Automobili Lamborghini - Driving in with Force

Effectively translating Italian power, performance, luxury and sex appeal into sleek sheet metal, the Huracan RWD Spyder and Aventador S are the latest derivative in the Lamborghini line-up, priced at INR 3.45 crore and 5.01 crore respectively

Christie's India: Million Dollar Art

Celebrating its 250th year, Christie's India's recent auction tallied a record $4.3 million on classical and contemporary art, bolstered with an exemplary compendium of 41 works from the private collection of Abhishek and Radhika Poddar, along with 25 registered antiquities dating back to the 11th century

  • Making the Box: Trunks Company Jaipur's Take on an Age-old Craft

    A newcomer in a centuries-old industry, Trunks Company Jaipur has come to prominence for its bespoke trunks that embody the yester glory of wooden luggage cases, the cultural vibrancy of India and the functionality of modern design

  • Luxurious Micro Homes - What's Driving the Trend

    Shaping a current craze in the real estate market, 'Mini House' or 'Micro Homes', edifices no larger than 500 sq ft, focus on accommodating simple, peaceful, healthy, economical and secure living amidst the ongoing crescendos of modern times

  • SIHH 2017 - Bigger and More Accessible Than Ever

    For the first time ever, Geneva's famed Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), will feature a staggering number of 30 luxury watch exhibitors and an open house day for the general public in 2017. What do these historical developments bode for the participating horologers and for the format of the coveted forum?

  • Luxury Pet Care - What, How and Why?

    Ornate, gold-gilded beds, sparkly diamond accessories and custom-made haute garbs, spoiling spa resorts. Welcome to the burgeoning market for luxury pet care, which garners tens of billions in annual sales. Here is how it all began and where it is today