Fall/Winter 2017 Womenswear: A Bold State of Mind

From leather to denim, from fur to sheer, womenswear fall/winter 2017 puts forward sartorial trends that reflect the current times

Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017 - The New Old

From floating Bohemian gowns to little black dresses, from vintage jackets to sports anoraks, from tiny clutches to oversized backpacks, women's spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear borrows much of the recent seasons' trends only to slash, mix and re-match them

  • Paul Smith X Klove Studio - Window to Festivity

    British fashion brand Paul Smith collaborated with Indian lighting brand Klove Studio to light up their show window for the festive season

  • First Ladies Fashion - Homeland or International?

    Being in the spotlight is never easy. Especially when you are in a position of power. Being a first lady comes with many responsibilities, including dressing like one. This includes picking appropriate outfits, and more often than not, picking an appropriate designer. We took an in-depth look at five famous first ladies, contemplating whether they prefer designers from their homeland, or bigger international brands

  • The Vacancy: When Appointing a New Creative Director Turns a Lengthy Affair

    In a time when labels write headlines with their new creative director hires, two brands make news with the power vacuum yawning in their artistic heights. LuxuryFacts poses the who, how, why and when in Dior's and Tod's ongoing search for their next creative leads

  • The Refined & Casual Outlier - Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear

    With slim cuts, sunny colours and easy aesthetics, Hermes' spring/summer 2017 menswear collection administers an antidote to the season's otherwise mostly grim affair. "Miscellany of lightness, quintessential vetement-object and colour euphoria" are among the industry-defiant leitmotifs of Hermes' latest menswear collection