica holidays, amidst the serene yet spectacular Frozen Continent – to bring true delight for every traveller. Antarctica offers an ideal destination for travel enthusiasts eager to explore the polar region and witness the matchless experiences it has to offer. The unexplored 7th Continent has an array of incredible elements and we invite our customers to embark on a journey of a lifetime with our exciting holiday."

- By Sarah Micho

Burberry unveils ‘Imagined Landscape’ - a futuristic pop-up in Jeju Island November 19, 2021: This month, Burberry launched a futuristic fashion pop-up set to premiere in Jeju Island, South Korea. Marking the first immersive experience for the brand, the pop-up will showcase Burberry’s latest outwear collection with silhouettes constructed from the material gabardine, based on a design intention that embodies the iconic fashion conglomerate – ‘Inherent in every Burberry garment is freedom’.

Jeju Island Korea Burberry pop up

Located on South Shore of Korea and overlooking Sanbagsan mountain, ‘Imagined Landscape’ is architecturally harmonious with nature and technology, built on a mountain-type terrain with glassy reflecting surfaces stretching across far distances. 

Jeju Island Korea Burberry pop up

Visitors to the Burberry pop-up immersive experience will be able to view films by artists Maotik, Cao Yuxi, Lia Jiayu, while browsing a catalogue of creative fashion designs that mark the outwear season - including puffer jackets, trousers and the recognizable Riccardo trench coat. 

Jeju Island Korea Burberry pop up

A social media aspect and food experience have also been integrated into the Burberry presentation – with access to a TikTok QR code which activates an augmented reality lens when scanned, alongside the Thomas Café helmed by pastry chef Justin Lee from JL Dessert Bar. 

Jeju Island Korea Burberry pop up

By weaving art, design and technology, Burberry promises to keep ‘Imagined Landscape’ carbon neutral with the help of a five-year partnership with non-profit organisation Jeju Olle Foundation to limit environmental harm and preserve Jeju Island’s natural beauty and resources.

Bottega Veneta appoints Matthieu Blazy as the leading man November 16, 2021: After the shocking, sudden departure of Daniel Lee as Bottega Veneta’s creative director, Bottega Veneta announced the appointment of Matthieu Blazy as Creative Director with immediate effect. The quick announcement boosted investor confidence, showing fast wheels at the brand.

Matthieu Blazy for Bottega Veneta

Born in Paris in 1984, Mr. Blazy is a graduate of La Cambre in Brussels. He started his fashion career as Men’s Designer for Raf Simons, before joining Maison Martin Margiela to design the ‘Artisanal’ line and the Women’s RTW show. His time at Maison Martin Margiela was much noticed, especially with Kayne West wearing a Martin Margiela crystal mask from the brand’s 2013 collection. 

In 2014, Mr. Blazy became Senior Designer at Céline, before working again with Raf Simons at Calvin Klein from 2016 to 2019. He was appointed RTW Design Director at Bottega Veneta in 2020 – and was thus number 2 under Mr. Lee. 

Kanye West crystal mask

Kanye West in Maison Martin Margiela crystal mask

Leo Rongone, CEO of Bottega Veneta, said: “Matthieu Blazy is an extraordinarily talented individual, whom I am proud and excited to entrust with the creative helm of our luxury House. Bottega Veneta has always been equated with signature craftsmanship and distinctive creativity. Matthieu’s appointment will further enhance the modern relevance of our brand and accelerate our growth, while preserving the values that are at the core of Bottega Veneta.”

There is not expected to be much difference between the design codes of Mr. Lee and Mr. Blazy. However, the latter has a vibrant, eclectic Instagram profile as against Mr. Lee who wasn’t a social media admirer. Will the brand see a revival of social media under the new creative director?

A French and Belgian national, Mr. Blazy lives between Antwerp and Milan. He will present his first collection for Bottega Veneta in February 2022.

- By Sarah Micho

Mina Shin and Jungjae Lee appointed the latest Global Brand Ambassadors of Gucci November 16, 2021: Gucci recently announced the appointment of Korean actress Mina Shin and Korean actor Jungjae Lee as the House’s latest global brand ambassadors.

Mina Shina for Gucci

Mina Shina has been acknowledged as a fashion icon for her personal and refined sense of style, and has won the love and support of fans across the globe with a number of remarkable performances. Her passion for her work, and her distinctive yet encompassing style speak to Gucci’s values of self-expression and exclusivity. Playing a major comeback with the new series, ‘Our Blues’, she proved to be an irreplaceable rom-com queen through the recent series, ‘Hometown Cha-cha-cha’.

Jungjae Lee for Gucci

Jungjae Lee flaunts a truly international fanbase, owing to his success to a series of excellent interpretations in movies and TV series such as ‘Squid Game’, ‘New World’ and ‘Deliver Us from Evil’, winning over audiences worldwide. His very personal and well-defined take on fashion, combined with his talent, speak to Gucci’s values of inclusivity and self-expression. Recently a guest at the 2021 LACMA Art + Film Gala sponsored by Gucci, he is also looking forward to his debut as a director for the upcoming movie, ‘Hunt’.

Burberry’s new biodiversity strategy builds on climate positive commitment November 15, 2021: Announcing its new biodiversity strategy supporting global conservation efforts, Burberry aims to take action to protect, restore and regenerate nature through this plan, helping to slow down further global warming as a part of the transition towards the 1.5° C pathway laid out in the Paris Agreement.

Burberry sustainability goals

The luxury company’s biodiversity strategy builds on Burberry’s recent commitment to become Climate Positive by the year 2040, expanding the scope of its current initiatives, applying a nature-based approach in its own value chain and in the areas of greatest need beyond its operations.

The biodiversity strategy includes three focus areas:

Protecting and restoring nature not just within but beyond Burberry’s own value chain through projects supported by the Burberry Regeneration Fund. This fund was established in 2020 to accelerate low-carbon future solutions and invest in nature-based projects.

Expanding support for farming communities, amplifying the existing efforts around farm-level certifications and training where Burberry spices its raw materials.

Developing regenerative supply chains, applying holistic and regenerative land management practices to grazing or farming systems.

In partnership with The Biodiversity Consultancy, Burberry completed a biodiversity baseline assessment this year to determine its highest ecological impacts. This highlighted that cashmere, leather and wool have the most notable impact on biodiversity and account for a high proportion of Burberry’s carbon footprint. The brand will also apply Nature Based Solution Principles and Guidelines that have been developed in partnership with The Biodiversity Consultancy to projects funded through its Regeneration Fund, ensuring that natural ecosystems are protected, restored and regenerated.

The first luxury brand to sign up to the LEAF Coalition, beyond its value chain, with an investment expected to become the largest public-private initiative in the world, providing results-based finance to countries which are committed to making ambitious reductions in tropical deforestation. Burberry is also facilitating the regeneration of the world’s grasslands in the leather supply chain and the livelihoods of their inhabitants, through a partnership with the Savoy Institute’s Land to Market programme. Both these programmes will play an integral part in global regeneration and conservation efforts.

The strategy is aligned to the ‘ARRRT’ framework, covering four impact areas which build upon Burberry’s long-established programmes:

Avoid: Continuing efforts within Burberry and across its extended supply chain to avoid negative impacts on biodiversity, conservation or the environment.

Reduce: Reducing Burberry’s impact on biodiversity through the responsible sourcing of key raw materials and ensuring that these materials are traceable certified or recycled by the year 2025. Burberry will ensure all key materials are 100% traceable by 2025, for example, sourcing more sustainable cotton, leather and wool, as well as recycled polyester and nylon.

Restore and Regenerate: Restoring ecosystems within Burberry’s own value chain, working with key partners such as Land to Market at the Savory Institute and the Sustainable Fibre Alliance.

Transform: Accelerating solutions to drive change and protect vulnerable ecosystems beyond Burberry’s own value chain through active participation in The Fashion Pact and UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.

Love Parade by Gucci is a flamboyant, characteristically extravagant collection November 15, 2021: Gucci recently presented the collection, Gucci Love Parade, designed by Alessandro Michele, by staging a fashion show on the iconic Hollywood boulevard in Los Angeles. The show had an eclectic cast featuring Jeremy Pope, Steve Lacy, Jared Leto, Macaulay Culkin, Hayden Pedigo, Phoebe Bridgers, Janaya Khan, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Grace Johnson, Jodie Turner-Smith, St. Vincent and Miranda July.

Gucci Love Parade collection

An event presented as ‘Nine Letters Dripping with Desire’, it is presented with a personal note from Mr. Michele himself. It talks about his inspiration, the stories he remembers from when his mum worked in the film industry as an assistant in a production company- the details and the sparkles, stories about that dream factory. 

Gucci Love Parade collection

With the alabaster paleness of Marilyn Monroe, and her diaphanous voice, the black satin gloves of Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake’s velvet hair, the captivating allure of Rock Hudson and the dizzying transformative power of Kim Novak- all of it felt like a fairytale.

Gucci Love Parade collection

Talking about his yesteryears, he writes that he felt the need to be able to breathe, when they lived in a squat in the outskirts of Rome; and these subversive tales helped him in those gray times, becoming his escape and desertion. ‘HOLLYWOOD’ seemed like a bright and shiny star to him, nine letters brimming with desire. 

Gucci Love Parade collection

Gucci Love Parade collection

Lending the perfect support to his unencumbered love for the classical world, the boulevard of stars is a symbol of the Greek temple populated by pagan divinities that Hollywood is. It is only here that actors and actresses are acknowledged as the heroes of the myth: hybrid creatures with the power to hold divine transcendence and mortal existence at the same time, both the imaginary and the real. 

Gucci Love Parade collection

Gucci Love Parade collection

The idols of a new contemporary cosmogony, they embody a persistence of the sacred. Beyond reach, but yet so human, Aphrodite, Theseus, Pandora and Medusa still live in Hollywood’s Olympus.

Gucci Love Parade collection

From Cleopatrian gowns to lacy nightgowns, the collection is all shimmering and sparkling – just the way Mr. Michele spun his tales of Hollywood. From gold to green, all shades find a place in Gucci’s collection. From oversized faux fur outers to overwhelming tuxedos and tiny corsets, the collection is all encompassing.

Gucci Love Parade collection

A collection of costumes, literally, this after-party is replete with fun, frolic and drama. 

Gucci Love Parade collection

Mr. Michele signs off recounting his Mum’s stories which always said that Los Angeles shines in its own magic, which is timeless; it’s a place that brushes the divinities, becoming a mythology of the possible.

Daniel Lee exits Bottega Veneta at a high point Daniel Lee fashion designer

November 11, 2021: Luxury brand Bottega Veneta and designer Daniel Lee have announced their joint decision to end their collaboration. Mr. Lee, who has been at the creative helm of the House since July 1, 2018, brought revolutionary ideas to the brand.

Leo Rongone, CEO of Bottega Veneta, said, “I would like to thank Daniel for his dedication to the House over the past three years. He provided Bottega Veneta with a fresh perspective and a new sense of modernity, while remaining respectful of the brand’s fifty-year heritage. The remarkable growth of the brand over the last three years bears testimony to the success of his creative work.”

The designer recreated Bottega Veneta’s design aesthetic as he revolutionized the mood through new materials and more youthful silhouettes, while keeping the brand’s sophistication intact. His latest collection – Salon 03 – for Bottega Veneta was a mélange of industrial technology sensibility combined with vibrant shades and fabric innovation. 

Daniel Lee fashion designer

Perhaps, the brand’s boldest move under Mr. Lee came when Bottega Veneta deleted its social media presence completely. 

From taking a turn towards the sustainable to reinterpreting the brand for a millennial audience to underlining the brand’s exclusivity, Mr. Lee has made monumental advancements for the brand in the short 3 years he has been there.

Mr. Lee said, “My time at Bottega Veneta has been an incredible experience. I am grateful to have worked with an exceptional and talented team and I am forever thankful to everyone who was part of creating our vision. Thank you to Francois-Henri Pinault for his support, and for the opportunity to be part of Bottega Veneta’s story.”

A new creative organization for the House will be announced soon. The brand has some very big shoes to fill.

Boss and NBA launch 2nd co-branded capsule collection November 1, 2021: Luxury fashion brand Boss has announced the launch of their second co-branded capsule collection with the NBA, following the success of the first season which launched earlier this Spring.

Boss X NBA collection

The Fall/Winter 2021 co-branded collection merges the iconic NBA team logos with signature BOSS lettering. The new graphics are seen across t-shirts, sweatshirts and joggers. The logos of the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat form a part of the collection along with the NBA Logoman. With looks ranging from sporty to chic, the collection majorly plays with neutral hues.

Boss X NBA collection

The Boss & NBA Fall/Winter 2021 collection is now available at the 9 BOSS boutiques across India and across the world as well. 

Boss X NBA collection

In celebration of the capsule collection, BOSS has revealed a special social media campaign featuring three-time NBA champion Klay Thompson and TikTok creators Cole Micek and Koby Lomax. Photographed by fashion photographer Philip-Daniel Ducasse with creative direction by RanaVerse, the campaign showcases the three wearing designs from the latest capsule release.

The Natural Diamond Council launches coffee table book ‘Diamonds’ November 1, 2021: Formed billions of years ago deep below the surface of the earth, natural diamonds have always had an ethereal mysticism about them. This sparkling gem, that can hold the crowd as well on its own as with other stones, has a reverberating aura around it. 

Diamonds by NDC

Trying to decode it and unravel its mystery, The Natural Diamond Council has launched ‘Diamonds’, a coffee table book, published by Assouline. 

Telling the story of today’s expression of natural diamonds and their continuous impact on the world, this new volume dives into tales of the world’s most captivating stones, from the Hope Diamond to the legend of the Beau Sancy Diamond. It features stunning images, tall tales, and interviews with top designers, tastemakers, and enthusiasts alike.

Diamonds by NDC

The mission of Natural Diamond Council is to advance the integrity of the modern diamond jewellery industry by inspiring and educating consumers around the world. “While it is these pop culture diamond moments that are forever etched in our collective memories; out of the spotlight, all around the world, people are having their own diamond moments,” says David Kellie, CEO of Natural Diamond Council. 

Diamonds by NDC

The tome is available for $95 on

Daum’s exquisite Camélia Collection is ethereal, elegant Daum Camelia collection vases

November 1, 2021: Showcasing its impeccable craftsmanship, Daum, the legendary glassmaker master, has launched the stunning Camelia collection, which plays with colours and minute details to offer a beautiful assortment of objects. 

Available at Emery Studio in India, the Camélia Collection by Daum is a new series based on camellias. Used as the defining feature of a table centerpiece, vase, mirror or perfume bottle, this flower can bloom in a multitude of rooms and settings. 

Daum Camelia collection vases

Camélia is composed of a magnum piece sculpted on both sides with asymmetrical decorations, a large vase with blossoming petals, a centerpiece dish revealing the heart of the flower and its pistils, an Art Nouveau-influenced vase embossed with the iconic flower, a small 15cm vase, a mirror cradled in a stunning pink crystal camellia, a table-top flower, and finally a small bowl that can be displayed within the assortment’s larger dish. 

This collection comes in purple or pink, with different interpretations and settings: the pink version brings out the romantic side of the collection while the purple pieces offer a more radical and dynamic facet. Camélia is a beautiful interpretation of the brand’s DNA, demonstrating once again their expertise in lost wax technique.  Romantic, spectacular and inspiring, the Camélia collection breaks the mould of traditional floral art and challenges the preconceived notions of what decorative objects can be.

Daum Camelia collection vases

Available at: Emery Studio, Shakuntla Farm, Ghitorni, New Delhi, India

Fendi & Kim Kardashian come together to create a cross-cultural collection Fendi X Skims Kim Jones Kim Kardashian collection

October 25, 2021: With two divergent, unique brands coming together, Fendi and Kim Kardashian join hands to launch the Fendi X Skims capsule collection that will spread some cheer this festive season. 

The collection unites the aesthetic codes of both the brands to create a capsule wardrobe for the modern woman. “The idea for the collaboration came about when my team and I were sitting around a table at the studio in Rome,” explains Kim Jones, Creative Director of Fendi. “Suddenly, all the women went silent and started looking at their phones. I didn’t know what was going on, but they were waiting for the launch of the new SKIMS collection. It was then that I thought: let’s do something together.” 

Drawing upon sketches from an archival FENDI collection first presented by Karl Lagerfeld in 1979, which placed a focal point on twisted tube tops, pop colors and tight sashes, FENDI x SKIMS combines the focus on fit and form SKIMS is known for, transporting into both the past and present of the FENDI universe.

Fendi X Skims Kim Jones Kim Kardashian collection

Form-fitting silhouettes materialize in velvet engineered for support, while a gradient series of neutral shades are meticulously crafted into bonded leather dresses that draw upon Roman aesthetics to offer statuesque transformation. Bold colors, such as dark lavender and bright rust, saturate contemporary beach and shapewear, while a hybrid FENDI x SKIMS logo appears on reversible skin-tight jersey, embossed into knitwear, printed across underwear and hosiery and writ large across recycled nylon sportswear. 

“The innovation in fabrics and fit typical to SKIMS paired with the luxury and quality of Fendi may feel unexpected to some people, but the similarities between our creative vision and goals are so closely aligned,” notes Ms. Kardashian West. “It’s that tension that excites me.”

Accessories appear in a complimentary palette: a standout array of brightly colored FENDI icons appear alongside neutral tones, from Peekaboo and FENDI First to the new Baguette Chain and signature Sunshine Shopper in 3D FF logo, available also in their Mini and Nano versions. For footwear, FENDI debuted a shearling hiking sandal imbued with a distinctly LA energy, alongside an array of new iterations of the FENDI First heel.

Fendi X Skims Kim Jones Kim Kardashian collection

Both the brands have a shared vision of creating solutions for all women. “My FENDI is about creating something for every woman, every different shape – and that’s something at the heart of SKIMS too,” explains Mr. Jones. “Kim Kardashian West is doing a lot to celebrate inclusivity-including her admirable work with social justice in America- and as a hard-working woman with a family, she is constantly striving to do her best. These values are something to celebrate.” 

The FENDI x SKIMS collection will launch on November 9, 2021 on and be available at select FENDI stores and retailers globally.

Bottega Veneta mixes industrial-techno sensibilities with Italian savoir-faire for its Salon 03 collection October 25, 2021: Nothing is ever ‘unlikely’ anymore in the new world we live in. Who ever thought that the worlds of fine luxury and hard industrialization could never meet, should see the new Salon 03 collection by Bottega Veneta. 

Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Spring 2022 collection

A genius interpretation of the two worlds by Creative Director Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta dabbles with puffs, poufs, glitter and green to deliver a collection that will appeal to the daring fashionistas among us. 

Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Spring 2022 collection

Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Spring 2022 collection

American sportswear and workwear is combined with Italian know-how to express a sense of individualism and freedom. A celebration of industry, engineering and revolution runs throughout in the form of metal yarn. A fabric is wired with innovative metal thread so the shape of garments can be manipulated. Ideas of proportion and structure are challenged where clothing can be squashed and crushed.

Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Spring 2022 collection

A focus on technicality and function, meets modern, liberated glamour. The dominant theme of soft and functional is seen through toweling fabric across the collection where recycled rubber yarn is woven. Parkas, too, are re-interpreted, woven with metallic yarns, to create new volumes.

Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Spring 2022 collection

Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Spring 2022 collection

Rubbery yarn pieces on parkas and dresses, beads and paillettes on skirts and dresses and shells - all add to the surface interest. The rubber beads and paillettes are bio-based and sustainable. The rubbery yarn is biodegradable. The nylon used in the collection is recycled while the cottons are certified organic.

Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Spring 2022 collection

The bag collection plays with the iconic codes of Bottega Veneta: the tire Boot, the Triangle, and tactile materials. Bottega Veneta classics have been revisited in a new way with industrial and mechanical inspired metal pieces. The articulated, engineered cassette bag offers strength and structure. The signature Bottega Veneta Intrecciato pattern has been reproduced on textile.

Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Spring 2022 collection

Bright shades merge with neutrals to present a perfect collection that marries convenience with style, and innovation with a simple thought of preservation.

The Bovet Battista Tourbillon is a hand-made masterpiece of horology Bovet Pininfarina tourbillon

October 25, 2021: Watchmaker Bovet 1822 has revealed the exquisite new Battista Tourbillon, created alongside the pure-electric Battista hyper GT. Created closely with Automobili Pininfarina, the new timepiece perfectly complements the Battista, with unrivalled craftsmanship and attention to detail

This shared vision and expertise of both the brands becomes apparent in every aspect of the collaboration. The unique skills of both houses led to the creation of a one-of-a-kind timepiece that simply could not have been realized without the shared development process between the craftsmen at Bovet 1822 and the design team at Automobili Pininfarina. The completely in-house development and manufacturing of this hand-made masterpiece of horology, constructed by the world’s most skilled precision artisans, offers the freedom to create highly bespoke parts and decorations with utmost precision.

The creation of a client’s Battista is a process of virtually unlimited personalization, with more than 128 million combinations for the interior color and materials alone, ensuring the only limits are the dreams of the client. Because of the expertise between BOVET and Automobili Pininfarina, this can be taken a step further, giving clients the possibility to express their own personalities and that of their bespoke Battista through the Battista Tourbillon as well.

Bovet Pininfarina tourbillon

“Since the day we first connected with Pascal Raffy and the artisans of Bovet 1822, we felt mutually inspired by the opportunity to create another art form for clients desiring the pinnacle in design and watchmaking,” says Per Svantesson, Chief Executive Officer, Automobili Pininfarina. “With the unveiling of our first timepiece, we aim to showcase another step forward in the world of artisanal horology.”


 “The world is becoming more sustainable and the future is definitely in electric cars,” notes Pascal Raffy of Bovet. “This is what is so exciting about the beautiful Battista, which combines engineering excellence with hand-made attention to detail, like the fine timepieces of the House of BOVET. The Battista is a stunningly-designed hypercar, with almost 2,000 BHP, but it is 100% electric and sustainable. We all need to move in this direction, and Automobili Pininfarina is inspiring us to use new methods and materials, and look at our processes with an eye to sustainability as well.”

Detailing inspired by Battista’s most characteristic design features can be found in every part of the Bovet timepiece, including the movement’s mechanical components. Box sapphire crystals on both sides ensure that the inner beauty of this mechanical masterpiece can be enjoyed and admired, opening up the view of the movement visible from all sides. In addition, the sapphire crystals are shaped at 12 and 6 o’clock to integrate the specially-designed vegan rubber straps. 

Bovet Pininfarina tourbillon

The watch hands, bridges, dials, and other structures connect the design of Battista to that of the timepiece. The design features more fluid, Pininfarina-style shapes compared to traditional timepieces. As an example, the flying bridge above the two main dials of the timepiece has a subtle three-dimensionality that is unique and reflects the curves of the Battista.

The timepiece features the Automobili Pininfarina and Bovet collaborative flags on the power-reserve dial, a signature Pininfarina detail that celebrates both companies’ heritage and future.

One of Battista’s most recognizable features, the E-Heart, represents Automobili Pininfarina’s spirit for constant innovation. It is the physical element that, besides being functional, acts as an icon on Battista and all the following automobiles. Similarly, in the Battista Tourbillon, the E- Heart-shaped aperture of the Big Date on the front, and on the back shows Bovet’s patented differential winding mechanism; the mechanism that makes rewinding the timepiece for a full 10-days of power reserve easier and quicker. This way, the E-Heart doesn’t just find a place in the timepiece for visual reference, it has an actual shared function as well.

Bovet Pininfarina tourbillon

The two-tone blue dials on the face of the timepiece, for the first time in the almost 200-year history of Bovet, are asymmetrical, featuring Battista’s Triangolo pattern and shaded from light to dark blue, while together forming the shape of the number “90,” a reference to the Battista Anniversario and Pininfarina’s 90-year heritage. 

Above the two main dials, the flying bridge resembles Battista’s curves, and the “V” in BOVET, while the tourbillon cage is inspired by its Impulso wheels of the Battista with their center-lock technology. The hands of the timepiece and the hour-indication ring are a reference to the curves of Battista’s exterior.

Through the exhibition case back, the main structure of the movement can be admired, which is an abstract representation of Battista’s curves that wrap around the teardrop-shaped Goccia roof like a clamshell. The two-tone coloring of the bridges supports this reference to Battista.

Finally, the signature of Battista “Pinin” Farina, the legendary designer who started it all, graces the dial above the date display. Battista famously said, “Above all, it must be beautiful.” And the Battista timepiece and car certainly meets and exceeds this expectation.

Bovet Pininfarina tourbillon

The Battista Tourbillon features a brand-new movement using Bovet’s patented double face tourbillon, running at 18,000 vibrations per hour, with an incredible 10-day power reserve with just a single barrel. This movement started from a clean sheet of paper and was created specifically for the Battista Tourbillon, following the design input from Automobili Pininfarina. 

The patented two-sided flying tourbillon is attached at the center of its axis, and the weight distribution of the escapement and balance-spring drastically reduces the lever-arm effect and friction, another example of the high precision and complexity of this movement. The miniaturization of the winding mechanism resulted in a second patent -- a mechanical watch with 10-days of power reserve would typically require twice as many turns of the crown to wind; however, the exclusive winding system in the Battista Tourbillon and its spherical differential halves this number.

Surprisingly light both in weight and in transparency, the Battista Tourbillon makes quite an impression when worn. Though at 45.6mm, the Battista could not be considered small, the configuration of the re-designed BOVET bow at the 12 0’clock positions makes it possible for the timepiece to fit just about any size of wrist. And, thanks to the skeletonized structures of the movement itself and the sapphire crystals on both sides, the Battista is thin and extremely comfortable. The flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, in perpetual motion thanks to its astounding 10- day power reserve, is mesmerizing and a key point of focus when checking the time. The big date on the right-hand dial keeps you on schedule, and it is easily set thanks to a corrector on the side of the case.

Payal Singhal’s new bridal collection reminisces an old era of sophistication October 22, 2021: Inspired by her childhood memories and turning to her nostalgia and family albums, Indian designer Payal Singhal has created her latest collection, ‘Suroor’, with the defining aesthetic as old-world charm. Reminiscent of an era gone by, it echoes antiquated and evocative emotions.

Payal Singhal Winter Festive 2021 bridal Collection

Thinking about accompanying her mother during trips to the local market in the early ’80s, scouring the stores for Indian wear; this ‘old city bazaar’ vibe served as the starting point for the collection. The collection sweeps one away to a world of sepia-toned nostalgia, with reminders of the days spent in grandmothers’ dressing rooms, rummaging through her trunks to find that every ensemble had a story attached to it.

Payal Singhal Winter Festive 2021 bridal Collection

Building on the vintage narrative through Rehmani lehengas, old-school Arabic, Rajathani and Lucknowi patterns, and yesteryear Bollywood costumes, the result is a sentimental, quaint and equally charming and relevant collection. 

Payal Singhal Winter Festive 2021 bridal Collection

Suroor stays true to the brand’s DNA of deconstruction and re-imagination of traditional Indian silhouettes for a modern aesthete, and features hybrid lehengas with cut-outs, sharara sets, kaftan kurtas and anarkalis, all enhanced with intricate mukaish, zardozi, gota, nakshi, pitta and mirror work. 

Payal Singhal Winter Festive 2021 bridal Collection

A new burst of #PSPrints and statement yokes, the latest take on the House’s signature back-tie choli are an integral part of the collection. Ms. Singhal’s signature tassels feature still in myriad ways. She has worked with bandanas developed in Jaipur, for the first time and has used this technique on tussar instead of silks, with her inimitable twist. 

Payal Singhal Winter Festive 2021 bridal Collection

With sherwanis and bandis with embroidered jaals in jewel tones alongside sorbet shades, the menswear is more intricate this season. 

Payal Singhal Winter Festive 2021 bridal Collection

Returning to her original colour palette dipped in monochrome, almost-sombre hues after playing with brighter hues this past year, Ms. Singhal has used stone, grey and ecru, softly intertwined with pale blue, old rose and mellow pastels. 

Payal Singhal Winter Festive 2021 bridal Collection

A nazakat, a delicacy resonates through this collection, through the demeanour of every fall, cut and drape, making it all the more appealing. Beauty in simplicity, where less is more, is the spirit of the collection; aiming at creating bridal ensembles that become a vital part of the wearer’s story, of their big day, the kind whose tales one would want to narrate when sitting with their brood - just like their grandmothers.

Payal Singhal Winter Festive 2021 bridal Collection

Talking about her inspiration for the collection, Ms. Singhal said that at a time that has been rife with bleakness, she sought inspiration in the beauty of the past to find hope for the future; and being on that threshold where we seek a return to normalcy, there is no denying that we have changed. We have become more mindful and aware, and she wanted to bring a sense of that to this line. Suroor means joy and exhilaration, which are not just the emotions that she hopes the collection will evoke, but also her wishes for the new world.

Cocoon Fine Rugs & Red Architects collaborate to present a wholesome spatial experience Cocoon Fine Rugs X Red Architects

October 22, 2021: Cocoon Fine Rugs by Ayush Choudhary and Red Architects have presented their edgy new collaborative range of rugs called ‘.DWG Dossier’.

.DWG Dossier complements the existing range of hand-woven rugs by Cocoon and presents a repertory of handmade rugs inspired by the different shapes, objects and architectural silhouettes from the various projects executed by the Red Architects team. Thus, this new collection by Mr. Choudhary is inspired by structure and form.

Cocoon Fine Rugs X Red Architects

.DWG Dossier has been completely hand knotted from the finest wool and pure silk in Jaipur. Brought to life nine months after being conceptualised during the lockdown, it brings a modern handwriting to life where the lines between art and design are blurred. 

A collaboration that reflects the positive energies between Red Architects and Cocoon Fine Rugs, it brings both the brands together with their synergies in the design process and their shared approach in creating a collection that reflects their collective aesthetic and rigorous attention to detail.

Cocoon Fine Rugs X Red Architects

Ekta Parekh of Red Architects reflected on the collaboration and said that working together to create .DWG Dossier as an Edit of Fine Rugs has ensured that the designs created lent themselves to an environment that surpasses trends by offering a more enriching spatial experience.

Seconding her opinions was Ayush Choudhary of Cocoon Fine Rugs, saying that the interpretations for .DWG Dossier were born out of an informal chat about wanting to collaborate with the design firm in an innovative and design forward format; and as a concept, they wanted to achieve balance and yet present ingenuity as a unique new vocabulary emerged.

Cocoon Fine Rugs X Red Architects

Sure to appeal to the design connoisseur who is keen to experiment, .DWG Dossier has a contemporary colour palette of light grey, blush, soothing green and blue tones in whimsical, playful and easy-to-integrate designs; presenting a new expression to living spaces.

This limited edition would be available in various sizes and can be customised to any size and colour. It is available across all 4 Cocoon stores located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur and Kolkata.

Meliá launches landmark resort in Thailand, in partnership with Phuket Villa Group Melia Thailand Resort

October 20, 2021: Slated to open in December 2021, Meliá Phuket Mai Khao will be a 30-suite and 70 villa resort spread across eight acres of Phuket’s northwestern coastline, overlooking the sky-blue Andaman sea.

Close to several attractions such as the Sirinat National Park, the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation and the Wat Phra Thong temple, it is just a 15-minute drive away from Phuket International Airport. Authorities plan to open Thailand to fully vaccinated tourists from countries deemed low-risk from November 1.

A part of a roll-out of the Meliá brand in key destinations across Thailand, including Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Bangkok, the five-star resort is being launched by Meliá Hotels International and is owned by Phuket Villa Group, Thailand’s leading residential real estate developer.

With the overarching design paying tribute to contemporary aesthetics and traditional Thai touches, the new resort features saltwater swimming pools, private villa pools, a reflection pond with sunken seating areas, water gardens, vertical falls and irrigation mist, evoking a restorative atmosphere.

Melia Thailand Resort

The resort has contemporary, light-filled and spacious Mediterranean-inspired suites and one-bedroom villas, catering to up to two adults and two children, and all featuring outdoor bathtubs, open-air showers and vast outdoor terraces.

Measuring 78 sqm, the suites are complemented by cabanas, and the villas, measuring 85 sqm, have private plunge pools. There are 15 ‘wellness villas’ which feature an open-air Vitamin C shower, daily massages, ultrasonic essential oil diffusers, GermGuardian air purifiers, Tempur-Pedic pillows, fit balls and yoga mats.

The resort will also explore a diverse culinary landscape from four outlets. The chic Gaia Beach Club is ‘the place to be’ with its cabanas and sun lounges near the beach pool. It draws on Meliá’s Spanish origins and celebrates Spain’s gastronomy by serving Mediterranean and fusion cuisine from an open kitchen and an imaginative cocktail selection from a long bar.

Specialising in Southeast Asian cuisine, SASA is the elegant all-day dining restaurant with a warm and intimate setting, offering casual fine-dining by night. The Elyxr Café serves locally brewed liquors and freshly squeezed juices.

Melia Thailand Resort

The resort’s design is shaded by a broad spectrum of native plants, employing a neutral palette of colours. Complementing Mai Khao’s sandy shore, and taking advantage of the natural surrounding and abundance of sunshine, are high ceilings, decorative metal screens and floor-to-roof glass panels.

The signature YHI Spa of Meliá has five treatment rooms, an extensive menu of massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps. Spa therapists also provide in-villa and poolside treatments. The resort’s fitness centre is completely quipped with treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and weights machines, and the kids club, Kidsdom, has workshops to keep the little ones entertained.

The Managing Director of Phuket Villa Group, Maetapong Upatising, expressed his optimism about the launch, and said that through this partnership with Spain’s leading hotel group, they are thankful to be able to significantly contribute to Phuket’s recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, by creating much-needed jobs for the local tourism sector and setting a new benchmark for hospitality on Thailand’s largest island.

Magdelana Martorell, the General manager of Meliá Phuket Mai Khao seconded his views, and said that the breathtaking beauty and serenity make Mai Khao beach one of the most desirable places to be and that they are incredibly looking forward to unveiling a leisure resort defined by a distinct focus on customer wellbeing with Meliá’s sunny Spanish hospitality and passion for service.

Glenmorangie brings alive the indulgent taste of cake October 20, 2021: Glenmorangie’s latest edition - A Tale of Cake - is a sweet and indulgent single malt Scotch whiskey inspired by memories of baking, birthdays and more. With flavours of honey, white chocolate and fruit, this whiskey is so delicious that it now has a cake and cocktail pairing - a ‘CakeTail’ in its honour, created by award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel.

Glenmorangie A Taste of Cake

Dr. Bill Lumsden, the Director of Whiskey Creation at Glenmorangie, found himself musing over his most joyful memories involving cake - from baking with his granny, to the pineapple upside down cake that his daughter made for him for his birthday and dreaming of encapsulating the magic of cake in a single malt whiskey. So he experimented by finishing Glenmorangie in Tokaji dessert wine casks, and skillfully layering their sweet, honeyed notes with Glenmorangie’s smooth, fruity character, thus creating Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake.

Because this single malt tastes particularly delicious alongside real cake, Glenmorangie collaborated with Dominique Ansel. Hailed as ‘the Willy Wonka of New York’, this pastry chef has a passion for exploring new tastes, as he has with the Cronut - the world-famous donut-croissant hybrid. Inspired by bringing cake and whiskey together, he created a unique twist on a pineapple boat cake. And paired with it is a pineapple Old Fashioned cocktail by expert mixologist Jeremy Le Blanche, making a deliciously indulgent CakeTail. Furthermore, Dominique and Jeremy have invented CakeTail pairings celebrating Glenmorangie’s three most-loved whiskies: The Original, The Lasanta and The Quinta Ruban.

Since Glenmorangie’s CakeTail pairings will be available to a lucky few from his bakery, Dominique and Jeremy will also share versions that are easy to recreate at home, in a series of short films released on Glenmorangie’s social channels, to make sure everyone can indulge.

Glenmorangie a taste of cake

Chef Ansel spoke about his creation, mentioning that when he first tried Glenmorangie, it opened his senses to this amazing world of colour, texture, taste and aroma - a new adventure each time. He never thought that he could enjoy whiskey this much, but there is a friendliness to the way Glenmorangie tastes. Baking and whiskey making are different worlds, but they have a lot in common, and if Dr. Bill’s passion for single malt is combined with his love for cake, you get the best of both their worlds.

Now launched in India, A Tale of Cake is available in select cities across the country, priced at INR 12,500 in Mumbai and INR 6,500 in Gurgaon.

Kross Studio finds more inspiration in the commanding presence of Darth Vader! kross Studio Watch winder

October 20, 2021: Kross Studio revolutionised the world of watchmaking last spring with the creation of the Ultimate Collector’s Set dedicated to the Death Star, which included an innovative central tourbillon watch and an authentic Kyber Crystal pop shard that was featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The timepiece and film prop piece are both delivered in a 1.2 metre-long, immersive and functional art piece, styled as an imperial cyber crystal container. And now, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., Kross Studio has unveiled the next chapter: a Star Wars inspired watch winder.

The Swiss startup, having upended the world of watches and clocks with its striking creations, breathes new life into the watch winder, by being inspired by Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 fighter. The new watch winding sculpture is, as usual, released in a limited series.

Setting it apart, the Studio has presented the watch winder as a fully operational art object, integrating its winding engined into a solid aluminium structure, directly inspired by the TIE Advanced x1 straighter, piloted by Lord Darth Vader himself.

Made of solid black anodised aluminium, the TIE Advanced x1-themed Watch Winder is fully machined, hand-finished and assembled in-house, certifying Kross Studio’s superior manufacturing skills and engineering. The sculpture weighs a total of 4 kg, and measure 20cm long, 28cm wide and 17cm high.

kross Studio Watch winder

This Star Wars-inspired watch winder fittingly utilises the force of its powerful movement to maintain the mechanism of any automatic mechanical watch placed within the winding capsule. The Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1-inspired watch winder and sculpture comes fitted with an infrared sensor which detects the presence of a watch, thereby activating the winder - a clever innovation. With a battery life lasting over two years, when no watch is present, the device remains in standby mode to conserve power.

Designed to impress and perform to the highest standard, the TIE Advanced x1 art object and watch winder has a Bluetooth interface, offering the owner access to all its parameters via a dedicated smartphone application. The user can, therefore, define optimal settings for their automatic watch model, fine tuning the direction of rotation, rotation time and load control. It also comes with a Galactic Empire designed key to replace the batteries.

An elite fleet of collectible art objects available only for a limited time, the Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1 - themed watch winding sculptures are priced at USD 2500 each and are available to purchase on and at select authorised Kross Studio retailers.

Reliance Retail acquires majority stake in Indian designer Ritu Kumar October 19, 2021: Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (RRVL) and pioneering Indian designer Ritu Kumar announced a collaboration to charter new, untried interpretation of India’s crafts and textiles. This collaboration is headlined by RRVL’s majority equity acquisition in Ritika Pvt. Ltd (≈52%) which includes completely acquiring Everstone’s ≈35% stake in the company. 

Darshan Mehta Amrish Kumar

L to R: Darshan Mehta, MD & CEO of Reliance Brands Ltd, with Amrish Kumar, Director, Ritika Pvt. Ltd.

“This very optimistic collaboration will further the work I started in researching and reviving India’s textile history and wealth while highlighting our design ability. It’s a story that needs to be told again. Once upon a time, India had 57% of the world’s GDP dependent only on its textiles,” said Ritu Kumar, the founder of India’s oldest fashion house. 

The brand Ritu Kumar includes four fashion brand portfolios which cumulatively retail out of 151 point of sales globally. The ‘Ritu Kumar’ brand is rooted in India’s rich legacy of textile aesthetics. Since 1970s it has been symbolic of how the contemporary Indian woman dresses. It is the legacy brand in India’s fashion story.

Label Ritu Kumar, which launched in 2002, is for a younger, global consumer of western pret. Its design influences come both from the brand’s heritage, as well as the international fashion landscape. RI Ritu Kumar is a luxury bridal couture and occasion wear line. Its products are considered heirlooms and are produced by the finest craftsmen and artisans. aarké is the newest addition to the brand portfolio. It is an accessible product line blending the aesthetics of Ritu Kumar in easy dressing meant to reach a larger consumer base.

Ritu Kumar in Banaras

Designer Ritu Kumar studying the condition of the weaving industry in Banaras

Ritu Kumar Home & Living is a category extension under Ritu Kumar that defines comfortable luxury for homes that like to tell their own story. 

Having recently acquired a 40% stake in Manish Malhotra, RRVL is focusing its attention towards value creation through developing and supporting home-grown talent rooted in Indian design sensibilities. The learnings from the large retail network across RRVL’s subsidiaries, experience of building and nurturing global luxury to premium brands in the country, and deep commitment to Indian craftsmanship will be a strong platform to build brand Ritu Kumar going ahead. 

Isha Ambani, Director, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd, said “Very few countries can match the sophistication, style and originality of design, especially in printing and painting of textiles and weaves, found in India. We are delighted to partner with Ritu Kumar, who possesses strong brand recognition, potential for scale, and innovation in fashion and retail – all key ingredients to build a complete lifestyle brand. Together, we want to build a robust platform and customer ecosystem for our native textiles and crafts – both in India and across the world – so that our crafts receive the honor and recognition they deserve in international couture.”


The partnership will continue to build the business through the patronage of Indian craftspeople. This will be achieved through skill enhancement and technological enablement of crafts and market engagement across retail channels in India and internationally.

Francis Kurkdjian is the new Perfume Creation Director of Parfums Christian Dior October 19, 2021: Parfums Christian Dior has announced the appointment of Francis Kurkdjian as its new Perfume Creation Director, leading the creation of the Maison’s fragrances.

Francis Kurkdijan

Considered as one of the main key players in the world of fragrances today, French creator Mr. Kurkdjian has been the Artistic Director and Perfume Creator of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, which he co-founded in 2009 with Marc Chaya, and this Maison has been a part of the LVMH Group since 2017. He shall remain the Artistic Director of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, as he steps into this new role with Parfums Christian Dior.

Launching his career at the young age of 25 with the composition of his first men’s fragrance, Le Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier, he has always been considered a passionate artist and an exceptionally skilled perfumer with a precocious talent, who has redefined the very concept of perfume, including his opening of a bespoke fragrance atelier in 2001.

He was named the Best Perfumer by Cosmétique Magazine in 2008, and several of his fragrances have won international prizes. Known for creating striking scents for mythic perfume Maisons, including Dior, for which he composed Eau Noire and Cologne Blanche for the Collection Privée Christian Dior, he was made Knight of Arts and Letters in 2009.

He brings an artistic dimension to creating scents, a visionary who continually expands the scope of possibilities for fragrances. Having signed numerous collaborations with renowned artists such as Sophie Calle and choreographer Christian Rizzo, his ongoing aesthetic journey has also led to some memorable olfactory installations and performances in such superb settings as the Grand Palais and the Château de Versailles, a unique location that has long resonated with Maison Dior.

Succeeding François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator since 2006, Mr. Kurkdjian is a perfume creator of exceptional talent. The top-selling men’s fragrance in the world and a global phenomenon launched in 2015, his most striking success remains Sauvage. Being a native of Grasse with a passion for flowers, he has particularly worked to bring Dior perfumes the finest ingredients, multiplying exclusive partnerships with young flower growers from Grasse.

The President and CEO of Parfums Christian Dior, Laurent Kleitman, said that François Demachy will remain one of the most prominent talents among all those who have helped celebrate the unique Dior spite and perpetuate the Dior dream, his scents are treasures that will remain timeless and it has been an extraordinary adventure and great honour to work with him both in Paris and in Grasse.

Kama Ayurveda launches 2 new products to help you get the glow this festive season Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Thailam

October 19, 2021: Indian skincare brand Kama Ayurveda has just announced the addition of two new products to their award-winning Kumkumadi product range, just in time for the festive season.

The Kumkumadi range by Kama Ayurveda is steeped in the gentle goodness of Kashmiri saffron. The Kumkumadi Brightening Bi-Phase Essence and Kumkumadi Clarifying and Brightening Cleansing Oil complement the current hero products, and will be available across the brand’s stores and the online boutique, starting this festive season. Both the new offerings contain Kama Ayurveda’s iconic Kumkumadi Thailam, the essential ingredient that enhances radiance and brightens dull skin.

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Thailam

An easy-to-use mist, the Kumkumadi Brightening Bi-Phase essence presents the Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Thailam in the most convenient way for fresh, radiant skin while at home and even on-the-go. The Bi-Phase is a lightweight formula which contains natural ingredients, including pure Kashmiri saffron, liquorice, aloe vera leaf juice, and plant-based emollients, to plump, soften and illuminate the skin. This non-greasy essence locks in essential moisture in the skin, and the Kumkumadi thailam lends a dewy glow, making it ideal to be used at any time of the day, across seasons. It will be available in 30 ml, and priced at INR 2,295.

The Kumkumadi Clarifying and Brightening Cleansing Oil gently removes environmental pollutants, impurities, and makeup without drying out the skin. Enriched with the Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Thailam, this lipid-replenishing oil is based on an ancient Ayurvedic recipe. It gently lathers on moist skin to deep cleanse and imbues it with an after-rinse flow. The pure ingredients, including pure Kashmiri saffron, liquorice and Indian madder, centella asiatica and citron fruit work on the skin to reduce pigmentation, retain elasticity and build collagen, making it the perfect addition to skincare regimes before a night out on the town or a restful night in. It will be available in a 100 ml bottle, priced at INR 1,995.

Reliance Brands invests in Manish Malhotra Darshan mehta and Manish malhotra

October 15, 2021: Investing into Indian design & craftsmanship, Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) have announced a strategic partnership with Manish Malhotra, aimed at accelerating the 16-year-old couture house’s growth plans in India and across the globe. RBL has signed a definitive agreement to invest in founder and creative director, Manish Malhotra’s eponymous brand for a 40% minority stake. This is the first external investment for the brand, which had so far been privately held by the designer.

Launched in 2005, the Manish Malhotra has 4 flagship stores in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Hyderabad, 2 SIS, besides an elaborate virtual store and over 12 million social followers across various channels. Manish Malhotra has been a costume stylist for 31 years, and his brand’s design language is brought to life by a team of 700 artisans and professionals, led by Mr. Malhotra himself.

RBL has over 14 years of experience in bringing global luxury to premium brands into India. However, as upcoming consumption power steadily moves from west to east, the fashion and design sensibilities are not far behind. Recognising these winds of change, RBL in its next wave of value creation, is setting sight towards home-grown talent rooted in Indian design sensibilities.

Darshan mehta and Manish Malhotra

“Our strategic partnership with Manish Malhotra is anchored on our immense respect for his craft and our deep commitment to Indian art and culture. Being an entrepreneur, Manish the man behind the brand, has always been nimble and ahead of his times. Recognition and appreciation for Indian couture is at an inflexion point globally and we are excited to partner in this journey with Manish,” said Isha Ambani, Director, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. (holding company of all retail companies in Reliance Industries Limited group).

The brand Manish Malhotra stands unique at the intersection of fashion and movie entertainment. Thus, expanding the brand into a larger lifestyle consumption portfolio would be a natural next step. The brand also has a significant cache of current and potential consumers across global fashion capitals and onward plans include expansion both in India and international markets. Besides physical retail expansion, the partnership will work on creating a strong technology backbone for the business, developing phygital and experiential ecommerce opportunities.

Completing the costume to couture to institution evolution cycle, the brand will continue to be led by Manish Malhotra, Managing and Creative Director of the brand.

Shivan & Narresh’s Iconoscape Series highlights 5 diverse prints October 15, 2021: Shivan & Narresh, a luxury holiday brand that offers carefree, seductive fashion, has unveiled #IconoScapeSeries through an evocative display of their latest Holiday collection that romanticize a whimsical reverie and exuberating elegance for the new world. The collection brings to life 5 diverse prints (represented by the five Iconodots in the Shivan & Narresh lifestyle), namely Farrago, Jaiscape, Iconomash, BotanEye and Wilding.

Shivan & Narresh Iconoscape Series

Designed for the global millennia and the Gen Z traveler, the latest IconoScape Series represents freedom through fashion as it narrates a distinct design language defined by Purity, Art and Sex translated into the brand's five iconic holiday lifestyles: Swim (snail), Resort (peacock), Cruise (dolphin), Safari (elephant) and Ski (reindeer). 

Shivan & Narresh Iconoscape Series

An underlying sentiment of escapism evokes the passionate desire for travel and fashionable joie de vivre, even at home, as each design brings to life the thriving vision of the brand through a potpourri of powerful and playful silhouettes in rich, earthy undertones.

Shivan & Narresh Iconoscape Series

The first three prints - Farrago, Jaiscape and Iconomash - explore the diverse culture and vibrancy of Jaisalmer, drawing from the designers' personal experience and travel sojourn to the Golden City during the recent Pandemic, while the prints BotanEye and Wilding were both born within the comfort of home, influenced by their sublime surroundings and reconnecting with nature. The plant anatomy and intimate nurturing of leafy greens inspire the BotanEye artistry while Jaiscape reminisces the picturesque panorama of the bustling city of Jaisalmer captured from the peak of the Jaisalmer fort. 

Shivan & Narresh Iconoscape Series

This year, the après ski print, Farrago, takes centre stage as it visually reimagines the intricate quilts of Ralli through a kaleidoscopic interplay of checks featuring a striking grid of the brand’s iconic archival prints synonymous with the classic patchwork style.

Shivan & Narresh Iconoscape Series

Spread across an elaborate range of 52 ensembles for both men and women, the collection portrays a dreamy landscape of indigenous fabrics and meticulous detailing through sheer delicate knitwear, luxurious fine wool for Ski, curvilinear lines in Swim Wear that accentuate the natural body silhouette and introduction of Julin - a refreshing 100% organic rendition of the traditional Jute textile reimagined, softened and hand-woven in pristine whites.

Shivan & Narresh Iconoscape Series

Commenting on the vision and inspiration, Narresh Kukreja, Creative Director, Shivan & Narresh, said, “The recent pandemic has instilled in all of us the need to introspect. There is a huge underlying sentiment of escapism in people and therein lies the euphoria of exploration and experience. With this collection, we celebrate this spirit of freedom reinterpreted through three symbolic words - purity, art and sex that resonate with each and every silhouette, across our 52-ensemble showcase. Right from the storyboard, the constant thought driving our vision was to explore all possible holiday lifestyles that one could eventually indulge in. That’s when the narrative of distinguishing Swim, Resort, Cruise, Safari and Ski became so powerful, that no matter where one travels be it land, water, sea, desert or mountains - one should only think of SHIVAN & NARRESH. That’s the dream we are hoping to weave."

Ryan Gosling announced as TAG Heuer’s new Brand Ambassador October 13, 2021: In a world-first for the iconic star, Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer has announced the signing of Ryan Gosling as its brand ambassador.

Ryan Gosling for Tag Heuer

An actor who defies easy categorisation, having played a brooding wheelman in Drive to his all-singing, all-dancing Oscar-nominated performance; Mr. Gosling picks roles sharing his attributes: a willingness to be fearless, push what’s possible and to constantly challenge himself.

Therefore, there was no better choice for the ambassador of Tag Heuer, where passion, effortless style and commitment to excellence are as pivotal to the man as they are to the brand. Mr. Gosling is seen as the heir apparent to the legendary Steve McQueen, two men for whom style and substance are one and the same, making him the perfect choice to drive the brand forward. But he also represents something else - a new breed of masculinity, sensitive and low-key at the same time, a confidence that is by definition effortless, much like the brand itself.

Ryan Gosling for Tag Heuer

Handpicking the award-winning photographer Pari Dukovic and collaborating with him in every step of the way, Mr. Gosling’s commitment to excellence has even extended to his very first Tag Heuer ad campaign photoshoot. And the result of this is a campaign of variant visuals, which has been inspired by Mr. Gosling’s own desire to shoot a campaign unlike any other, and one that marks yet another daring departure for the star.

The photographer, Mr. Dukovic talked about the collaboration, mentioning that Mr. Gosling said he wanted to do something completely different; colour has emotion and it is completely unexpected. In creating these portraits, it has been about creating something timeless and timely at the same time, owing to the timeless quality of Tag Heuer’s watches and that is what they wanted to do with the campaign.

Starting Ryan Gosling’s partnership with the brand is a new generation of Tag Heuer’s timeless sporty and elegant three-hand watch - the TAG Heuer Carrera Three Hands.

Ryan Gosling for Tag Heuer

These watches represent a showcase for the motor racing heritage of the brand, where fearlessness and elegance go hand in hand. As a committed motoring enthusiast, only few would appreciate the obsession with readability more and the dedication to clean lines, with the collection representing the company’s purest and most elegant watch in the portfolio of TAG Heuer.

Appreciating the timeless design, Mr. Gosling spoke about how he likes clean and simple design generally. Looking back, he spoke about how he lived on a pretty tight budget and gravitated towards things that were simple and timeless so he didn’t have to think about keeping up with trends.

This new collection has 13 pieces, which reinterpret and reimagine the horological icon in four versions: the Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date 41 mm, the Tag Heuer Carrera Twin-Date 41 mm, the Tag Heuer Carrera Date 39 mm and the Tag Heuer Carrera Date 29mm.

The Angelus U53 dons a new shade Angelus 53 Khakhi Green Strap

October 13, 2021: With a Tourbillon Volantan Angelus skeleton calibre, professional diving skills, asymmetric design, and rotating flange, the U53 stands out as an exclusive, masculine, versatile, ultra-modern, easy to wear timepiece by Angelus. 

With this limited series of 25 pieces in khaki green, Angelus continues to explore the limitless possibilities of its diving models. Plunged into a sportsmanlike and contemporary shade of green, the design of the U53 and its watchmaking vision can only be matched by its technical features and high-level finishes, which is remarkable for a timepiece meant for dicing in deep water.

Meeting all the criteria for watches intended for underwater use, the case of the U53 is water-resistant to 300 metres, while its 60 minute-graduated rotating flange only turns anticlockwise and its hands and indices are luminescent. Equipped with a helium valve to allow saturation diving, it is also resistant to magnetic fields and scratching, because the U53 is made entirely of grade 5 titanium, a light and comfortable material well tolerated by the skin even in high moisture condition and yet hard enough to withstand most scratches.

Angelus 53 Khakhi Green Strap

The 46mm case of this watch stand out because of its functions. It has the helium valve at 9 o’clock, the screw-down crown controlling the rotating flange at 2 o-clock, and a second screw-down crown at 4 o’clock allowing for winding and setting the time. The Angelus signature of the bezel with its powerful design lies above the ensembles. Its deep indents, in a distinctive shark fin design catch the eye, with the motif repeated on the flange in green and graduated with Arabic numerals.

Also standing out among classic types of divers by showcasing its movement in a spectacular fashion, the U53 has the Angelus A-300, a skeleton calibre characterised by its large bridges, the openwork in the center of which specifically evokes the design of Angelus’ calibres. Its contemporary ethnicity, its Tourbillon Volant Uni Minute, the slightly asymmetric placement of the barrel at 1 o’clock, winding at 4 o’clock, tourbillon at 6:30 and small seconds at 9:30, makes the design of the U53 unusual. Being issued in a limited edition of 25 pieces, this diver is mounted on a rubber strap and included is a complimentary hand-stitched NATO strap.

Highlighting sustainability, the ‘Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030’ is launched by Cartier and Kering Cartier High Jewellery

October 12, 2021: Cartier, delegated by Richemont, and Kering have partnered with the Responsible Jewellery Council to launch the Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030 - driven by a common conviction that the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aspirations for a sustainable industry can only be achieved through collaborative initiatives.

The Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030, for the first time in the industry, aims at bringing together jewellery and watch brands across the globe to embark on a collective journey towards a low-carbon future, ensuring the industry creates positive outcomes for the planet and for people.

This initiative welcomes all jewellery and watch brands with both a national and international footprint, willing to commit to a set of common and ambitious objectives in three spheres: preserving resources, building climate resilience and fostering inclusiveness.

The commitments supported by the Watch and Jewellery initiative 2030 lie at the very heart of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, standing at the crossroads of environmental considerations and the ambition to strengthen positive impacts for people all along the value chain. The initiative itself contributes to Goal 17: ‘partnerships for the goals’.

Building on strong, existing initiatives and organisations in the industry such as the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and Science Based Targets (SBT), this initiative includes newer areas of focus such as biodiversity protection and materials, science-based climate targets, business model innovation, with the intent of encouraging and enabling industry innovation and transformation.

Cartier High Jewellery

The President and CEO of Cartier, Cyrille Vigneron, commented on the initiative, saying that as the watch and jewellery sector relies on the earth’s precious resources and people’s know-how around the world within its value chains, the more imperative it is to act together in creating a more positive impact. 

Speaking about the partnership, Jean-François Palus, the Group Managing Director of Kering, said that as a brand, at Kering, they believe that luxury is inseparable from the highest environmental and social standards, and that as leading luxury players, it is their responsibility to initiate the changes that are needed to protect our planet. 

Sharing her vision for the joint initiative, Iris Van der Veken, the Executive Director of Responsible Jewellery Council said that the 2030 Agenda is about leaving no-one behind, and business can be a force for positive changes and impact by supporting a global economy that porters people, the planet and the natural systems that sustain us. Business as usual in no longer an option, and the RJC is determined to help business be a force for that change through transformative partnerships. By working together they can greatly contribute to the urgent change needed to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the Decade of Action and create a better fairer world by 2030. 

Focusing on three thematic priorities including building climate resilience, preserving resources and fostering inclusiveness; the initiative strongly commits to transparency with the requirement to report on progress on regular basis. 

More detailed information on the goals can be found at:

Rolls-Royce presents its newest collectable, the Rolls-Royce Cellarette Rolls-Royce Cellarette

October 12, 2021: Delighted to present its new addition to its portfolio of collectables, the House of Rolls-Royce has announced the Rolls-Royce Cellarette. Deriving from the marque’s rich heritage of providing clients with effortless and affable hosting opportunities, the Cellarette contains an array of accoutrements designed to perfect any soiree.

Nicholas Abrams, Bespoke Designer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said, “The Rolls-Royce Cellarette, the latest addition to the Rolls-Royce Connoisseur’s Collection, offers our clients new ways to enhance their lifestyle beyond the experience of their Rolls-Royce motor car. Historically, Cellarettes were used to secure wine and spirits. This bespoke chest can be configured to stow aperitifs or digestifs, dependent on the client’s preferences, alongside prized cigars, in a spectacular fashion.”

Rolls-Royce Cellarette

Epitomising true Rolls-Royce style of precision engineering, exquisite hand craftsmanship, and a breath-taking presentation of luxury, the Cellarette has a polished aluminium chassis, enveloped by embossed Rolls-Royce Havana leather complete with an Obsidian Ayous Open Pore veneer serving tray with Spirit of Ecstasy inlay, making it the perfect accessory for any Rolls-Royce owner with a passion for convivial hosting. Even though the Cellarette will fit into the rear of any Rolls-Royce, it wholly comes into its own as a centrepiece at an al fresco dining experience, or as an accompaniment at an intimate gathering.

The dark exterior opening to emit a warm ambient glow, the Armagnac leather highlights are accentuated by a soft light, evoking the atmosphere of a distinguished Members’ Club. Mirroring the opening of the coach doors of a Rolls-Royce motor car, an array of beautiful accessories are revealed in a mechanical fashion. And once unfurled, the client is present with hand-blown lowball glasses, each of which has been exquisitely finished with the ‘RR’ monogram. And these glasses rotate outwards as the unit opens, evoking a charming sense of theatre.

Rolls-Royce Cellarette

A magnificent Armagnac leather-lined bottle pannier is revealed, in unison with the glasses. The ‘RR’ embellished holder can adapt to different bottle sizes, with the bottle held in place magnetically by a polished aluminium fastener, ensuring the safe stooge of any one of the client’s preferred refreshments. And at the opposing end is a humidor offering the user a cigar tray, when opened. Spanish Cedarwood nestles cigars at the chosen humidity level for optimum enjoyment, with a hygrometer precisely monitoring its measure. The hygrometer recalls the hands of the fabled Rolls-Royce clock, featuring unique detailing.

The humidor will delight the cigar enthusiast. Two smaller containers are held magnetically at either end of the cassette - one for an intricately detailed cigar cutter and lighter, made by S.T. Dupont, Paris, and engraved with the Spirit of Ecstasy Expression, and the other for an ashtray. The ashtray’s cigar cradles extend only once the container is opened, to ensure compact transit.

Rolls-Royce Cellarette

The Cellarette represents the commitment of the House of Rolls-Royce to producing the finest luxury products and experiences for its patrons, well beyond the confines of the automotive environment. The Cellarette can be tailored to the client’s exact specification, like any Rolls-Royce product.

The Rolls-Royce Cellarette would be available to acquire through Rolls-Royce dealerships, with prices starting from £40,750, exclusive of local taxes.

DAG brings together the exhibition Indian Blue: From Realism to Abstraction Blue Cliff by Nicholas

Blue Cliff by Nicholas Roerich

October 12, 2021: An exhibition following from previous exhibitions that looked at artistic practices across the decades of the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, Indian Blue examines how artists have addressed their work through the prism of the colour blue that has imbued with nuances particular to the country and its culture.

To quote the words of Nicholas Roerich, “Where can one have such joy as when the sun is upon the Himalayas, when the blue is more intense than sapphires, when from the far distance, the glaciers flitter as incomparable gems!”

Roof Tops Avinash Chandra

Roof Tops by Avinash Chandra

An art company with India’s largest inventory of art and archival material, DAG has brought together an exhibition exploring the nuances of the most varied of colours written into the fabric of the country - the blue of the skies and oceans, the rivers and lakes, the blue of ancient royalty and that of Koh-i-noor, of Ambedkar’s famous power-suit, of the peacock’s feathers and Lord Shiva’s throat, the blue of Kali and the hue of Ram and Krishna, the often overlooked fourth hue of the Indian flag - in an attempt to research the artistic responses to it spanning over a century of art practice. 

This exhibition uncovers a range of artistic practices from the realistic to the abstract, from landscapes and portraits to history paintings and figurative narrations, across an equally interesting range of mediums-oils, watercolours, acrylics, printmaking, sculpture - and periods, examining the history of the colour blue in India, and the world prompted by its seemingly universal value.

Shiva's Bull Satish Gujral

Shiva's Bull by Satish Gujral

Blue is used by landscape artists not just for the sea and the sky but to suggest vast distance or to denote shadows. And it is in the same line that Nicholas Roerich has painted Blue Cliff - a massing of rocks of various shades of blue to suggest depth as well as light and shadow: a mastery work to represent the loft Himalayas. Untitled (River Scene) by K.C.S. Paniker is one of the last works in which the artist turned to his academic training as a device for communication.

A painting by Jamini Roy, a tempera abstract that seems to consist almost entirely of a textured blue mottled with red and a few diagonal lines, is the greatest surprise of the exhibition - it is a rare work almost never before seen from the master oeuvre.

The exhibition features over 90 artists including Jamini Roy, Nandalal Bose, Sunayani Devi, Jogen Chowdhury, Abanindranth Tagore, Ganesh Pyne, Ramkinkar Baij, all from Bengal, the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, who made his home in India; pioneering modernists such as F.N. Souza, M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza, Himmat Shah, Prabhakar Barwe, Satish Gujral, Avinash Chandra, G.R. Santosh and other like Jeram Patel, Paritosh Sen, Prokash Karmakar, Krishna Reddy, Manu and Madhvi Parekh, Devyani and Kanwal Krishna, J. Sultan Ali, Natvar Bhavsar, Jyoti Bhatt, Chittaprosad, Shanti Dave, Biren De, Rabin Mondal, A.H. Muller, K.K. Hebbar, K. Laxma Goud, Laxman Pai, Gogi Saroj Pal, Anupam Sud, Bireswar Sen. 

Untitled River Scene

Untitled (River scene) by K.C.S. Paniker

Indian Blue, in an effort to examine the relationship civilisations share with the colour blue, not only helps the viewers understand the artistic responses to its hues and tones at a subliminal level—something it achieves through the chosen colour under investigation in this exhibition—but also goes beyond it to examine the role colours play in human lives. And what better way to explore this rich sensory archive than through the world as visualised by artists. 

The exhibition is open at DAG, The Claridges, New Delhi for two months.

Christie’s offers a selection of Fabergé Masterpieces in London Faberge Mosaic Brooch

October 11, 2021: Christie’s has announced the sale of an iconic private collection of Fabergé masterpieces from the collection of Mr. Harry Woolf, which will take place live at Christie’s London, on November 29, 2021, during the Autumn Russian Art sales season. Comprising of 86 pieces, they come from Mr. Woolf’s extraordinary Fabergé collection, which he personally composed over a period of nearly five decades, from the 1970s until 2019.

There are outstanding examples of objet d’art from the House of Fabergé amongst the exquisite pieces - from jewelled hard stone animals and decorative photograph frames, to pill boxes, scent, silver pieces and jewellery. With particular reference to the collection of hard stone animals, A Selection of Fabergé Masterpieces from the Collection of Harry Woolf is considered to be one of the very finest private collections. Mr. Woolf is recognised for having collected only the very finest examples of their type - all of which exemplify the extraordinary craftsmanship and design of Fabergé and its master craftsmen of the time.

Harry Woolf was already a successful businessman and owner of the London-based pharmaceutical company, Underwoods the Chemists, when he began to collect Fabergé in the early 1970s. He solely relied on his own instinct and finely attuned eye in the pursuit of the pieces that he purchased.

Faberge frame

These pieces have been highly prized as loans to major Fabergé exhibitions around the world, taking place at important museums and institutions, due to the quality, rarity and breadth of Mr. Woolf’s collection. Mr. Woolf wished to showcase pieces from his revered collection throughout his lifetime, becoming a regular and generous lender to Fabergé exhibitions.

There are also more than ten rare pieces from Mr. Woolf’s prestigious collection, which are not included in the Christie’s London collection sale, which are included in the forthcoming pivotal exhibition taking place at the V&A in London, opening on November 20, titled ‘Fabergé: From Romance to Revolution’.

The Masterpieces from the Harry Woolf Collection comprises four main groups of works: hard stone animals; functional works of art; Japonisme inspired pieces; and Russian styled pieces. Mr. Woolf had a particular penchant for hard stone animals, and they comprise one of the most whimsical groups of diminutive carved creatures and represent a rare group of works. The impeccable craftsmanship of Fabergé also lay in his genius to create objects seen as ‘everyday’ into individual works of art such as scent bottles, cigarette cases, bell pushes and cigarette lighters. 

Faberge Masterpieces

A small number of objects from the Woolf collection have a distinctive Japanese style, inspired by Japanese art known as Japonisme. Some of them are almost exact replicas of netsuke carvings (a frog and a cricket) and others were made in homage to Japanese design. A large group of objects have a distinctive Russian style which was driven by a renewed interest in its own national heritage at the turn of the last century.

The collection also notably includes examples of works by many famous Fabergé masters including Alma Phil, Julius Rappoport, Henrik Wigström, Mikhail Perkhin, Fyodor Rückert, Victor Aarne, Alfred Tillmann, Friedrich Koehli, Anna Ringe, August Holming and Vladimir Finikov.

The highlights of the sale include a large jewelled gold-mounted agate model of a capercailzie, circa 1900, estimated at £50,000 to £70,000; a jewelled and enamel gold bonbonnière in the form of a doge’s hat, 1899-1904, estimated at £80,000 to £120,000; a jewelled agate model of a cat, circa 1900, with rose-cut diamond-set eyes, estimated at £15,000 to £25,000; a jewelled and guilloché enamel three-colour gold photograph frame in the form of an easel, estimated at £80,000 to £120,000; a gold table lighter in the form of a miniature samovar by Fabergé, work master Henrik Wigström 1908-1917, estimated at £60,000 to £90,000; a jewelled three-colour gold and moss agate photograph frame, circa 1890, estimated at £80,000 to £120,000; a gem-set silver-mounted ceramic kovsh, circa 1900,  estimated at £70,000 to £90,000; an imported jewelled gold and platinum mosaic brooch, circa 1913, estimated at £70,000 to £90,000; and a rare example of a jewelled gold-mounted composite hard stone model of a blue tit, circa 1900, estimated at £50,000 to £70,000.

BMW Group steps up to its expansion of electromobility by investing in efficient & sustainable lithium extraction BMW group invests in Lilac Solutions

October 11, 2021: The increase for the need for lithium, an important raw material for production of battery cells, increases with the prediction of at least half the BMW Group’s global sales expected to come from fully electric vehicles by the year 2030.

The BMW Group, through its venture capital fund, BMW I Ventures, is investing in an innovative process developed by US Startup Lilac Solutions to promote environmentally-friendly, resource-efficient extraction of lithium. Lilac Solutions has developed and patented an ion exchange technology which will significantly improve efficiency, costs and sustainability by extracting lithium from brine resources, which are natural deposits of salt water.

The Senior Vice President Indirect goods and services, raw material, production partners at the BMW Group, Woflgang Obermaier, talked about the investment, saying that innovative technologies provide better, more sustainable and more efficient access to raw materials; and by investing in startups, they are speeding up development of new technologies, stimulating competition and providing impetus that will make it easier for young companies to access the market. 

BMW group invests in Lilac Solutions

Lilac Solutions aims to significantly reduce environmental impact compared to conventional methods, while at the same time protecting ecosystems and local communities. An already proven technology in initial field pilots, it must now be demonstrated that it can be scaled and industrialised in the mid-term. This process could then be used with brines worldwide, even if they have a low lithium content.

Making sustainability and resource efficiency central to the company’s strategic direction, one of the key aspects here is the BMW Group’s compliance with environmental and social standards in the supply chain. Eliminating infringements of human rights and environmental standards presents a particular challenge in the case of critical raw materials, as is the case with lithium. Therefore, BMW Group Purchasing has implemented additional measures for this raw material, sourcing lithium directly from the mines and making it available to battery cell suppliers. And in this way, the company creates complete transparency about the origin and mining methods of the material.

The LVMH Group welcomes Officine Universelle Buly 1803 Officine Universelle Buly part of LVMH Group

October 11, 2021: LVMH has announced the acquisition of Officine Universelle Buly, which has become a recognised symbol of the French art of living, specialising in perfumes cosmetics. The brand now joins the LVMH Group alongside its 75 other Maisons, after having been supported and assisted for nearly four years by LVMH Luxury Ventures, a minority investment fund.

Officine Universelle Buly 1803 is a Parisian brand inspired by Jean-Vincent Bully, an emblematic perfumer of the 19th century, which was relaunched in 2014 by Ramdane Touhami and Victoire de Taillac.

A brand recognised for the quality of its products in perfumes, face and body care among others, the diversity of its universe, and the passion that this brand arouses, Buly’s shops offer an absolutely personalised experience. L’Officine Universelle Buly has become an iconic brand, thanks to a unique identity between heritage and modernity, tradition and innovation.

The brand now seeks to pursue its growth and development, faithful to its unique expertise and its rich and fertile personality, within the world leader in luxury, as it begins a new chapter in its history.

Officine Universelle Buly part of LVMH Group

Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of the LVMH Group, said that Buly perfectly matches the philosophy that can be found in the mansions of the LVMH Group, combining an unparalleled heritage, craftsmanship and a unique experience in exceptional boutiques. Its refined products enjoy a significant success around the world, and they will do everything they can to ensure that this great family adventure, led by Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami, continues to grow within the LVMH family.

Co-founder, and henceforth Director of Product Strategy, Image and Communications of the brand, Victoire de Taillac also said that since 2014, they have been keen to revive an iconic Parisian Maison, with a powerful and unusual universe, drawing its inspiration from forgotten or little-known beauty secrets. They know that Buly will remain true to its unique identity within LVMH, the birthplace of authentic and powerful Maisons.

Zoya’s latest jewellery collection is ornate, sensual, intricate Zoya Libera collection

October 6, 2021: Indian jewellery brand Zoya has introduced Libera, a stunning new collection that exhibits a high level of intricacy. The visual vocabulary of this timeless collection seeks cues in the artistic joie de vivre of the late 1800s, presenting experimental silhouettes with timeless craft, that are as original as they are diverse. This modern collection makes a statement with art nouveau trope and stylistic detailing, presenting rare design that is exquisitely fluid and feminine. 

Zoya has always interpreted its inspiration in unusual ways. Libera is no exception. The collection connects with the inner world of its muse, as she transcends the limitations of external validation, reconnects with her own femininity, and embraces the woman she truly is. Stepping away from the frivolity of trends, her fable is skilfully immortalised in a soothing pastel palette of the finest diamonds, mother of pearl, opal, champagne diamonds, complimented with highlights of cabochon rubies and emeralds. 

Zoya Libera collection

“Over the last year, we have noticed women becoming more conscious and meaningful in the way they are living life and making choices,” says Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Titan’s Jewellery Division. “We thought, Libera was a befitting festive collection, being as significant in meaning as it is aesthetically appealing. It is metaphorically based on a time that marks the genesis of the celebration of femininity in a modern context. With a distinct whiplash line, the collection reverberates with artistic expression featuring feminine silhouettes that are relevant to the Zoya woman.”

Libera’s ‘Unchained Elegance’ showcases an emerald stone surrounded by rose cut and brilliant round diamonds. Flawless, eternal and with just a fission of mystery, this statement necklace is an elegant nod to a woman who is happy to be herself. Another unique piece mirrors the movements of a dancer unfurling the drapes of her dress, as though emerging from a cocoon. Intricate workmanship shows a butterfly pendant that holds an oval ruby cabochon in a frame enhanced with luminous mother of pearl and dangling chains. It is aptly titled ‘On Wings of Beauty’. Mirroring the secret chambers of an art nouveau theatre, ‘A Flow of Light’ is a pair of chandelier earrings with surreal and detailed accents that lend grandeur to the milieu. A mother-of-pearl of spectacular rarity is embraced by diamonds and ebbs down to a drop-shaped emerald suspended as if in space flowing into rivers of shimmering rose-cut diamonds.

Zoya Libera collection

Myriad cuts display the breadth of Zoya’s virtuosity from carved stones and cabochons to faceted stones. Cabochon pink tourmalines, morganites, opals, tanzanites, rock crystals and emeralds combine with black, champagne diamonds and pearls to create an exuberant palette guaranteed to set your imagination free.

“Zoya’s creations are designed with a goal to elevate the ordinary to an unforgettable, artistic statement with each new collection. With Libera, masterful handcrafting combines with cutting edge technical innovation to deliver an exaggerated and flamboyant construct that bring alive the sensuality, art, dances and couture of the era, in this rare and artistic line-up,” says Revathi Kant, Titan’s Chief Design Officer.

Brabus and Panerai join forces in a new partnership Panerai Brabus watch collaboration

October 6, 2021: Luxury watchmaker, Panerai, and high-end tech-luxury brand, Brabus, have recently announced a new collaboration. Celebrating the start of this new partnership is the debut of Panerai’s first-ever skeletonized automatic movement in daring, high-end watches which have been inspired by the design of the Brabus ‘Shadow Black Ops’ series of boats.

The collaboration will bring together the design DNAs and identities of both brands. It will present a series of exclusive watch products, expanding the reach and visibility of both brands in the worlds of boating and watchmaking.

Both these brands are recognised as unconventional forces in their respective fields, and share a passion for and a connection to the marine environment. Panerai has an origin and history inextricably linked to the development of diving watches, and the character and design of which perfectly fits to the Brabus ‘Black Ops’ line of luxury dayboats. 

Panerai Brabus watch collaboration

The ‘Panerai Submersible S Brabus Black Ops Edition is the natural and fitting first result of this creative, marine-based collaboration between Panerai and Brabus. This is a limited edition of Panerai’s longstanding diving instrument, that- as a testimony to both brands’ roots in technology and craftsmanship, is at the same time the first-ever Panerai watch with a skeleton automatic caliber.

The P.4001/s features a one piece off-entered oscillating weight which allows for bi-directional winding, by which the two spring barrels efficiently wind up while the watch is worn. Made of tungsten, the oscillating motor enables the movement and therefore the watch itself to be much thinner and lighter while the stop balance wheel and seconds reset devices, enabling the time to be synchronised with a reference time signal. The new movement was developed starting from the P.4000 caliber and entirely designed and created at the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchatel.

The Panerai Submersible S Brabus Black Ops Edition is available in a limited run of only 100 pieces. A product of 3 years of development, it has resulted in features such as a patented polarised date display, allowing a view of the date indication only through the opening at 3 o’clock, without covering the mechanics of the skeletonized movement.

Panerai Brabus watch collaboration

This 47mm watch features a unidirectional rotating bezel for the calculation of the immersion time, GMT function, AM/PM indicator and three-day power reserve whose sapphire crystal disk indicator is filled in Super-LumiNova.

The adaptation of the signature gunmetal grey, black and red colour palette of the Brabus in the Panerai Submersible S Brabus Black Ops Edition further enhances similarities and brings both product lines closer together. A modern, dark grey Carbotech watch was chosen as a logical tribute to both brands’ frequent use of innovative and high-end composite materials. The minute, hour and small seconds hands are accented in Brabus-red and Brabus brand emblems are engraved on Panerai’s signature crown guard lever, the watch-strap, the movement and the case back.

The Panerai Submersible S Brabus Black Ops Edition is water-resistant to 300 metres (30 bar) and features two straps, a bi-material version and a second, Panerai Sportech strap with a velcro closure. And included is a tool to allow the interchangeability of the straps and a screwdriver for removing the buckle.

Celebrating a century of the brand, the Gucci 100 collection is a tribute to music & vivaciousness October 6, 2021: Having had its name mentioned in 22,705 songs till date, Gucci chooses music as its celebratory partner for its 100th anniversary celebrations.

Gucci 100 capsule collection 2021

“The centennial, for me, represents an opportunity to bear witness to Gucci’s eternal vitality that year after year, is reborn, it renews itself, reestablishing an unusual relationship with contemporaneity as a boy, forever young, observing the world with a powerful vision. I recognized the manifestation of its youth in its having intercepted and traversed, for one hundred years now, popular culture in all its forms. Above all, in music: the only medium, aside from fashion, more reactive to the times that mutate and mark the new, the today, the now”, says Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci.

Gucci 100 capsule collection 2021

Conceived as a tribute to celebrate the centennial of the Maison, the Gucci 100 collection manifests a deep connection between two universal languages: the language of clothing as an expression of personal identity and the language of music that recalls a collective memory.

Gucci 100 capsule collection 2021

A key theme within the Gucci 100 collection takes its cue from a number of songs that mention the brand. In the campaign, a selection of lyrics from these songs adorns ready-to-wear and accessories, at times together with the Gucci 100 logo, designed for the occasion, in a side-by-side tribute to past and present.

Gucci 100 capsule collection 2021

The collection fun, vibrant, with a kaleidoscopic array of patterns and shades personifying this very important capsule. It even includes a Gucci X Hot Wheels car. 

Gucci 100 capsule collection 2021

Gucci has recently announced a brand-new series of Gucci pop-ups, dedicated to Gucci 100: the collection that pays a tribute to the centennial of the Maison; with these ephemeral stores offering a captivating shopping experience.

Gucci 100 capsule collection 2021

Reflecting Mr. Michele’s unconventional approach to luxury fashion, the initiative showcases the products in an immersive and dedicated environment. Debuting now in India, US, Canada and other countries, it is aimed at connecting and engaging with clients across the globe and their surrounding communities.

Gucci 100 capsule collection 2021

The Gucci 100 Pop-Ups showcases the collection in a multi-dimensional environment, which is defined by the juxtaposition of visionary features like LED, perimetral arches and white reflective floors; and classic architectural details. The Pop-Ups mirror the collection, celebrating the connection between past and present, made tangible through music. Visitors are invited to discover the playlist of handpicked songs from different decades, by spinning a wheel placed on the side of a cabinet, and all of these songs namecheck Gucci.

Gucci 100 capsule collection 2021

The Pop-Up concept speaks to Gucci’a experimental approach that places the Maison at the forefront of the dialogue between fashion and virtual reality and would also be available online. Users have the possibility to explore a digital version of the space, entirely redesigned in 3D and to engage with the offering and the music; by visiting the Gucci 100 Digital Pop-Up through the dedicated platform on or on the Gucci App.

Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2022 womenswear collection is feral with sophisticated touches September 29, 2021: Burberry’s Spring Summer 2022 collection takes a surprising turn with some familiar motifs. The collection includes the iconic Burberry trench coat, which has been deconstructed and rebuilt in strong and striking silhouettes that experiment and play with volume. Styles that are in a blend of classic Burberry gabardine and textural linen cotton are cropped at the back to reveal swimsuits which are animated with abstract prints. 

Burberry Spring Summer 2022

Transformed through daring detailing, the signature outerwear in soft fawn and dark biscuit shades has exaggerated lapels, chain-link embellishments, sleeveless proportions and raw hems. The trench and car coat have been given a sense of fluidity through fluted and oversized sleeves on collarless and hooded shapes, along with caplets that are perforated or trimmed with leather - reinvigorating the traditional with a twist of youthful energy.

Burberry Spring Summer 2022

Evoking the flowing forms of camouflage is a kaleidoscope of geometric and experimental abstract print, and the ‘Universal Passport’ graphic adorns both dresses and shirts, layered under printed sheer or mesh tops to create new harmonies of pattern. The geometric colour-block intarsia and prints are seen on dresses and oversized sleeveless blazers.

Burberry Spring Summer 2022

Exploring the freedom of movement through flowing cap-sleeved and halter neck gowns with thigh-high splits and mini dresses are adorned with sweeping exaggerated fringing, frills and straps, and paired with juxtaposing oversized jackets.

Burberry Spring Summer 2022

Boxy-fit blazers have been reworked in sleeveless and backless cuts, presenting an unstructured approach to British tailoring. Lapels have been reconstructed as scarves to wrap over the shoulder, and a chest plate with boned forestry is subversively recast in smooth leather, or as a hoodie in technical neoprene with a peplum hem.

Burberry Spring Summer 2022

There are sexy figure-hugging silhouettes in stretch technical fabrications, in contrast to the oversized proportions, and they exude a mood of confidence that underpins the looks and elevates stand-alone pieces. Vivid and light bodysuits and leggings have been layered with tactile mohair-blend caplets and animal-inspired fringing, which challenges the conventional. There are long-sleeved tops and leggings with porthole cut-outs and chain-link details, off-the-shoulder ribbed knitwear is worn with crop tops with cut-out details, and stirrup leggings with seam details and toe loops and a bodysuit in crystal net and tulle.

Burberry Spring Summer 2022

In the words of the Chief Creative Officer, Riccardo Tisci,  “To me, this presentation really represents the freedom of our imaginations: how we dream to come alive. I wanted to move through a series of immersive spaces, each of them unique and unexpected in their sound, texture and experience. It’s that idea of flicking between the endless realities and fantasies we have at our fingertips each day.”

Burberry Spring Summer 2022

In terms of bags, the Rhombi has been introduced, which is a new ellipse-shaped shoulder bag inspired by the abstract curved prints in the collection. The structured shape has been sculpted to the body and features a lightly padded strap with an oversized clasp detail, and has been presented in a smooth leather in soft fawn and black, and in coated canvas in birch brown check. The clutch iterations include nalco leather with ring-pierced details or metallic fringing, both with an oversized clasp handle, and joining the style is a cut-out Thomas Burberry Monogram in quilted nappa leather in black and soft fawn. A signature style for the house, the Olympia bag has evolved. It has a crescent curve and an athletic aura which is developed for this season in a softer shape in leather, with a circular strap.

Burberry Spring Summer 2022

For shoes, square-toe calf leather sandals, with and without a toe-ring detail have been presented, featuring a press-stud T-bar and buckled ankle strap - a minimalist style to leave feet bare. They have been set on a slim high heel or a flat leather sole in black, white and soft fawn. This simple shape also comes as an exaggerated over-the-knee sock boot with an open toe, in black.

Inspired by each other’s vision, Versace & Fendi join together for a sparkling collection Fendace collection 2021

September 29, 2021: Defined more as the coming together of Fendi and Versace, two iconic fashion houses, more rightly, two iconoclastic groups of people, than a collaboration, this show has led to a unique moment in fashion. Fendace is a celebration of both Italian fashion and to-hell-without disruption of the established order of things; and together they stand for Freedom, Fun and Virtuosity.

Fendace collection 2021

Fendace collection 2021

Inspired purely by friendship and mutual professional respect, it crosses the ‘party lines’ of luxury conglomerates, making the double signature of Fendace a swap, with roles exchanged. It is for the first time that Donatella Versace and Silvia Venturini Fendi have stepped away from their respective family houses, and have been inspired by each other’s vision, while Kim Jones points the way, who has now become an old hand at inhabiting and reinventing other people’s houses.

Fendace collection 2021

Fendace collection 2021

Taking on the design of women’s and menswear respectively, Jones and Venturini-Fendi respectively display their exceptional interpretation of Versace, while Donatella displays her inimitable interpretation of Fendi. A unique cross-fertilisation has occurred, as the archives were fully open to both, and with elements transposed from each house, the deep admiration for the codes and cultures of both remains at heart, together with a mutual encouragement for the designers to be themselves. In the end, Fendace showcased sincerity in fashion along with that hint of fun and unexpectedness. 

Fendace collection 2021

Fendace collection 2021

“Friends, idols, mentors… It’s the beauty of togetherness,” said Mr. Jones, Artistic Director Fendi Couture and Womenswear.

Fendace collection 2021

Versace by Fendi has been inspired by the mid-to-late nineties period of the storied house, and explores an idea of duality, most prominently seen in a melding of the Fendi Monogram with the Versace Greek Key motif. The garments metamorphose, while many revealed to be reversible with hidden codes and the exquisite craftsmanship of the Fendi atelier on display, such as in chainmail made leather - a multigenerational approach is embraced throughout. Mr. Jones signature streetwear style is wrapped in the glamour of Versace house codes.

Fendace collection 2021

Fendace collection 2021

Taking on more of a punk rock stance, Fendi by Versace has Donatella declaring contamination and disruption to be key. Chain mail has been married with lace and crystal-encrusted F’s in an interpretation of the monogram, with Versace pins proliferating, and puncturing Fendi signs and symbols. The world of Fendi has been made that little bit more youthfully rebellious with silk faille mimicking denim and shearlings shaved. Sparkling metallics – a Donatella-aesthetic - make a sexy appearance on the catwalk.

Fendace collection 2021

The collection is exaggerated, seamlessly blending the codes of the two houses - Fendi's bold logo with Versace's larger-than-life prints.

Fendace collection 2021

Fendace collection 2021

“It’s a first in the history of fashion: two designers having a true creative dialogue that stems from respect and friendship. It led us to swapping roles to create these two collections,” said Donatella Versace, Chief Creative Officer, Versace.

Gemfields completes the ‘Big Three’ Trilogy as it launches Sapphire Sapphire gemstones book Joanna Hardy

September 29, 2021: The final instalment in the trilogy of books, dedicated to the celebration of coloured gemstones, has been announced by Gemfields, which is published by Thames & Hudson in association with Violette Editions. The release of Sapphire, following on from Emerald and Ruby, has been much anticipated, as it completes a literary trifecta dedicated to the most admired coloured gemstones: emeralds, rubies and sapphires - often known as ‘the big three’.

This triptych of beautifully presented books, which have been a decade in the making, have a jewel-coloured cover each, to set the tone. These books have been written and researched by highly regarded author and gemologist, Joanna Hardy. She has over three decades of experience with gemstones having worked for the likes of De Beers, Philips and Sotheby’s. 

Gemfields is a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, and is passionate about this subject. As the operator of both Kagem in Zambia, the world’s single largest emerald mine and the Montepuez Ruby Mining in Mozambique, the most significant ruby deposit discovered this century, Gemfields has accrued years of knowledge of coloured gemstones. Presenting the perfect platform for Gemfields to share its passion for these marvels of nature, this series of stunningly illustrated books also presents the opportunity for Gemfields to disperse some of the myths and complexity that surround them by making coloured gemstones more accessible to everyone. Alongside, completing the ‘big three’ would be an appropriate blue sapphire deposit for Gemfields to put its name to, and the search for this is now underway. 

The CEO, Sean Gilbertson, talked about the mysticism of the ‘Holy Trinity’ of coloured gemstones, and how they are one of the few things on our planet that blend wonder and magic. He spoke about how they chart the history, heritage and legacy of humankind across millennia in a unique and captivating manner, and ten minutes spent browsing the marvellous photos on these pages will cheer any soul, and that Gemfields is truly honoured to have played a small role in bringing these three works to life in a project that has now spanned almost a decade.

gemstones books Joanna Hardy

The three books take a deep dive into the history, talismanic and spiritual properties of each of these gems, as well as touching upon notable pieces of jewellery and the celebrity clientele that helped to maintain their iconic status as red-carpet favourites through the ages. The support of jewellery houses Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Chaumet, Fabergé, Graff, Mellerio, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels and Verdura have enriched Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.

Following its predecessor titles, Sapphire traces the enduring popularity of this mesmerising blue gem from the 4th century BCE to the present day. Blue sapphires are associated with the planet Saturn in Hindu astrology, and are renowned for its hostile nature, therefore are to be worn with respect. Thought to foster friendship, peace and wisdom, they are also seen as offering protection against disease and envy. Jacques Cartier’s preferred gems, blue sapphires have long been a favourite with royalty too: they have adorned many a crown as well as being a top choice of gemstone for royal engagement rings. Prince Albert had famously given Queen Victoria a sapphire on the eve of their wedding, and star sapphires, so called for their tiny inclusions which create an asterism effect, have been especially popular with Hollywood sirens like Joan Crawford.

Although sapphires come in a kaleidoscope of shades, it is blue sapphires that are the most beloved, with the benchmark for the perfect colour being ‘the feathers on a peacock’s neck’. Sapphire is as educational as it is entertaining, vividly illustrated with more that 740 images of pieces, while also featuring a selection of works by 21st century jewellery designers such as Shaun Leane, Hemmerle, Lauren Adriana, Bina Goenka and Mish.

Joanna Hardy says, “Sapphire is an unassuming gem. It has been overshadowed by diamonds, rubies and emeralds for decades, but ignore it at your peril, for sapphire is a titan of the gemstone world.”

Sapphire: A Celebration of Colour launches alongside the second edition of Ruby and the third iteration of Emerald, revised and expanded with stunning gemstone inclusions. Each priced at £85, they are available from Thames & Hudson.

Anjul Bhandari’s new chikankari collection is handcrafted in pastel shades September 27, 2021: A sought-after Indian label, Anjul Bhandari, renowned for their designs in luxurious Chikankari couture, has unveiled ‘Tasavvur’ - their latest offering for the upcoming wedding and festive season.

Anjul Bhandari tasavvur chikankari collection

In Urdu, ‘Tasavvur’ means ‘a reflection or contemplation’. This collection has been entirely handcrafted by women artisans of Lucknow, highlighting the traditional craft of Chikankari. Perfect for close knit wedding festivities where the bride and groom want to make a statement in an ensemble celebrating the legacy of this craft, this elegant and refined collection features couture pieces with delicate embroidery and lightweight fabrics reflecting rich taste.

Anjul Bhandari tasavvur chikankari collection

In the designer Anjul Bhandari’s words, Tasavvur is a showcase of the label’s passion and the hope of positivity for the artisans for whom this collection spells new beginnings. A craft that has been around for ages, this collection is the pride of the label as it reflects the work that they are doing in preserving and contemporizing this craft form with their community of artisans.

This collection has been created using sustainable handwoven fabrics and includes a mix of lighter outfits and bridal ensembles that bring the luxurious craft into the spotlight. It is a blend of hand embroidered sequins, baby pearls with handcrafted Chikankari in a colour play of pastel hues on fabrics like chiffon, georgette and organza. 

Anjul Bhandari tasavvur chikankari collection

The intricate mood board of ivory, hydro, white, old rose, baby blue, mint, blush pink and sage green echo the old-world charm of Chikankari, and with traditional silhouettes of the sarees, shararas, lehengas and A-line kurtas are the mainstays of the collection. There are multiple options for grooms and his best men with kurtas, sherwanis and bandhgalas with finely embroidered motifs, paired with elegantly handcrafted chikankari shawls, making them ideal for men with a taste for understated opulence.

Wines from Chanel vineyards going on auction at Sotheby’s Chateau Canon rare wine barrel

Sptember 22, 2021: Going on auction on October 29 in London, Sotheby’s is presenting wines direct from the Chanel vineyards - historical vintages travelling back in time, highlighted by a selection of exclusive experiences.

Château Rauzan-Ségla on the Left Bank and Château Canon on the Right Bank are two historic châteaux facing each other across the Gironde estuary in the wine region of Bordeaux. This pair of iconic French estates are owned by Chanel, situated between Margaux and Saint-Émilion and characterised by their own unique terroir, with the wines they produce sharing a repute dating back centuries.

Sotheby’s is presenting a selection of wines this autumn, direct from the châteaux, where the bottles have remained untouched. Celebrating more than a century of winemaking on both banks, and 25 years of Chanel ownership, this auction features an assortment of over 60 rare vintages that span more than a century, from 1917 to 2020, and in a variety of formats, from bottle to Melchior (18 litres). This dedicated auction is a historic event, also marking the first time that wines from two properties carrying a Grand Cru and Premier Cru classification are being presented.

Chateau Canon

This unique sale comprises of over 900 lots, and is differentiated further by some unprecedented and exclusive on offer, including tours of the vineyards and châteaux, an overnight stay during harvest time, crossing the estuary between Margaux and Saint-Émilion, and several exciting and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities with Chanel, counting a visit to Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartment in Paris, the chance to discover the Chanel flower fields in Grasse (the birthplace of French perfumery) and an opportunity to experience the beating heart of Chanel’s art houses. With a combined estimate of over £730,000, the auction will open for bidding on October 15, leading up to a live auction in London on October 29.

The Worldwide Head of Sotheby’s Wine, Jamie Ritchie spoke about this unique sale, and said that Sotheby’s has been closely watching the steady resurgence of these two great Châteaux, whose reputations have been fully restored to their illustrious past, with each current vintage being one of the most sought-after by today’s collectors. Having undergone a significant period of investment where every decision was based on how to make the very best quality wine, reflecting their superb and distinct  terroirs; each decision has been made with the long term in mind, and with no shortcuts being taken. The wines have been made under the management of Nicolas Audebert, defining class, combining purity, finesse and generosity, because there are no other two properties where one can measure this philosophy so closely and see such clear results. He further said that offering such an incredible range of great vintages directly from Château Rauzan Ségla and Château Canon-wines that have never left the cellars of either property until now-would provide lovers of the two great Châteaux an extraordinary opportunity to acquire, taste and enjoy historic wines in pristine condition.

Chateau Canon wines

Some unique experiences in this auction include:

Paris-Bordeaux: Discovery of exclusive Chanel experiences:  For two days, a unique stay at both Château Canon and Château Rauzan-Ségla, includes exclusive lunches in extraordinary settings, dinners at the Châteaux and a private cruise, to a rare and private visit to Mademoiselle Chanel’s Apartment in Paris, for up to three couples, estimated at £11,000 to £16,000.

Great vintages stay at Château Rauzan-Ségla: A unique day and overnight stay at the Château all-inclusive for up to three couples, estimated at £4,000 to £8,000.

Chateau Rauzan Segla

Great vintages stay at Château Canon: A unique day at and an overnight stay at Château Canon, all-inclusive for up to three couples estimated at £4,000 to £8,000.

A selection of pre-War vintages being presented in the auction include:

Château Canon 1926: 3 bottles, estimated at £950-£1,400 and 3 Magnums of the 1933 vintage, estimated at £1,400-2,000 

Château Canon 1945 and 1947: Estimated respectively at £550-£800 and £420-£600 Château Canon 1949, 2 Magnums, estimated at £2,800-£3,800 per lot Château Canon 1959, 3 Magnums, estimated at £2,400-£3,200 per lot Château Canon 1961, 6 bottles, estimated at £2,000-£2,800 per lot. 

Chateau Rauzan-Segla

Château Canon 1961: 3 Magnums, estimated at £2,200-£3,000 per lot Château Canon 1982, 6 Magnums, estimated at £1,800-£2,600 per lot and Château Canon 1982, 1 Jeroboam, estimated at £1,100-£1,500 per lot. 

A Millennium Horizontal (2000): 1 Jeroboam, 3 Magnums and 6 bottles, estimated at £1,500-£2,200. 

Rare large formats: Including a Melchior (18L) and a Nebuchadnezzar (15L) of the 2019 vintage, estimated respectively at £1,600-£2,200 and £1,300-£1,800 per lot. 

A rare bespoke barrel of Château Canon 2020, estimated at £24,000-£32,000. 

Auction lots also include 32 bottles of pre-1962 vintages, and a large offering from the 1980s including Imperials.

Tory Burch’s first store opens in India September 22, 2021: Announcing its partnership with Reliance Brands Limited (RBL), Tory Burch has officially opened its doors to the brand’s first location in India, featuring a wide assortment of the Tory Burch collection including shoes, bags, ready-to-wear and accessories.

Tory Burch India DLF Emporio

Tory Burch, the brand’s Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, had hopeful words of praise, saying that India is a constant source of inspiration for him, and her many visits to the country over the years have made her feel a deep affinity towards the Indian culture and people. Thrilled to be partnering with RBL, a leader in fashion and luxury in the region, she spoke about how having a brand presence in this extraordinary country has been a dream of hers.

This new boutique is a continuation of the brand’s global expansion in a market where it already has loyal Indian customers who have been shopping its collections while travelling across the world.

The façade of the store is distinctive with large floor-to-ceiling windows featuring mannequins in designs from the Fall Winter 2021 collection. As is with all Tory Burch locations, the interior has an inviting, residential feel. The neutral backdrop comes from oak panel walls, cane tables and aged brass étagères, making for a sophisticated mix of furnishings, including a blue bamboo-pattern wall covering, leopard rugs and a floral couch.

The Managing Director of RBL, Darshan Mehta, spoke about the partnership, saying how Tory Burch’s unique design sensibility, and the iconic ’T’ logo and easy-to-wear collection resonates with the modern Indian woman. Talking about the growing tribe of discerning Indian women who don’t just own the brand but live it, he said that the Reliance Brands team is humbled and excited to partner with Tory Burch in India.

The brand, Tory Burch was launched in 2004, with a small boutique in the Nolita neighbourhood in Manhattan. The designer’s classic yet bohemian aesthetic echoed with tastemakers from the start, and the company has grown into a global brand over the past decade. The designer finds her inspiration from art, music, travel interiors and her own stylish parents for the collection.

Maison Kenzo names Nigo as the new Artistic Director September 22, 2021: The Chairman and CEO of the LVMH Fashion Group, and a member of the LVMH Executive Committee, Sidney Toledano has announced the appointment of Nigo as the Artistic Director of Maison Kenzo.

Kenzo new artistic director Nigo

Speaking about the announcement, she said that the arrival of an extremely talented Japanese designer would allow the brand to write a new page in the history of the House that Takada Kenzo founded; and that she was convinced that the creativity and innovation of Nigo as well as his attachment to the history of the House would fully express all the potential of Kenzo.

Proud to have been appointed the Artistic Director, Nigo talked about his association with the brand, saying that he was born in the year that Takada Kenzo opened his first store in Paris, and graduated from the same fashion school in Tokyo. The same year that Kenzo joined the LVMH Group in 1993 was when he began his career in Fashion. Further talking about how the essence of his own philosophy of creativity is similar Kenzo’s approach to creating originality through the understanding of many different cultures, Nigo feels that the greatest challenge of his 30-year career would be inheriting the spirit of Kenzo’s craftsmanship to create a new Kenzo.

Along with his own independent label which he started in 1993, Nigo has been known for his magnificent capsule collection in 2000 which he created with Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton.

Ginori 1735 debuts in France at Galeries Lafayette September 15, 2021: One of the most exclusive locations dedicated to luxury in Paris, the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann’s Maison space offers the Ginori 1735’s Oriente Italiano collection until October 10. Marking a further step forward in the international development strategy, the new opening within the prestigious French department stores aims at opening the physical market beyond the Alps for the brand for the first time.

Ginori 1735 Oriental Italian collection

One of the world’s leading brands in pure porcelain and in the highest quality artistic design, Ginori 1735’s pop-up store will be housed within the Maison space of the Galeries, situated in one of the most prestigious locations dedicated to luxury in Paris, and offering French enthusiasts the best-selling Ginori 1735 collection: Oriente Italiano.

The brand’s début in the physical French market forms the perfect part of the international expansion strategy of Ginori 1735 and of positioning in the global luxury market through a distribution network which includes a presence in multi-brand specialty stores and high-level department stores, which are enabled to present the Italian elegance, excellence, style and ‘Made in Italy’ quality of the brand.

Ginori 1735 Oriental Italian collection

The Oriente Italiano collection is vivacious, exotic, captivating and is a Ginori 1735 must-have, evoking suggestions of far-off memories. The stylised flower, recognised as ‘garofano’ or carnation in traditional Florentine ceramics and delicate motifs are contrasted with strong background colours, making for an intriguing and alluring decoration. Surprising compositions are brought to life with a palette of 10 hues: azalea, purple, iris, periwinkle, powder pink, citrine, barium, malachite, vermilion and albus white, which create compositions abundant in fantasy, translating into complete sets of art for the table for an eclectic contemporary mise en place with cosmopolitan suggestions, and in objects, interior decorations and gifts such as vases, table lamps, egg with cover, powder boxes and vide pouches that glorify the exquisitely and lively Italian figure of Ginori 1735.

Sotheby’s unveils the collection of Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld

September 15, 2021: The great late designer Karl Lagerfeld’s most personal collection - from the art he lived with to the items in his wardrobe – is being presented by Sotheby’s during a series of eight auctions which would be staged across Monaco, Paris and Cologne. These auctions will offer an anthology of the multifaceted and surprising designer’s personal taste, with the more than one thousand lots including fine art, fashion, design and personal ephemera. 

A brand unto himself, Karl Lagerfeld was a quasi-intergenerational rock star of the 2000s. He remained ever relevant and always at the forefront of his game, continually rewriting the rulebook and capturing the imagination of the fashion world with his distinctive look and inimitable presence. He became the Artistic Director of Fendi from 1965, Chanel from 1983 and Chloé from 1991, and launched his own ready-to wear house in the same year, becoming the guiding figure of the luxury industry that he helped to build.

An insatiable collector with an eclectic eye, tickled by its humour, he opted for the colourful, fun design of the Memphis Group in the 1980s. Then turning to the French decorative arts of the 18th century, which he considered an ideal of elegance and refinement, he held a passion for the Art Deco period that adorned his Biarritz and Monaco residences throughout his life, which he described as “the roots of modernity, the modernity that I am always looking for”. He acquired contemporary design by the likes of Mark Newson, Martin Szekely and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec during the last 20 years of his life, creating a new futuristic aesthetic in his homes. The works of his favourite designers, Louis Süe and André Mare, was what he remained faithful to throughout his long collecting career, and whose ethos, ‘Evolution in Tradition’, he stayed true to.

The last home that he purchased, Pavillon de Voisins in Louveciennes near Paris, has a somewhat unexpected aesthetic. The décor is inspired by his German roots, and goes back to the grand designs from the turn of the 20th century, and creations of 1920s Germany, most notably featuring designs by fellow countrymen such as Bruno Paul, set alongside early 20th century German advertising posters which he had collected over three decades.

The other artists represented in this extraordinary collection include Marc Newson, Konstantin Grcic, Martin Szekely, Maarten Van Severen for contemporary design; Louis Süe and André Mare for Art Deco; and George Lepape (a French fashion designer, poster artist, engraver and illustrator particularly representative of the 1930s) and Ludwig Hohlwein, one of the most prolific and inventive poster and graphic designers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The sale will also include the personal effects of Karl Lagerfeld, all of a fine quality. The dishes of Choupette (the cat who shared the last eight years of the designer’s life); household linens; his three Rolls Royce cars; more than 200 of his emblematic fingerless leather gloves, which he wore constantly for over 20 years; a selection of designer suit jackets by Dior, YSL, KL, Comme des Garçons and Martin Margiela as well as an astounding number of Goyard suitcases. Karl Lagerfeld became his own brand, and his immediately recognisable look is represented in figurines by Tiffany Cooper and Tokidoki, as well as on Fendi keychains and iPhone cases.

The sales calendar has been chalked out as:

Monaco: December 3-5, 2021

Paris: December 14-15, 2021

Cologne: March 2022

The online sales are slated for:

Session I: November 26 to December 6, 2021

Session II: December 6-16, 2021

Swarovski’s new Wonderlab creations express different moods and personalities Swarovski Collection II

September 15, 2021: Swarovski’s fashion editor Giovanna Engelbert recently unveiled and spoke about the brand’s Collection II, and how through a closer look into the muses of the Bohemian movement to the design aesthetic of Austrian heritage they are able to enrich the brand story with a modern twist in a way that each crystal item becomes a microcosm of our world.

Collection II, like its predecessor, is brimming with symbolism, while at the same time telling the brand story of Swarovski and playing with colours, textures and cuts to create a plethora of pieces for individualistic self-expression, such as classic, punk, sweet, striking and every other personal expression in between.

Swarovski Collection II

Collection II has been presented as an evolution of the beloved Collection I aesthetics, with plenty of new forms to explore.

The Abunda family is defined by pierced stones, which are a technical marvel - combining architectural adornment and the ‘mathemagical’ in an expression of craftsmanship. It truly highlights Swarovski’s prowess and heritage of world-class craftsmanship.

The Dextera family has been created as crystal’s right hand, with metal featuring an intermix with precision-cut pave in very unique, statement-making unisex designs. They create a space for geometric embellishment, a perfect aesthetic of mathemagical play.

Swarovski Collection II

Featuring mixed metals, rich textures and crystals that fall like rain, the Imber family is a reinterpretation of the chain, a jewellery staple with a Swarovski twist.. Adding a softly sensory experience to any ensemble, each piece is a delicate combination of a chain-link base with dripping crystal accents.

The hero family for Collection II, Stella finds its direct roots in Swarovski’s Austrian heritage, inspired from one of the most famous pieces of jewellery from Austria - the Stars of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, called Sissi. Presented on-model in a 27-star formation, as with the 27 stars worn by Sissi herself, the family offers true constellations of geometry, magic and heritage.

Swarovski Collection II

With crystal constellations set on thin metal bars in spontaneous accumulations which are as delicate as stardust and bringing the cosmos to the everyday, the Constella in Collection II has formations which are bigger, bolder and brighter.

Curiosa sparks the imagination in new and covetable forms with intricate and complex designs, a crafting of mathemagical structures into unexpected shapes of divine proportion.

Exploring new ways of wearing art, from corded chains to hair accessories, the Dulcis family challenges the sharp with the soft through a Modern Art lens, bringing full-spectrum sweetness to new and mixed materials.

The Gema has the widest variety of stones cuts and rich, vibrant colours, all-in-one set of pieces, with reimagined colours and silhouettes, extending the beauty of precision-cut crystal for Collection II.

Swarovski Collection II

With refined, elegant and precious designs, Harmonia debuts Collection II in new colour ways with oversize cushion cut crystals in a suspended setting, giving the illusion of floating stones and bringing a sense of harmonious mystery to a look of extravagance.

The Lucent family is a core family of the brand, and in its Collection II iteration, it extends into new and unusual geometric forms with hundreds of precision-cut facets per piece. With eye-catching full crystal cuts in vibrant gem colours, it becomes the new must-have for the bold and playful who are looking to dress up a simple outfit with a wondrous dose of extra.

A forward-focused wonder, Millennia is a core family for the brand, and its Collection II form is a genderless evolution with new cuts, colours, and sizes for every type of style. Taking on new, vibrant colours and forms in Collection II, the Orbita family explores versatility with double-sided elements that swivel and can be seen from all angles.

Swarovski Collection II

The Sonia family takes on intricate yet effortless new forms for Collection II, taking beads to dreamy new levels with a mix of precious stones and crystals in tonal ombre chain layers.

Christie's offers Queen Marie-Antoinette’s diamonds for sale in Geneva September 10, 2021: Originally belonging to Queen Marie-Antoinette of France (1755-1793), 112 diamonds are being presented in their current form, set as a historic pair of bracelets, by auction house Christie’s. Estimated at USD $2,000,000 to USD $4,000,000, the Marie Antoinette Diamonds would be offered as lot 1 of Christie’s live Magnificent Jewels Auction on November 9, 2021, at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues.

Marie Antoinette diamond bracelets for auction

Marie Antoinette was recognised as the queen of elegance and style, and by 1776, she had been the Queen of France for two years. Unable to resist jewellery, especially diamonds, she had bought these two diamond bracelets in the spring of 1776, for a huge sum at the time - 250,000 livres. And according to Austria’s Ambassador to France, Count Mercy-Argenteau, this sum was partly paid in gemstones from the Queen’s collection and partly with the funds she received from King Louis XVI. In February 1777, in the personal papers of King Louis XVI, it is stated, ‘to the Queen: down payment of 29,000 livres for the diamond bracelets she bought from Boehmer’, as shown in the recent discoveries by jewellery historian, Vincent Meylan.

These diamonds come with an illustrative legacy, complete with a story of an escape from France. In 1790, Count Mercy-Argenteau took office in Brussels after leaving his post as Ambassador of the Austrian Empire to France. He received a letter on January 11, 1791, from Queen Marie-Antoinette, who was then a prisoner in the Tuileries in Paris. It read that a wooden chest would be sent to him for safekeeping, and for the next couple of years, Mercy-Argenteau stored it, unopened. It was only after Marie Antoinette was guillotined in October 1793 that the Emperor Francis II of Austria (1768-1835) ordered the chest to be opened in Brussels in February 1794, and an inventory to be made. The inventory read as ‘Item no. 6 - A pair of bracelets where three diamonds, with the biggest set in the middle, form two barrettes; the two barrettes serve as clasps, each comprising four diamonds and 96 collet-set diamonds’. The surviving daughter of Marie-Antoinette, Madame Royale (1778-1851) received these jewels in January 1796 upon her arrival in Austria.

Marie Antoinette diamond bracelets for auction

In an 1816 portrait painted by Antoine-Jean Gros (1771-1835), Madame Royale can be seen wearing a pair of diamond bracelets, which are consistent with the Brussels inventory. Madame Royale died on October 19, 1851, and as she was childless, her will dated July 1, 1851 states that the entirety of her jewellery collection, including the Marie Antoinette jewels, would be divided among her three nieces and nephews: Count of Chambord (1820-1883), Countess of Chambord (1817-1886) and Duchess of Parma (1819-1864).

Out of all the pieces with a traceable provenance back to the Queen of France, these extraordinary bracelets are the only example to include diamonds belonging to her and to retain the exact design described in the Brussels inventory. Though it may be possible that the bracelets might have been remounted a later stage, no changes were made to the overall composition and the number of diamonds, except for those on the clasp, were kept identical as per the inventory.

Alessandro Michele makes every day interesting with the Gucci Lifestyle Gucci Lifestyle collection Backgammon

September 10, 2021: Quoting the words of Alessandro Michele, “When I was a child, going to the stationery store and finding pencils, pens, notebooks, games, meant bringing a dream into my daily routine. They were fine, well-made objects that spoke of craftsmanship and that, though part of my everyday life, were able to give off a magical, mysterious and wonderful aura. For this reason, presenting the Gucci Lifestyle collection in Milan through the Gucci Cartoleria is a sort of consecration, a tribute that was right for me to pay. So, I imagined a small cabinet of curiosities, a Wunderkammer, like the cave of Ali Baba, that accommodate these everyday objects and return them to a fairy-tale dimension. I could have included them in the collections long ago, but they were not strictly related to clothing and accessories. That’s why I wanted to build a whimsical space where they could be laid out, to restore to everyday life that sense of wonder that makes them so dear to me.”

Gucci Lifestyle collection Basketball

Available in select Gucci stores and on the website, the collection includes a large selection of stationery items, such as notebooks with covers in Gucci supreme canvas or in Gucci’s Demetra, which is an innovative development from the House’s own artisans and technicians and has been created using the same process for tanning and animal-free raw materials that are from renewable and bio based sources. With the notebook and notepad pages made from FSC-certified pure cellulose paper, the cover of each model carries a motif which is a graphic pattern, floral design or Disney character that is then repeated on the pages, edged in blue, red, green or gold to match the colour of the ribbon marker and the binding, each of them bearing the GG watermark. The Gucci logo is hot-stamped on the inside. Complementing the notebooks is the hexagonal notepad. 

The Gucci letter case contains 20 envelopes and 20 cards featuring a Gucci print on the inside, for those who are fond of hand-written letters. There is also a stationery set with a notebook, 20 envelopes and 20 cards available.

Gucci Lifestyle collection playing cards

The House has developed a new pen, to write on such precious and distinctive stationery, following the design rules of ‘Divine Proportion’, with the proportional relationship between cap and barrel being an expression of the golden ratio. The refillable pen is in brass with low lead content, plated in either palladium or gold, using a nickel-free galvanic process and is presented in a Demetra carrying case. There are pencil cases also available, either in Demetra or GG supreme, with different patterns. There is a zip-up case matching a set of coloured pencils, that can be rolled up with brown leather trim and a green-red-green House Web stripe fastening. This comprises 40 hexagonal Caran d’Ache coloured pencils in cedar wood, each with a hot-foil logo and stars stamped by hand, making each pencil a unique piece.

There are six graphite pencils which are included in the two styles of the hand-made pencil boxes- oval or oblong, created using FSC-certified pure cellulose paper. Both the pencils and boxes are patterned with Gucci designs. The product selection of the writing implements is completed by a collection of domed-paperweights, produced by an Italian glassmaker. It is the presence of micro bubbles and cloudiness that guarantee that they are hand-cragged, with a base made from Demetra, featuring the iconic Gucci decorative elements along with a hot-stamped Gucci logo.

Gucci Lifestyle collection travel pillows

There are games and playing cards in classic Gucci style. The card decks, coming in cases covered in GG supreme, single or double, feature a mythical landscape on the back, while the ones supplied in cases with the graphic geometric G print have the same print on the back. These cards have made by a celebrated and historic Italian company, Modiano, founded in Trieste by Saul David Modiano, a merchant from Thessaloniki, Greece in 1868.

A hand-crafted dice set, made in Italy in bio-resin using traditional manufacturing techniques, has been developed by the House. The resin for the dice features a mix of colours for a marbled effect, which makes each die unique. Each face has been digitally printed with stars, instead of the customary dots and decorative GG symbols. 

Gucci Lifestyle collection Mail

Making a great gift are the briefcases containing either a poker or a backgammon set. With a shape inspired by briefcases from the ‘70s housed in the Gucci Archive in Florence, the sets include chips hand-crafted from bio-resin for a marbled effect, making each piece unique. The cases are available in a brightly coloured geometric G pattern or in GG supreme canvas, with brown leather handles and trim.

There are fans made of wood and satin silk printed with iconic Gucci patterns, in the category of playful and useful items, which come with cases featuring the same motifs. A set containing sleeping masks, pillow and mules crafted from environmentally sustainable silk and viscose, printed in a variety of House designs is available for the discerning traveler. Slippers which have been developed for maximised comfort, are presented so that each pair can be stored in a drawstring pouch in a matching print. Gucci has also created a garment carrier made from water-repellent linen, treated to be rain- and stain-resistant, offered in a variety of prints, complete with hanger, for the well-dressed globetrotter.

Gucci Lifestyle collection pencils

On offer are also satin silk pyjamas featuring different House prints and coming in a printed silk pouch with an inner Gucci label featuring the same print found on the garment.

BMW & Jeff Koons reunite to create the limited edition BMW M850i xDrive Gran Coupe BMW Gran Coupe Jeff Koons

September 10, 2021: Oliver Zipse, the Chairman of the Board of Management, BMW AG and renowned American artist Jeff Koons came together to announce that Mr. Koons is creating a limited edition of the BMW M850i xDrive Gran Coupé.

Following its world premiere at Frieze Los Angeles in February 2022, the 8 X JEFF KOONS would be produced in limited numbers for public sale.

The original collaboration between BMW and Jeff Koons was in the year 2010, when the artist created the 17th BMW Art Car, which was a unique BMW M3 GT2 that also raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans that same year. Today, the Koons BMW Art Car is counted among the most instantly recognisable entries in the collection.

BMW Gran Coupe Jeff Koons

The complete body of the 8 X JEFF KOONS limited edition car would be handcrafted, with a multi-layer paint taking 285 hours to apply onto each car. Combining 11 different exterior colours, ranging from blue to silver, and yellow to black, it has an expressive exterior.  The interior is multi-coloured, composed of high-end materials, fine leather and a cupholder cover with special edition badging and the artist’s engraved signature. The seats are made up of the striking red and blue colours of BMW’s very own M brand. The overall energetic and powerful design includes several elements of pop art, as well as geometric patterns, paying homage to the M850i xDrive Gran Coupé’s intricate contours and shape.

BMW Gran Coupe Jeff Koons

The Head of BMW Group Design, Adrian van Hooydonk talked about that luxury and elegance are best evoked in a masterpiece of artistry, immersing us in something precious to behold, therefore what better artist to collaborate with on the M850i xDrive Gran Coupé. The Group has always been looking for great minds who think alike, who extend the limit of aesthetics and perception in their very own fields, and he expressed the pleasure to jointly create this experience together with Jeff Koons, one of the greatest artists of our time.

The world’s oldest single malt Scotch whiskey from Glenlivet unveiled in London September 9, 2021: Sotheby’s London recently unveiled an 80-year-old Scotch from the Glenlivet Distillery, which was originally laid down in 1940. Whiskey creators Gordon and MacPhail unveiled the whiskey which was matured in an oak cask. It is the oldest single malt Scotch whiskey ever bottled. 

Oldest single malt scotch whiskey

Gordon & MacPhail, founded in 1895, commissioned the internationally acclaimed architect and designer, Sir David Adjaye OBE to design a unique decanter and oak case based on the theme ‘Artistry in Oak’ to house this most precious of whiskies - which makes for a fitting tribute to this landmark moment for the industry, the longest-matured ‘expression’ ever to be released featuring the spirit from a Scottish distillery.

On October 7, Sotheby’s Hong Kong will offer Decanter #1 of the Gordon & MacPhail Generations 80-years-old release with an estimate of US$100,000 to US$200,000. Included in this special lot is a singular whiskey tasting experience for four in London, conducted by Stephen Rankin, Gordon & MacPhail’s Director of Prestige, and would be attended by Sir David Adjaye, in addition to the framed original cask head of Cask 340, which was the cask that cradled the spirit for eight decades, and a one-of-one signed lithograph of Sir David’s original, concept drawings.

Oldest single malt scotch whiskey

Gordon & MacPhail is supporting a local charity, Trees for Life, whose mission is to rewind the Caledonian forest, as a part of their release of 250 decanters. The proceeds from the sale of Decanter #1 would be donated to resource the nursery of Tree of Life, which grows 100,000 rare and native trees from seeds each year, including oaks.

It was George Urquhart, from the second generation of the family to own the company, who had the vision and foresight to lay down a spirit from the Glenlivet Distillery in a bespoke Gordon & MacPhail oak cask to be enjoyed after his lifetime by future generations. 

Oldest single malt scotch whiskey

Mr. Urquhart was of the passionate belief that each cask needed to be left to reach its full potential, and only when the whiskey was judged as ready that it should be shared. The optimum time for Cask 340 was to be 80 years, longer than any other Scotch whiskey in history. In 1940, the Ministry of Food cut malt whiskey distilling by one third to ration barley for the war effort, making the production of Glenlivet fall by two thirds - adding an extra layer of rarity to this release. It was on February 5, 2020 that the decision to bottle the cask’s bounty was taken, which had been nurtured for over eight decades by four generations of the Urquhart family.

Oldest single malt scotch whiskey

Oak is integral to the whiskey-making process, and is also the traditional symbol for celebrating an 80-year anniversary, making for a fitting choice of material for the case. Quoting Sir David Adjaye’s words, his design “pays tribute to the role oak plays in transforming liquid to an elixir with almost magical properties” and brings the narrative full circle, with the light refracted through the pavilion-like enclosure when the casing is opened, recreating sunlight as it shines through oak trees within a natural forest setting.

Newly opened, The Origin offers thoughtfully sourced food from across the world The Origin Mumbai gourmet shopping

September 9, 2021: With everyone getting more mindful about what they eat, what is in their fridge and how it got there, there is now a one-stop destination for thoughtfully sourced artisanal food, complete with products from across the globe, as well as a vegan café. The Origin presents an address offering a unique blend of experiences, especially curated for the new age, conscious consumer, at the shopping hub Khar in Mumbai.

The Origin is presented by the Bawa Group of Hotels and Anusaya Future Fresh, with a rich history of operating in the hospitality industry for over four decades. This is the flagship store in Mumbai, and it will be followed by locations in New Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh.

The Origin Mumbai gourmet shopping

The in-house food label, ‘The Origin’, consists of bakery, honey, tea, coffee, dry fruits, spices, namkeen, fresh fruits and vegetables, cold pressed fresh juices, salads and handmade pastas, which have all been handcrafted to present a distinctive taste of fresh, homegrown produce.

The Origin has evolved from the ethos of concentrating on the basic starting point, or the source of food products, with a belief in a transparent and authentic process of bringing mindfully grown and sourced products to your kitchen. Focusing heavily on artisanal brands originating from India and abroad, these include Belberry, Al’Olivier, Croix Verte, Vegan Deli, Ben and Jerry’s, Salud, Fruit Life and Just Berries to name a few. Talking about how The Origin presents a luxury gourmet destination which has been designed to give the standard grocery list a world-class lift, and how each and every product available at the store has been selected understanding the gap in the market in the world of exotic gourmet products, the Director of Anusaya Future Fresh, Dinesh Shinde spoke about some of these brands being first time entrants in India and being exclusively available only at ‘The Origin’.

The Origin Mumbai gourmet shopping

With every assortment being selected by experts in the field, each segment of the store opens into a world of the finest quality products, offering a large array of fruits and vegetables, artisanal chocolates, coffees, honey, cheese, dry fruits, snacks, breakfast cereals, ice creams, spices, vegan cheese, vegan meats and many more.

The Plantation offers select teas and coffees, while The Hive offers honey. One can pick their staples in The Field and freshly ground spices in The Mill. The Heritage has the richest dry fruits, while The Cocoa Tree is filled with chocolates and O Fame is full of nutritious fruits and vegetables. O Amour, the gifting section, has plenty of goodies to surprise your family with an indulgence, or to put together a gifting hamper for a special occasion.

The Origin Mumbai gourmet shopping

Promising a retail experience like none other, The Origin offers an experience that is interactive, curated by experts and with products directly sourced from growers with a continued focus on best-in-class quality. With a garden of hydroponically grown herbs, a café with specially designed menus and a space for master class workshops, The Origin provides a holistic culinary experience for the discerning food consumer who is evolved, and aware of his/her choices and likes.

Customers can have in-store consultants help select and curate thoughtful gifts from an extensive range of artisanal chocolates, cheese, honey, dry fruits, exotic fruits, snacks and sweets; building cuisine-based hampers for every occasion using custom made packaging products and signature trimmings like wicker baskets, leather trunks and baskets, marble platters and more.

The Origin Mumbai gourmet shopping

Coordinates: 352, Linking Road, Khar West, Mumbai, India

Ph: +91 2268508888, +91 85917 20930, +91 85917 20929

Discover the desert with Karma Golden Camp Karma Group Desert Camping in Thar Desert

September 9, 2021: The newest addition to its ever-expanding hotel portfolio, the Karma Group has announced the opening of the Karma Golden Camp in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Located in the Thar desert in Northwestern India, it is spread over 3.5 acres. The camp includes 22 luxury safari tents, 10 tent cottages featuring a private pool, and facilities that include a restaurant, spa, children’s club and an outdoor amphitheater.

Karma Group Desert Camping in Thar Desert

Karma Golden Camp offers a number of exciting activities, including dune-safaris, parasailing, para-motor-gliding and quad biking in an unparalleled desert setting. For those seeking more relaxation and less adrenaline, there are cocktails at sunset, a laid-back camel safari and star gazing in the magnificent desert night sky - all the more impressive with zero light pollution. 

Karma Group Desert Camping in Thar Desert

The hotel offers private dinners among the dunes accompanied by entertainment by Rajasthani folk dancers and singers, making for an unforgettable romantic experience.

Karma Group Desert Camping in Thar Desert

The Karma Golden Camp adds to the Karma Group’s impressive portfolio of now over 40 properties, with 36 currently operating in 11 countries, six under development and more resorts to be announced.

Indian craft and history come together at the Taj Mahal with Falguni Shane Peacock Falguni Shane Peacock Taj Mahal fashion Shoot

September 6, 2021: Titled ‘Love is’, the new collection by internationally celebrated designers Falguni Shane Peacock was unveiled at the India Couture Week with a fashion film shot at the Taj Mahal, Agra - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Making history with this, they are the first and only designers in the world to ever mount a show within the surroundings of this beautiful monument of love, the Taj Mahal.

Falguni Shane Peacock Taj Mahal fashion Shoot

Showcasing the distinct handwriting and talents of a cluster of about 250 craftsmen from the FSP-adopted villages of Maligati, Islampur, Midnapore, Kharagpur and Marhtala in West Bengal, this collection has been crafted completely by hand, with the couture signatures of Falguni Shane Peacock. Juxtaposing the intricate detailing against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal, it makes for a mesmerising portrayal of Indian craft traditions and couture expertise to the world; especially at a time when the focus on travel and conscious support towards artisans is stronger than ever before. 

Falguni Shane Peacock Taj Mahal fashion Shoot

Showstopper Shraddha Kapoor was seen wearing a deep, red-based, intricately embroidered light golden Lehenga, with floral motifs and geometrical details adorned with beads, crystals and sequins. The full-sleeved, handcrafted blouse is complete with foliage and grid work details, and with tassels. The ensemble is further styled with a scallop-bordered, crystal and bead encrusted Dupatta.

Falguni Shane Peacock Taj Mahal fashion Shoot

The details of this collection aim to translate the imaginative tale of love, by borrowing from the beauty of the monument of Taj Mahal. Going from transcribing the countless motifs of this architectural gem on ensembles to varnishing them with the refined adornments of Swarovski crystals, pearls, mirrors, sequins and beads, this collection is a beautiful medley of colours that mount from mellow muted tones such as baked beige and pearl ivory to pastel colours like the rose pink and mint green, even extending to deeper tones like emerald green, royal purple, turquoise and valiant poppy.  

Falguni Shane Peacock Taj Mahal fashion Shoot

Adding a dash of glamour and elevating the grandeur are a splash to metallic hues like silvers and gold. The detailed crafting techniques replicate the structural marvel on the fabric through architectural motifs of domes and minarets, latticework of foliage, and motifs of the century’s fauna and birds. 

Falguni Shane Peacock Taj Mahal fashion Shoot

In terms of method, this line is innovational yet strongly rooted in terms of approach, which is a signature aesthetic of the label. The cuts of the think trailed Lehenga are traditional yet contemporary, and the fitted-and-flared silhouettes and the ball gown-style Lehengas make for a befitting wedding day bridal trousseau.

10 Corso Como, the world’s first concept store celebrates 30 years 10 Corso Como Milan

September 6, 2021: With a month full of celebrations this September, 10 Corso Como, recognised as the ‘first concept store’ in the world, will be hosting a series of events to celebrate its 30 year anniversary.

A notebook, reflecting the entire visual imagery of 10 Corso Como, will be presented on September 9, the day of its opening in Milan, in the year 1991.

The concept store has forged an aesthetic and cultural path which made it a symbol of Milan, international creativity and of ‘Made in Italy’. It will continue its aesthetic identity and integrity under the direction of Tiziana Fausti, the Chairman and under the artistic, image and communication direction of Carla Sozzani.

The 10 Corso Como HOME collection, that has been created in collaboration with Italian and international workshops, is a new development. Presenting furnishing accessories, vases, candles, cushions, tableware, blankets, hand-decorated plates and glassware from the best manufacturers, these have been interpreted with the unmissable black and white graphics of 10 Corso Como. The Falkland lamp by Bruno Munari, complete with the personalisation using the iconic hand-embroidered circle, was a result of the collaboration with Artemide and the Cuboluce by Cini&Nils would be presented with the graphics of 10 Corso Como.

10 Corso Como Milan

During Design Week 2021, 10 Corso Como will be opening a design space dedicated to events and special collaborations, called the 10 Corso Como Pop Up Space, with two windows overlooking Corso Como at number 10, and this is something happening for the first time in 30 years.

And in the new space curated by an observer of quality, craftsmanship and innovation in Dutch contemporary design, Nicole Uniquole, called MASTERLY, the Dutch in Milan, will present a site-specific installation by the designer Stefan Scholten, from the 3rd to the 12th of September, along with an exclusive selection of design pieces from the new collections of Masterly’s participants.

Welcoming the visitors in an exclusively held space will be Fornasetti’s inexhaustible visual imagery, with fine designer carpets based on the projects by Andrea Branzi, Richard Hutten, Alessandro Mendini and Nynke Tynagel, edited by Stefano Giovannoni for Qeeboo; guiding the path through the store.

The exhibition, ‘Nanda Vigo: Incontri ravvicinati/Close Encounters’ was opened on September 4 by the Fondazione Sozzani. Nanda Vigo was an effervescent and curious architect, artist and designer in Milan (1936-2020), a leading figure in the European and Milanese cultural climate of the 1960s.

10 Corso Como Milan

In the Fondazione Sozzani bookstore, the historic Danish design brand, Fritz Hansen will be presenting the legendary chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen, called Series 7, which were fashioned in a colour palette created by Carla Sozzani. Placed on view will be the Bul-Bo lamp, which was designed for the Olivetti Residential Centre in Ivrea in Turin by the architectural firm, Gabetti and Isola between 1968 and 1971, and was re-edited using the specifications of the original philosophical design by Axolight. In conjunction with the Miart, in the meetings with the authors, the book published by Mousse Magazine on Hanna Villager, the Swiss artist (1951-1997) would be presented.

Aside from design, the main protagonist at 10 Corso Como has always been fashion. A preview of a new chapter of the Tod’s Factory project: the ‘Hender Scheme X Tod’s’ capsule collection, will be presented by Tod’s during the Milan Fashion Week. This has been in collaboration with the Japanese brand Hender Scheme, founded by designer Ryo Kashiwazaki.

Beginning from September 21, several exclusive outfits by Paolina Russo, a Canadian fashion designer trained at St Marten’s School and winner of the L’Oreal Professional Young Talent, will be launched by 247 Fashion Hub, with a site specific setting in the new Pop Up space.

10 Corso Como would also be proposing a series of new co-branding and limited-edition projects, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary. The silver bag and the T-shirt by Chitose Abe, Scai’s designer, The Doublet sweatshirts with smiley games in the hood, the customised Moon Boot in the city edition, the Maison Kitsuné shopping bag and t-shirt, the classic Paraboot lace-ups, the original George Cox boots with metal pins, the denim bag by A.P.C., the Clarks special edition, the original New Era football hats, the legendary handbag MM6 Maison Margiela and the mascot of Bibliothèque Blanche: its BearBrick, the perfume bear; are some of these limited-edition projects, with each personalised with the unmissable graphics of 10 Corso Como.

Interior design brand Sarita Handa launches furniture Sarita Handa luxury furniture design

September 6, 2021: Extending the line between art and craftsmanship, Sarita Handa’s new timeless furniture collection brings heritage luxury into the contemporary context. Curated for discerning customers, this exclusive furniture line is immersed in the ethos of the brand’s philosophy.

Sarita Handa luxury furniture design

Covering a broader spectrum of timeless pieces, the bespoke designs feature pouffes, ottomans, benches and accent chairs that are a seamless blend of contemporary and classic styles. This furniture range is spotted with vintage and elegant motifs which lend a unique visual identity to the intimate spaces they adorn, these pieces have been crafted with meticulous detailing. For instance, armchairs are medieval design, because they were created mid-century; and they have a strikingly angular silhouette with tapered leg frames accented with intricate brass moulding, which gives it a touch of modernness. 

Sarita Handa luxury furniture design

What better way to add extra seating and storage space than in the form of functional yet visually appealing ottomans with plush cushioning. The benches are crafted in easy, elegant designs, making them ideal not just for the corners of the living spaces, balconies or gardens but for corporate spaces like offices as well.

Sarita Handa luxury furniture design

Ever since the pandemic turned the world upside down, living spaces now stand for more functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, and this new collection is perfect for customers who are mid-century lovers and have a taste for versatile design pieces. And the timing of this launch allows home connoisseurs to browse through the collection from the comfort of their homes.

Sarita Handa luxury furniture design

The Managing Director, Suparna Handa talked about how the pandemic has reoriented how we live in our homes, changing the relationship people shared with their homes and this furniture line combines eclectic designs harmoniously with mid-century aesthetics to suit everyone’s preferences, styles and comfort.

A royal aquamarine brooch goes on sale at Bonhams London September 3, 2021: One of the star pieces at the upcoming Bonhams’ London Jewels sale is a Belle Époque aquamarine and diamond brooch, which was once owned by the Duchess of Devonshire, Deborah. Estimated at £25,000 to £35,000, the large oval-cut aquamarine brooch is set horizontally within a delicate border of old brilliant and single-cut diamonds; and goes on sale on September 22 at New Bond Street, London.

Deborah Devonshire Aquamarine brooch

Talking about the history of the brooch, Emily Barber, the head of Bonhams Jewellery Department, UK spoke about how the exquisite taste of the Duchess of Devonshire, Deborah is clearly demonstrated by this brooch. The youngest of the famous Mitford sisters, Deborah was the châtelaine of Chatsworth for more than 50 years, and she can be seen wearing this brooch in a photograph alongside Cecil Beaton at the ‘White Ball’, which was held by the financial manager of The Rolling Stones, Prince Rupert Loewenstein at his Holland Park home in 1969. With exceptional provenance, the photograph is also published in the Duchess’ autobiography, Wait for Me! Memoirs of the Youngest Mitford Sister.

Deborah Devonshire Aquamarine brooch

One of the six aristocratic Mitford sisters, Deborah or ‘Debo’, as she was famously known, was born in 1920. These six sisters enthralled the public with their stylish yet often controversial lives, aside from their contrasting political views. 

A favourite of the Royal Family, Debo counted several intellectuals and artists as friends, including Tom Stoppard, Alan Bennett, Evelyn Waugh, Lucian Freud and John Betjeman. John F. Kennedy, a childhood friend, had danced with her at her coming out ball. In the year 1941, she married Lord Andrew Cavendish, the son of the 10th Duke of Devonshire, who succeeded to the dukedom in 1950, Widowed in 2004, she died in 2014 and at her funeral, more than 600 staff from the Chatsworth estate and hundreds of members of the public lined the route to the church.

Boodles diamond ring

Some other highlights of this sale include a fancy coloured diamond and diamond ring by Boodles, estimated at £280,000 to £420,000. Set with a cushion-shaped Fancy Purplish Pink diamond, it weighs 2.52 carats and it includes an Ashoka cut diamond weighing 3.23 carats. Because pink diamonds are exceedingly rare in nature, it is estimated that only one in 10,000 gem quality diamonds produced in the world show noticeable colour, and out of these, a similarly small percentage are pink, with the majority being under 2 carats in size. 

belle epoque tiara for auction

A Belle Époque diamond tiara, circa 1905, attributed to Giuseppe Knight is also going on sale. Estimated at £60,000 to £80,000, it was formerly the property of a European Noble family. Giuseppe Knight (1832-1892) was an Italian jeweller and goldsmith, born to an English family in Naples. He trained with his father, Henry and specialised in jewels in the Archaeological Revival style.

Maison Pucci names Camille Miceli as the new Artistic Director Camille Miceli Pucci

September 3, 2021: Effective immediately, Camille Miceli was announced as the new Artistic Director of Maison Pucci, by Sidney Toledano, Chairman and CEO of the LVMH Fashion Group and a member of the LVMH Executive Committee.

Welcoming Ms. Miceli as the Artistic Director of Maison Pucci, Mr. Toledano spoke about how she begins a new chapter in the history of the Maison, which itself has such a rich and unique heritage, and how she brings her tremendous energy, talent and the wealth of experience that she has gained from working in the greatest Maisons in the Group.

Ms. Miceli began her career in 1989 working in public relations at Chanel. In 1997, Camille joined Louis Vuitton as RTW Communication Director, and in 2002, she became Fashion Jewelry Creative Director & Fine Jewelry Consultant. In 2009, she was appointed as Creative Director for Fashion Jewelry and Creative Consultant for Leather Goods at Christian Dior Couture. Since 2014, Camille has held the position of Accessories Creative Director at Louis Vuitton.

Up Norway offers new culture-rich bubble for luxury family travellers Up Norway family luxury travel

September 3, 2021: Travel company Up Norway is now offering new Bubble Tours in Sapmi, with cultural experiences that allow travellers to explore the land of the indigenous Samis.

These itineraries include activities like reindeer and dog sledding, workshops in the art of the lasso, tastings of fine cheese from local producers and locally brewed ale, as well as trips to see the Northern Lights, a private fjord cruise and traversing the wilderness on a snowmobile. The itineraries are adjustable to travellers’ interests and preferences. 

The Sami Parliament, rural Sami settlements, the Northern Lights cathedral and the Alta Museum, where one can learn more about the UNESCO heritage protected local rock art, are just some of the stops on these new trips. Get dressed in local fashions like ‘pesk’ and ‘skaller’- the traditional jacket and shoes. The biggest highlight of these journey is the opportunity to meet local Samis like the local musher (dog sled driver) and grandmother Eira, who was born into a life of reindeer herding under World War II.

Up Norway family luxury travel

These new Bubble Tours also include the exploration of culinary traditions. With stories by the bonfire and joik (traditional songs), travellers can enjoy local grouse, reindeer and trout. And to gain more insight into the exciting story behind the food, travellers can opt for the cooking classes on offer, which also include and introduction to lefse, an upscaled potato flatbread. Another exciting experience is the fishing trip for King Crab, which also includes scouting a variety of whales like the humpback, the orca and sometimes even the fin whale.

There are a variety of accommodations available for small groups, including a cozy mountain hideaway and a traditional Norwegian log cabin; and an igloo hotel with design, ice and snow sculptures made by local artists.

The Bubble Tours by Up Norway are small group journeys best suited for multigenerational families and multi-couple groups. Up Norway places sustainability at its forefront, ensuring that all its offerings include positive environmental, social and economic impact. All Up Norway partners adhere to strict guidelines for hygiene, cleaning and maintenance of facilities and equipments, as well as follow all known Covid-19 preventative protocols.

Up Norway family luxury travel

The price per person for winter experiences with Up Norway begin at $3,000 USD person, based on premium and authentic accommodations for 6 nights. For more information, visit the website.

Reconnect with nature at The Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort The Oberoi Vanyavilas Ranthambore National Park

August 30, 2021: Set within acres of lush green gardens on the threshold of Ranthambore National Park, The Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort is the perfect getaway to reconnect with the ones you love and to take some time out for yourself against the serene backdrop of nature.

Teeming with bird life, and full of blossoming trees and shrubs, the resort also offers panoramic views of the neighbouring jungles from its private observation tower. Guests can enjoy relaxing strolls through 20 acres of landscaped gardens, lakes and fountains of the resort. Located between the Aravali and the Vindhya mountain ranges in the south-eastern part of Rajasthan, the resort is the ultimate picturesque destination for adventure seekers. The resort borders on the Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve, which is home of the magnificent tiger, deer, leopard and crocodile, and is just 180 kms away from the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Inspired by the opulent caravans of the royal families, the resort has 25 spacious and elegantly appointed Luxury Tents on offer. Measuring 790 square feet each, they feature an elegantly appointed bedroom, private outdoor sitting area and an outside deck for sunbathing, while being located at a discreet distance from each other to ensure privacy of the residents. The colours and prints of the furnishings used in the tents have been inspired by the hues of the jungle, and feature king size four-poster beds, freestanding roll top baths and separate showers.

The Oberoi Vanyavilas Ranthambore National Park

Guests can enjoy authentic Rajasthani specialities, pan-Indian and continental delicacies at the all-day dining restaurant, The Dining Room, or even private dining in the garden venues. The Dining Room has high ceilings, crowned with sparkling chandeliers. The restaurant anticipates every palate with a daily changing menu of pan-Indian, continental and Rajasthani dishes. The Bar offers comfortable space set in a classic ambience, where guests can enjoy a single malt, cognac, fine wine or an expertly mixed cocktail. The fireside is surrounded by Ranthambore’s tigresses, beautifully captured in oil paintings on the walls, where guests can sit down and enjoy one of the leather bound classics.

Some of the other experiences on offer at the resort include Jungle Drive - led by experienced professional and local naturalists. Undertaken in Oberoi 4X4s that are fitted with high quality suspension, broader tyres and cushioned seats, the cars ensure the most comfortable ride possible. With detachable roof tops, guests can also enjoy the best views of tigers in their natural park habitats, as the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is open from October to June.

The perfect romantic experience, guests can enjoy a specially handcrafted royal Rajasthani Thali with their loved one at a candlelit table on the stage of the natural amphitheatre. The mashaal fire torches, the light of the candles and the twinkling stars reflected in the lily pond make for the ideal setting for romance. Live traditional folk dance can also be arranged for.

The Oberoi Vanyavilas Ranthambore National Park

Raising a toast to romance, guests can take in sunset views from across the jungle, atop the private observation tower, surrounded by the warm evening breeze and the sparkle of champagne mirrored by the twinkle of the stars overhead. Served alongside are handcrafted delectable canapés, made using ingredients from the resort’s organic kitchen gardens.

Keeping guest safety at its forefront, The Oberoi has always ensured that the highest standards of hygiene and safety are maintained. Partnered with Bureau Veritas, which is the world leader in testing, inspection and certification services, the resort has been recently given a Platinum Rating. All the eligible staff at the resort have been vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

About Love, Tiffany & Co.’s new campaign, stars Beyoncé and Jay-Z Jay Z and Beyonce About Love Tiffany & Co campaign

August 30, 2021: Tiffany & Co. has been synonymous with the world’s greatest love stories since 1837, and the latest evolution of its new creative direction is the ‘About Love’ campaign. This campaign has been a close collaboration and shared vision between both the Carters, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Tiffany & Co. 

The Executive Vice President of Product and Communications, Alexandre Arnault spoke about how honoured the brand is to have the Carters as a part of the Tiffany family, and that as a brand that has always stood for love, strength and self-expression, what better iconic couple to represent Tiffany’s values than the epitome of the modern love story, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The ‘About Love’ campaign is an exploration of connection and vulnerability, and is also the first time that the couple has featured in a campaign together. Set against the backdrop of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s ‘Equals Pi’ (the 1982 partnership done in collaboration with Artesar, a global licensing agency and creative consultancy), the Carters’ love story is illuminated by the iconic Tiffany Diamond. This work of art was a part of a private collection from its creation until now, and this campaign marks its first public appearance, driving forward Tiffany’s long-standing tradition with New York creatives. Aimed at bringing in a new brand identity, this campaign manifests the beauty of love through time and all of its diverse aspects, creating a new vision of love today.

The Tiffany Diamond weighs 128.54 carats, and boasts of an unprecedented 82 facets. Worn in a campaign for the first time in history, it is considered amongst some of the most important gemstone discoveries of the 19th century. The Tiffany Diamond is seen on Beyoncé throughout the campaign. This diamond was discovered in 1877 in the Kimberley Mines of South Africa, and was purchased by the founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1878. 

Jay Z and Beyonce About Love Tiffany & Co campaign

The icons of this House, including designs from Jean Schlumberger and the Tiffany T collection, are featured throughout this campaign. One of the most notable pieces seen is Jean Schlumberger’s legendary Bird on a Rock brooch, reconstructed as a pair of one-of-a-kind cuff links, worn by Jay-Z. 

Featuring a musical performance of the classic song, ‘Moon River’, a film by acclaimed director Emmanuel Adjei has also been created. This iconic tune was made famous in the 1961 Breakfast at Tiffany’s and has now been reimagined with vocals by Beyoncé and captured by Jay-Z on a Super 8 camera. The Orum House in Los Angeles was chosen by the couple to serve as the setting of this film, in which dreamlike, cinematic visuals have been interwoven with nostalgic flashbacks. A common Tiffany Blue thread features throughout the narrative as Basquiat’s Equals Pi appears once again. The accompanying print campaign was styled by June Ambrose and Marni Senofonte and was shot by Mason Poole.

Tiffany & Co. has pledged USD $2 million commitment towards scholarship and internship programs for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), as a part of this partnership with the Carters. The additional details on this initiative are forthcoming.

The ‘About Love’ campaign would be launched globally in print on September 2, 2021, and the accompanying film would be launched on the official website on September 15. The campaign would also be further unfolded later this year with additional films created by acclaimed director Dikayl Rimmasch and second unit director, Derek Milton.

The New Automobili Pininfarina and BOVET 1822 partnership boasts of design innovation and engineering brilliance Bovet Pininfarina partnership Battista car

August 30, 2021: Writing a new chapter in the history of BOVET 1822 and Pininfarina, the announcement of this partnership celebrates the creation of the first automobile that has been designed and completely assembled in Cambiano.

The exquisite new Battista pure-electric hyper GT was launched at an exclusive event at Monterey Car Week in California and will be revealed as a unique new timepiece later this year. 

Bovet Pininfarina partnership Battista car

The CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, Per Svantesson spoke about how the company has established itself as the world’s first pure-electric luxury car company. Welcoming clients who are excited by the company’s mission to create sustainable yet collectible art forms, with the Battista, they have challenged their own team members to ensure that it is beautiful by design, combines evocative and pure lines seamlessly and complements the most advanced electric powertrain technology in the world.

Looking back on the day they first connected with Pascal Raffy and the artisans of BOVET 1822, Mr. Svantesson says that they felt the mutual inspiration from the opportunity to create another art form for clients who desire the pinnacle in design and watchmaking, and with the unveiling of the first timepiece together later this year, the aim is to showcase another step forward in the world of artisanal horology.

Bovet Pininfarina partnership Battista car

The owner of BOVET 1822, Mr. Raffy spoke about the importance of the 11-year partnership with Pininfarina. From the beginning itself, the two brands have worked closely together in design, technology and engineering, simultaneously utilising the artisanal nature of the BOVET 1822 manufacturing. Sharing the same values, these two houses are now heading into the future together.

He projects, as the world is becoming more sustainable, the future lies in electric cars, and that is what makes the beautiful Battista so exciting - the combination of engineering excellence with hand-made attention to detail, exactly like the fine timepieces of the House of BOVET. A hypercar of astounding detail, and with almost 1900hp, Battista is sustainable and 100% electric. 

Over these 11 years, BOVET 1822 and Pininfarina have debuted quite a few number of timepieces, all of which have been cutting edge, infused with the spirit of Pininfarina design and underline the foundation of BOVET 1922 heritage and tradition. These realised timepieces include the Ottanta, Ottantadue, Ottantatre, Ottantasei, Cambiano, Sergio and Novanta.

Looking towards the future, the BOVET 1822 and Automobili Pininfarina partnership will continue this unique pioneering story between the two houses, pushing each other to new avenues of design excellence and innovation, at the same time evolving the nature of this partnership.

The new 2021 JS Money Wings Sneaker literally gives wings to your feet August 27, 2021: The original iconic Forum Money 1.0 sneaker was launched in 2003, as a limited edition, 100-pairs collaboration between Jeremy Scott and Adidas. With Mr. Scott’s characteristic bold unconventional take on the iconic Adidas Forum, the classic silhouette was adorned with printed 100 dollar bill graphics, paying an homage to the shoe’s original $100 price in 1984.

Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Money sneaker

Revisiting this collaboration, Adidas and Mr.  Scott have rejoined forces to bring back this silhouette, announcing the launch of the 2021 JS Money Wings sneaker.

Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Money sneaker

This reissued high cut silhouette features the same distinct graphic treatment as the original, and the designer’s signature ‘winged’ attachment.

Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Money sneaker

Priced at INR 19,999, Fans across the globe can look forward to the store arrival of the new product in September 2021.

MINI and Paul Smith co-create sustainable design with a twist MINI Strip Paul Smith

August 27, 2021: Announced in November 2020, a unique collaboration between auto brand MINI and luxury lifestyle brand Paul Smith is aimed at sharing creative thoughts on sustainable design. Resulting from this collaboration, the MINI STRIP highlights an innovative approach to the concern of sustainability in automotive manufacturing. 

The theme of ‘Simplicity, Transparency, Sustainability’ is what guided the design of this car, and showcased these inspirational ideas for a more sustainable automotive design. The process of creating this car began with completely stripping down a three-door MINI Cooper SE, and reducing it to its structural essence, as the name ‘MINI STRIP’ suggests. With sustainability at the forefront of this design, just the elements that the designer considered absolutely necessary were defined, implemented and put in place. 

MINI Strip Paul Smith

Explaining the concept, Oliver Heilmer, the Head of MINI Design spoke about how the MINI STRIP displays in an impressive way, the futuristic approach shared by MINI and Paul Smith towards innovation and design. Talking about the shared pride of creating such a strong character statement together, he also said that Mr. Smith brought a non-automotive and fresh perspective to the collaboration.

The application of the principle of maximum reduction was a result of the jointly-led process, and it led to the production of a minimalist, high-class design with a fresh and unconventional appeal. There are several clever touches which give the exterior of the three-door MINI Cooper SE a unique aesthetic. An intentional part of the exterior design was the raw material. This led to the body being left in an unfinished state without the application of any colour paint, but only a thin film of transparent paint to protect against corrosion. Even the grinding marks from the factory have been deliberately left intact on the galvanised steel panels to clearly identify the car as a functional object, and a robust companion for everyday life. And it was this intentional rough-hewn effect which was named ‘the perfect imperfection’ by Paul Smith.

MINI Strip Paul Smith

There are several sections of the familiar MINI black band that have been 3D-printed from recycled plastic and their basic material qualities, like the metal panels, have been left exposed. Mr. Smith, who is a bicycle enthusiast himself and enjoys rolling up his sleeves occasionally and modifying or replacing parts of his road bikes himself, was the inspiration for the visible screws in the add-on parts, which indicate how easy dismantling would be and how simply the vehicle can be reincorporated into the raw-material cycle at the end of its service life. The striking texture of the functional and distinctive front and rear apron inserts are due to their manufacturing in a 3D printing process.

Increasing the theoretical range are the blanked-off radiator grille of the MINI STRIP and its wheel covers, which also help to reduce the drag in a hallmark electric car fashion. Using recycled Perspex to manufacture the grille trim and aerodynamic covers on the wheel saved both weight and resources, and this recycled Perspex was also used to make the large panoramic roof, which allows spectators to gaze at the largely bare structure of the body shell inside.

MINI Strip Paul Smith

What MINI calls a ‘twinkle in the eye’ and what Paul Smith calls a ‘classic with a twist’, they both refer to the same thing - unexpected details like the high-contrast colour accents which are only noticeable at a second or third glance. Opening the doors reveals the signature Paul Smith stripes in a vivid composition of five colours. The charging flap adds a splash of neon green when opened, alongside the engraved drawing of an electric plug on the flap, which is Mr. Smith’s own work.

All of the trim parts have been purposefully omitted, leaving the exception of the topper pad, dashboard and parcel shelf, which makes the body shell the dominant visual feature of the cabin. The insistence of Mr. Smith to have it coloured blue is what gives it a particularly eye-catching effect. The intense blue tone and the exposed basic material give the interior a unique aesthetic appeal, which makes it feel ‘dressed’ yet bare at the same time.

MINI Strip Paul Smith

The dashboard has a large, semi-transparent section with a smoked-glass finish, instead of the usual multi-part design. And inspired by MINI design’s traditional use of circular elements, the geometry of the MINI STRIP has been largely simplified with a more graphical interpretation. With no classical centre instrument, the driver’s smartphone takes the centre stage. Placed where the centre display would normally be, the phone automatically connects to the car, and becomes the media control centre. The toggle switches for the power windows and the start/stop function can be found in the interior, located lower down in the centre stack, where the other physical controls can be found.

The seats are upholstered in a kitted fabric, making the interior completely free of both leather and chrome. The mono-material design of the seat covering make them fully recyclable, including the piping, which allow the material circularity to be maintained. Made from recycled rubber, the floor mats have a terrazzo-like pattern which are a by-product of recycling and manufacturing process, showcasing the multi-coloured constituent elements positively, enjoying a second life as a part of this material.

MINI Strip Paul Smith

The dashboard topper pad, door shoulders and parcel shelf are made from recycled cork, and display a highly simplified geometry. The type of cork used in making them does not contain any synthetic binding agents, making it fully recyclable. The pleasing firmness of cork combined with its soft feel make it an ideal substitute for foamed plastics in the future. Because of its recyclability and its status as a renewable raw material that actually ‘fixes’ carbon dioxide during its production, it creates a potential to reduce greenhouse gases.  An added positive side effect of the kitted fabric and cork is that they are both open-pore materials which enhance interior acoustics.

The steering wheel has been reduced to the most essential functions in the MINI STRIP. The rim has been wrapped in handlebar tape, in true road bike style, while three aluminium spokes connect the rum to the steering wheel’s impact absorber, whose mesh covering make the airbag behind it visible. As is on the exterior of the car, there are visible screws here also, which show how simple it would be to dismantle the steering wheel at a later date and reuse the aluminium. In the one o’ clock position is a small fabric Paul Smith label, which is one of the pointers of the collaboration found in the interior.

MINI Strip Paul Smith

The same mesh material that covers the airbag is what has been used to make the door panels; making the door structure clearly visible behind the mesh panel, held within a frame. However, the transparency of the knitted mesh changes as per the angle of view, creating a further dimension to the interior’s appearance. The seat belts are made from wound climbing rope, and the pull handles in the door shoulders are made from the same material, livening up the interior with their bright orange finish. The door openers are in milled aluminium, and are housed in cork door shoulders, giving a high-class finishing touch to the door area. As one looks further up the door, the exposed airbag unit in the roof pillar can be seen. It has the same effect as the visible cable routing in the interior, purposely drawing attention to the normally concealed functions and using them to create an aesthetically agreeable effect.

The ingenious details that have been incorporated into the MINI STRIP live up to the ‘form following function’ ethos. The central themes of the design process - simplicity, transparency, and sustainability shine through every aspect of the car. This enables the MINI STRIP to translate MINI’s Creative Use of Space philosophy into a fundamental and radical redesign of a MINI, especially the interior, making it a catalyst for more sustainable use of resources in automotive design.

Dashanzi at JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu launches new progressive menu August 27, 2021: The new menu at JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu, created by the recently appointed Chef de Cuisine, Chef Rohit Chadha, highlights the progressive modern Asian cuisine that Dashanzi serves.

Chicken and Quail egg suimai

With a stylish décor, breathtaking sea views and a sophisticated vibe, Dashanzi offers a sensory dining experience to guests. This new menu has been inspired by Chef Chadha’s travels to South East Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore and his many years spent curating Asian delicacies. These dishes have been handcrafted with homemade sauces, aromatic spices, while using the freshest ingredients and unique, internationally sourced spices which offer a skillful blend of the classic and contemporary dishes of the Sichuan province.

cream cheese asparagus togarashi dimsum

Some of the delicacies on this menu include steamed Chilean sea bass sizzled ginger soy, crystal prawn, caviar, yuzu lime entreat, crispy taro, Philadelphia cream cheese asparagus togarashi, poached chicken dumpling, chicken and quail egg suimai and smoked Sichuan spiced lamb chops.

Salmon tartare avocado cornettes

On offer alongside this new menu are exquisitely handcrafted cocktails such as Manhattan to China, Monk of the East and Pisco Sour amongst several others at one of the leading gin bars of the city.

Smoked Sichuan Spiced Lamb Chops

This new menu is being served from Wednesdays through Sundays, for lunch and dinner. 

Coordinates: Juhu Rd, Juhu Tara, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ph: +91 22 6693 3344

ITC Hotels offers Culinary Stories with Chef Prateek Sadhu August 26, 2021: Always at the forefront of presenting well-researched cuisine concepts, ITC Hotels now presents ‘Culinary Stories’- aimed at bringing the finest cuisine experiences to India. In line with the ethos of presenting the culture and the spirit of the destination through a culinary definition, this concept showcases ‘Good Food’ as a universal language, which has been articulated by chefs exhibiting their creations in distinctive ways. 

Culinary Stories by Prateek Sadhu

The passion for gastronomy and using seasonal and local produce is what unites chefs all across the world, despite coming from diverse geographical regions. Balancing the harmony between taste and visual intricacies, and elevating them to a perfectly balanced sensory dining experience highlights ‘Culinary Stories’ at ITC Hotels.

ITC Hotels has partnered with Chef Prateek Sadhu, after hosting a series of collaborative dinners with Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of the 2 Michelin star restaurant Mugaritz from Basque Country in Spain and with Chef Gaggan Anand of the 2 Michelin starred restaurant Gaggan, which was also ranked 4th on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Culinary Stories by Prateek Sadhu

Barramundi, Clam Rogan, Goan Sausage Puri

Chef Sadhu was awarded the most innovative Chef of the year by Western Culinary Association of India in 2016, and he has also spent time in some of the world’s finest kitchens including The French Laundry, Alinea, Boubon Steak, Noma and Le Bernadin. Foraging for lost ingredients, sourcing within the region and placing local ingredients at the fore make up his food philosophy.

Culinary Stories by Prateek Sadhu

Kabuli Channa Ice Cream, Banana Honey, Gondhoraj Granita

On the culinary tour with ITC Hotels, he would be presenting this special menu at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai (August 27-28), and ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata (September 3-4).

Soneva in Aqua offers the ultimate bespoke experience Soneva in Aqua

August 26, 2021: Elevating the definition of an ocean charter, the Soneva in Aqua Maldives offers Soneva’s signature luxury and impeccable service at sea. Imbibing its Slow Life philosophy of rare guest experiences, Soneva in Aqua offers a fascinating selection of unique activities, both above and below the waves.

The new Dolphin Sled experience allows guests to come face-to-face with curious dolphins, gliding through ocean depths. The moonlit snorkelling expedition allows guests to encounter nocturnal creatures, alongside swimming with gentle manta rays, paddling to deserted sandbanks in a kayak or stargazing on deck with an expert astronomer. Guests seeking an adrenaline rush can swing from the boom mast or try out the extensive range of exciting water sports from the yacht’s tender, including wake skating, fun tubing or skurfing. For more relaxing activities, there are picnics on deserted islands, sustainable fishing and dolphin-spotting from the bowsprit nets.

Soneva in Aqua

The Dolphin Sled experience

Soneva in Aqua sails from both the Soneva Fushi in the Baa Atoll, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the Soneva Jani in the tranquil and remote Noonu Atoll. This 23-metre, custom-built vessel made its maiden voyage in 2017, and offers an unparalleled level of privacy and indulgence. While two exceptionally spacious en-suite berths accommodate four adults and two children, the yacht features details which have been designed to maximise a sense of luxury and space - from the expansive sun decks with plush daybeds and open-air Jacuzzi, to the glass-bottomed spa tub in the master suite.

Soneva in Aqua

The permanent crew of the yacht includes a highly experienced captain and mechanic, alongside a dedicated Barefoot Butler, a personal chef and a wellness therapist to cater to guests’ every need. The skilled chef prepares a personalised menu for every guest, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between; including beach-side barbecues with the catch of the day to deck-top dinners under the stars. Also a yoga and meditation expert, the wellness therapist offers guests a choice of indulgent massages and wellbeing rituals, from sunrise yoga to meditation under the stars, at any time of their choosing. They can also be joined by an expert dive master, surf instructor, astronomer or a digital storyteller upon request.

Soneva in Aqua

The Boom Swing experience

Boasting of every itinerary being completely bespoke, the Soneva in Aqua voyages range from a half-day or full-day cruises to five-day stay-aboard adventures, as well as multi-destination packages with combined stays at both Soneva Sushi and Soneva Jani, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in Soneva’s luxurious Maldives experience. Every voyage is fully tailored to guests’ needs, whether they prefer to explore remote islands and atolls, to discover hidden surf breaks and secret dive sites, or simply relax with an on-deck massage under the stars. The yacht’s itineraries take in some of the spectral locations of the Maldives, from the unique Rose Garden reef and the Corbin wreck-site in the Goidhoo Atoll, to the unspoiled ecosystems of the Baa Atoll, abundant in marine biodiversity.

Arnold & Son’s new Luna Magna Ultimate I is iridescent August 26, 2021: The illuminous new limited series of the Luna Magna Ultimate I by Arnold & Son illustrates truly exceptional light and astronomical precision. With a watch face that features ruthenium crystals, a dial made of white opal and a bezel set with baguette-cut diamonds, it also features a three-dimensional moon paved with blue sapphires and diamonds.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate I

Displaying superlative jewel-setting ability, both in the stones and techniques used, this piece was created as a series of high-end jewellery interpretations of the three-dimensional moon model after the presentation of the Luna Magna. This collection reveals a rare poetic and outstanding level of detail as a mechanical star measuring 12 mm is placed inside the watch.

This limited series of eight watches has been made using the most precious of metals. With a case measuring 44mm in diameter, made of white gold and set with 7.62 carats of the highest quality diamonds, these watches include 20 baguette-cut diamonds on the case’s lugs, which have been cut one by one to fit the unique shape of each mount.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate I

With a fine ring constituting the bezel and orbiting the case of the CHF 169,000 Luna Magna Ultimate I, bearing a resemblance to the ring around the Saturn, it also contains 112 baguette-cut diamonds totalling 5.90 carats. The dual-row invisible setting that allows for radiance beyond comparison, it allows light to enter freely, as it would an open prism.

Making this watch exceptional is the material used to make the watch face - hundreds of pure ruthenium crystals making up a sparkling blue façade. This extremely hard metal belongs to the platinum element group, which means that they are found together in the same ore. Because the process to separate them is a complex one, it makes the ruthenium ten times rarer. In this limited-edition timepiece, it has been reshaped into crystals which are placed on the face plate before being blued.

A standout feature of the Luna Magna watches is the three-dimensional moon beneath the timepiece. The entire white hold sphere is coated by the gem-setting of the utmost intricacy, divided into 161 brilliant-cut diamonds for daytime and as many blue sapphires for night-time. A ripple of blue and white forms the lines between the two colours, along the outline of the stones.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate I

The A&S1021 calibre - entirely developed, manufactured, assembled and adjusted in-house at Arnold & Son - has a power reserve of 90 hours and a regulating organ at a frequency of 3 Hz, designed around the lunar globe. The movement provides a second display for the lunar phase which also features easy-to-read graduations for utmost precision when correcting the lunar globe.

The astronomical accuracy of this timepiece enhances its sophistication. The length of a full moon cycle is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds, and with the Luna Magna Ultimate I, Arnold & Son has produced a likeness such that it would take 122 years for the movement to accrue a one-day interval between the watch display and the true celestial cycle. Nevertheless, this error is easy to correct, given that the lunar function on this timepiece is directly accessible from the crown.

H&M collaborates with Sabyasachi for its breezy new collection August 24, 2021: Titled ‘Wanderlust’, the Sabyasachi x H&M collection presents rich textiles in classic and contemporary Indian silhouettes, resonating with the modern global nomad mindset.

Sabyasachi X H&M fashion collection

The Head of New Development at H&M, Maria Gemzell talked about how the use of homegrown crafts and textiles is valued more than ever during the current times, something that Sabyasachi is renowned for and soon this would be available as a stunning collection worldwide.

This collection features soothing and rich fabrics, making it a perfect modern statement for elegant loungewear for fashion enthusiasts seeking a diverse and chic ensemble. The Sabyasachi Art Foundation has brought several Indian textiles and print traditions to life, conscientiously crafted and embroidered in multicultural silhouettes, making it a key highlight of this collection.

Sabyasachi X H&M fashion collection

Offering a complete fashion wardrobe for both men and women, the Sabyasachi x H&M collection also includes accessories, jewellery, footwear and sunglasses - all at accessible price points. The wide pants, tunics, blouses, breezy shirts and long flowy dresses are some of the highlight pieces of this collection; which also has on offer a first-of-its-kind collaboration saree exclusively designed for customers in India.

Sabyasachi X H&M fashion collection

With each store going through daily sanitisation routines, temperature checks, mandatory masks inside the stores, and strict social distancing protocols followed; H&M is committed to offering its customers a safe and clean shopping experience. Therefore, ensuring a responsible in-store shopping experience, customers are required to pre-register their preferred date and time of visit to the nearest H&M store on the website, Shopping in-store is only possible with prior appointments.

Sabyasachi X H&M fashion collection

The collection is accessible on the H&M website and Myntra, in India, aside from select stores. The cities where the collection is available in India are Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Bangalore, Mohali, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida and Lucknow. This collection is also available at select H&M flagship stores around the world, and worldwide.

The new Macallan & Bentley collaboration leads an incredible expedition to the future macallan bentley collaboration

August 24, 2021: Announcing a unique partnership building on their rich heritage and to further their vision of a more sustainable future, the luxury British automotive manufacturer, Bentley, and the single malt Scotch whiskey, Macallan, are now sharing their learnings from their respective industries.

This collaboration will bring these powerhouse brands together with their dedication to mastery, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation, in their pursuit for renowned, uncompromised excellence.

This global partnership was announced at The Macallan Estate in the Speyside region of Scotland, beside the launch of a new Hybrid Bentley, which is the brand’s next step in its journey to become the world’s leading sustainable luxury mobility company, as a part of their Beyond100 strategy.

Managing Director of The Macallan, Igor Boyadjian, shared a lot of optimism, talking about how this partnership would focus on their commitment to a more sustainable future, presenting both the brands a remarkable opportunity to learn from each other and compare their time-earned knowledge, allowing them to generate fresh and contemporary thinking around their exceptional experiences, consumer engagement and products.

macallan bentley collaboration

Agreeing with Mr. Boyadjian’s words was the Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark, who spoke about how working with Macallan on a common goal, as they work together towards a more sustainable future is an exciting journey they are looking forward to. To be able to learn from each other in the coming months and years would lead to sharing some truly extraordinary experiences. Particular;y as the brands share the same ethos, the same passion for exceptional quality, respect for artisanal hand craftsmanship and now also a drive towards world-leading sustainability.

Macallan was established in 1824 by Alexander Reid on a plateau above the River Spey in north-east Scotland; and is now renowned across the world for its exceptional single malt whiskies. The brand is driven by its constant guiding principle of sustainability; incorporating a range of elements which include giving back to communities, progressive packaging, partnering with sustainable suppliers and nurturing The Macallan Estate.

By 2030, The Macallan Estate aims to achieve carbon neutrality by promoting responsible sourcing and cultivating a global community of artisans. And also with its commitment to having a fully electric passenger vehicle fleet on The Macallan Estate by the year 2025, the brand will take delivery of two hybrid Bentleys this year, following the partnership announcement.

Founded in London in 1919, Bentley Motors has carved a name for itself in the world of motorsports; being at the pinnacle of the automotive sector, combing luxury and performance in an unrivalled and unique way. And it is now transforming its rich 102-year history with the introduction of its ambitious Bentley 100 sustainability strategy.

Focusing on a selection of core areas which include the brands’ shared journey to carbon neutrality, innovative research into the sourcing of sustainable materials and teamwork on finding and sharing local and sustainable suppliers; this partnership will deliver a wide range of projects over the next few years, including jointly-developed products from both The Macallan and Bentley, curated customer experiences and collaborative events.

Raffles’ iconic hospitality is now available in the romantic city of Udaipur Raffles Udaipur

August 9, 2021: An expansive property, the new Raffles Udaipur offers a fresh perspective to the city of Udaipur from a 21-acre private island set in the middle of the Udai Sagar lake. Set away from the hectic city, it is a reminder of a magnificent country estate, with beautifully maintained ornamental gardens and panoramic views of the hills surrounding it, the siren lake and a 400-year-old temple. The arrival to the property is an immersive experience within itself, as you take a 20-minute drive from the airport, followed by a tranquil boat ride with the natural spectacle of migratory birds.

Raffles Udaipur

With 101 luxurious rooms, suites and signature suites that elegantly intertwine Rajasthan’s royal heritage with western cultural references and elements of Mughal architecture, the rooms have splendid views of the lake, private gardens, plunge pools, balconies and an east-west design aesthetic with handcrafted furniture, murals and crafts by local artisans.

Also deemed as a culinary aficionado’s paradise, Raffles Udaipur has been under the expert guidance of culinary director Prasad Metrani and has fresh, new flavours on offer to relish every day. The Indian speciality restaurant, Sawai Kitchen, serves lost recipes from the region’s royal households, which have been reinvented for modern tastes. Set to open in October, Harvest offers a unique, interactive farm-to-table dining experience with produce sourced from the estate farm, putting a spotlight on the region’s food traditions. Aside from this, culinary enthusiasts can also enjoy a co-cooking experience at the cookery school, Rasoi. Offering freshly baked breads, classic French desserts, signature Raffles pastries and more is the Raffles Patisserie. And also on offer are mindfully curated alfresco dining experiences, drawing inspiration from the five elements, i.e., earth, water, fire, air and space.

Raffles Udaipur

For guests seeking a more discrete and sophisticated experience, there is the Writers Bar, where they can indulge in artisanal and classic cocktails, a Champagne and caviar menu over intimate conversations or an interesting book. The iconic Long Bar, which is a hallmark of the Raffles brand, has been designed with European wood and leather, engraved by local artisans, and is a stark contrast from the Writers Bar. It serves fine Indian spirits, single malts, local brews from across Rajasthan, and the signature Udaipur Sling, which is a remake of the Singapore classic with fresh produce from the island and home-made syrups.

Raffles Udaipur

Aside from the plenty dining services on offer, the island location also serves as a memorable setting for special celebrations and events with a 9,000 sq ft Grand Ballroom, which also includes a pre-function area, multiple outdoor gathering areas and an on-site temple.

As is characteristic with every Raffles hotel around the world, Raffles Udaipur is reflective of the cultural and natural heritage of its location, and offers memorable experiences such as a celestial cruise under the moon, guided farm tours, astronomy, yoga and meditation. And delivering Raffles’ legendary service are private butlers who ensure that every stay is thoughtfully tailored to every travellers’ individual needs.

Raffles Udaipur

Puneet Dhawan, Senior Vice President of Operations for India and South Asia, Accor spoke of the growth potential of the strategic Indian market, and how it is an exciting time to present the iconic Raffles brand with a rich cultural heritage, a regal past and the grand architecture of Udaipur.

An exclusive Royal Escape package has been made available for guests, with which they can plan their first stay at Raffles Udaipur. Featuring morning yoga with the in-house master, sunset cocktail hour and the Raffles high tea, this experience also comes with the opportunity to upgrade to the next category of room, subject to availability with a relaxed check-out time of 1600 hours. This inaugural package is valid for stays between August 2 and September 30, 2021, and it is attractively priced at INR 45,000 plus taxes per night.

Raffles Udaipur

For further details, the hotel can be emailed at or called at +91 294 2779000.

Fawaz Gruosi expresses love with amber in his launch collection August 9, 2021: Said to be the Gold of the North and infused with the power of the sun, designer jeweller Fawaz Gruosi’s newest collection sends a new message of love as he travels the amber road. A powerful creative force to be reckoned with in the world of high jewellery, Mr. Gruosi has always seen beauty in unconventional materials and has found inspiration in the most unexpected of places. 

Fawaz Gruosi Amber Jewellery

For the inaugural collection for his new brand, Mr. Gruosi has explored the glories of the mysterious and mesmerising amber. Tracing his introduction to amber by a Lithuanian friend who loved to collect amber on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, where some of the finest specimens of it are found, Mr. Gruosi learned more when he discovered a spectacular strand of amber beads in a Milan antique shop and let his imagination run free when he took those beads home.

Amber is a primordial, organic, bio-material, fossilised resin of conifer trees, that when damaged shed their unctuous sap from around 50 million years ago and is warm, light, tactile and highly prized. When the vast plains of the European mainland which were littered with forests of pine trees were submerged by the oceans sweeping in, the sinking landmasses during the cataclysmic geological events led to the eventual wash up of amber on the shores, as a wondrous natural treasure. Deposits can be found all across the globe, from the Dominican Republic to Myanmar, which is also the source of the oldest amber in the world, around a 100 million years old; and from Siciliy to Romania. The best and most plentiful supplies still come from the Baltic region, specifically from an area on the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Poland, called Kaliningrad.

Fawaz Gruosi Amber Jewellery

Coming in a wide range of colours such as honey, golden yellow, white, red, brown, and even blue, amber can be clear or opaque or even a mix of both. This opacity is caused by the presence of bubbles. The presence of organic materials that became trapped within the resinous substance-leaves, tree barks and all kinds of insects make for one of the most fascinating aspects of amber. This makes every specimen unique, each with its own character, especially sculpted by the ocean, the soil and each telling its own story of the birth of the planet and offering a glimpse of eternity.

Using amber’s organic composition and its ageless story of metamorphosis, Mr. Gruosi has found preciousness in its story and rarity with a very modern message of life, light and luxury. He has found an entirely new and exciting gem material, with a new colour, texture, warmth, facility and sensuality; and he challenges preconceptions of value and preciousness with this unique collection displaying the fire of passion.

Fawaz Gruosi Amber Jewellery

Using the rarest and most sought-after, rich, honey golden yellow amber; this collection has used amber skilfully carved into cabochons or curvaceous elements, create shapes of drop-hoop earrings, a slender bangle inset with a single diamond, smooth half-oval surmounts of earrings, linear yet mellifluous layers on voluptuous rings which amplify the innate warmth and sensual tactility of amber. Mr. Gruosi plays with deep colours, combining amber unexpectedly with fuchsia pink sapphires and onyx cabochons, with diamonds, rose fold and yellow sapphires. He has set amber cabochons like gemstones, into gold drop-hoop earrings and has created a dramatic, spectacular wide cuff bangle with its centre cinched with a line of amethyst baguettes,  punctuated with square studs of green jade.

Fawaz Gruosi Amber Jewellery

To quote Mr Gruosi’s words about his collection, “To me, amber is incredibly beautiful because it is made by natural phenomena, taking millions of years to be transformed."

Hair beyond time with the new Chronologiste range by Kérastase August 9, 2021: With hair revitalization becoming as much a top priority as skin care, the new Chronologiste range by Kérastase is a much welcome product. After identifying the 6 dimensions of ageing scalp and hair, this range was developed to target each of these dimensions with powerful and rejuvenating formulas.

Kerastase Chronologiste luxury hair care range

Chronologiste is the combination of luxurious sensoriality and advanced technology which makes for an updated haircare system, revitalising hair from the scalp to the tips. The range is infused with uplifting fragrances and lovely textures, which give women an indulgent experience and helps them achieve the most beautiful head of hair each day.

The six factors of ageing scalp and hair include dryness of the scalp, caused by slower cell renewal, hormonal changes and slower sebum production;  sensitivity, caused by the thinning of the dermis and the weakening of the skin barrier due to external factors like prolonged exposure to pollution;  slickness, caused by a reduction in natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production, combined with UV exposure; dullness of hair, caused by natural vitamin deficiency, regular stress and prolonged UV exposure; brittleness, caused by slower sebum production and weakened cuticles; and hair thinning, caused by the reduction in protein levels in the hair fibres due to hormonal changes. 

These six factors are combatted by the youth revitalising care of the new Chronologiste range. It makes for hair defying the effects of time through restoring youthful dimensions to scalp and hair. Each product in this range features regenerative actives such as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and abyssine (a miracle regenerative molecule, sourced from the depths of the sea to invigorate the hair fibre). Working in conjunction, these actives revitalise the scalp and revive hair completely in a complete range of cleansing, treating and protective products for both at-home and in-salon rituals.

Enhanced by the fresh floral notes of peony, tea rose and magnolia, the entire experience is a heightened one. An ultra-powerful serum inspired by caviar is the crowning glory of the collection. It encapsulates and protects the concentrated hero ingredients until they are ready to penetrate the hair. Almost instantly, and over time, the Chronologiste rituals regenerate and preserve the hair, revealing its most healthiest and youthful version.

Kerastase Chronologiste luxury hair care range

The new Chronologiste range includes a youth revitalising shampoo as the cleanser, which removes impurities from the scalp and hair while simultaneously nourishing and moisturising hair fibres, and restores the shine of the hair. The treatment stage includes the youth revitalising masque, which instantly transforms hair fibres by adding long-lasting moisture and softness to the hair. The activator in the range is the essential revitalising serum-in-pearls which transforms hair with intense nourishment. And to finish is the fragrance-in-oil, which reduces breakages and provides strength to the hair while alongside embedding fragrance in the hair.

The caviar of hair serums, the Serum Universel nourishes the hair and scalp with pure actives through a sophisticated delivery system. This is most powerful manifestation of the Chronologiste youth revitalising range, inspired by caviar as a precious life source. Using biomimetic membrane technology to protect and maintain powerful actives at their purest potency, the mysterious black caviar pearls encapsulate a silky white serum with highly transformative qualities.

The Chronologiste Youth Revitalising VIP Ritual is a 90-minute, ultra-luxurious ritual with the revitalising virtues of mimetic caviar and abyssine which rejuvenate the scalp and hair. Adding to the sensorial experience is the jasmine and myrrh fragrance. These mimetic caviar pearls containing abyssine, have been created exclusively for the Chronologiste Rituale.

Talking about the new range is expert Kérastase stylist, Hovig Etoyan he says that this range of Chronologiste is much more luxurious and youthful than when it was first launched, and that this range contains some of the best ingredients which will revitalise and regenerate the hair and scalp. Further saying that there is no best age to begin treatment with the Chronologiste, he says that this needs to be thought of as the essential serum for hair and scalp care, as one would have one for skin care.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas becomes the newest member of the Bvlgari Brand Ambassador family August 2, 2021: The latest magnificent personality to join Bvlgari’s rich constellation of brand ambassadors is actor, film producer, activist and NYT Best Selling Author, Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Supporting the amplification of the Roman high jewellery house brand around the globe, she would have a particular focus on themes of women empowerment, diversity and inclusion. 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas for Bvlgari

Ms. Jonas has not only received numerous awards for her work as an actor and a producer, but is also one of the most recognised personalities in the world. Also serving as a global UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she has been the recipient of the prestigious Danny Kaye Humanitarian award. A symbol of power and strength for millions of young women around the world, she is also involved in numerous efforts for the protection of children’s rights and promoting the education of girls worldwide; being a Global Citizen Ambassador.

About her efforts closer to home, as India was hit by the unforeseen and formidable second wave of COVID-19, she created a fundraiser in collaboration with a non-profit organisation Give India to raise money for medical equipment, vaccine support and healthcare structures. While this fundraiser hit its initial goal of 1 million USD in less than two weeks, it has now been extended to 3 million USD and Bvlgari has announced that it would be making a donation to offer its support for COVID relief in India.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas for Bvlgari

Talking about Bvlgari’s association with India, Chief Executive Officer Jean-Christophe Babin appreciated of how India has always been special for Bvlgari, not only as a continuous source of inspiration but also as an incredible land of precious gems like jewellery and fragrances. Further speaking about Ms. Jonas joining the Bvlgari family, he was optimistic about the social impact that this partnership would make with the actress as an inspiring role model for millions of women worldwide.

One of the most significant projects that Bvlgari has developed in India, in 2020, the brand partnered with the leading perfume and taste company Firmenich on a sustainable flower farming project known as, “Flower Gems of India”. The aim of this project was to create a new jasmine farming model involving 100 family-owned farms in Tamil Nadu, which offered local communities an alternative approach to jasmine production to increase their profits and enhance the quality of their flowers.

Praising Bvlgari’s work, Ms. Jonas talked about how it celebrates her homeland’s most precious resources - from rare, vibrant gemstones to scented flowers which are the main ingredients of the brand’s luxurious fragrances. Speaking about the mutual love and appreciation for all that India has to offer, she is looking forward to working with Bvlgari in creating a great impact in efforts to support children in need around the world.

Valhalla brings the new generation of Aston Martin to the fore Aston Martin Valhalla

August 2, 2021: Spearheaded by CEO Tobias Moers, and noted as one of the most significant products of the brand’s Project Horizon strategy till date, Valhalla is projected to expand the model portfolio to reiterate the presence of Aston Martin in Formula One and set best-in-class standards for driving, performance and driving pleasure, while also leading the transition from internal combustion to hybrid to full electric powertrains.

Lawrence Stroll, the Executive Chairman of Aston Martin had optimistic words for this transformational moment for the ultra-luxury brand, saying that this launch demonstrates the brand’s commitment to building a range of extraordinary mid-engined driver focused cars, which is a pivotal stage in the expansion of the brand’s product line-up. He further spoke about the aptness of the unveiling of the stunning track biased supercar at the home of motorsport and the home of the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One and it marks true milestone of the brand’s return to the British grand Prix for the first time in 60 years.

Aston Martin Valhalla

The Valhalla is a daunting technological display, with an advanced hybrid powertrain technology at its heart and built with chassis, aerodynamic and electronics expertise forged in Formula One. The sole focus of the Valhalla is to immerse the driver in a new kind of supercar experience, instead of engineering the driver out of the loop; and this experience brings with itself unparalleled enjoyment, excitement and driver engagement to the top of the supercar sector.

The all-new PHEV powertrain fuels the Valhalla, featuring three motors; the foremost of these being a rear-mid-mounted 4.0 litre twin-turbo bespoke V8 engine. It also features a flat-plane crankshaft for augmented responsiveness, which is the most advanced, responsive and highest performing V8 engine ever fitted to an Aston Martin. Sending drive exclusively to the rear axle, it revs to 7200 rpm and develops 750PS, while exhaling through a lightweight exhaust system with active flaps which gives it the authentic Aston Martin sound character.

Aston Martin Valhalla

A 150kW/400V battery hybrid system supplementing the V8 engine, it utilises a pair of E-Motors-one mounted on the front axle and the other on the rear axle; and the electric system also contributes a further 204PS for a headline combined power output of 905PS. The battery power is directed exclusively to the front axle when driven in EV mode, while in the other driving modes, the battery power is split between the front and rear axles with the percentage sent to each axle constantly varies according to driving demands. 100% of the battery power can be sent to the rear axle in certain situations, which supplements the full force of the ICE V8 for maximum performance.

The brand new 9-speed DCT transmission completes this powertrain. This new paddle-shift gearbox has been exclusively designed and built for Aston Martin, and has been specifically developed for the hybrid era. The transmission features e-reverse, which uses the PHEV’s electric motors and hence saves weight by negating the need for a conventional reverse gear; and it also features an Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (E-Diff) on the rear axle for maximum traction and handling agility.

Aston Martin Valhalla

Providing reverse capability, electrical power is also used to enhance low speed control and response. The hybrid system enhances the V8 engine to deliver exceptional standing start acceleration and in gear response, thanks to the instantaneous torque from the E-Motors. This outright performance is further assisted by the V8 ICE and E-Motor being able to run different gears in the DCT simultaneously, enabling a maximum torque delivery of 1000Nm.

The Valhalla will be capable of a maximum 80mph/130km/h running in EV-only mode, and has a zero-emission range of 15km. The predicted CO2 (WLTP) is less than 200g/km. Reaching a top speed of 217 mph/330km/hr, the Valhalla unleashes all 950PS and completes the sprint from 0 to 62mph in just 2.5 seconds; targeting the stunning 6:30 Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time in terms of outright track capability.

Aston Martin Valhalla

As compared to its class rivals, the Valhalla will have an unrivalled power-to-weight ratio with a target dry weight of less than 1550kg. The weight degenerated by aerodynamic downforce also plays a part in Valhalla’s unmatched dynamic capabilities. It not only benefits from a flow-down of the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar’s Formula One inspired aerodynamic philosophy, but employs a combination of active aerodynamic surfaces, specifically the front surfaces and rear wing, and expert management of underbody airflow through dramatic Venturi tunnels. These meticulously sculpted aerodynamic surfaces are what allows the Valhalla to generate an impressive 600kg of downforce at 150mph, which is enough for mighty high-speed cornering ability and unshakable stability.

Untainted by the need for aggressive wings that jut into the airstream, the carbon fibre body of the Valhalla combines function and beauty in such a manner that fit a new generation of mid-engined supercars. Forward-hinged dihedral doors bring drama to the start and end of every journey, while cut-outs in the roof ease ingress and egress; while a distinctive roof scoop feeds air directly into the intakes of the V8 engines, with additional side and rear intakes and vents integrated smoothly into the overall body design.

Aston Martin Valhalla

The Valhalla will be available in both left-hand and right-hand drive, which helps expand its appeal across international markets. As compared to the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the cockpit room has been increased however, many Formula One inspired hallmarks still remain, such as a pared back cockpit design with simple, clear ergonomics focused around the driver. 

This dynamic development of the Valhalla will be the Aston Martin’s award-winning dynamics team’s task and would be supplemented with an enviable pool of talent which also includes the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team drivers Lance Stroll, Nico Hulkenburg and Sebastian Vettel. They will bring their invaluable perspective to the project and also added authenticity to a car which speaks of a clear connection to Aston Martin’s Grand Prix machines.

Ferragamo welcomes the new SF logo August 2, 2021: Paying a tribute to its founder, Salvatore Ferragamo, the artfully reproduced initials also represent the essence of the brand. Likened to a symbol of Ferragamo’s passion, trailblazing vision and creative innovation, the new logo will be making its debut with the Pre-Fall 2021 men’s collection. 

Salvatore ferragamo new sf logo

This logo brings together several product categories with a fresh appeal and an important focus on low environmental impact, through its subtle and sophisticated sense of familiarity which runs throughout the new SF Logo line.

This line proposes three of the best-selling footwear models of the brand: the sneaker, the loafer and the driver; with the SF logo presented in various ways. Including a central decorative logo set within a metal frame or a small, side buckle logo on the band of the shoe upper and with the two initials either varnished to match the colour of the leather or decorated with elegant rhinestones. The sneaker has a side buckle logo in light metal-effect resin or a printed, maxi, colour-contrast logo.

Salvatore ferragamo new sf logo

This logo has also been added to a selection of large and small leather goods, including belts. The SF logo line incorporates nylon to take its large leather goods into the domains of leisure, which creates a very unique dégradé-effect shoulder bag, briefcase and backpack.

Another distinctive characteristic of the logo is that it is made of ECONYL nylon, which is a fibre that has been entirely recreated from fishing nets and other nylon waste. And it is sewn with a thread that is made from 100% recycled post-consumer certified recycled PET and finished with a zip tape made with regenerated polyester yarn made from recycled plastic bottles; making the SF logo nylon accessories reiterate an enhanced sense of environmental consciousness.

Salvatore ferragamo new sf logo

Featuring as a bold rubber version on wallets and credit card holders in the small leather goods range, the logo also features on belts as an SF logo buckle and a metal frame, or with the SF initials set within Ferragamo’s iconic Gancini hook.

The stunning combinations and unique accessories by Salvatore Ferragamo found their inspiration in silhouettes and intertwining forms and lines. Celebrating the trailblazing vision of the founder of this fashion house, through revisiting his initials and combining it with a contemporary edge is a step into the future.

Punit Balana designs light festive wear for intimate weddings July 26, 2021: Borrowing from his Spring/Summer ’21 edit of Mandana, Indian designer Punit Balana has designed an extension of it with a bright cherry shade, and introduced it to brides, bridesmaids and the variety of guests at weddings. 

Punit Balana Mandana intimate wedding attire

With a subtle reference to how weddings today have become more personal and intimate, this addition to Mandana is fresh in terms of colours and prints. 

Punit Balana Mandana intimate wedding attire

Delicate fabrics are embellished with traditional handcrafted work. Featuring young silhouettes of ease, additional geometrical prints, along with floral ones, this collection doesn’t adhere to the conservative rules set by Mandana. Lehengas are lightweight and breezy. Sarees are modern and festive. Mens’ kurtas are light and matching in the same fabric and shade.

Punit Balana Mandana intimate wedding attire

Not only is this collection an expression of how the designer has seen Jaipur over the years, it is about finding love in the stories that were written and those that are yet to be written. Mandana for Intimate Weddings pays homage to Jaipur, and the stories each one of us live with.

Punit Balana Mandana intimate wedding attire

This collection can be found at the Jaipur and Mumbai flagship stores and online at the brand website.

Jewellery brand Nornament’s latest collection is a sweet display of rich techniques Nornament gold diamond cuff

July 26, 2021: The latest collection by Indian jewellery brand Nornament is a beautiful reminder of peace within us. Named ‘Calm Call of Birdsong’, this collection features jewellery exquisitely crafted with a mix of diamonds and gold. 

The inspiration behind this collection come from birds - how listening to the calm in chaos rekindles the joy of nature, as every morning begins with the trilling of birds as they flit from flower to flower. Akin to these beautiful birds are the carefully crafted earrings, rings and handcuffs, made using a technique of applying the correct amount of German lacquer to the birds as they are coated with a slight sheen of French enamel.

Nornament gold diamond earrings

An instant reminder of how peace is within us, the striking pieces of jewellery, crafted in 18 karat gold, highlight these incredible messengers of nature as the heirlooms of peace and calm. Nornament creates a wondrous landscape as the tiny birds gather together. The exquisite, painstaking craftsmanship complete the brilliantly imagined pieces.

Nornament gold diamond pendant

Priced at INR 1,00,000 onwards, this collection is reflective of Nornament’s emphasis on design mastery in every nuance and emotion.

Burberry opens its grand Sloane Street flagship store July 26, 2021: Located in the heart of London, Burberry launched its new flagship store at No. 1 Sloane Street, designed in collaboration with the renowned architect, Vincenzo De Cotiis. The store creates a distinctly modern feel by juxtaposing brutalist elements with luxurious materials. 

Burberry Sloane Street London store

Display fixtures and plinths are constructed with a variety of textures - from concrete and ceramics to high-gloss finishes. The iconic pattern and colours of the Burberry check - white, red, beige and black - are reinterpreted in the gridded ceiling’s mirrored zones and are explored and developed throughout the store.

Talking about the new flagship store, the Chief Executive Officer of Burberry, Marco Gobbetti, called it a manifestation of all that is Burberry- authentic, bold, elevated with creativity at its core. The first to carry the new global store concept, the new store would provide a uniquely British luxury setting for both local and international customers to explore the brand.

Burberry Sloane Street London store

Mr. Cotiis spoke about his design and how it is a story of the brand’s new home - an open and welcoming space, rich in detail, dynamic and versatile, where confidence and decisiveness strongly echo with a sense of history, while simultaneously falling into the contradiction of contemporaneity. Giving it the likeness of portraits, he says that the aim was to create a domestic shell, a home where art, culture and people move through intelligent and elegant modernity.

The location of the store also holds strong historical ties with the brand. The founder, Thomas Burberry, opened his first London store in the SW1 area, and iconically, this remains the home of the brand’s global headquarters 130 years later. Burberry will also open three more flagship stores featuring its new design concept over the next 12 months - at Plaza 66 in Shanghai, on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris and on Bond Street in London.

Burberry Sloane Street London store

Exploring the new store, the ground floor features a standalone framed square unit, created to host and spotlight seasonal displays, making it a defined space for constant adaptation. The full range of Burberry’s accessories are presented across the ground floor. Creating a sense of intimacy while maintaining a sense of openness are glass dividers. The ground floor also exhibits the signature Burberry trench coat in a dedicated area, creating the most iconic impression of the brand’s hallmark with sliding panels and suspended light tubes.

A glass box with a mirrored ceiling leads the access to the first floor, with an intricate monochromatic tiled staircase, creating an invitation for infinite exploration through its repeated reflection. Dedicated to womenswear, the first floor features white gloss softened with Burberry beige carpet, and a tiered custom-made architectural island designed to celebrate the womenswear shoes on display. The many large arched windows around the floor emphasise the unmissable views of Knightsbridge, while the sculptural seating areas and an ottoman centrepiece invite customers to relax and enjoy the space. The repeated use of mirrors emphasise the store’s predominant feeling of openness, continuously reflecting the natural light flooding in from outside; and the structured rails in champagne finish suspend the ready-to-wear womenswear assortment.

Burberry Sloane Street London store

Built using white terrazzo, the second floor is dedicated to menswear. Differentiated from womenswear through its fixtures and structured rails in polished stainless steel finish, it incorporates custom sculptural furniture and fixtures, each positioned in clusters, reiterating the architectural asymmetry of the space. The product assortments include ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes.

LVMH becomes the majority investor in Off-White July 22, 2021: Announcing a definitive agreement on the significant expansion of the relationship between American designer Virgil Abloh and LVMH, the latter is set to become the majority investor in Off-White, Mr. Abloh’s brand. Owning 60% interest in the trademark following the acquisition, Mr. Abloh will retain a 40% interest and stay on as the creative director of his 2013-founded label.

Virgil Abloh Off-White LVMH

©Bogdan Plokov

Appointed the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection in March 2018, Mr. Abloh will continue in that role while jointly pursuing new projects with LVMH. This controversial designer has skillfully combined his penchant for streetwear with the historical elegance of Louis Vuitton. 

In addition to this acquisition, Mr. Abloh and LVMH have agreed to leverage the Group’s expertise to launch new brands and partner with existing ones in a variety of sectors beyond the realm of fashion.

Expressing his pleasure over this, Bernard Arnault, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH spoke about how they are thrilled to expand their successful partnership with Mr. Abloh, and are looking forward to supporting him and the team in both driving the growth of Off-White and in working together with him to bring his unique sensibility to a broader range of luxury categories.

The Chairman and Chief Executive officer of Louis Vuitton, Michael Burke echoed Mr. Arnault’s words and talked about the lasting impression that Mr. Abloh has made on the House of Louis Vuitton, with a profoundly inclusive philosophy, creating a new contemporary men’s fashion language.

Born in Rockford, Illinois to Ghanaian immigrant parents and based in Chicago now, Mr. Abloh spoke about his vision for this partnership, on how he has built Off-White to be a brand designed to empower our generation and challenge the status quo. Combining that with the additional firepower and scale to accelerate that momentum by LVMH, Off-White can evolve into a truly multi-line luxury brand. 

While the New Guards Group will remain an operating partner for Off-White through its licensing agreement with Off-White LLC, this investment transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to be completed within the next 60 days.

Explore Norway from north to south with Finding Kos Up Norway Finding Kos journey

July 20, 2021: Sustainable luxury operator Up Norway has debuted a slow journey after the recent announcement that Norway’s border should begin to reopen to fully vaccinated US travellers on August 10.

Spanning over 28 days, this slow journey includes experiences that embody the intangible concept of Kos. It is a state of mind, being wholly grateful and appreciative, peaceful and happy. It is a feeling that can be felt alone or with others. It is said that one is more likely to achieve kos when they take their time travelling, basking in the simple joys of natural beauty and culture - all that is found in Norway especially. 

The new Up Norway Kos Journey enables travellers to explore the well-known western coast of Norway, the iconic Lofoten islands and the more exotic area of Finnmark in the far north, over the course of four weeks. This journey features awe-inspiring sceneries and Arctic light, traditional Nordic gastronomy, a rich and forward-thinking culture and the absolute best of hosts in hotels and lodging - incorporating many key elements synonymous with Norway.

Up Norway Finding Kos journey

The journey includes many diverse locations, each more remote than the last:

1. Aurland/Lærdal - A UNESCO heritage fjord landscape that has fresh air, green rolling hills and waterfalls within its surroundings. Guided experiences here include a tour of the famed King’s Road and stave church, a fjord rowing experience and pasture farm hike.

2. The Sunnmøre Alps - Breathtaking natural scenery is combined with a vineyard visit and lunch, a fjord cruise with village visit, a traditional Norwegian flatbread (lefse) baking course with a local resident and an authentic Nordic massage.

Up Norway Finding Kos journey

3. Western Lofoten – Offering spectacular vistas as far as the eyes can see, Norwegians joke that this area is “nature on steroids”. Here, travellers can get active with a privately guided mountain hike and kayaking tour, a Lofoten fishing experience, and a cheese making course at a goat farm.

4. Finnmark- Located in the most northern reaches of Norway, this place is an explosion of colours in the summers, which is a stark difference from the battered landscape during the long-lasting winters. Travellers can enjoy the Northern lights and dog sledding in the winters, whale watching in the spring, or hiking, fishing and river boating in the summer - all depending on when they choose to travel. The experience also includes an introduction to indigenous Sami culture and their close bonds to animals and nature.

Up Norway Finding Kos journey

Itineraries can also be adjusted to travellers’ interests, preferences and the season. Celebrating the reopening, and to encourage travellers to find kos, Up Norway is offering a special “Welcome Back” savings of 10% on its journeys taken between September and November 2021. Also recognising the need for flexibility at this time, Up Norway is also currently offering no penalties for postponement for up to 18 months, alongside the option to cancel for any reason up to 31 days in advance of a journey.

Starting at US$ 12,500 per person, the Kos Journey includes authentic and premium accommodations. The prices will vary according to the number of people traveling together, the mode of domestic transportation, room/cabin/suite category, meal and activity inclusions.

The Gucci X 100 Thieves backpack is an uber-cool, distinctive accessory to sport Gucci X 100 Thieves red backpack

July 20, 2021: Unveiling its latest adventure in the field of esports, Gucci has announced its new collaboration with the Los Angeles based apparel, lifestyle and gaming brand, 100 Thieves.

This collaboration features a limited-edition numbered series of backpacks from the Gucci Off The Grid collection, which are bright red in colour, with a black leather trim and multiple pockets, and a distinctive circular black leather patch with the 100 Thieves logo in silver. These special backpacks are made from sustainably sourced and recycled materials, including ECONYL, which is made from carpets, fishing nets and other scraps. The manufacturing process of this collection furthers the Gucci-ECONYL Pre Consumer Fabric Takeback Program, by incorporating the recovery and upcycling of nylon fabric scraps.

Gucci X 100 Thieves red backpack

Available on and Gucci Beverly Hills, these 200 backpacks will be presented in a box made from recycled paper, and within a red pouch in recycled nylon, featuring both the Gucci and the 100 Thieves logos. 

Drawing on the shared values of diversity, self-expression and championing the importance of being able to hold a personal perspective without feeling limited by convention; this collaboration also stands for both companies’ commitment to sustainability and respect. 

Gucci X 100 Thieves red backpack

This collaboration is also representative of the first chapter of many that Gucci and 100 Thieves will write together to promote their shared values, helping drive the fashion and gaming industries towards a more inclusive, diverse and sustainable future.

A digital campaign spotlighting the backpacks and their significance, while also introducing alongside the dynamic people behind 100 thieves to the Gucci community was shot by Guy Arch, the New York based director and photographer. 

Gucci X 100 Thieves red backpack

This campaign features seven of the 100 Thieves content creators: Valkyrae, Neekolul, BrookeAB, Nadeshot, CouRageJD, Yassuo and Kris London; and two of its pro players, Ssumday and Kenny. Showing a day in the office, the campaign was shot at their world class gaming facility, known as the Compound.

Radisson Blu Resort Dharamshala opens up in Himachal Pradesh Radisson Blu Resort Dharamshala

July 20, 2021: Set in the scenic foothills of the mighty Dhauladhar mountain range, Radisson Blu Dharamshala has recently opened its doors to guests. The location of this resort makes it the perfect idyllic getaway for travellers, with the ideal combination of leisure and business amenities on offer.

With 120 uniquely designed rooms, the hotel is easy accessible from Kangra airport and overlooks the most spectacular view of the picturesque Kangra valley. It also has an independent access from the Khaniyara road connected to NH 503. It is conveniently located to make it much more easier to explore popular tourist destinations around Dharamshala. 

Radisson Blu Resort Dharamshala

The Radisson Blu Resort Dharamshala is a unit of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association, with Radisson Blu as their chosen strategic partner, according to the Director, R.P. Singh.

Radisson Hotel Group’s Managing Director and Vice President of Operations for South Asia, Zubin Saxena, also spoke about how the opening of this resort marks new milestones for the business; being the fourth hotel opening in 2021, one step closer to achieving the 15 new hotels set to open this year.

Radisson Blu Resort Dharamshala

The resort is located 6 kilometres away from the iconic Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium,  and is spread over 30,000 sqm. The portfolio of the rooms at the resort include standard, superior, deluxe, suite and presidential suite categories. With three banquet halls of capacities upto 100 pax, the place also boasts of another outdoor venue which makes it ideal for hosting weddings and social functions set in the backdrop of the unparalleled views of the Kangra valley. Also on offer are numerous onsite dining options serving a variety of cuisines as well as an enviable selection of premium wines and spirits.

In addition to this, the resort amenities include a full-service branded spa, offering guests a 360° immersive experience through natural, holistic and rejuvenating beauty treatments, aside from a contemporary fitness studio, a temperature-controlled infinity pool and a meditation room. With several family recreation options such as an outdoor kids’ play area, family picnic spots in the serene pine forest and a cozy cards room, the resort is an ideal getaway for families and groups of travellers.

Radisson Blu Resort Dharamshala

Maintaining the health and safety of its guests and team members as a top priority, the resort follows the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol. In-depth cleanliness and disinfection protocols were developed with a world leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS, and are designed to ensure guests’ safety and peace of mind of mind from check-in to check-out.

One of the rarest Air Jordans up for auction at Sotheby’s July 20, 2021: Coinciding with the release of the sequel of Space Jam, Sotheby’s is offering Michael Jordan signed ‘Player Sample’ Deadstock Air Jordan ‘Space Jam’ sneakers in a single-lot, online auction. 

Space Jam Jordan Air for auction

These are one of the rarest, most-coveted Air Jordans which were created in 1995 for the smash hit film released in 1996, Space Jam. They are also one of the few handful known to exist. This pair was made according to Michael Jordan’s specifications, and are the same model that he wore throughout the famous finale basketball game in the movie.

The pair is estimated to fetch bids as high as US$ 150,000 to 200,000 and would be offered in a custom designed wood and velvet box. On public view in Sotheby’s Avenue galleries from July 15 to 26, this pair is in perfect deadstock condition and never-been-used before, and are a ‘Player Exclusive’.

Space Jam Jordan Air for auction

This colorway was exclusively produced for Mr. Jordan and not sold in retail stores. The coding on the interior states ‘BBMN04-950112-FTPS’. BBM means ‘Basketball Mens’ and “950112-FTPS” indicates the production date of 1995. “FTPS” means that they are made out of the Feng Tay factory, and are Player Samples. This pair of shoes are in Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 11 size 13, and have been signed by him in silver ink.

Designed by the legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, the patent leather on the uppers of the shoe also allowed Mr. Jordan to wear these sneakers with a suit. 

Burberry’s new TB Summer Monogram collection campaign stars Naomi Campbell Burberry Naomi Campbell Monogram campaign

July 20, 2021: Naomi Campbell has been revealed as the face of Burberry’s new campaign for the TB Summer Monogram collection, which is an evolution designed by the Chief Creative Officer, Riccardo Tisci.

Celebrating the spirit of summer and the optimism of a new season, this campaign plays on Burberry’s house code of duality and expresses a journey between worlds - combining the exquisiteness of still imagery with the modernness of CGI technology.

Burberry Naomi Campbell Monogram campaign

The images captured by photographer Danko Steiner show the inimitable Ms. Campbell standing strong atop architectural plinths reflected in mirrored water - a starkly minimalist reinterpretation of coastal terrains. The powerful, effortless, beautiful imagery of the campaign seamlessly transforms into a dream-like digital realm in the campaign video, which features a CGI embodiment of Ms. Campbell and has been created by visual artist Frederik Heyman.

Burberry Naomi Campbell Monogram campaign

The video is like a harmonious and futuristic vision, with beautiful structures melding nature and machine, as suspended shell sculptures rise from the crafted seaside environments.

Talking about how magical an experience it is to be working with Mr. Tisci, Ms. Campbell praises his unique vision and his ability to bring out differing facets by pushing one to do things that they don’t think they are capable of. She says, “Working with Burberry is also always such an honour. It’s a British institution and has been since it started in 1856 - in a way, you feel like you’re representing your country. I feel that British style and attitude always lead the trends. We don’t just wear it, we live it.”

Burberry Naomi Campbell Monogram campaign

A symbolic ode to the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry, the bold interlocking TB initials have been refreshed with new colour ways inspired by the summer, with cobalt blue, mid grey and deep royal blue. This collection is available to purchase online and in select Burberry stores globally.

Salvatore Ferragamo uses upcycled materials for its Pre-Spring 2022 Collection July 20, 2021: Reflecting the positive future ahead and repurposing the heritage of innovation at Salvatore Ferragamo, the brand has launched its Pre-Spring 2022 Collection.

Ferragamo Pre Spring 2022

Staying true to its fundamental expression, this collection by Ferragamo epitomises the combination of modern craftsmanship with sustainable and modern values.

Ferragamo Pre Spring 2022

Photographed at the Museo Marino Marini in Florence, it was only fitting to have this collection to be recorded at a space whose past incarnation, as first a church, and then a factory; have always been updated to reflect the present. And it was most recently reshaped by Marina, the wife of artist Marino Marini, to be a space dedicated to his creations.

Ferragamo Pre Spring 2022

From an upcycled, overdyed vintage scarf print yardage from the Ferragamo archives to a semi-sheer dress in recycled jersey, the womenswear collection is created keeping the environment in mind. Biker jacket, skirt and sleeveless coat, marinière striped top and black silk knitted skirt. 

Ferragamo Pre Spring 2022

A patchwork upcycled leather minidress and a crinkled washed bomber with logo knit and flared refreshed denim reference to an uber young personality. The split-chino pleated skirt in cotton silk gabardine and an artisan kaleidoscope marbling fil coupe dress bring innovation to the table.

Ferragamo Pre Spring 2022

Menswear is equally conscious with creations made from fully sustainable quilted Gancini (Ferragamo’s monogram). Leather dressing in rich caramel suede, deconstructed silk smoking jacket with mohair trousers, and reinvented carpenter’s jeans make a smart Ferragamo man.

Ferragamo Pre Spring 2022

Accessories are smart, referencing the brand’s classic, successful designs, with men’s accessories giving an ode to the Gancini.

A. Lange & Soehne launches a limited-edition Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst July 19, 2021: Precision watchmaking becomes an art form with A. Lange and Söhne’s limited edition, Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst. A milestone in the history of the brand, the 2008 Cabaret Tourbillon could instantaneously stop the balance inside the rotating cage and instantly restart it by pushing the crown home. Lange’s only rectangular model, the Cabaret has been synonymous with extravagance and has been known for a distinctive movement philosophy.

A. Lange & Sohne Cabaret Tourbillon Handerwurkst

Limited to just 30 pieces, the new Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst emphasises its artistic aura. An extravagant timepiece, this watch combines superb watchmaking artistry with traditional yet elaborate and rare techniques. These include the semi-transparent enamelling of the dial and several manual engravings in lozenge design style.

The three-part dial of this watch is crafted in the manufactory and is made of solid white gold. With the typical Lange outside date manually engraved with a lozenge pattern in the inner area, the regular motif sets a challenge for the engraver as every small deviation is almost instantly visible. 

A. Lange & Sohne Cabaret Tourbillon Handerwurkst

Inspired by the six lozenge-shaped hour markers in the centre, the Roman numerals III, IX and XII stand in the outer zone of the dial with a delicate surface that serves as a stage. A thin line decorated with tremblage visually separates the dial parts from one another, and an engraving technique also graces the frame of the date aperture and of the hand eye.

The dial is coated with a semi-transparent enamel layer which adds an extra depth to the engraving and showcases various metallic shapes of grey, making an outstanding dial with a three-dimensional effect.

A. Lange & Sohne Cabaret Tourbillon Handerwurkst

The separately integrated subsidiary dials for the small seconds and power-reserve indicator, which are traditionally executed with the UP/DOWN display, consist of rhodium-coloured gold, and the hands are also made of rhodium gold. An aperture in the dial reveals the on-minute tourbillon which is suspended between two diamond ends tones. On its top side, the matte-finished tourbillon bridge has a black polishing that is applied using a technique that ranks among the most difficult types of finissage.

The precious frame for this new exclusive version of the first tourbillon with a stop-seconds mechanism is formed by a rectangular case in platinum measuring 29.5 by 39.2 millimetres. Graced with a delpoyant buckle in platinum and a black leather strap with grey stitching, this extravagant masterpiece comes with a limitation engraving on the caseback indicating the rarity of the horological masterpiece.

Beaded & sequined brilliantly, Fendi’s Couture Autumn-Winter 2021 collection is a delicate vision July 19, 2021: Inspired by film director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s neorealistic Roman cinema, with every iconic architecture of the city visible on its mock horizon, designer Kim Jones presented Fendi’s couture collection for Autumn/Winter 2021 recently.

Fendi Couture Autumn Winter 2021

Mr. Jones traced his transition from England to Rome with his debut couture collection, where the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection follows him settling into the Eternal City. 

Fendi Couture Autumn Winter 2021

Drawn to Pasolini because of his vision of the world, Mr. Jones has found his inspiration in the fascination of Rome with its plenty pasts. He talks of Pasolini as one whose remained constant while he was something of an outsider in Roman history. 

Fendi Couture Autumn Winter 2021

Reflecting and refracting throughout is Pasolini’s perspective on reality, interwoven with chapters of Rome’s history and addressed within a contemporary context. This collection is one in which nothing is quite as it seems, forms and fabrics introduce infinite illusions. 

Fendi Couture Autumn Winter 2021

Setting a direction for Fendi that epitomises a popular comprehension of haute couture as easily identifiable, Mr. Jones brings together bold ballroom silhouettes, sumptuous scarface decoration and famous faces with 32 looks. Manifesting his couture expression into decoration and fabrication above all, Mr. Jones talks about how couture clients turn to Fendi for ‘something extravagant’.

Fendi Couture Autumn Winter 2021

The collection displays overlapping temporalities directly expressed within pieces that reanimate antique garments, with their furs and fabrics scanned and reiterated as ghostly silk jacquards. Locating a poetic transfiguration of the past within the present day are the cornely embroidery and crystal beads. 

Fendi Couture Autumn Winter 2021

With life breathed into the Roman statues surrounding the Fendi Palazzo, the expression of their marble drapery is expressed through tromp l’oeil silks, and the arches they inhabit adapted into the heels of the shoes.