California - Panoramic Love

Surprisingly, California provides a host of activities to connect meaningfully with your partner. The most unlikely destination you ever thought would make for a romantic spot? We thought so too - till we found it to be otherwise...

Narada Resort & Spa - Far, far & away...

Searching for the perfect place to celebrate Valentine's Day? Head to Hainan Island and stay at Narada Resort & Spa. The destination will certianly mesmerise you, while the resort will charm you beyond belief!

The Leela Palace Udaipur - Jewels all the Way

India is rising on travellers' to-go list and why not? With hospitality brands like The Leela offering luxury at the drop of a hat to the luxe traveller, it is the prefect balance of modern day traditionalism

The Not-So-Famous Five Destinations

Bored with the sophisticated and classy travel destinations? Take a quick note of these upcoming five 'happening' spots, where partying is the core, while enjoying other luxe activities as well...

The Ritz London - Serving for 105 Years

There are very few hotels who claim a respect from its guests, and which are not just seen as a means to an end, but also as a chronicle of a nation's history. The Ritz London is one of them

Greenestination Known

With eco-tourism in the rise, affluent travellers are moving towards greener pastures for a more conscience-friendly holiday. Where are they off to? let's find out

The Imperial - A Breath of Fresh Air

One of the reasons for travelling is to get an experience of new worlds and cultures. But what if that world is filled with polluted air and inadequate clean water? That's reason enough to make hotels shudder and clean up their act - like The Imperial New Delhi is doing...

Bali Beckons

Bali is a land of peace and tranquility. We profile three resorts in Bali which provide you just that and more!

Jordan - An Introduction

While there are a multitude things to talk about Jordan, here's a little flavour of the destination...

Jordan - A Taste of Good Times

Jordanian, or rather Lebanese food, is vibrant, appealing to the eyes and stomach and extremely healthy as well. Such a colourful and interesting cuisine demands a separate article for itself!

Jordan - Water Water Everywhere

Jordan is the land of rocks and stones? Is that what you have heard? You'll be surprised to see some splendidly blue and pure water spreads in this country...

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz - Swiss Wellness

If complete internal and external wellness is important to you, then visiting Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has to be in your holiday plans for the next vacation

Shangri-La Horizon Club - The Work Equation

Don't let work harass your soul. Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts takes care of all those tiresome nitty-gritty tasks over which many business travelers end-up losing sleep

The Westin Mumbai Garden City - The Art of Being W

With everyone running in pursuit of success, The Westin Mumbai Garden City teaches you how to stay well, all in one weekend!

Travelling Wholesome in 2012

Mexico's alluring beaches, Tasmania's adventure spots or Bali's still-famous spa excursions. 2012 has a lot in store depending on how customised your trip is. But these three travel trends should bowl you over!

Jordan - The Valley of Peace

When you are in Wadi Rum in Jordan, you are far away from the rest of the world. You get a chance to soak in the nature and probably understand yourself. Who needs a temple or a mosque or a church then to tune yourself to your inner thoughts?

Exploring Indonesia - Frolicking in Java

Much like India, Indonesia has a vast and varied culture, which can't be fully explore in one trip. Going beyond the famous Bali, we scouted other regions of this chivalrous country. Taking forward from the first part, the second part of this article roams around Bandung and Jakarta in Java, which were more cosmopolitan and contemporary than Sumatra.

Morocco's Love Affair

There is much more to the exotic land of Morocco than Marrakech or Casablanca. We look into one unknown, unique custom, which forms a part of the whole allure of Morocco...

Abu Dhabi - Pleasurable Amalgamation

If the warmth and exoticness of Middle East allures you limitlessly, then it's time to head to Abu Dhabi - a relatively new destination on the radar of Indian luxe travellers!

Bachelors' Destinations - You may now board the fl

You will be giving away the rest of your life to that special someone. Take out a couple of days for yourself - and your friends!

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