Demonetization Not to Stall India's Luxury Sector, Report Says

While India's demonetization push delivered an initial hard blow to the country's luxury sector, a report by Luxury Connect says the negative effects are to be short-lived

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  • Building Green in India - Transition Amid Trouble

    On track to become the world's most populous country in as little as five years, India faces a host of issues - from widespread power shortages to an acute water crisis to a gravely polluted air. Amid its environmental, demographic and economic mires, India is among the top countries with vibrant green architecture sectors. How big and significant is sustainable building in the country?

13 Questions with Marta Santambrogio

As part of our "13 Questions" series, LuxuryFacts talks to Marta Santambrogio, a creative behind-the-scenes force in high-end textile design and a leader in heralding the industry into the future. There is a bonus question too!

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    With technological advancements, lab-grown (synthetic) diamonds are becoming ever so similar in quality, cut and clarity to natural diamonds. Their usage and acceptance in business markets is growing but can the industry crack the final frontier - emotional resonance in the consumer market.

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    Today, even major brands claim their own concept stores. Yet, such assertions defy the very nature of these shopping places, which flourish on highly personal visions and their joltingly intriguing executions. But is this all that makes concept stores a successful retail concept?