Ayurveda Brands - With Love from India

Ayurveda is not just an 'old-age therapy' anymore. It's preferred, in fact, to have a healthier, chemical-free lifestyle. What does that mean for the Indian Ayurvedic skincare brands coming up? And also for international brands feeling the pressure?

Luxury Hospitality - To India, With Love

India's luxury hospitality sector is growing and interestingly at that. Some of the twists, turns and developments are not less thrilling than a Hollywood suspense flick. We try to track the industry as it gathers speed minute-by-minute

The Sticky Maze

International luxury brands have their eyes set on Indian shores, particularly as developed markets slow down. Here is a lowdown on what you need to do to enter the market

The Perfect Whiff

A highly sought after shopping category, fragrances are more a need than luxury today. Surprisingly then, many still struggle to find their perfect scent. We give some guidelines

Green Care

Taking their formulations to the next level by incorporating nature, luxury skincare and cosmetics brands are making environmental and business sense. No one's complaining...

A. Lange & Soehne - Love Thy Neighbour

Dubai's extravagant retail therapy has us delighted. And when you have the largest A. Lange & Soehne store there, it certainly beeps strongly on the radar of LuxuryFacts! We chat over espressos with Mr Wilhelm Schmid, CEO of Lange

Le Cirque - A Lavish Summer

Food is not just something that keeps you alive. It is an experience. Le Cirque at The Leela Palace New Delhi knows that very well, as we find that out from Marco Maccioni, who was in the city recently to launch the restaurant's summer menu

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts - Bringing Luxury to

Expanding its luxuriousness to NCR, India, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is working with infrastructure company 3Cs on a hotel and branded residences for HNIs

When Luxury Turns Bad

Dining at a superior restaurant makes everyone get together for a happy feast, whatever the occasion, or even without one. But then, the key word is 'superior'. And those who were are slipping down the standard

Indian Luxury Industry - Closet Capers

That's where the new luxury consumer is, says a new report released at the recently held CII-ET Dialogue on Luxury

India's Grape High

The sight of wines and sparklies been swished around in elegant flutes is not uncommon in India anymore. How and when did this change come? Where is India's wine industry heading to? We analyse it all...

Luxury Hotels - Chennai on the Map

With a plethora of luxury hotels opening in Chennai, India, we directed our minds and pens towards the city to figure out the reason behind this sudden spurt...

Franchising in the India Luxury Industry

The business of becoming a franchisee in India for the many international, glamourous luxury brands is not easy. We study the problems and challenges they have to face in 2014

Roping the Post-Recession Traveller

As with every other luxury category, the luxury traveller has changed too. As Grand Hyatt Mumbai celebrates 10 years, they tell us how to do it right

The Heart of British Luxury

British luxury brands have a unique identity and characteristics of their own. We discuss that and their future

New City, New Luxury

Kolkata, the new kid on the block for growth and potential, is calling out luxury enthusiasts. Why? Read on

The Business of Travel

As travellers start having new whims and fancies, it becomes the responsibility of the industry to make it a reality. Here's what you need to know

Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship - C

Bringing our attention and glamour seeking eyes to the harsh realities of luxury, the book titled 'Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship' is an impressive and persuasive read!

Mezzacorona & Stemmari - Wines that are Green

Taking a sustainable approach to making wines, it is eye opening to understand the green practices that Italian wine brands - Mezzacorona and Stemmari - have adopted

Treehouses - Luxury Above our Heads

Be it an adult hideout or a child's play area, luxury hotels are investing into the unique concept of tree rooms, ensuring a once in a lifetime experience

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