Giorgio Galli - Creative Timing

Mr Giorgio Galli's expertise has led to him creating many 'bestsellers' in the watch industry for some of the biggest brands. We converse with him about his thoughts and views on watch design

Size Zero Watches - Thinning Down

Those large and thick dial watches do make you look as if you know your mechanisms, But is there another way to make an impression in a classier way? You should probably look at thin watches and give your wrists some relief...

Square Moon - Straighten up your Gun

You are all sweet and innocent from outside. But God forsakes those who dare provoke you! You can pull up a swift kick making hard contact with your victim's chin! Is that what you have always dreamt about? It's time to make this episode a reality...

Wine Wellness

If you have become immune to those same spa treatments or the everyday relaxing tub bath, it's time to reinvent the definition of wellness for yourself with this fabulous wine-making estate in France!

A Vivid Discovery

Jewellery is not just about how it looks, as most Indian women understand. It's also about the craftsmanship and comfort. Entice jewellery brand scores on all points!

The Gift Angels

Big things do come in small packages. We find out what big things does the new luxury gifting website, GiftVault, offers.

German Build, Turkish Reinvention

The economic crisis of 2008 claimed many brands and companies. Drettmann, however, rose even stronger.

Artistic Strokes

The India Art Fair had everyone spinning on its fingers as art experts, enthusiasts and connoisseurs flocked to the venue to experience pure beauty and intellect. The gallery owners who exhibited at the Fair are surely in high spirits!

Adoring Time

It is the time of the year when watch novelties take the stage yet again. As we await the second watch fair of the year - BaselWorld Watch & Jewellery Fair - we pick three watch releases from Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2012 which we loved!

Long Range Expeditions for 2012

Scintillating, powerful, chic and lavish - these yachts will take your breath away! How about picking up one of these sea going beauites and sailing around to your heart's content before the world (theoretically) ends?

Certified Sophistication

If you are spending a fortune on a watch, you might as well have it proven tough in all aspects. Chopard does that for you by achieving three prestigious certifications for its latest LUC model. Mr Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is visibly proud!

Anselm Reyle - A Splash of Art

Art has different perceptions for different people. Coming from a country which has produced some pathbreaking luxury cars and even highly mechanised watches, artist Anselm Reyle defies all pre-conceived perceptions, and gives contemporary art a new meaning as he showcases his work in Galerie Isa in Mumbai

Breguet - The Luxury of Frequencies

A technological innovation, the newly launched Breguet Type XXII is sure to appeal to lovers of high precision, as this watch features an unprecedented high frequency of 10 Hertz

Hunt the Jungles!

Two brands have scoured forests and mines to discover natural and rare materials to provide their customers with a new experience. House of Raro and Lindberg, both know that uniqueness is what sets a product apart, and that is the self-assigned goal they work towards.

The Shining Light

If you see a brilliant light at the end of a dark tunnel, it can be one of those Golconda diamonds the world still lusts over today. One of them, The Light of Golconda, just fetched a whopping amount at an auction, courtesy Sotheby's.

Aston Martin - 007 on Wheels

Aston Martin officially opened the doors to its first dealership in India this year, taking the style and luxury quotient of Indian roads up a notch, or maybe two. Mr Lalit Choudary from performance Cars certainly agrees with us!

Innovative Luxury Products - Kitsch Redefined

An innovative idea is something that never goes out of fashion. And luxury consumers always have an eye for something that is uniquely creative. We bring you some interesting products and services from across the globe which may pique your interest too!

For that Sparkling Sensation

Shopping together for the perfect engagement ring is probably one of the most exciting moments for a soon-to-be married couple before the wedding. Make it special for the rest of your life too by choosing only the best. We tell you how...

Vacheron Constantin - The Cult of Bespoke

Vacheron Constantin had cultivated a fruitful relationship with India's royalty in that glorious era which was defined by the royals' love for everything unique and custom-made. We have a small glimpse of those times and see the future trend as well...

Visconti - Pen down your Luxuries

Limited editions or not, you have got to make these pens by Visconti a part of your collection. Or even better, get writing with them!

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