Quan Spa - A Spot of Calm within the Chaos

A famous spa spot since it opened in 2005, Quan Spa at JW Marriott in Juhu Beach, Mumbai, receives a nod of approval

Party 5 - Things to Get Ready For a Cocktail Party!

Cool combined with chic, host an elegant, luxurious cocktail party in 5 steps!

5 Simple Ingredients Reinvented Luxuriously

Talking about 5 ingredients which you never thought could assume luxurious proportions, prepare to be stunned!

5 Ways in which the Spirits Gang is Calling the Shots

The alcohol world is undergoing transformation, subtle and steady...

Spa it Up! - 5 Trends & Techniques

As with fashion or jewelry, spas are an ever-developing industry. Stay abreast with these 5 trends, stay effective...

5 Reasons to Go Luxury Within!

Health is wealth. Heard of that old adage?

America's Top 5 Restaurants - Dining Destinations Worth Every Penny

If you are a foodie making your bucket list, these 5 altars of haute cuisine are worth dying to try

5 Facts on Molecular Gastronomy

You have seen it, heard about it, and tasted it. Maybe now is the time to really understand the theories and applications behind Molecular Gastronomy

Spices - Darling Dumplings

Giving a refreshing twist to India's new, favourite quick nosh, dimsums at Spices in JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai are a much welcome treat in Mumbai's culinary scene

A Reverie - Goan Band, Indian Baaja, World Baraat

Full of twists, turns and dramatic camaraderie, A Reverie personifies Goa and its charm with its eccentricities and delicious dishes

Bonhomia - Coffee, HD Style

Bonhomia's capsules hold out the promise of a perfect coffee, each time, at home

A Middle East Temple of Well-Being

Recognising each guest as an individual and offering holistic, tailored spa experiences with tangible outcomes, a visit to the One&Only Spa in Dubai is a must

Authentic Italian Cuisine: To Be or Not to Be

Italian cuisine is usually not what it is seen to be. But do you want it to be what it is? In either case, here is an eye-opener on fine Italian dining

Guppy by ai - The Guppy Yuppy

From Delhi to Mumbai, Guppy by ai seems to be spreading its easy charm all over, especially with its wonderful new summer menu

Stetsons Modern Steak + Sushi - I Dream of Sushi

As well as it can flip its steak around, Stetsons Modern Steak + Sushi in Chicago knows how to create sushi art

Women and Whisky - Toast of the Season

Women are making their presence felt in all arenas today. Interestingly, women and whisky are bonding. Again.

Fusion Cuisine - The 'F' Word

Fusion food can be of two types: intelligent or simply monstrous. Learn the difference between the two

Chef Sergi Arola - Chatting over Cocktails

Going over a luscious, new cocktail menu at Arola, JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu, we chat with Chef Sergi Arola about his ideas, food and life beyond that

Wines to 'Fall' For

As the season for pumpkin spice advances, here's a list of must-have wines, officially perfect for autumn!

Chicago Gourmet: Bottoms Up!

Chicago Gourmet 2015 was as enjoyable as last time. We made sure to drain in some premium alcohol inside us...

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