Tote on the Turf - Apart from Cliches

With an innovative menu and a radical award winning design, Tote on the Turf has all the ingredients for a great night out

Taking Vows with Champagne

Weddings in India are becoming more and more lavish by the year. Champagne is slowly making it's way in the wedding scene now to add an element of sophistication!

Belvedre - A Class of Vodka

Belvedere Vodka, created with the strictest quality control, is handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior value and exclusivity. No wonder it attracts fierce loyalty...

Kaya Kalp - Royal Indulgence

Step into Kaya Kalp at Sheraton Rajputana, Jaipur and immerse yourself into a cocoon of relaxation and pampering

Singh Sahib - Spirit of Undivided Punjab

Ironically, while a flood-ravaged Pakistan is refusing aid from India and India is trying alternative avenues to help out its neighbour, hotel Intercontinental Eros celebrates the flavours of pre-independence era through its restaurant Singh Sahib

Fifty Five East - What You See is What You Get

Fifty Five East, the sprawling new multi-cuisine restaurant at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai replaces M, the popular grill, and offers its patrons a 'what you see is what you get' concept

Hendrick's Gin - A Curious Tale

Hendrick's Gin may not be the most well known brand in the world, but it certainly is well-loved by a handful of people, who like the quirky spirit and fruity wafts of the gin...

Three Graces - In Good Graces

Three Graces Spa from the House of Amatrra will make you look and feel good. Their advanced treatments, mixed with traditional therapies, help you maintain a good balance of body, beauty and lifestyle

Champagne - Show me the bubbles!

A necklace of bubbles adds to my uniqueness while my sparkle dazzles you. Your happy moments are where I take my first breath. I can either be pale gold or an elegant rosy hue. Your choice. Who am I?

Cuisines - But that's not how it's done!

There is no doubt that India is becoming a melting pot of international cuisines with well-travelled Indians increasingly demanding them. Chefs, however, who are trying to bring innovative dishes and new cuisines, don't realise that they are playing with fire, till they get the wagging finger from an Indian customer. Oops!

Jiva Spas - An Indian treat

Jiva Spas, a brand of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, is true to its Indian roots. Their treatments are truly effective in easing out those bundled up nerves, but in an Indian way!

Luxe up your partay!

It's the party season! And you want to whip up one at your home. Champagne boy, Gaurav Bhatia, tells you exactly how to luxe up your party!

Chef Christian Faure - For the Love of a Pastry

Chef Christian Faure from Le Cordon Bleu came to train some Indian chefs in the art of pastry making, and we couldn't resist the offer to see him at work and sample some of his work. Not to worry, we have some recipes for you too!

Jean-Claude Biguine - Beaute & the Best

Bringing a legacy rich in wellness in India, French brand Jean-Claude Biguine offers a variety of services to the ever so stylish Mumbaiite. We bring you a first-hand experience report of the newly-opened Colaba outlet of Jean-Cluade Biguine Salon & Spa

San-Qi, Four Seasons Hotel - The Big Four

Four different cuisines, exotic ingredients, unique recipes, luxurious surroundings - all at San-Qi, Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai!

Devi Spa by L'Occitane at Devi Garh, Udaipur - A R

The connection between India and France has always given spectacular results. Ask Louis Vuitton and Cartier. So the collaboration between French skincare brand L'Occitane and exotic Indian hotels is also bound to be impressive. Darpan Sanghvi, master franchisee of L'Occitane Spas in India, waxes eloquent on it

Sva Spa & Salon - Ain't a Rose without a Thorn

Sva Spa & Salon endeavours to empower its guests with a variety of treatments promising to indulge and rejuvenate. Our experience with the flower of love at Sva? Read on

Veda - Cuisine Wisdom

Indian restaurant Veda has been there for quite a long time in New Delhi now. The city had almost taken it for granted maybe. But the more recent one at DLF Promenade has snapped our attention back to this fabulous restaurant...

Ellipsis - Contemporarising American Chow

A successful case of experimentation leading to divine pleasure, Ellipsis delights food critics and enthusiasts alike. Read our review of this perfection personified Mumbai restaurant

The Luxury of Smelling Yourself

Perfumes are an intimate expression of you. it's like a second skin. Then why do people still run behind the 'brand'? There are ways to get your own unique smell...

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