Celine Martin - The Art of Fragrances

Perfumes are meant to be inspired by 'real' surroundings. Sadly, very few understand that. Celine Martin is one of those who do...who integrates her French personality and Indian roots to create emotive fragrances...

Restaurants & Valentine's Day - Key to the Heart

Does looking at him/her make you skip a heartbeat? Well, celebrate and treat both your stomachs' grumbles and roars to pomp, splendour and a lot of taste this Valentine's Day!

Glenfiddich - The Golden Liquid

Ian Millar, Global Brand Ambassador, Glenfiddich makes for a witty educationist. So we sat down with him to understand the various nuances behind single malts and decode them for you

India Jones - India Rediscovered

Don't let the name mislead you. India Jones sounds like an Indo-Western fusion restaurant, but is actually not. Despite being regular visitors to the Trident (and its various avatars), it is one place which slipped our consciousness and attention, till we called upon Mr Jones for the sake of this review. We are glad we did!

Living with Champagne

Creating a fine champagne is an art, as is drinking it. So liven up your life with a well-deserved flute...

Christophe Bourrie of Louis XIII - Talking to the

The smooth body and flavourful taste of Louis XIII has been enjoyed by many a great and famous personality in the past century. It's a treat to have even one glass of it, and you have to deserve it! We discover what makes it the way it is, its India journey and future plans, through Mr Christophe Bourrie, the easy-going and cheerful International Brand Ambassador of Louis XIII

Dhaba at Claridges Surajkund - Luxuriously Local

Luxurifying the core of India, Dhaba at The Claridges Surajkund, is the treat you have been missing. Anyone worth their stomach has to try that rare cuisine, again, which is the prerogative of Indian highways

Il Malatesta - Route to Luxury

Working around the long-forgotten definition of luxury, the restaurant Il Malatesta is simple, and the owners infuse it with so much passion and love, that you'll scramble to discover the magic that surrounds this 'homely' place

Imperial Spa at Imperial Hotel - Luxury of Senses

The Imperial Hotel has seen New Delhi become what it is today. It is such an omnipresent part of the city that regulars can't imagine going to some other hotel. The newly crafted Imperial Spa gives another reason to travellers to book themselves at this royal hotel...

The Imperial New Delhi - Indulge in Ayurveda

We know food according to Ayurveda may not sound very tempting to gourmets reading this. Trying to discredit this misconception is The Imperial New Delhi, where Chef Vishal Atreya shows a healthy and delicious way forward

Le Pain Quotidien - Home is where Le Pain is!

The aroma of freshly baked bread wafting in the air welcomes you at Le Pain Quotidien, Mumbai's latest bakery-restaurant. But this is just the prelude! Here's a detailed account on the exploration of the newly found 'home'...

Summer Palace - Chinese in China

Which is the best place to have authentic Chinese? China of course! Take a step into the luxurious restaurant Summer Palace, located in China World Hotel, and immerse yourself in the tastefully done interiors and their famed seafood delicacies

Tim Etherington Judge - Stir, Mix, Shake & Pour

Whether shaken or stirred, with or without the olives or lemon twists, you love your cocktails. With mixology on the rise in India, do you still need an excuse to gather your friends and spend a great, fun night at the bar? Maybe not

Dom Perignon - Oh-Two Good

Want to give your taste buds a sinful experience to remember? Fondly called the 02, this Dom Perignon vintage is here to tantalise you

R the Spa - Relaxing at all Levels

Feeling blue, jet-lagged or plain stressed? R the Spa at Radisson Blu Hotel spells the perfect solution for your over-abused body and brain!

Exotic Products - Imported Indulgence

Using imported and fancy products has always been a fascinating thing for Indians. What if they were made more easily available to you?

MoMo Cafe - For the Black Suited

Not that everyone is a fan of lunch meetings, it is a very important way of bonding and getting good business. Want to make the whole ordeal a little more bearable? Try MoMo Cafe at Courtyard by Marriott

Monsoon Appetite

While your window panes decide to drench themselves in the thunderous showers of monsoon, dig in and drench your palate with some monsoon delicacies...

Veuve Clicquot - Made of Passion

You imagine a stately brand with an old-fashioned image when you think of Veuve Clicquot. But it's quite the opposite it seems! Read more about how the brand is evolutionising slowly, but surely...

Bubbles Which Are gold

For some, wines are considered a drink from heaven, for others, an elixir. Therefore, it's only correct to choose yours carefully from the wide variety available! That's what Verger de la Madeleine promises...

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