Experience Counts

No matter how prestigious your product or service is, it all boils down to a wholesome experience that you as a brand give to your customers.

Devotion Redefined

Are you trying to hook the consumer into becoming loyal to your brand? Maybe you need to reinvent your strategies.

Stretching and Twistin

The luxury brands of the world have learnt a new exercise of diversifying by stretching and twisting themselves. But the question is, how far should they stretch?

Safeguarding Craftsmanship

Numerous changes have come in the luxury industry due to many factors - globalisation, recession, and more. It's the apt moment to go back to the roots and understand the original meaning of luxury - as understood by veteran like Mr Franco Cologni.

Luxury, With Grace

Offering a glitzy product with flamboyant packaging and an impressive brand name is no longer enough for today's consumer. What are today's luxe consumers looking out for?

The Changing Face of the Great Indian Shaadi

Marriages are made in heaven, but the new Indian weddings are customised and tailor-made to suit the discerning Indian who wants nothing less than a wedding extraordinaire. LuxuryFacts meets the faces behind this great production and its new stars, the brides (and their grooms) eat your heart out Kate Middleton!

The Shopping Arena

High-end department stores could work well in a country like India where every second consumer likes to walk the talk. But what is the correct time, what are the obstacles and how can the concept be customised for such a diverse region like India?

Luxury in 2011

It is said that to build a future, you have to look and learn from the past. So here we are, with all that was good, bad and ugly in 2011!

The Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit - A Congres

There are very few forums where you get to talk about being a woman, an entrepreneur, innovation, being fired and sleeping - all in one place. This was what The Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit was all about!

Retail Therapy - Flying High

Feeling a little gloomy? Finding that perfect pair of Jimmy Choos is your answer. Read on to find out how and why

A Journey of Princely Extravaganza & Opulence

Countless royal families are still remembered for their grand styles of living. We track the riches and extravagance of royal families of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Gwalior and Jammu & Kashmir and immerse in the glory of it all.

The Car Fable

We all have seen how a brand new car excites a family, but soon loses its appeal in a few months. But the Kapur family's vintage car is seeing better days now owing to their immense fascination and pride in this heirloom...

Digitising Luxury

We often hear doubts by luxury brands on why they should go online. And what should they do online? We try to clear the air with some facts and guidelines

The Indian Luxury Expo - The Why of It

In a country where luxury brands are still wondering how to reach their core consumer among this vast Indian population, The Indian Luxury Expo promises to make that task easier for all

For that Elitist Feeling

A creative, well-made product is not enough to pleasantly surprise a VVIP customer today. Brands need to devise exclusive realms that become a beacon for their top clients

Infiltrating India's Luxury Alcohol Market

The whisky-loving India is not as easy to lure for alcohol brands as many thought. While we love our drink, it needs to send the right message across, to make us spend those wads of cash. This article tries to throw some guiding light

Affluent Asians Redefining Luxury

Luxury consumers vary in their choices and behaviour across the world. Agility Research & Strategy proves through well-surveyed findings, and gives the top 10 brands preferred by India, China, Singapore and Indonesia

Walter Lange - The German Watch Guard

You seldom get a chance to meet people who have strived hard for their passion and made it a success. Mr Walter Lange is one of them. In this rare interview, we have a short conversation with this gentleman, who revived A. Lange & Soehne at the age of 66, when most people retire

Luxury in India - The Has Been of 2012

While everyone has their own personal experience with 2012, we think it was a mixed bag of delights and heartbreaks. Here's our experience of what it bought to us!

India Luxury Summit 2012 - Analysing the Indian Lu

Taking a re-look at the Indian luxury industry at the end of 2012, we recount the findings and discussions from the recently held India Luxury Summit 2012

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