Chanel - Lips like a Diamond

As always, Chanel makes itself the go to brand for make up - especially lips. Hence proved

MAC- Looking deep

The MAC Extra Dimension collection of eyeshadows adds more glamourous layers to your eyes, with shades you may havent seen before!

CLINIQUE- Dramatic Hydration.

It's time for some dramatic news, well, skin.

Mac - The Dark Eye

Looking for that simple eye pencil which will make you ready for that day out instantly? Ask MAC for their new Copper Strip pencil!

Bobbi Brown - Chocolate for your Eyes

Living true to her philosophy of doing make-up with a snap of her finger, Bobbi Brown's new Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick gets a big thumbs up from us!

Loving Your Tresses

Renowned hair care brands are looking at pampering you. We spell out what that means for your precious mane

MAC - Adopting Style

When Rihanna plans to get into make-up, you get bold shades emblematic of her style! MAC brings it to your doorstep...

Hermes - Dancing with the Stars

Yes, that is exactly what happens as you start seeing mundane objects like ties also in a new light - courtesy Hermes!

Chanel - Going beyond the BB

Chanel takes beauty a step forward as its CC Cream leaves no stone unturned to make your skin naturally glowing...

MAC - Sultry Glances

MAC knows how to give you those sultry glances with its Her Cocoa quad, in collaboration with the equally sultry Rihanna!

Clinique - Beauty for the Bride

Customising clothes for the bride is passe. It is now time to tailor-make a beauty box for her

Marchesa's March

The current flavour of red carpet gowns, Marchesa, reaches India through The Sachdev Group

MAC - A Limited Blush

MAC's Divine Night collection surely lured us with its name. But did its mineralise blush do the job well? Read on

Jean Paul Gaultier & Swarovski - Butterflies that

Jean Paul Gaultier presented a sparkling haute couture collection last month that appealed to our feminine and fashionable side immensely! These exclusive backstage images will dazzle even more!

Lancome -What Dreams Are Made Of

Lancome's Dream Tone knows what today's women crave for, and provides just that - healthy, glowing skin. Read our review

Diamond Walker - Shoes That Speak Comfort

Converting his disappointment into an opportunity, Victor Lee's bespoke shoe brand, Diamond Walker, intrigued us quite a bit

MAC - Divine Eyes

MAC knows how to pair up two completely different shades for a brilliant look. That's what they did for their Divine Night eyeshadows too!

Chanel - When Classics Shine

A summery, neutral shade, Chanel's Emprise nail colour is a classic we can't live without!

Spring Summer 2015 Menswear - Relaxed and Elegant

Taking a flexible and easy approach, luxury menswear brands showed us that Spring Summer 2015 is going to be about unrestricted dressing for the dapper man!

Bobbi Brown - Language of Perfection

Bobbi Brown has perfected her language of eyes with a new gel eyeliner in a pencil form

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