Festivity Avant-Garde: The Battle of Cyber Luxury

Gift shopping? If you are a luxury brand, this is the apt time to turn to e-retailing. And if you are the luxury enthusiast, then no need to leave the warmth of your blanket to shop for your loved ones now!

India and its impression of Luxury

After China, it is India on the target list of international luxury brands. But is India ready to accept these luxury brands and does it understand true luxury?

The Politics of Luxury: Brands, Politicians & Prin

Luxury brands have built their impressive heritage over a long period of time by keeping some interesting personalities under their fold. But what is the limit?

Training in the luxury business

Those luxury brand stores look glamourous and chic. But when you go inside, you are met with some non-interested sales people who just blurt out the price like an automated machine. Is that the image you want for your store? Here's why you should take the matter in hand...

The Kingdom of Lost Art

Art and antiquities are more than just a chronicle of history. They are a source of national pride and a reminder of how much the civilisation has progressed. It is this 'power of knowledge' which has led to many bitter battles over the ownership of these heritage pieces...

Implementing training in luxury stores - I

You know the importance of training sales personnel in your store. Now learn how to make and execute training programmes.

The Clock Strikes Twelve!

Perfect timing is everything. Even Cindrella couldn't escape the importance of time. So what's the case with luxury brands?

Tale as old as Time

What we see today was not so earlier. It has taken several centuries for civilisations to progress. The same is true for time as well. The importance remains the same, but the package has 'evolutionised' over the years...

Implementing training in luxury stores - II

Continuing from the previous part which discussed how to 'train the trainer' and how to begin training of sales people, the column continues to discuss the next three points.

The Republic of Luxury

On the 1st Anniversary of LuxuryFacts, we reflect back on India and the luxury that has seeped into the landscape over the past few years. Conversations with discerning luxury consumers, who have emerged from this very soil, are astounding as to how much luxury has seeped into our minds and hearts!

Valuing the Luxury Purchase

Luxury brands are bought in different countries for different reasons. This study evaluates those reasons and does a comparison between Indian and British luxury consumers.

Summer Fragrances - LF Team Review

It's time to skip, hop and jump. It's summer! And your best friend this season is a trusty, aromatic fragrance. we list our favourites, which may probably help you choose yours as well!

Summer Ingredients - Here comes the Sun

This summer, enjoy the sweltering heat and sumptuous foods, and leave the worrying to these masterminds who know it all.

Getting Hired in the Luxury Market

With luxury brands increasing their presence in emerging markets and trying new strategies post the recession, there is a rise in jobs. But there is a lot of confusion too. while students don't know how to find a job opening and succeed in the interview, luxury brands don't know how to judge the right candidate!

Kindness with a Motive?

Luxury brands are slowly using their power and global influence for a good cause. Is there a hidden intention behind it or is it a genuine effort to turn the world into a better place?

All in the name of Family

The luxury retail scene in Middle East is as volatile as it can get in the current economic scenario. While older players resume their supremacy, younger entrants are getting ready to shake their foundation. Will family businesses still dominate the retail landscape in the GCC?

Becoming Global the Indian Way

Countless international brands look towards India for inspiration and design. So what's hampering India's growth on the global scenario? We try to understand and provide some solutions


This month, discover how the luxury universe has found a common global language, sans word and alphabets, called Iconography.

The Art of Details

How does putting a pen a certain way in your luxury store make a difference? It does make a huge impact. The key is in details...

Selling Indianness to America

Amongst all those international luxury brands we haven't even heard of till now, there are a few born and bred by Indians abroad. Surprised?

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