Building Green in India - Transition Amid Trouble

On track to become the world's most populous country in as little as five years, India faces a host of issues - from widespread power shortages to an acute water crisis to a gravely polluted air. Amid its environmental, demographic and economic mires, India is among the top countries with vibrant green architecture sectors. How big and significant is sustainable building in the country?

13 Questions with Arun Dhaddha

As part of our "13 Questions" series, LuxuryFacts talks to Arun Dhaddha, head of Indian jewelry brand Gem Plaza, about the matter - the habits, the memories, the aspirations and the advice - that makes up life

  • The Lure and Allure of Synthetic Diamonds

    With technological advancements, lab-grown (synthetic) diamonds are becoming ever so similar in quality, cut and clarity to natural diamonds. Their usage and acceptance in business markets is growing but can the industry crack the final frontier - emotional resonance in the consumer market.

  • Concepts of Concept Stores

    Today, even major brands claim their own concept stores. Yet, such assertions defy the very nature of these shopping places, which flourish on highly personal visions and their joltingly intriguing executions. But is this all that makes concept stores a successful retail concept?

  • 13 Questions with Amy Burton

    You recognise their names and have seen their creations. Yet, do you know the people behind the brands? LuxuryFacts will help you do so. This week, we ask jewelry designer Amy Burton of Hancocks and Amy Burton Fine Jewelry 13 personality-revealing questions

  • The American Luxury Market - A Phoenix Rising

    The economy is fickle. Moving in different directions, up and down, never quite stable. The American market is just as such, especially in recent years. During the recession, how did the luxury market fare? We time-track the American luxury market from 2008 to the present