An Irresolute Menu

Even though India likes to think that it is developing by leaps and bounds and matching its step with the various international counterparts, the chefs are a little hesitant about gastronomical experimentation in India

Debailleul - Sin Never Tasted so Good!

Get in touch with your sweeter side and get a taste of some fine delicacies. LuxuryFacts savours Belgium's Fine Patisserie - Debailleul - in Mumbai

Giorgio Armani - A Whiff of Glamour

How many of us actually go deep into the aspects of a fragrance? It just needs to smell good, right? But there are more layers beneath, as we analyse with the newly launched Armani Code Sport for men, and attempt to understand the Indian luxury fragrance market more

The Imperial Salon - Mane Indulgence

Fussy about your hair, skin, nails, et al? You can safely hand over yourself in the expert care of The Imperial Salon and relax

Spoons - Food Art

Making quite a creative impression, we think that the new Spoons restaurant in New Delhi will soon turn into a frequented bistro, due to its wonderful repertoire of cuisines and food

The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles - Hideaw

Looking to pamper absolutely pamper yourself and feast your eyes? Four Seasons Resort Seychelles should be next in your self-indulgence list

The Wellness Touch

Customers are not satisfied with only the glittering and glamourous world that luxury brands often lure them with. It goes deeper than that. Wellness comes in here...

Daniell's Tavern - Savouring India like the Englis

Staying true to its heritage philosophy, the Imperial Hotel has reinvented Daniell's Tavern to enable the diner to experience authentic India like never before

Dolce Vita - The Connoisseur's Pit Stop

Dolce Vita, the newly launched gourmet food hub in Mumbai, promises to change the way Indians buy their kitchen ingredients. Read on to find out how

Global Fusion - An Epicure's Haven

The synergy between quantity and quality is a rarity. But China Gate's Global Fusion delivers that exquisitely with its extravagant Oriental buffet

Richfeel Spa - Fixing that Body Hangover

Want a cure to rejuvenate your body after a hectic 2011? Head to Richfeel Spa for a head to toe detoxifying treatment!

Chez Vous - The Green Fairy's Magic

Sprinkling magical fairy dust on your head is passe. It's now the age to sip and drink this mysterious concoction and brace it up with a spectacular meal

Tote Bar - Set the Bar High

Situated on the first floor of the restaurant Neel, the new Tote Bar promises a fresh experience and a night you will never forget

Amadeus - An Awry Experience

As the hands of the clock move, a subtle ambience turns rowdy, waiters turn ignorant and food turns bad! Lesson learnt from the once perfect restaurant, Amadeus, in Mumbai

Remy iceBoxx - The Iced Cognac

In an age when deep pockets are looking for larger-than-life experiences to indulge in, Remy Martin dared to bring a short and extremely stimulating experience in the form of a small shot. it will keep you gasping for more certainly...

Areopagus Spa - Soul Healing - The Japanese Way

Ever wonder what a truly Zen experience feels like? You don't have to wonder anymore. Don't be surprised to find it now in your favourite city - Mumbai - at the Areopagus Spa

Wedding Spa Specials - Nothing but Perfection

Is your wedding around the corner? It is a must to pamper yourself from head to toe - whether alone or with your better half!

Dans le Noir - Lead the Way

Dans le Noir? is the only place where you can literally dine in the dark. Yes, you read it correct. Needless to say, not an option for a first date!

Glenfiddich - For Those Who Dare

Sometimes it takes just one quick decision made at the perfect moment to change your life. but very few have the courage, and shall we dd intelligence, to take a risk. Mr Brian Kinsman of Glenfiddich had that audacity, and so did the six pioneers who were honoured by the brand...

Dom Perignon - The King's Entourage

Emulating the opulence of King Louis XIV is no small task. But Dom Perignon did it quite masterfully in 2009!

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